Serious Corruption Apparent In TX Senator Perry’s Constant Attacks on Oklahoma Stalking Victim

From as far back as 2011, Facebook messages of September 20,2011 show Ms Ortiz telling friends she’s known since child hood who did not and do not live in Texas that she is being stalked, threatened and harassed by the Senator because she was concerned he was becoming to visible in front of people with his crush on her. She didn’t want someone to see it, begin damaging gossip as is common in a small town like Lubbock, and for that gossip to ruin the Senator’s political career or her’s. She asked Ben Campbell to speak to Senator Perry about it to get him to stop. In return she’s been threatened, stalked, harassed, her privacy invaded, her life interfered with her life in danger, murder attempted followed by a false arrest to cover that up and he’s ruined her life. She’s lost every thing she has. There was never a political vendetta. This was always a personal matter.


Texts between Ms Ortiz and Senator Perry on December 2, 2011. Ms Ortiz was told of rumors the two were having an affair, she confronts the Senator angry about it and he tells her she’s being paranoid. Notice he never asks what she’s talking about. He knew what she was talking about. Notice it appears the rumors were coming from him and his office staff, is what Ms Ortiz was told at the time, and Ms Ortiz is upset. Perry seems to not be concerned at all. She is the one confronting him on the matter.


Texts in January, 2013 just after Ortiz told Perry to wrap up her taxes and that they needed to end their relationship, as friends and colleagues and have no further contact with each other at all. This is when she abruptly ended her political consulting career and has not even voted since. Had the Senator left her alone and not forced the matter to be made public and arranged a false arrest to intimidate, coerce and besmirch her, she may have resumed her consulting career in another state where she would not have to run into the Senator at events. Her question in these texts regarding whether or not deductions would be accepted by the IRS was a yes or no question. The Senator did not reply with yes, which the IRS did accept her deductions so that was the answer and being that he is a seasoned CPA he should know that, instead he slips in threats “You lose. You are stuck. You have no control.” Stalking is largely about control. Stalkers seek to control every aspect of their victim’s life and he has most definitely attempted to do that to Ms Ortiz. Using fear, intimidation and threats and he has carried out or attempted to carry out many of his threats to harm Ms Ortiz.

In the texted question “are you going to do anything about abuse at teen rehab facilities?” he does not respond at all. Ms Ortiz had sent her oldest son to attend the faith based teen rehab facility in NM that her parents ran as he was displaying troubles that needed immediate attention. Her parents then deceived Ms Ortiz and filed for custody immediately after she began getting child support from her son’s dad which previously he was not paying. She was owed a substantial amount in back owed child support. The ink on that court order was barely dry when they suddenly filed for custody of her son alleging she just dumped him off on her. Ms Ortiz’s child support order, was signed by Judge Ruben Reyes at the end of March, 201. Ms Ortiz has documents showing her son was enrolled in a school program through the corporate name of the faith based program her parents ran, unenrolled in April,2011 and reenrolled under her parent’s personal names just after the child support order was signed by the judge followed by the allegation that she just dumped him off and abandoned her son with her parents. It appears they wanted her child support money. She took this matter to the Lubbock DA’s office alleging fraud, but they blew it off.


