Defendant Perry’s Lifetime Of Criminal Conduct More Exposed Than Ever Despite Fifes On His Payroll

Six years ago Cynthia told Defendant Perry “Look, right now nobody knows you have a stalker problem. I will sign an NDA IF you leave me alone and NEVER contact me again. Nobody will ever know. Only a few of my close friends know and they have said nothing so I will do it but you can NEVER contact me or anyone I know again.” Defendant Perry refused.

Again after threatening her with death and false arrest for months, she has emails and texts showing she told people of his threats, even wrote the US Attorney about it, he then carried out those very specific threats and is now being sued. Cynthia had to file a police report to comply with Oklahoma State law in seeking a Protective Order against Defendant Perry. It’s the law. She had no choice and he knew it because she forgot her police report the first time she sought a protective order and the judge denied it as a result. In addition, Cynthia was being threatened with arsenic poison, had symptoms of arsenic poisoning, has texts from Defendant Roberson, Defendant Perry’s hit man admitting to poisoning her with arsenic, he further states she should “let your life fade away” and that he cannot promise the stalking will not end with death and destruction and deception. At best it’s creepy, what this guy says, but when you consider the totality of the evidence, she had every right and any reasonable prudent individual at this point would go to police to report this crime even if it were not required by law. She required a blood test. In addition, she tweeted Tulsa Police. They tweeted back instructing her to file a police report and she followed the instructions of local police. She filed the report with the desk clerk who advised her a detective would be assigned and contact her. Just a week later before she received that call back, Defendant Perry goes to his BFF from Sunday School and has her charged in Lubbock for filing a false police report, she was arrested at her home in Oklahoma and never got a chance to speak to that TPD Detective, hand over texts, video evidence or be tested for arsenic or any other poisoning for that matter. Instead she was told they needed her to lie. She refused. She said “I just lost my home and my mugshot is all over the place. Fuck these guys for even asking me. Nobody owes them a damn thing. I will just not say anything IF Charles Perry NEVER contacts me or anyone I know again ever. ” They then began testing her for mental competency trying say she was just crazy. Justice was obstructed. The crime against her was not in Lubbock. She left Lubbock. It was in Tulsa. She reported the crime to Tulsa Police. It was Tulsa Police who tweeted her asking her to report the crime to them. Two Texas Tech psychologists tested Cynthia and she passed with flying colors both times. While sitting in jail for two months illegally detained while they all tried to find a shrink to say she was crazy, the actual forensic evidence was being destroyed working its way out of her system. Brady rules require preservation of evidence that may be exculpatory. She reported a crime where she lived in Tulsa. These men obstructed justice, impeded a police investigation in another state, destroyed evidence of their crime, and have done nothing but continue to harass, threaten, coerce, intimidate and tamper with the victim of their crime attempting to impede civil proceedings. All of this is illegal conduct and more of the same things they have done to Cynthia for years. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from these men and they continue to come to Oklahoma where she lives and works to tamper with the victim of their crimes and frankly that is just more criminal conduct.

While in Lubbock jail, she did get a promise Defendant Perry never contact her again if she did not go to media with details of her false arrest. Again, Defendant Perry had yet another opportunity to cover up his dirty little secret of his double life. But, the second she got home, he immediately began the very same criminal conduct directed at Cynthia for years. She was ordered to see a psychologist which she did for a year and a half. That psychologist could not and would not diagnose Cynthia with a mental illness being Defendant Perry had made a specific threat and carried it out. Defendants obstructed a police investigation of THEIR crime reported in another state and destroyed evidence of THEIR crime. She did say instead “What you’ve got with Charles is sometimes he escalates more than you can ignore.”

Cynthia was the victim of a serious assault. This was no small thing. No one but no one could have anticipated how that arsenic would affect her before giving it to her. They gave her enough that she experienced vomiting, headaches, dizziness and purchased charcoal to take at work where they were dosing out the arsenic, hoping to explain away her death as just some drug overdose and workplace hazard, to absorb the substance so she wouldn’t die. She was just going to work. Imagine just trying to go to work and becoming the victim of aggravated assault every time you do. Aggravated, which means “with a deadly weapon”. What that means is Cynthia was the victim of someone trying to kill her. Murder. But she didn’t die and that messed up their plan. When she reported the crime to local police she was charged where they live and by physical force prevented from giving the police Defendant Roberson’s texted admissions of guilt and from getting a blood test. Two men’s careers hinged on that blood test being taken and showing negative results and they just obstructed TPD from testing her and then we it off while in their custody? And they expect to be believed there was no intent to murder her?

Cynthia just tried to get a Protective Order a few months before and Defendant Perry’s threats of death and false arrest, which he carried out, are the reason if anyone should have one she should. The brazen bold of his attempt to kill her just months after she tried to get a Protective Order, making him suspect number one should she turn up dead, very much indicates a man who has done this before and gotten away with it more than once. He had no fear at all of consequences. But, because of all this, work of officers on another matter getting information during their investigation that has protected Cynthia from Perry’s intended harm, Defendant Charles Perry can never again prowl, creep, peep, hack, threaten, harass, or murder again and not be suspect number one when a victim comes forward with at least some evidence of his involvement and he is not the brightest bulb so there will most certainly be that. No woman ever again will be discounted as delusional. No woman again can just turn up dead when he was in the area and he not be suspect number one. What that means is for a man who gets a sexual high from very heinous disturbed sexually sadistic depraved demented twisted attacks on women and children including but not limited to alleged murder, he can never again just act on impulse to satisfy an urge. He probably is not very happy about that and he has dedicated all his time and money into Cynthia’s ruin thinking nobody will suspect a thing, and that anything happening to her at all is just fishy so he can go right back to his criminal conduct as usual. He has two lives. He has the life of a Jesus freak family man and travels alone a lot, so the Marshals tell us, giving him no alibi and lots of opportunity to commit very disturbing crimes against women and their little children. He is committing crimes against kids. Children. Just as much as he is hurts women to get a thrill, he hurts their children. Cynthia’s contact with these other officers has kept her alive. They don’t put up with lame freaks who harm women and children nor should anyone. These guys are like the difference between Disney Land and the State Fair in how they have effectively exposed Defendant Perry’s lifetime of some very very disturbing criminal conduct and have thought circles around the Fifes on Perry’s payroll. In spite of Defendant Perry’s $15 million pay off for a cover up his criminal conduct is now a matter of public record, detailing a timeline with supporting evidence, all the items of discovery mentioned in this post filed in three courts in Oklahoma and one in Lubbock, for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever and that would include prosecutors. For the first time in Defendant Perry’s life that is the result of very astute law enforcement and a victim who is not putting up with Perry’s loony toon sadistic sicko crap. In spite of his paid off Fifes, they have accomplished that.

People do suspect a thing and it is fishy and for Defendant Perry to not get that simply speaks to inability to grasp even very easy to understand concepts. He thinks everyone else is as dumb as he is. They are not. And to think all he had to do is leave Cynthia alone.

The link below is regarding a rape case, the victims’ story now told in a Netflix special. “Unbelieveable” tells the story of a very bauched police investigation compared to the investigation of police who actually knew what the hell they were doing. One victim also charged with filing a false report only evidence turned up years later proving she was indeed the victim of the rape she reported. This is much the same. Any “Fife” not doing his job is getting people killed and victims blood in on their hands. This one is life and death. There is no excuse for that.

Click Here To See Info On Case Similar To Cynthia’s


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