Perry Contacting Cynthia’s Friends Brings Perjury Charges Into Play

Officers investigating Perry tell Cynthia yesterday “He is calling your friends and people in your life, people he should know nothing about and telling them they are not to contact you, they are to let him know if you contact them and he will tell them how to respond. None of his business and it gives us that perjury charge we want. “. She was also told “Matt and Charles are still going to the judge trying to have you arrested for telling on them. They commit a crime of intend to and we catch them in the planning stages and they get pissed off about it so they are trying to retaliate against you for telling what they are doing and their acts really are criminal. ”

Lastly and of much more concern is the murder of Chief Miller and the link to her case. They had just taken her complain on vehicle vandalism and Chief Miller had been called three times, not by Cynthia, but by a concerned citizen, who did not even tell Cynthia until after the calls were made, regarding individuals driving by her in a very harassing manner and one or two stoping to photos of her. The individual stated “I called Lucky and told him I have never seen people pull up here and do like that, stop and take pictures or drive right up to one person, circle around and leave and I’ve been here awhile. I told him I thought he needed to take your stalker complaints much more seriously than he was because it looks to me like you are in some danger. He told me he cannot do a thing if we don’t get plate numbers so we have to start getting him license plate numbers.” The car vandalism occurred not long after that, and six days later, Chief Miller is dead. It was not unusual for Perry to have three to four people proxy stalk for him. More info below: “Link may show Michael Nealey was intended victim, noturderer. The involves a corruption case he was investigating. Charles Perry has been under investigation for some time on another matter. Officers on that case provided the following to me. The conversation was obtained by law enforcement and relayed to me and texted to my Lubbock attorney. See below and court docs and factual history with supporting evidence can be obtained on I had just six days before Chief Lucky Miller’s death called Mannford Police to report one of many incidents with tampering with my vehicle. There had been threat after threat after threat to take or ruin my vehicle to prevent my ability to continue law suits against Charles Perry, Matthew Powell, David Roberson, Joshua Burson and Lady Godivas Gentlemens Club. The Monday before Chief Miller’s murder on Sunday Mannford Police Officers Michael Nealey and Bret Gibson came to take my report and I told both of them “Clearly nobody saw who did this but I’m involved in a civil suit against some people who do stuff like this to me every damn day and I don’t know anyone else that would do this. They have messed with my car, I believe totaled one when a brick came flying off a truck on the highway after I had received threat after threat after threat to take my car. The brick busted my engine although that could have been my skull. Nealey said “This is weirdo.” I said “Ya think? They done this to me on a regular basis for almost a decade. I’ve had to deal with it for that long. This looks like they just wanted me to know they know I have a new car and they could get in it.” He agreed. The photos and more info was filed with the courts and are on You have to consider what people are capable of doing, their habits and routines and history in criminal analysis. Michael Nealey and Lucky Miller by all accounts were best friends. There is no motive, at least right now for him to kill his best friend. There is motive for Defendants Perry, Powell, Roberson, and Buson to want a cover up and to not be charged with the crime they committed against me and when you look at the material facts on my case, this is just who they are and what they do. They tried to kill me then had me charged with a crime in Lubbock, not OK for filing a false Police report, then had me hauled back to Lubbock jail before I got a call back from Tulsa Police, being I just filed the report with the desk clerk, before I could be tested for poisoning they admitted to giving me. They obstructed justice blatantly and caused the loss of evidence and they knew I committed no crime and was required by law to file a police report. It’s the law. I had no choice. Perry knew that. It’s right on his denied PO as the reason my Protective Order was denied. I forgot to bring my police report to court. I tweeted Tulsa Police that I was being poisoned and Roberson’s texts admitting to it. They tweeted back telling me to file a police report. They knew all that and I texted all kinds of people starting in October 2015 telling them Perry threatened me , not with vague threats, but specifically death or false arrest. Because he carried out the threats that would be THE reason I need a Protective Order. This is what they do, their patterns and habits not Michael Nealey’s. They had motive to prevent charges and again obstruct justice. Nealey does not remember because he was knocked out too. If he was on top of Chief Miller it was to check on him, not hurt him. He had been knocked out so he was disoriented and mumbling. I was raised by four generations of police and I absolutely will not tolerate ever thugs like the Defendants in my law suit hurting cops to cover up their sicko. There will be none of that. It disgusts me. This person having looked at my case and considering Defendants habits and patterns, Nealeys and he is a cop, and the fact that just six days before he caught my case, it is more likely Perry and his gang of Texas mafia killed Lucky Miller and probably tried to kill Michael Nealey too but got interrupted by complaining hotel guests, that Michael Nealy, a cop, snaps and kills his best friend and boss, agreed. Read below: “Last night my cop friends got another recording and played it for me. The individual said “Ok so first he’s pulling up behind her house and showing up at restaurants where she goes uninvited, then she changes her career, moves not once but twice and this Perry guy pops up every where she is. He’s going to Jaguars, and the manager admits to it, he’s going to Lady Godivas thru proxy at least this Roberson guy and probably in person there as well although he goes in under the radar, he then tells her he’s gonna kill her, arrange a false arrest, knew there was a legal requirement in Oklahoma to file a police report, but has her charged in Lubbock anyways, she’s getting sick, Roberson admits to giving her arsenic, he then has her arrested before she’s tested and never has her tested then she comes back and for a year and a half sees a psychologist who confirms Perry is a stalker they then drop the charges, she sued and not one of these orders makes any sense at all. So based on this set of of fact I can completely understand why she believes they killed Lucky Miller in Mannford and framed Mike Nealey. When you consider all of that and the timing of her report out there in Mannford then Chief Millers murder I am with her. I get it. I totally can see why she thinks that in fact I’m starting to think it too. ” Had TX Ranger Burson gotten it right years ago Chief Miller may be alive today. The officers investigating Perry on another matter did not receive information before hand that would have allowed them to act on Millers behalf or they would have. From The Desk of Cynthia Ortiz (918) 401-0724 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” — Aristotle Cynthia and the officers have learned it is common for Perry to contact witnesses and ask them to lie telling them “We will make it worth your while or we can ruin your life like we did her’s.” She knows this is true because in his retaliatory act towards her she was told to lie and promised that he would be re contact her again if she kept quiet about the details of her false arrest. He did not keep that promise and over time escalated his sadistic harassment and attack on her life. She demanded NO contact at all ever again and this was evidenced in her Bond conditions. Her bind conditions state PERRY, CHARLES PERRY, is never to contact her again. That’s evidence of the result of a cover up negotiation , not a normal negotiation in a criminal case where any actual crime was committed. Perry was also recorded not long ago telling someone “I think we finally found a hitman that can kill Cyndi and it not be linked to us.” It’s too late for that. It will ALWAYS be linked to him.

