Perry And Powell Make Knowingly False Statements About False Arrest

Cynthia’s email to Wischkaemper

“My guy tells me “Powell is telling people that your arrest was not false. You need to inform him we have a different legal take on that and he is to cease and desist making false statements.

1) You we’re being threatened with false arrest for months which is what the McNamara email said. He intended to coerce. He told people. That disturbed them. It was reported. We got it and gave it to you.

2) You reported an incident of escalation that was so bad your customers complained. You ignored and blew off the 100 things he did before that night. You could have died. You sucked it up and ignored him just like Russell said you should do. The report was filed on January 21, 2016. The report stated you had texts and video evidence and you with held the blood because we were all worried Perry would find out and do exactly what he did. On January 29, 2016 you were arrested for “filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job as a Senator. “

3) Because they violated Title 18 USC section 1512 and 1513, by physical force, prevented and delayed the reporting if the crime against you, you never spoke to a detective so that a determination could be made on the report being true or false and there was no evidence it had a thing at all to do with his job as a public servant and as such they held you against your will causing the loss of your evidence, both blood and hair required to rule out or confirm arsenic poisoning and the video. The report had to be filed and a determination made based on evidentiary findings so you could seek a protective order if in fact the evidence showed Perry attempted murder or engaged in stalking by proxy or committed assault with a deadly weapon or aggravated, whatever it is in Oklahoma. That was not your place. It is the place of police however Powell assisted in obstructing justice so there was no investigation nor did he collect and preserve the evidence himself which indicates, as we have all said, he never intended to go to trial and the illegal detention was intended to obstruct justice and destroy your evidence. Why else would he not collect it abd preserve it?

4) They knew the law required you to file the report because your first protective order was denied as a result of your failure to bring the police report to court.

5) Again we have nothing to support Perry’s assertion that the report had anything to do with his job as a public servant because he imagined that.

6) Charges we’re dismissed in your favor by Powell himself.

For Powell to make such a claim speaks to the corruption and flagrant disregard for the law and fact that we are dealing with . They have obstructed and impeded thorough police investigations that would give a complete abd final determination based on evidence and material facts now 3 times. We are dealing with it in our case.

So Powell needs to be asked to cease and desist making false statements and to address the facts as they are, not as they appear in someone’s imaginary make believe world. “

So, there’s that.

TPD didnt call back for an interview or to collect evidence until 2/15/16. The arrest was on 1/29/16.

Click Here To See Documents In Support Of Claims Herein Including Court Documents

Additional arrest documents and the police report and voice mail from TPD of 2/15/16 are here:

These were her communications with friends going back to 2011, 5 years before the arrest, long before Cynthia could have anticipated Perry would go into Court and lie about being the victim of a political vendetta. We aren’t sure if he lied or imagined one. These communications are about stalking, not political issues. When she tells his campaign guy that she didn’t hurt Perry, she was referring to a conversation she had asking them to make him stop stalking so there wouldn’t be a scandal. She didn’t go to media. She went to them so she was confused when they responded with threats to ruin her business. It’s not like she hurt Perry by going to media. She went to his people with it. That is what she was explaining in the Facebook messages of 2011 at the link below. She too had a political career and 2 children she didn’t want ruined with a scandal. She didn’t tell anyone but a few close friends until she was long gone from Texas.

Dr. Russell had this to say about it:

Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states. Violent subjugation of a woman who doesn’t like some weird dude is a crime in all 50 states.

6 times she asked to be left alone. He comments on her clothes which he was not asked his opinion. He was asked to leave her alone.

When a woman asks to be left alone, leave her the fuck alone:

This is what it’s like to have to live with a maniac forcing himself on you and Perry is much worse that this guy:

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. When he bothers Cynthia, he gets caught and he’s been caught more than ever in his life. If you are watching all this as it unfolds, you will notice we have to repeat ourselves a lot. Count how many times Lo had to tell her stalker to leave her alone. It’s like things don’t click for these stalker types like they do everyone else. Perry gets caught, gets mad about it and wants to know who told but goes right back at it.