While it was established that was not the case, the judge in NM ordered that her son be given to her parents because she sent him to a teen rehab facility and therefore was not able to meet his needs. The NM Judge also alleges in her order Ms Ortiz allowed verbal abuse in the home being that from her ex husband. At the time the order was issued, Ms Ortiz had been separated from her ex husband since April 21, 2010 and Ms Ortiz did not send her son to her parent’s faith based program until October, 2010 and subsequently was divorced. Her parents filed for custody in October, 2011 long after Ms Ortiz’s ex husband had moved out of the home. That’s hardly “allowing” verbal abuse. She took the appropriate action to remove the abuse from the home. The second false allegation the NM judge alleges there was a physical altercation. During court Ms Ortiz was asked about an incident in which her son grabbed her arm violently and pulled her to the couch where he was sitting. He did pull her but it not done violently at all. She was not bruised, harmed, scared, and there was nothing at all violent about his actions. Her son was having problems but not with being violent with her. The entire ruling was bazaar and made absolutely no logical sense at all. Everyone was confused as to the NM judge’s decision. Ms Ortiz has not spoken to her son since. She was not granted even any kind of visitation with him. The loss was catastrophic as you might imagine. The ruling made no sense in that Ms Ortiz’s actions were that of a loving caring parent and something hundreds of thousands of concerned parents do every year. Ms Ortiz’s parents had a substantiated CPS complaint and shut down one of their facilities as a result of a CPS investigation involving child abuse and neglect. Ms Ortiz has never had any CPS involvement, inquiry or complaints at all. Judge Reyes of Lubbock turned jurisdiction over to the NM judge with a phone call that was supposed to have been recorded by a court reporter however no court reporter was present during that phone call. It appears the decision to give jurisdiction to the NM judge lies with the fact that the people of Lubbock never would have tolerated a decision to take a child away from a mother who had and still has zero complaints to CPS, was acting in the best interest of her son when she made the decision to send him to her parents who claim to help troubled teens for a living that have a substantiated child abuse complaint that led to the closing of a facility and a decision that flies in the face of the Supreme Court ruling prohibiting such acts by a judge. Ms Ortiz frequently raised the Supreme Court decision of Troxel v. Granville prohibiting interference of parenting and custody when there is no harm but the NM judge refused to rule on the matter and simply shook her head and stated, “Ms Ortiz” dismissing her argument without ruling on it which would have allowed for an appeal.

Click here to see the Supreme Court’s ruling on parent’s rights:
Click here to read Troxel v Granville Supreme Court Decision on Parental Rights

It seems Judge Reyes kicked the matter to the NM Judge knowing his constituents would never have tolerated such a decision but he wanted no record of the legal proceeding leading to that jurisdictional change nor was Ms Ortiz present for that phone call changing jurisdiction. Nothing made sense. The NM judge took a young man away from a caring concerned mother who has zero CPS complaints, inquiries, or actions and gave custody of that young man to people who had a substantiated complaint of abuse and neglect and serious allegations from former students involving medical neglect, education neglect, nutritional neglect, health and safety neglect and sexual abuse. None of that made sense to anyone until, in March, 2013 someone told Ms Ortiz Senator Perry had bribed both judges and ordered they find a way to take Ms Ortiz’s son from her. That might explain the reason Senator Perry failed to answer her text at all. At the time of the text, she had no idea what had happened and did not know of his reasons for failing to respond. Her primary focus was in NM on teen rehab protection legislation so she did not pursue the matter in TX and did not pursue any conversations with any elected officials further. She did talk with Congressman Neugebauer regarding a federal effort to better protect children from abuse at faith based rehab facilities and he refused to support the bill that had been introduced federally.

Perry later told Ms Ortiz that her dad contacted him in effort to attempt to show Ms Ortiz to be an adulterous unfit mother. He stated it was then he promised her dad he would ensure they got custody of her son in order to back her dad off. We are not certain of this fact but know nothing made sense about the loss of Ms Ortiz’s son until she was told Perry bribed both judges and ordered they find a way to take her son. This is one of many, and by far the most severe, of the losses Senator Perry has consistently caused for Ms Ortiz over the past seven years.

Media coverage of abuse at Ms Ortiz’s faith based teen rehab facility in NM by WFAA’s Todd Unger. Click here to hear the coverage of that CPS investigation:

Click here to see CPS investigation for abuse and neglect on Ortiz’s parents faith based organization

Below are Affidavits signed by former students and staff of Ms Ortiz’s parents faith based teen rehab facility alleging abuse and neglect presented in her son’s custody case. These witnesses testimonies inexplicably fell on deaf ears.