Joshua Burson failed to think through how criminals think and operate. They cannot control their urges. Someone who steals does not just stop stealing and they may get away with it a time or two and be emboldened by that, but they cannot stop. They keep going until they get popped. The same is true for murderers, con artists, drug dealers, sex offenders, stalkers or any criminal so he didn’t carefully and thoughtfully think that through nor did Matthew Powell in considering aiding and abetting or covering up for or assisting or being an accessory after the fact, however it is they see their place in Perry’s crimes against Cynthia, that Perry cannot control his urges any different than any other criminal and he will keep going until he gets popped. In looking back over the past six years and how things have evolved and accumulated they didn’t think through what the situation would look like a year from now, five years from now, or ten years from now for a criminal who can’t control his urges and just stop. They are either part of the problem or part of the solution but they cannot be both. Cynthia gave both Powell and Burson, both seasoned, three opportunities to be dropped from her law suits with no compensation provided they gave her truthful statements and put a stop to Perry’s criminal activity and both declined all three times. Chief Miller may have lost his life because of their choice not to be part of the solution and an innocent cop, with no motive at all to suddenly snap and kill his best friend, no history of the corruption we see from Perry and the Defendants, framed for s murder he did not commit also to cover up what Perry did. We are having a very very hard time believing Officer Nealey was anything but an intended victim based on the set of facts we have in Cynthia’s case. These are facts with dates and times of events and not just speculative. If you will lie in court under oath, you will lie anywhere and everywhere and there is ample evidence Perry has done that over and over again. Threatening to arrange a false arrest, for months then carrying out that very specific threat, not for any crime as Cyndi did as Oklahoma law requires and he knew it and he knew she could not care less about his job as a public servant nor has there ever been any evidence of that at all so this is all his style of operating not that of a Police Officer who took a criminal complaint that appeared to be linked to Charles Perry and his co Defendants.

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Michael Nealey May Have Been Intended Victim Not A Murderer

The reason Michael Nealy, Mannford PD Police Officer does not remember anything may be because he was knocked out cold. He was called out to investigate more tampering with Cynthia’s car just six days before the incident in Pensacola leading to the death, the murder, of Chief Lucky Miller. When consider his history versus that of Charles Perry’s it’s almost impossible to believe Nealey was anything but an intended victim. One of Dave Roberson s employees, plate V00-055, was also just a few doors down from Cynthia and was seen just in front of her the night the brick hit her car and busted the engine in two. Could have been her skull. Not sure why after just six days after Cynthia called police regarding yet more attacks on her vehicle they didn’t think anyone would suspect a thing or thing this was just a little hinky. We don’t think Nealey did this. Interim Chief Jerry Ridley tells media it does not make sense and that is probably because what they say happened that fateful night is not what really happened that fateful night.