Click here to see case overview and NSRC training videos

He’s disturbed people with what he’s put Cynthia abd her family through:

And here:

The more Perry contacts Cynthia in any form at all or her family and friends, the more he invades her privacy, the more problems, hardship abd loss he causes, the easier it is to get this information like what Powell stated improperly and what is contained in The McNamara email and so many others that represent a recording obtained by police and played for Cynthia. The intent of that is to establish malicious intent and aforethought to commit a crime against her in Oklahoma where she has now lived longer than she lived in Lubbock. He provokes by continuing to make unwanted contact, cause profound catastrophic loss, hardship and drama. It gets easier by the day to get information like the McNamara Email BEFORE he has a chance to do her harm. If he does it even after being caught planning a crime, we do have then the intent and  premeditation covered. Mr Powell was way out of line in his comments. That’s not unusual.

Any form of any contact with Cynthia or her family is legally prohibited, Mr Perry and Mr Powell. You are far outside the law. You are to stop. If you refuse please be advised that there will be very serious legal consequences.

The National Stalking Resource Center provides video training for law enforcement, judges, legislators, and victims. You can view these videos here:

We just have civil rights but because Perry has so flagrantly ignored the Constitution when it pertains to everyone but him, we have to assert them here and we do so as follows:

We assert all rights under the Constitution including but not limited to the 1st Amendment right to free speech held in NYT Co. V Sullivan and Garrison v Louisiana and the 14th Amendment right to Equal Protection in the application of domestic violence laws, laws protecting women against violenceTitle 18 USC 1512 and 1513. Misogyny and gender discrimination is as bad as racism.

Tik Tok Loreeboree, Taylor Swift, David Letterman, Sandra Bullock, Paulie Perretti may speak out against a stalker as can anyone and everyone who has been victimized by a stalker. Charles Perry has no business paying any attention to Cynthia Ortiz and only does because he is a stalker. There is ample evidence to support these allegations posted here in. His attention is not wanted. She moved twice to get away from him and to avoid a conflict. His contact disgusts her.

This interaction was at her work where she is. Perry hired a proxy stalker to solicit prostitution. He offers her $5,000 in exchange for “a few hours of being creeped out by Perry” and then told Cynthia “You could ruin him politically ” to which she replied “I don’t care. I just want for him to leave me alone. “

Recording and transcripts at the link below:


“Perry Wanted Mannford PD To Make The Second False Arrest Because She Respects Them”

“She was supposed to be in jail and not able to appeal.”

Duress, stress, anxiety, fear, hardship, icked and slimed all over is not what people like to be forced to deal with every day.

Criminology Theories explain criminal behavior as being the result of low self control and a low IQ. Click here for more.

Perry has continued to attempt violent and economic subjugation the same as outlined in The 10/29/2015 Email to her ex husband now called “The McNamara Email” just varying his approach. He threatens death or false arrest again daily abd has since he carried out the first one. Charges were dismissed in her favor as there was never a crime. She filed a police report in compliance with Oklahoma law when seeking a protective order. A week later before there was an investigation, evidence had not yet been collected by TPD, no call back even made until February 15, 2016, the report filed with a desk clerk on January 21, 2016, her false arrest on January 29, 2016 for “Filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job as a senator, she was arrested. Just was obstructed, she was by physical force, prevented and delayed from reporting her crime to police, her evidence was destroyed. These are violations of Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513. Powell made no effort to preserve the video evidence, texts or blood and hair to rule out attempted foul play and stalking abd harassment. She preserved texts. The rest was out of her hands being she was in jail while they made sure the video evidence was destroyed and the poison Perry had given her worked it’s way out of her system. Had he not poisoned her he would have made sure she was tested to prove she lied. Instead he made sure there was no test. He’s threatened a second false arrest and death daily ever since.

Click here to see her Millionth request that he cease and desist all contact and leave her alone.

Click here to see “Charles Perry’s Rape Culture and Catrillionth Time He Has Been Asked To Leave Her Alone

Click here to see info on Perry’s habit and pattern of poisoning, obstruction of justice, perjury, destruction of evidence, witness and victim tampering, and illegal detention of witnesses and victims.

Click here to see one of many verbal legal demands from Cynthia Ortiz asking Charles Perry to leave her alone. One time is all you should have to make that request. She moved twice to get away from Perry abd to avoid all contact with him and a conflict. He will not just leave her alone. He is breaking the law.