This Affidavit was provided by Ms Ortiz’s friend and former Lubbock County Undersheriff, and former Hockley County Sheriff, and former CPS Case Worker, Paul Scarborough


In the text where she asks him to stop, he was jamming up her computer so badly she couldn’t get any work done. He called her but she wouldn’t answer the phone after he received the text asking him to stop. He then, after years of texting and you can see a previous text he received from her where he did not ask who she was, he pretends not to know who she was. At the time she was still attempting to reason with him without anyone knowing about his stalking problem so she answered in such a way that wouldn’t cause problems if someone else saw the text but does address the fact that the matter was related to her computer jamming up knowing he would know what she meant but no one else would. She did keep her mouth shut, but to a few close friends, for four years before making the problem more public. She did that because the danger escalated and she felt it necessary so that if he killed her as it seems he was attempting to do and he was threatening to do, he would not get away with it.


Ms Ortiz has made massive changes in her life to try to get away from Senator Perry and his unwanted contact. When she left Texas, his harassment became unbearable. She sought an order of protection in May, 2015. It was denied, not on lack of merit as Senator Perry claimed to media but on jurisdiction. No evidence was shown and no witnesses testified that would allow the Senator to refute and prove that there  was no merit to Ms Ortiz’s claims. Perry told media he was vindicated. A jurisdictional denial hardly achieves vindication for the Senator.

Perry Claims Vindication – Breitbart Article


Ms Ortiz is then, a few months later, approached by Dave Robertson, claiming to be a proxy for the Senator and told to recant her claims that Senator Perry is stalking her or he would kill her. It does appear he tried. Dave admits to being at her work regularly, having her poisoned with arsenic and to sexual assault in texts dating from October 2015 through January 2016. Initially, after the death threats, conversations about personal things Dave could only know from being Perry’s hit man as she’d just met him and had not told him things he already all about, Dave said he would go outside, speak to the Senator who was sitting out in the parking lot at the strip club where Ms Ortiz was working having hoped due to the Senator’s Christian image he’d never bother her there, came back in and told her the stalking and harassment would stop. He gave her his phone number and told her to call him if she had any further problems. She did. Dave continued to come into her work, harass her and threaten her. She began to flirt to get him to text what he’d been telling her verbally. She attempts to reason with him to get him to get the Senator to stop stalking and harassing her and then later gets more confrontational. Her main concern and priority in her mind was the threat to her life. She fully intended to get the information and evidence she needed to go back and try for a Protective Order against the senator while making sure he did not know of her plans. She made every effort known man to make sure the Senator did not have a heads up on her plans. She played nice just to get the information and evidence needed to go back to court. Ms Ortiz was raised by four generations law enforcement. Her mind was on one thing. Getting free of Senator Perry, getting Dave to text admissions of his verbal assault, his poisoning, his physical assault and his verbal statements of being hired to stalk, harass, and kill Ms Ortiz if she did not recant her claims that the Senator was stalking her. She was willing, to a point within reason, to approach the danger to get the evidence she needed to end all this stalking and harassment and interference in her life once and for all however, after the texts of December, 17, 2015, she never again approached or interacted with Dave when he came to her work. At that point she felt the danger was too great to have a face to face conversation with him even at work.


In October, 2015 through January, 2016 Ms Ortiz was getting inexplicably ill. She confronts Dave about this. He admits to poisoning her. She was also getting threats from Senator Perry that he would kill her or arrange a false arrest. She tells people in October, 2015 and January 4, 2016 before she filed the police report of January 12, 2016 for which Perry did in fact carry out the threat to arrange a false arrest.


She filed the police report on January, 12, 2016 with Tulsa Police Department and is told by the desk clerk a detective will be assigned and call her in for questioning and for the proper collection of evidence. While awaiting that call back, she is charged in Lubbock, by the Lubbock DA for “Retaliation: Filing a false police report intending to harm Charles Perry for doing his job.” What a shock. She had told people of his threats long before she ever filed this police report. She had not even received a call back from investigators where she lived and where the crimes she reported occurred. There was no investigation and in addition, the police reports are supposed to be private and confidential. So how did Senator Perry even know there was a report if he’s not stalking as Ms Ortiz says he is?