See photos below for details:

Evidence Michael Nealey looked at filed in Motion To Vacate

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See Also Court Docs and Evidence OF Perry’s Erotomania

Also see below

Cynthia emailed her attorneys on December 29, 2019 relaying information she obtained from law enforcement who recorded an illegal conversation Defendants had with Judge Cummings of Lubbock regarding how he would rule and when he would rule on her Motion To Vacate. He told them “I will look it over and get back to you boys on Monday.” Monday meaning December 30, 2019. He did exactly that which makes it very hard for Defendants and the Judge to claim in Court it was not them on the recording. Below is her email telling her attorneys of that recorded conversation where they discussed the review and denial being Monday, December 30, 2019. He did exactly what they discussed.

See email and Order below.

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This was denied as well on same day but not the Judge I heard on recording. They have her too though. Right now the focus was on Perry not BiCentennial as much. Perry is the one prioritized for them not that BiCentennial isn’t part of what they are investigating. They are investigating the all of them.

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Charles Perry’s Erotomania

Similarities In Behavior Profile Between Charles Perry And BTK Killer Dennis Radar

Perry Recorded Talking To Judge Cummings Before Order Of December 30, 2019

Injustice Not Tolerated

When Cynthia was in jail, during the worst possible horrifying moment of her life that Charles Perry had threatened and then carried out meaning he did it to her on purpose and the intent was to intimidate her, she ordered a Word Search puzzle to pass the time. This was one of the puzzles. Fabian, the man she wants in her life, intersects with HOPE. Of all the words there are, names there are, these two words are not just in the same book or on the same page but they intersect and she didn’t get this at some random time. She got it at this time, in jail. In the middle of these two words is the word “me” depicting Charles Perry’s selfishness keeping the two words apart just as he keeps Cynthia and Fabian apart with lies, threats and harassment, but only for a time. On the left is the word “boo” depicting the fear surrounding the situation. On the left is the word “sad” depicting the sadness also surrounding the situation. Those words are very very specific, in their arrangement on that page to her very specific situation at that very moment, not just any moment but that moment. Who is so powerful they could get that to her in jail to give her hope at that dark moment? Same individuals who have collected very incriminating evidence against Charles Perry and his co conspirators for some time and used some to protect her very life over and over and over again.

Any good man defends the honor of a woman he cares about. He does not lie about her privately, publicly, in Court, and ruin her life hoping to force her into something she never wants to be in. He has the dignity and respect to protect and defend her honor, her reputation, her rights, her finances, and her happiness and does not seek to tear her down as Perry has for almost a decade. He does so while betraying his own family also not how you treat people you say you love.

As Emerson once put it, “What you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say.”

The actions of Perry has caused profound catastrophic tangible loss after loss after loss and hardship and burden on others. God never promised to make our lies and cover ups work. He promised we all reap what we sow. Officers told Cynthia several years ago they recorded Perry telling Fabian “I will find a way to lock her up again and she won’t get out this time unless she is with me so you need to give up.” That is the most heinous cruel ugly selfish thing a married man betraying the trust and love of his own family and community could say to a single man he has no business knowing, much less contacting to threaten that way. It has caused outrage among normal folk. Perry has leaks because people are sick and tired of his drama and problems being shoved down the throats of those to whom his life, wants and needs are simply not relevant. Cynthia has people from the public tell her constantly “If I did that, I’d be in jail, so why aren’t they?” People are pissed off at the Injustice with this situation and it has caused more backlash than they even know at this moment. Martin Luther King Jr said “Injustice for one is Injustice for all.” Our founding forefathers bled and died for the democracy, rights, freedoms and justice we enjoy or should enjoy. There is simply no excuse for this at all. There are people outraged enough they have provided very important actionable Intel so that this sick little game of Perry’s is stopped. It’s provided to those powerful enough to get Cynthia that puzzle with those specific words arranged in that very specific way at that very specific time. The sick corruption is not being tolerated anymore. He is not going to get away with it this time and everything Cynthia told Perry three years ago would happened if he failed to comply with the law and get the hell off her and out of her life has happened. He will not get away with it this time. He may have all his life but not this time. “Tyrants and murderers seem in invincible for a time but history has shown they always fall. Always.” — Ghandi