Police recordings:
Police recording #1 “Charles Perry told Cynthia Ortiz she is to leave the state. Can you believe that? Her family is in Oklahoma and that’s where she went to get away from him and he’s telling her that. They apparently got ahold of her mail and cut up a credit card. He’s taking her money. Why in the hell is he telling her to leave the state. That’s none of his business. He goes into Court says the Court has no jurisdiction and he has no business in the state so what’s he in Oklahoma doing all that for if that was true? They had her in therapy for a years a half and there was never a crime and they knew it. She’s right. They never intended to prosecute and preserved no evidence. She didn’t need therapy until they did that to her. If she needed therapy ever it was because they did that to her and it traumatized her but before that there was no crime and not only that they had her tested for compency to stand trial and she’s got a 3.9 GPA. I’ll tell you what these comments about ‘What would work for you, incarceration or helping you run into a door’s I’d feel the same way if they put me through everything they put her through. There a person or two I’d like to help run into a door and they have not done half, not even half to me what Perry has done to Cynthia so I can imagine she would feel like that but it sounds like her question is actually the same thing she asked her doctor. What do I do to get this guy off me? Basically is what she’s saying. So this is bullshit what he’s doing here and but for stalking where she lives doesn’t concern him in the least. I can’t believe he had the nerve to tell her to leave the state. Moron. “

Police recording #2
“They claimed she was trying to blackmail them and that’s not at all what she’s doing. The emails she sent he referred to in his brief were about those recordings. He’s alleging she is just harassing him. She’s letting them know somebody has those recordings because I heard no sentence come out if that girls mouth asking for money in exchange for getting rid of those recordings and she’s letting them know that’s what those emails are about and that someone has them but not her is what I got from the point she was trying to make and there was no offer put out there that the recordings won’t be used in a criminal case at some point if they pay her or settle her law suits. It’s a separate deal and I think she’s made that very clear for a very long time. These guys are just hunting and pecking for something and I said ‘You know what I know about it Cynthia Ortiz and what she’s doing on any given day at any given time or her money or people in her life? Not a damn thing. I could not care less, so why do you? Looks like stalking to me and going along with the stalking or part of it is hacking and voyeurism just like she said because you all know way too much about this girl and her life and something is very wrong with that. She’s made it clear she wants no contact at all with any of you. So what in the hell is it you think you are doing?’ They dont understand half the things she says that to me aren’t that hard to understand so I left that pretty pissed off. Looks like these guys are all messed up. You got a group of guys that are just messed up people. So that’s what happened there on that and talking to them will make you pull your hair out that’s for sure. “

Cynthia’s text to her attorney about Perry’s claims of blackmail:

“I think I made it clear since the recordings are not mine it’s not up to me. I said the officer said if they make amends rather than offering me buy a lie money they MIGHT get mercy at sentencing. That’s all. In response to a bribe offer, that’s what I said. I won’t take a bribe and Charles pisses me the fuck off every time he even asks or takes my money thinking he can force me to and he pisses them off too and then they go to work and we get more. Once he’s in jail there wont be any more of this. He’s all about drama.”

Police recording #3
“This guy said they are just hunting and pecking for some way to arrest her again. ” “She’s said that going way back. They had that jewelry scam. Then they had a murder they were trying to frame her on. Then they had the claims if harassment when they go at her abd she talks about it, that’s harassment and they did do that in civil court, then it was doing a lap dance with socks on and she said she danced for 6 years and gave dances to cops and all of them told her as long as her feet were covered she was fine. Well she wore socks so her feet were covered. Then she said she danced all that time and that’s only a problem now that Perry is running for office again and needs a Stormy Daniel type headline and she quit dancing a year ago. They been doing everything they can to make her go back. That’s why. They want a prostitution headline. He wants attention. Now it’s blackmail so he is hunting and pecking but he always has. He wanted that done by Mannford Police because that’s the only one she really respects. They wanted her back out there so they had to do it. They want to impede court appeals and they wanted her car sold for scrap metal and I mean every mean thing they can think up to do to her they try and whoever these guys are that got her that Fabian puzzle and all this stuff keep telling her. Investigating Perry and those are the guys that own all those recordings. If she is not even told who she is listening to, you think she has any control over those recordings at all? She has none. If she doesn’t know who it is, she has no control over those. That’s their call. She was making the point that she heard them. They played them for her. End of story. They need to go campaign and quit messing with her. This all gets out if control everytime Perry messes with her and I think he’s got an addiction to drama like a soap opera. She called him a soap opera queen, like he’s lowered himself to a Jerry Springer episode and he seems to be intent on proving that right. If it were me I’d make myself busy campaigning so she had no fuel left to throw on that fire. He just keeps putting gasoline in this. It’s his own fault. So yeah they wanted Mannford to arrest for whatever they could drum up because she respects them and they don’t like that. Cause a conflict between her Mannford PD like he does with everyone else. Read the McNamara email she talks about all that in that email and nothing has changed. Isolation. That’s part of his domestic violence.”