Click here to hear the 2/15/16 voice mail of TPD Detective Eagan

Ms Ortiz was arrested on January 29, 2016 but not even called back by Tulsa police detectives until February 15, 2016 asking her to come in and provide evidence. Perry alleges she is making the false claim of being poisoned and yet, not only does he not demand forensic testing to prove her claims are false, he obstructs her ability to get the forensic texting he was seeking. In that action alone, it appears he knew beforehand what the results would be and he wanted that evidence time lapsed out of existence. This tends to show consciousness of guilt on his part and links him to Dave. Dave might otherwise just be some weirdo in a bar but because the Senator carried out threats made against Ms Ortiz previously to arrange a false arrest, it appears he knew she was being poisoned, knew Dave and he implicates himself in his actions to cover up what appears to be attempted murder with a false arrest.

Ms Ortiz’s bond conditions contain a provision that states Senator Perry may never contact Ms Ortiz in any form ever  again. This is probably the first time in the history of the state of Texas that bond conditions contain a statement stating a State Senator may not contact the bondee. It does indicate there was a conversation in which the Senator admitted to engaging in unwanted contact with the Lubbock DA and Ms Ortiz’s attorney and agreement that he would stop. The judge also appears to be aware of the problem as he signed the bond conditions.




Charges have since been dismissed with no trial. Ms Ortiz was ordered to see a psychologist which she did regularly and that psychologist maintains a doctorate, stated that Ms Ortiz’s arrest was a stalking escalation and that its clear to her Ms Ortiz wishes the Senator no harm at all but simply wants him to cease all contact and get out of her life.

Doctorate in Psychology tells Ortiz her arrest was a stalking escalation

The Senator continues, as evidenced in a foot high of documents provided to her attorneys and her son’s affidavit stating he continues to threaten to kill her or arrange another false arrest if she will not be in a romantic relationship with him, telling her she can have prison or Paris, and if she continues to refuse to recant her claims that he is stalking her and that his contact is unwanted. He continues to invade her privacy, force himself on her, engage in unwanted contact and interfere in every area of her life. She is working with her attorneys on the next step to get free of him. She says “Senator Perry continues to tell me he will give me the perfect life if I will be his secret girlfriend. I have no desire to be anywhere near him. For the record, my definition of a perfect life is life without him in it at all. I want the man out of my life and never ever to contact me or anyone I know again in any way, to let go, move on and stay away from me and my family. His attention is unwanted. His presence in my life is unwanted. I want the man to stay away from me and stop contacting me, stop harassing me, stop threatening to kill me or throw me back in jail. I want him out of my life for good. I have said this for four years. There should be no doubt at all in anyone’s mind where I stand and what I want at this point.”


The criminal charges against Ms Ortiz were dismissed however the Senator continues to threaten her with a second arrest. He’s changed the reasons he’d have her arrested probably 20 times between April, 2016 when she arrived home and now. He’s threatened to have her arrested for murder for hire, and attempted to bait her out on that, murder, although everyone she knows is alive and well, pot possession, Ms Ortiz has never even tried pot, drunk driving, Ms Ortiz won’t drive impaired so he would have to have her drink spiked again and hope she didn’t call for a ride, prostitution, which in a strip club depending on location some areas make even taking shoes off to rest your feet “prostitution”, he’s continued to hire men to assault her attempting to get her on a minor infraction even though the infraction is on the part of his guys not her and the latest has been cyberbullying. Ms Ortiz has every right to tell her side of the story. There has been no cyberbullying by her or anyone acting on her behalf at all. She has the right to defend herself, to address the Senator’s slander and defamation, to put the facts out and to defend herself. What a crazy way he’s forced Ms Ortiz to live and so much catastrophic loss he’s caused her  so for him to think even for a minute she would ever want to spend even 30 seconds with a man that does what he’s done much less a life time is insane. That belief is completely mad. Ms Ortiz still is harassed and stalked at work by the Senator and his proxies. She’s had to retain counsel to address this with employers so that she can simply earn a living for her family and not have to worry the Senator will again attempt to harm her at work.






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