Cecil B. DeMille observed of the principles contained in his monumental movie, The Ten Commandments, “It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law.” Every civilized society and religion has laws to guide how people treat each other and these men are Baptist deacons. Charles Perry is a Baptist deacon and a married one and yet very much betraying his own family and community to destroy another family hoping to force himself on them and he cannot figure out why he is rejected. Stalking in the UK is described as a heinous crime as it is like rape and rape a form of torture. When a lady says she has no romantic feelings for you , “please go away”, throwing her in jail, trying to murder her, ruining her business, friendships, smearing her reputation is not how you turn that around. It simply confirms Perry will never be the kind of person would ever even give the time of day to much less be in any kind of relationship and this is not about one silly mistake that he hurt feelings. This a decade of attack after attack after attack to intentionally ruin her life and even attempt more than once to take her life. She wants NO contact at all with him now or ever. Would you if he did all that to you? Unless you have nuts and bolts missing in your head, probably not. Could you trade places with her even for just one day and live with having to deal with his mental problems imposed on you all the time causing you to lose everything you worked all your life to build with a promise of “Lie for me, let me rape you and only then will I give it all back.”? Would you trade places with her and live with that kind of crazy shoved down your throat all day every day for almost a decade? A gentlemen leaves a lady alone the first time she asks and barring Perry is that, which clearly he is not, he is not wanted by Cynthia or her family or in their lives in any way, shape or form. If he is that ugly, why would she want that ever. It’s a crime that he cannot control his weirdo and just go away and leave her alone. She is not in love with him, because of who he is and what he has put her through and forcing himself on her against her wishes to the point of gag makes that more the case not less. She wants NOTHING to do with him. He will not respect her wishes or even his own family and Cynthia finds that disgusting. He makes her feel raped. It is time for Perry to get a grip on reality and get a life and get out of hers. He is not invited or wanted in her life at all. He is simply butting in where is not wanted. Could you or would you trade places with her and go through what she has even for just one day? Most normal folk won’t and are pretty pissed off at Perry’s lack of respect dignity and self control and have therefore done whatever they can to provide information to people who are putting a stop to it once and for all and Perry’s daily routine ever since has consisted of nothing but getting caught and rejected, caught and rejected, caught and rejected over and over and over like he is stuck on s hamster wheel and not smart enough to put that together in his head just yet and get off of it. He has accomplished nothing but that over six years now. Cynthia is not in love with him and doesn’t even like him. He is to stop all contact because each contact is one count of stalking, harassment, victim tampering, coercion and attempt to suborn perjury, psychological abuse, and it flat out straight up makes her throw up. He is to STOP IT!!!! NOW!!!!!


You gotta be careful whose ass you kiss. If they can’t control themselves, can’t control their weirdo, and shit themselves all the time, you end up with that all over your face.

Justice is not a religious or foreign concept especially in America where the founding fathers used the Ten Commandments as a guideline to write our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Below is an excerpt from Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Violating these rights makes you a villain not a hero. In fact, that same Bible these men beat everyone else over the head with, in Ps 94:20 says “Can unjust leaders claim God is on their side?” Probably not. Abuse of power to oppress and ruin other people I wouldn’t think is cool to a God who said “Don’t do that crap to each other while you are down there on earth because then I have to deal with it up here and I really don’t wish to have to do that.” If we don’t let our kids crap on each other, you think God, the perfect father, would? Would you trade places and go through what she has every single day for almost a decade, privacy violated, everything she’d worked all her life to build prior to meeting Charles Perry ruined and destroyed because he believes he is entitled to take what was never ever his, dodging death and threats all day every day for almost ten years and losing everything she has because Perry thinks he can force her to allow him to essentially rape her? Would you trade places with her for even a day? People are pissed. No normal person with normal empathy can sit back and watch a man beating the crap out of a woman literally or like this. He is doing the very same thing, just in a more sneaky way. And she reacts normally to an extremely abnormal situation imposed on her by someone who is very selfish, cruel, sadistic, arrogant, and not mentally stable. 


new info from the guys in law enforcement who have really really done a fantastic job protecting her from Charles Perry’s intended harm. They have caught him repeatedly in the planning stages of the next big catastrophic attack and prevented him from doing what he wanted to. As bad as he’s made her life, it would be by far much worse, had they not intervened and of course ultimately God does all of that. It’s always a God thing when He protects us from harm whether through people or otherwise. 

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Enabling A Serial Killer

Charles Perry’s Erotomania

Similarities In Behavior Profile Between Charles Perry And BTK Killer Dennis Radar


Enabling A Serial Killer

“We will know who the stalker is when we pull him away from suspects. A stalker cannot stay away from the target of his obsession. He will have to follow, and then we know who it is.” — The Prodigal Son

“It doesn’t get any better than when the bad guy comes right to you.” — Anonymous Member of Law Enforcement