To clarify, Perry told everyone he wanted Mannford PD to make the second false arrest because Cynthia respects them. That doesn’t mean Mannford PD had been told yet or agreed to it. They worked weeks we hear trying to make that work on the weekend of 12/18/21. The plan was as follows:

1) Get the Judge To Deny Her Motion To Vacate on the 12-1031 Petition To Vacate on Fraud and Irregularities. That was to happen and did happen on 12/17/21. CJ-2018-02775 filed in District Court, State of Oklahoma, County of Tulsa

2) She was going to her family Christmas near Mannford on 12/18/21. They had someone there prepared to take her Driver’s License out of her purse when she’d be outside talking to her cousin about her car and everyone assumed that would happen.

3) Send her into Mannford to the store to get something.

4) They had her money held that was due on the 3rd until after the 18th knowing she’d use that to renew her registration that was due on the 15th. Perry has always somehow gotten a key to every car she’s owned, not legally. He has no legal rights to do that. It’s not his car. He had that key used to take out 2 of 4 tail lights and he did the same to her in Mannford. She was called and woken up and told to check her lights immediately. She did. One was out. Her receipt from Napa is on the Facebook page so she wasn’t pulled over so this is a habit for him and stalking and harassment. This is part of what makes his claims resulting in lawsuit dismissals, making she’s not there to show evidence that he’s committing perjury, fraud and perjury. These constitute injury in the forum state. He claims he isn’t making contacts in the forum state but again makes sure she’s not there to show evidence that he is. That’s concealment and again his habit of perjury. The tail lights and car registration being a few days over due was supposed to get Mannford PD to pull her over and she’d look to get her license and it wouldn’t be there.

5) She Respects Mannford PD so Perry was desperate for that to be who did that to her for him and that is in part due to her Sherlock of Mike Nealey’s case again not something he’d care anything about if she were wrong abd he didn’t do that murder. He wouldn’t care. He only does this crap because he has a lot to hide. You don’t coerce and tamper with a witness who doesn’t know anything. Lots of Racketeering and fraud with these people and not just one count but many.

6) Because they took her money or held it up, she didn’t have gas money to go. She told her cop friends who have been investigating Perry that she could do a few Uber Eat runs and make enough to get out there. By that time they had enough information to advise her to chill at home and not go due to Perry’s intent to use Mannford Police to hurt her for him.

7) Since that went bust, they staked out Good Deal all week wanting her to go there. She has no reason to go to Good Deal so nobody really understands that one.

8) Her car registration was renewed and her Driver’s License is thankfully safe and sound with her. Duly noted their nefarious intent, however. She’s filed a Notice of Appeal and has until the 16th to file a Petition in the Oklahoma Supreme Court. It is also their habit to try to fund ways to impede these proceedings so the stake out is on that and any illegal calls to that court.

Perry continues to ask who told, believe it or not, like in his delusion Cynthia would tell him that. Why would she tell him that? She has help. If not for them, he would have pulled off some devastating ruin to her. It has though now twice backfired on them when they get into her wallet and mess with her money. Both times when they did that, it messed up their other plans.