It was Charles Perry’s name in texts and emails Cynthia sent telling friends and family he came behind her home and sat and watched her in her back yard in 2011. It was Charles Perry’s name her friend Cheryl said came to a restaurant they frequented where he was not told or invited. It was Charles Perry’s name Cynthia talked about threatening her with death or false arrest in October 2015 through January 2016 who then carried out that threat having her arrested to obstruct justice and destroy evidence. She committed no crime at all. She reported his crime to Tulsa Police. She did so because it was required by law in Oklahoma to get a Protective Order. He knew this because her first attempt was denied in part because she did not provide a police report in Court and the Judge denied her and that reason is listed as reason number two for the denial right on the Order Defendant Perry had. He knew the law requires a police report be filed and had her arrested before she could provide a detailed statement and evidence could be collected by Tulsa Police because he wanted attempted murder covered up. She was false arrested as he had threatened just a week after filing the report and a two weeks before any TPD Detective contacted her to take possession of her evidence. It was destroyed as a result. All evidence of this has been posted on and filed in now FOUR Courts of law. Charges against her were dismissed in her favor. She committed no crime. The charges were filed in Lubbock, not Oklahoma where she has lived since Sept 2014. She has not lived in Lubbock since Nov. 2013. The false arrest occurred on Jan 29, 2016, three years after she left town, moved to Dallas, then again to Oklahoma. The arrest alleged a political vendetta when actually there is no evidence of that, no political rants directed at Charles Perry anywhere at all from Cynthia, she actually helped him get elected. He had not been in politics before that at all, had no history to attack, there is no mention of any issues she thought he should be replaced over, just rants and complaints about his stalking and unwanted romantic advances. She only told a few close friends, who did not live in Texas and we’re not people who would vote for or against him, for FOUR years. Her friend Cheryl knew of the problem because she was with her when Perry stalked her and on the occasion she describes, Perry went looking for Cynthia by going going where Cheryl was. Either he personally, his staffer or even his daughter were always around and that was Cynthia’s complaint going back to 2011, not any political issue. She continued from 2011 to discuss specific threats to cause tangible injury Perry or his staff made, to state she did not want to be a scandal, did not want to be on the news for the stalking and that she just wanted for him to leave her alone. Almost ten years her complaints were of his personal moral failure, not political issues. He had no history to attack. He had just gotten into politics when they met. She’d been in it for a decade. She a history to attack, not him. Her work was covered internationally, not his. He didn’t have any to cover. He went into a Court of law and bold faced lied. This would be one of many times he has done so and if you lie under penalty of perjury, you will lie anywhere. If he is lying about all this, what else is he lying about? For four years she said nothing at all while trying to reason with him to make him stop. She never wanted to be a scandal nor did she want to be on the news for something so nasty. Whatever media there was with her name on it, she wanted it to be about her work, with dignity, not some skanky scandal like this. Her attempts to reason with Perry’s crazy went on for four years, then she changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and to avoid a conflict and being a scandal. Perry is simply disturbed.

Part of the Quid Pro Quo documented in her Bond Conditions oddly, state Charles Perry is never to contact her again in any way shape or form again. It is his name in that Judicial Order. What that means is, the obsessed stalker cannot stay away from the object of their obsession and his “feelings” are not reciprocated at all. It does not go both ways nor will it ever go both ways. Cynthia and her family are sick and tired of being forced to deal with Perry’s mental illnesses. He has a wife, family, friends, a Pastor, and money to pay a doctor to get professional help there in Lubbock where he lives, owns a business, and represents his community, that all agreed and consented to deal with it. Cynthia has not and will not consent or agree to any such thing. The link below is an article regarding mental illness being a very big factor in someone who displays characteristics of an obsessed stalker. Perry came from a small town background, with not much interesting about him and not much exposure to people in power. Cynthia grew up in it, her family being the people in power where she grew up and having worked in Federal government reform and politics for sixteen years, ten when she met Perry had spent her life in and around people in power. Some was documented on her Facebook. She moved from Vegas to Lubbock. Perry had no such life and lived a rather small boring existence. With the people Cynthia was around all her life, she certainly had no reason to give someone like Charles Perry a second thought. Her background compared to his put her in a higher social status and because he just could not get where she was, he tore her down where he is thinking nobody else would want her and then they could be a couple. That is nuttier than a fruitcake. All that did is make her repulsed by him and create a criminal case so stacked its almost as long as the Equator. He can’t control his weird.

Words do not mean a thing. What people do says who they really are. Our daily habits and patterns over time build up on us and tell the world who we are as individuals whether we like it or not. Perry’s actions depict a seriously deranged and disturbed criminal who deeply sadistic and delusional. If you think Cynthia is his only victim, you are dumb as a bag of bricks, and we have ocean front property in Arizona we’d like to sell you.

William George Jordan puts it best when he said, “Into the hands of every individual is given a marvelous power for good or evil—the silent, unconscious, unseen influence of his life. This is simply the constant radiation of what man really is, not what he pretends to be.”

The fact that Charles Perry made a very specific threat and carried it out, that threat specifically means he did it on purpose and is exactly the reason Cynthia needs a Protective Order against him. The fact that judges have failed to give careful consideration to material facts, spoilation of evidence, and her evidence has angered law enforcement investigating Charles Perry for a peeper site and a murder, so much so they have expanded their investigation to include those judges. There has never been an evidentiary hearing of any kind excluding any evidence at all. Some of that evidence includes the Defendant’s own acts showing consciousness of guilt. How much of that $15 million were they paid to do that? You cannot hide where you spent that much money. More than one jurisdiction is investigating that very thing.

On that same show “The Prodigal Son” quoted above in the same episode, the writers who Perry and his co conspirators believe to be part of “wicked” Hollywood, depict the wife of a serial killer expressing remorse for “enabling” her serial killer husband. It can be enabling or even aiding and abetting and/or “accessory after the fact” depending. Accessory after the fact certainly sounds much like what Defendants Powell and Burson did in their part to assist Perry in carrying out his threat to cause intentional injury to Cynthia, an Oklahoma resident. These people are Baptist Church deacons. It brings to mind that it was Ciaphas, the High Priest who paid 30 pieces of silver to kill the Son of God. If wicked Hollywood knows it’s wrong to “enable” then what in the hell is wrong with a bunch of church boys who don’t get it? This is why people no longer trust church folks.

By the way, Cynthia has never met Gloria Steinham nor is she a feminist, as we understand was inquired about this week. She quoted Ms Steinham once and that’s it. The quote was “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off ” and truer words have not been spoken. In fact that is a quote in part from the Bible these people enabling, aiding, abetting and being accessories after the fact beat everyone else over the head with. One set of rules for them and another for the rest of us appears to be their belief system. The officers investigating these men on the other matter, but now judges believe tough guys and men with dignity and honor and respect treat women and children with due care, dignity and respect and they protect them. They believe as Cynthia’s Police Chief Granddad did that law enforcement is called to relieve suffering caused by crime. They believe pansies, girly men, pathetic useless pieces of trash pick on women and children to over compensate for their lack of being men. That is hardly indicative of people with feministic beliefs in fact it is all about being chivalrous.

Clearly these officers have prosecutors reviewing her civil case and have her evidence, plus their own. Perry’s $15 million does not have appeared to accomplished what he intended and he cannot hide where he spent that much money. For the first time in his life his criminal conduct is chapter and versed on public record. He’s peeped, hacked, stalked, trolled around and killed all his life and just hid it, until now. Three years ago, Cynthia said “If he does not stop, things will get much worse for him. He is caught. Its not going to get better and his hidden criminal activity will not just be swept under the rug this time. It is getting to the point that no matter how much money he throws at his sick hidden problems no one can cover it up even if they wanted to. That has happened in fact the investigation just expanded. It did not stop, it has just expanded. He will go to prison. Its not a matter of “if”, it is just a matter of “when”. One astute member of law enforcement commented, “She probably messed up his normal business practice of killing people and killing them in such a way that it was hard to prove there even was a murder much less that he did it. She opened up all kinds of suspicion and speculation that now has shined a light on his activity. He can never again kill and nobody suspect him. That is over with and I’m sure he’s not happy about it. He probably wants to kill her thinking he can simply go back to business as usual in his killing. Serial killers have an addiction to murder. They cannot stop. They get a high from it and it becomes like a drug they can’t live without. Cynthia has interfered with his ability to do that and get away with it. I’m sure he wants to find a way to discredit her and even take her life thinking he can just go back at it and go back to the way things were where he could kill and nobody looked at him as the murderer. I think the opposite is true though. I think if he does anything else to her, it simply confirms Cynthia’s position that Charles Perry is exactly the deeply depraved serial killer she says he is.  Why do that to her unless he had motive and he for sure has motive to shut down this chick who has been a major part of uncovering his criminal activity? ” And it is at that point that $15 million didn’t cover up anything at all. 


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Charles Perry’s Erotomania

Judges Now On Radar

Email From Cynthia

“In October 2015, I sent this email to my ex husband regarding Charles Perry’s threats to arrange a false arrest. Subsequently, I sent texts to friends and to Dave Roberson arguing for my life and about this specific threat. The threats I said we’re being made were specific and not vague. They were threats to kill me and to arrange a false arrest. They were made by both Dave and Charles non stop every day from October until five minutes before police knocked at my front door to arrest me.

My arrest was over charges filed in Lubbock, not Oklahoma, for filing a false Police report in retaliation for doing his job as a public servant. The law in Oklahoma is that you must file a police report to get a Protective Order for stalking. I followed the law in the state where I live. I had not lived in Texas for two years. My first Protective Order was denied in part because I failed to follow this specific procedure. Charles knew that as it’s right on the Order of denial. The fact that he carried out these threats same as he had carried out threats to ruin my business in 2011, prompting me to leave town, is exactly the reason I need a Protective Order. There are no rants against his job as a public servant in a period of almost a decade. There are private Facebook messages telling people I grew up with who did not live in Texas that Charles Perry threatened to ruin my business when I rejected his romantic advances. In fact I said back then I just wanted for him to leave me alone.

Perry did have me false arrested, just as he threatened, for following the law in the state I live and he knew it was the law. He knew what I did was not a crime at all but a requirement of the law. He obstructed justice and destroyed forensic and video evidence. These are just material facts. He then tried to find a shrink to say I am delusional. No one can make that claim when threats are document and they are specific then carried out. I didn’t imagine it. He actually did have me arrsted and he tried to kill me and had me arrested so no one at TPD could test me to get the evidence of that too. I was arrested just a week after filing he report, no detective had been assigned and they called me back after I was already sitting in Lubbock jail unable to go to TPD to be tested for poisoning. Powell did not have me tested either for poisoning.