Police recording #4: 

“What happened with her car? I thought that was supposed to be taken from her or what was going on with that? Did she not get pulled over? Wasn’t she supposed to have been pulled over?”
“She was. She said those guys recorded Dave talking to her school asking them to hold up her money so she couldn’t get it registered. They did. She said her people told her there would be a hold up because she changed programs but not as long as David and Charles wanted. They did hold it up longer than it should have been. What was supposed to happen is it was due renewal on the 15th of December. They wanted her claims in state court denied on the 17th, her to go out to Mannford to her family’s home on the 18th for christmas, they had her tail lights taken out, she was to be pulled over and arrested. They had someone at her cousin’s house ready to get her driver’s license out of her purse. They knew she’d probably take Craig outside and ask him about her car. About fixing that car. While she’s out with Craig, they had someone there at the house, one of their friends, ready to take her license out of her purse while she was inside so they all that planned. Well, because they took her money, she couldn’t afford to gas to go out there. She said she could have made some with this Uber Eats deal but they told her not to. They found out and told her chill at home. Don’t go anywhere. Then they thought she’d go over to Mo’s, they had that staked out all week waiting for her, she didn’t go. Her registration is renewed and she does have two tail lights, one on each side, but she got that registration renewed which was the whole reason they wanted her pulled over. Tail lights out and expired registration. Then she wouldn’t have her license on her and not realize it until after she was pulled over. They found out and the whole thing went bust twice. So, now if we keep going at her that way, we got another situation like the ringtone. How many recordings are there of the same thing. She’s made a big deal out of it being Mannford in particular they wanted to arrest her. She respects Mannford, she took Mike’s situation to heart, and Chief Ridley treated her right so they wanted to ruin that making Mannford be the ones to do this second false arrest and she found out about it and jumped all over these guys in her podcast. She did say they don’t know if Mannford had been told or not, and whether or not they had agreed to this, but that Perry and Roberson and that group were recorded discussing this second false arrest and the importance of it being Mannford that does that arrest because they want division between her, Ridley, and Mike. They know they’ve been harrassing Mike. They know. “
“Uh oh, how do they know.” “Same as everything else. We don’t know.” “What’s next?””Not sure yet.” “Let me know when you know. Perry has got to stop messing with her. “
“We know that. He won’t stop.””Well, he’s gonna have to.”
“He won’t. I’m telling you everyone has told him back of on tormenting her all day. He won’t.” 
“Figure out something.” “Okay.” 12/30/21

Police Recording #5

Police recording “We had Good Deal Staked out for a week after that deal in Mannford fell through waiting for her to go there and she never showed up. ” “How many languages does she speak?” “I don’t know. ” “Is the Use Government or foreign?” “We don’t know. Probably both”. “which ones are foreign?” “Don’t know. ” “When is she going to Good Deal ” “She may not now. They may have been staking us out while they staked her out. She’s not doing anything wrong. Josh Burson Powell and Perry are trying to to make it sound like she is. It’s them not her so whoever is investigating them is all over that so these deal everybody sets up fall apart because they always find out. ” “US and foreign ?” “Likely both is what I’m I’m saying. Not likely she’s going to Good Deal any time soon since they keep pushing her. They got into her mail and took her credit card and that made these guys mad. Perry jams up her computers and her phone so she can’t get anything done and that makes them mad. He gets into her money and that makes them mad and all she wants is to be left alone and Perry plans all these false arrests and that if course makes them mad or they want to take her car and that makes them mad so all that is instigated by Perry and these other guys have her back. Always have. ” “Ok I see. What are we gonna do?” “I don’t know. ” 12/31/21

Police recording #6

Police recording “She caught them on trying to frame her for that murder too because she’s got emails about them being recorded same as everything else framing her back to 2017 and maybe even before that. He tells Fabian he is gonna find a way to lock her up again and she won’t get out this time unless she’s with me. You need to give up. Then she’s got these texts from Mickey James where he is wanting to take her shooting most likely so he can get her prints and stuff on that gun. Zio’s texts when they wanted her to go to Zio’s so they could plant that gun in her trunk and then she knew to go look in the trunk and took pictures of it. Mikey told her he was retired DEA and now a firearms instructor and asked her if she wanted to go shooting right out of the gate. She knew at that point to then ask more questions about who he knew in law enforcement since he told her he trains law enforcement and he knew nobody so she knew then Perry sent him and why. So you got a whole lot of evidence already of a frame up. These guys helping her likely have a recording of all that at least planting the gun in the trunk so knew to go look. She’s not gonna go look unless they played that for her and told her go take pictures and go look. So they got caught again. “

Documents here:

It’s the same harassment, just a different method. Causes the same constant panick. Everyone is sick and tired of the imposition. The more Perry peeps and creeps and hacks and makes any kind of contact with Cynthia at all, the more hardship and drama he causes the more he gets told on. He’s slow. He can’t put that “cause and effect” together in his head. It’s been 8 years. He ought to put it together by now, one would think.

Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states. Violent subjugation of a woman who doesn’t like some weird dude. LEAVE HER ALONE! NO MEANS NO!!! Notice she points out the man said “I dont care what you want. I’m going to impose on you anyways” like antisocial disorder people do? When you reject someone and they ignore your wishes and make you feel raped and burden other people with a sense of entitlement, that’s a problem for them. That’s disease. Normal people don’t act like that. Dignitaries sure as shit don’t act like that. Get a life already.

Click here to see what it’s like to be stalked whether the stalking looks like this or is conducted in other ways

Perry has money and uses technology to stalk. Click here for more information.

Police Recording of 1/29/22

“She’s not gotten anything to her attorney but the problem is we can’t say that we know that and just because she hasn’t doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes they hold things close to the vest. Other problem we have is the McNamara Email is still in play. Perry is just varying the details. The Harassment is a problem. They have him telling people he wanted her arrested and in jail so she can’t appeal civil claims and he kept her out of all hearings and she does have evidence and a lot if it. The other problem is these Bond Conditions that indicate he admitted to stalking her and agreed to stop. All these threats before that first arrest and no blood test and no review of the video from the night in question with a detective. There is no political vendetta that anyone can find evidence of and no motive for her to give two craps about his political career. Then there is the problem with her testimony for Mike Nealey being excluded, she said Perry threatened her about that  then it’s excluded and again she’s kept out of court and no hearings on her Motion to Intervene and she did say before it was in discovery that he was drugged and there is not a mark on him. So you have all that to overcome. It looks like retaliation. That’s all there is to it and I don’t know what they were thinking when they did all that. He wants to announce candidacy and said he can’t until she’s in jail and then he thinks after that he can win. No way if she’s not in jail. So he’s got some problems with his head. You dont do that. He thinks he can do that abd he might do that but it’s gonna make some people more mad than they already are. So we can’t say we know what she’s told her attorney and the way information goes around I dont know that they she didn’t tell them and they just did it a different way this time. They have ways to get information back and forth to people nobody can see or figure out how that works. This Harassment email is a part of that so Charles is just giving her another I told you so? I mean what does he think he’s doing here? I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing. His position is not that influential and I don’t see how this is worth all this. I’m not seeing it and he gets caught and seems not really understand that he’s caught which is a whole other problem. I’m at a loss.” 

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. The second he went at her, we get all this, chapter and versed at links below.

And here:

And here:

Click here to see more details on Perry’s intended plan to have Mannford Police arrest her on 12/18/21 on his second false arrest.

Subsequent recordings:

More police recording: 
“The Texas Ranger worked on that deal for weeks. They came up and showed everybody how to turn their phone recorders on without her seeing it, gae them all scripts as to what to get her talking about. They wanted her talking about Mike Nealey’s case abd what all she knew and maybe she talks about who these guys are helping her abd who is posting what about all that online. They had Braeden and them planning on getting her license out if her purse when she went out to talk to Craig about her car. They wanted her to run into town to get something at The Jiffy Trip and she was to be pulled over for no lights, no registration and no drivers license and arrested. All those harrassment claims Perry makes when he gets caught instigating and agitating her, they dud that in civil court twice after she sent that email about them planning that. He did it again in the most recent state court case, they had that judge deny it, she was to go out there the following day after they spent weeks planning that right there in the hub of where everybody is she trusts. That’s what that McNamara email says. He wants to isolate her. He has tried to do that to her for years. Cyndi has help and Perry cannot seem to get that through his head and she does not like him abd he can’t get that either. He wants to do that to her again thinking nobody would realize what he was doing. It’s illegal. As it turns out she’s got four lights on the back of her car, 2 on each side. They only knocked out one. She has an up to date tag. It was due renewal on 12/15. She has it renewed now but Roberson and Perry called her school and told them to hold up her money so before this deal on the 18th she wouldn’t have the money to renew it. The got in her wallet so deep no gas money to go out there and that whole thing was a bust. Didn’t happen. Now she knows. I think she did before because had she worked a couple of hours doing her Uber Eats thing she could have made enough at least to get out there but they told her not to so they already knew what Perry was up to. They do all the time. He cannot seem to understand that. She said his attorney confirmed receipt of 3700 emails telling him his client was recorded planning a crime against her, Phillip has 3 times that and they have 10 times that. She said that for him to put that on the docket helps them in that he’s confirmed receipt and they can now use that to show he is carrying out the harassment email, now twice and they planned that while she was in jail for the first false arrest they were already planning a second and during that time Justice Scalia died in West Texas and that DC murder cop questioned procedure not being followed. Well that’s Texas Rangers. They are the ones front and center right now. How long have they covered up Perry’s misdeeds? They kill Lucky? I mean now this? You know, this is a problem. It’s not just Perry and Powell and them, now’s it’s the Rangers retaliating against what might be a Federal witness so they are drawing attention from that maybe. I’m concerned they are provoking something they are gonna wish they hadn’t provoked. She has every right to come out in defense of Mike Nealey. They can not punish her or retaliate against her for doing that and right now he has an appeal. She could be called there on that. They cannot get in her face about it or try to intimidate her and they are. All of them are and that implicates them and she has said that and Perry again is not understanding that. You can explain it to him and he seems not to understand it. So you deal with that. Crunch time and we keep getting told on . Perry won’t get off of her long enough to back them off of us. I can’t get him to understand. He’s not understanding what we are trying to explain so I can see her frustration on that. ” 

Her email to Wischkeamper

“He said the Texas Rangers in Perry’s pocket worked weeks putting all that together on 12/18/21. There are some that believe since Mike Nealey and Chief Miller were at a police conference some of them were involved in that murder because they have covered up Perry’s alleged crimes for years and Lucky Miller was not going along with it. We all know a drugged unconscious guy cant beat a guy to death with one hand and end up with no injuries but a red swollen right hand which was more likely red and swollen due to an IV needle being in it. He’d have a lot worse injuries than that had he beat someone to death. They wouldn’t let me testify and one reporter told our guys “If we had any doubts before that you guys were wrong about Mike Nealey not being guilty, we don’t now. She ranted for a year about Perry harassing her, starving her by making sure she had no work and no income and threatened her all the time and she said they won’t let me testify. They dud exactly what she said and the removed any doubts at all from our minds as to who did that murder abd it was not Mike Nealey. Had the jury heard her and still come up with a guilty verdict that would be different but they made sure the jury did not hear what she had to say. It’s sad day when a police officer has to go through something like that for trying to do the right and serve a protect a citizen, a woman, from domestic violence. I was appalled. ” 
We were too. Perry does something to me every single day. I never cry. It’s like routine now. I collect all the evidence I can and focus on what’s next in the process. Over Mike Nealey’s verdict, I cried and I cried a lot for a week. It upsets me like nothing else. It’s heavy for his family and Chief Miller’s family deserves the honors of him being killed in the line of duty not a drunken brawl. There was no drunken brawl. If you lose your dad, that’s bad enough but having that legacy ripped away too, is pathetic. There was a huge huge sacrifice made for that legacy. He was robbed of it. That’s not okay. Because of my stand I’ve taken on this I have been attacked viciously, threatened, coerced, and they wanted Mannford PD to do the second false arrest knowing they had my respect and they wanted that injured too. Perry wanted that injured with everything else he injures. 
Perry needs to have people start asking what he does with his time. He’s not working. If you are working you dint have the time to sit around bothering people in another state and then need a cover up so much you kill a cop. Then you need that covered up too. He needs to stay in Lubbock and be seen out with his family and with constituents and anything but bothering me and my family. We are sick and tired of him. It’s not hard to get information that protects me and will at some point be used to get a conviction because everyone has had enough of his crap icked all over us in Oklahoma. He’s not getting that. “

Click here to hear Cynthia’s podcast on related issues here.