The threats to kill me and arrange a false arrest were made constantly non stop by Perry and Roberson. The specifics detailed in the attached email were provided by police investigating Perry for a murder and peeper site in which he sells “watch time” of women he has trolled and had cameras installed in their homes while they are away. Putting a lock smith on his payroll would not be hard for him to do. These women, and I am one, have not given consent for him to do any such thing. It’s sicko. Most have no idea they are being watched and there are minor children in the home of many. That is child porn. My son was a minor child in my home for many years while this went on. The US Marshals advised me they had a hard time serving summons because Charles Perry, they said is always on the road and travels without his wife alone with no alibi. He has all kinds of time to do all kinds of things. The officers on that gave me details relayed about Judge McNamara. He was calling judges to arrange a backroom deal even back then. And Perry did all this and actually thought nobody would suspect a thing. That is simply not the case. That is delusion.

The email was seen by Perry being he hacked me and has invaded my privacy in every possible way against my will, and this specific plan nixed, revised and carried out. The email and other communications telling people including Dave that Charles threatened to arrange a false arrest are on four dockets for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever. The specific info provided to me by law enforcement on the other matter. There has never been in any of my civil law suits evidentiary hearings to exclude anything I filed as far as evidence like this email yet it was ignored by these Judges. Why? Why would they ignore a key material fact like that? That is evidence my false arrest for which I am suing was first threatened. They committed the injury against me for which they are being sued on purpose and that email and the other texts sent before my false arrest that state the same filed in all courts are as well and they ignored it. There have been no hearings to exclude anything I filed. The officers providing it are extremely pissed off. They are now investigating that too. The head one said “If I get you information regarding a crime he is about to commit, I fully expect the judge to consider it and consider it carefully and not just blow it off like they have so we are expanding to include them too.”

Perry still truly believes nobody suspects a thing. He continues doing this same ole same ole crazy every single day all the time, like a rabid dog who can’t control himself . He still invades my privacy, still threatens, still harasses, still butts in where he is not wanted, still creeps, still causes loss and harm and actually thinks nobody suspects a thing and that, is deep deep depravity and delusion right there. In fact the officers told me more than once it gets easier by the day to get information that will put a stop to Perry’s reign of horror. People are horrified and outraged by what he has put me and my family through for almost a decade and I am not his only victim of crime. He keeps seeking how I know beforehand what he is trying to do cause more harm and loss next and can’t put it together in his head that he has cops in him and maybe committing a crime when you have that is not the brightest idea and normal people aren’t comfortable with what he is doing. It’s weirdo. It’s a crime and it’s a weirdo one.




























Injustice For One Is Injustice For All

So many people, so many times respond in horror and outrage at what Charles Perry has put Cynthia and her family through, non stop for almost a decade. “I can’t believe they did that to her. I can’t believe they did that to her.” Over and over and over and Perry cannot understand in his twisted bazaar thinking why he is a rejected failure. No normal person could live with themselves. It’s appalling that he can. Common sense would tell you that you get more bees with honey and vinegar is a great way to run everyone off. You do what people like, not what they hate. But it’s not about that for him. For him, it’s about getting high from the power he feels in ruining and destroying other people. The kids who were bullied, grow up to behave in the most evil offensive sick twisted ways no normal person can even imagine. Perry has told Cynthia he gave and she should be more appreciative. That right there shows the twisted mind she has been forced to deal with. He took her son in bribing the judge in NM, and there is no greater injury to a mother than that. You never get over that and there is not enough money in the world to repay her for taking just that in messing with her relationship with her child. Her sin was given to her by God. She didn’t neglect or abuse him in any way at all. She was soccer mom when that happened. She had a growing business in political consulting, didn’t dance, did not do drugs and barely drank and he ruined her family. He ruined her career, caused the loss of more than one home, more than one vehicle, on and on we could go with the massive, profound tangible loss Charles Perry caused in his effort to get a high hurting people. He has lost nothing at all. Him sending a proxy stalker to her work to buy the cheapest dance or VIP hoping to get information he can use to harm her even more is not “giving”. Some things he took can never be repaid. There are years of her life gone forever that she can’t get back. Her privacy plastered all over the internet. People she has never met coming to her workplace and telling her what she had just done in the privacy of her home. There is not enough money to pay that back. Most people cannot live with it the way an antisocial, psychotic, sadistic sociopath can. That is why his criminal activity is, for the first time in his life, despite millions paid for a cover up, more uncovered than ever before.

The big question asked last night if some in authority was “I can’t believe they did that to her. If you know about this, why haven’t you done anything about it?” “If I did that, I’d be in jail, so why the hell aren’t they?” We hear that over and over and over from people who are extremely pissed off that they are not. The public is smart enough to spot corruption and they do not like it. Martin Luther King Jr puts it best in his comments “Injustice for one is Injustice for all.”

Three judges now have been recorded talking to Perry making backroom deals one stating they would read motions Monday and call them to tell them what that judge can do for them. This has now been expanded to include judges on Cynthia’s civil case because there were so many denials that don’t comport with the law, material facts, evidence she admitted, no hearing to exclude anything at all, or prior like case decisions. The public has seen her evidence. They all get it so for a Judge to ignore it has brought on more speculation about judicial impropriety and Prosecutorial Review has now expanded investigations into why that would be. They have her evidence plus their own.

Cynthia told Perry years ago she wanted no further contact with him in any form at all and he continues to impose and force himself on her and burden the rest of the world with his problems, drama, and imaginary soap opera. All he had to do is be a gentleman a d get out of her life and leave her alone. A gentleman respects a lady’s wishes the FIRST time she asks. Six years later he still cannot control himself. She will NEVER want him. Manny people are horrified and outraged that he cannot get a grip on reality and be a man and move on. His behavior is ugly, immoral, offensive, creepy, weirdo, and disgusting. No normal person can bring themselves if they had to to do what he does with no ability to stop himself. There is a reason it is illegal. Cynthia will not be coerced to lie. She has made her statements under oath in Court and has no desire to change her statement, she wants no contact with Perry now or ever under any circumstances and Perry is not entitled to a lie. In the words of Yellawolf “I ain’t the dish rag to come clean up all the shit that you dish out. Ain’t much I can do but I do what I can But I’m not a fool there’s no need to pretend And just because you got yourself in some shit It doesn’t mean I have to come deal with it You handle your own when you become a man And become a man when you handle your own” Perry is no man. He has no honor or dignity or respect for others or he would get himself into a doctor and get some help. His family doesn’t want him in Cynthia’s life any more than she does. There is a reason most people do not behave as Perry does and a reason it is a crime. It’s legally and morally highly offensive for a man to chase a woman who does not even like him, rejects him over and over and over and over for six years if he is single but so much worse that he has done this while married.

One of the officers investigating Perry on his peeper site where Cynthia was sold, him having illegal cameras put inside her home without her consent, against her wishes, to sell “peeper watch time” and for murder, said “If I get information to you about Perry having someone take out your tail light hoping to get you pulled over and having your social security card taken, I fully expect the judges to look at it and give it some very very serious consideration. Blowing that off was never an option. So we’ve expanded our investigations into them as well. One of her co-workers one night asked her “How do you know which cops that come in here are good and which ones are bad, like the ones that Texas Senator stalking you is paying? I think we had a few of those in last weekend. They are assholes to us and harassed us out in the parking lot. They were off duty but showed us badges and kept trying to get into our car. We told them to leave or they’d be thrown out. It was that bad. Those guys work for that stalker politician Texas stalker guy?” And they did and they do. Most don’t, but a few do. These guys were off duty and out of their jurisdiction and out of line. When Tulsa Police were notified, the problem was effectively resolved immediately. Neither officer harassing Cynthia’s co-workers were work for Tulsa Police however Tulsa Police was kind enough to put a stop to it. These men had been in to Cynthia and one specifically said he was there on behalf f Charles Perry. He knew it was wrong because he sked if he she knew anyone in Internal Affairs and was concerned she’d file a complaint. He then came back and went at her co workers which prompted the communications regarding the problem to Tulsa Police who put a stop to it thankfully. There have been no problems since.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court held in Curry v Streater, off duty officers do not get Qualified Immunity. They don’t get it if committing a criminal act either. The public is no longer tolerating corruption and that is how it is no matter what imaginary delusion land bazaaro planet these people live on think. It is not being tolerated. That is why Perry is in the jam up of his life. It is not being tolerated anymore. Never should have been to begin with. People are horrified and outraged as they should be. Whatever conversation after review of Cynthia’s Motions will be discussed Monday to make some backroom deal, will be recorded same as the rest. And the guys on Team Cynthia can say “Read ‘Um And Weep”. That is an inside comment regarding observations made about her ability to intelligently play the shitty hand Perry gives her on a daily basis. Most people cannot live with what he does on their conscience. No one should. If you are normal and decent and not sick and twisted like him, you can’t do it. You simply cannot put another human being, and in fact children and her family through this as he has since her youngest son was ten years old. He had to grow up being the victim of a crime every day almost all his life and that is the sickest part about this deal is that Perry attacks women AND their little kids. Pretty twisted thing to do. The photo again is the email sent long before Perry carried out his threat to arrange a false arrest regarding info the same officers gave her before including information as to which Lubbock Judge he intended to use. He saw the email from hacking, nixed that plan, revised and did it anyway and actually thought nobody would suspect a thing. He thought wrong. He’s delusional so he actually can’t think at all or he’d get a grip on reality and leave Cynthia, her friends and family and other people alone.

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