Click here to hear the nutty of a stalker and the frustration of the victims they torment.

2022 Begins with more Perry Soap Opera Drama How Lovely

Updates January 1, 2022: Perry Recording Indicates He’s Going At The Murder Frame Up Angle Again

Still working that variation of The McNamara Email Perry tries the murder frame up angle again.

Police recording “I’ve got to get her shoe print and I’ve got to get her height with the shoe on or I can’t make this work. To be honest with you I don’t think Cynthia did this. She keeps to herself too much to angry at anyone enough to kill and those guys helping her would have done something. They wouldn’t help her. I think Charles did it just to frame her. He obsesses about putting her back in jail and I don’t know that we could get around that. He’s been recorded so much talking about all that I don’t know how we’d get around all that. She doesn’t interact with people much because of what he’s doing to her. Very little so I don’t see her having any interaction where she’d get close enough to anyone to get angry enough to kill and I dont think she even knows this person. I think he picked somebody he thought she might be mad at or something and just framed her, just to frame her. That first false arrest and everything after that he messed up so bad they can’t afford for this one to be messed up. I need it to be exact or it’s not gonna work. So we really needed her back at that club so I could get her shoe print and her height with those shoes on and the only we could get that was to get her back on that pole. Perry ran her money off so she quit going out there and these shoes are a very common shoe. Everybody has one. It’s Walmart. So its very common. Millions of people have that same shoe. He obsesses about finding a way to lock her up again so I don’t know how to get around all that and her lack of interacting with people because of what he’s doing to her enough to get angry enough to kill someone and for sure not him. She’s got a motive to kill him and not a hair on his head is harmed so if she’s not killing him it’s not likely she’d kill anyone wise but he wants us to try anyways. Frame her on this and I don’t think it’s gonna work. She just didn’t do it. Ever since she helped Mike he’s really going at her. She wasn’t supposed to figure that one out and she did so if we mess this up she’ll do the same thing. She will find the mistake. We can’t make one. ” Yeah I don’t kill people. Not my thing. That’s Charles thing. Lying in Court is too. We proved that.

If she killed someone, the police helping her would throw her ass in jail themselves and they watch absolutely every move she makes and have for years. She’s known them a lot longer than she’s known Perry and they sure as shit wouldn’t help her had she killed someone. Perry has gone at her hard and he has everyone HIGHLY pissed off at him right now for many reasons so we get these easier by the day. But with this recording and some others on this matter, we establish premeditation and Mens Rea, malicious intent to cause an injury to a victim and a witness of Perry’s crime. Racketeering. “Yippee Ki yay. Dragon slaying going on today”, Cynthia says.

Click here for more.

Always something with that guy. Imagine living under that kind of threat and pressure every day. Perry is a monster. He’s got everyone extremely upset with him right now. What does he tell Jacquelyn he’s doing when he’s sitting around causing drama in Oklahoma bothering a woman who doesn’t like him?

After they got caught on the Mannford deal, they still tried to impound Cynthia’s car and do parts of what they were already caught on even after they were caught planning it and that’s not the first time they have done that. Click here for more.

And even more here

January 5, 2022 Updates:

Part One of the issues in emails are posted here at link below:

Police recording “You have to prove a couple of things. Who is posting what. Is it just her or does she have other people posting too and which ones are protected speech because as it stands right now what this looks like is he’s doing stuff to her and it’s no different than what he did the first time. He just will not leave her alone. She did move twice and didn’t say anything to people in Lubbock about the problem she’s got going to her friends that dint live in Lubbock. She completely changed everything in her life to get away from this guy. It took two moves and then she said something. Cheryl saw him stalking too like he  does now himself and through proxy. So he’s just still doing it but has escalated. You got the harassment email then he did exactly what it says in civil court and now may be wanting to take her computer right out of her home to keep her from appealing what appears to me to an illegally obtained order not once but twice. How come you have one lady with no law school against 5 attorneys and not one hearing where she’s there? Not with Perry and Powell and that’s the main crux of the problem. When he’s in court she’s never there to say all the things she’s able to say in these podcasts where she goes through documents and explains everything. Why is that? This had gone on now in 3 civil Suits where she bears the burden of proof. All these documents are all sitting on the docket. She explains them where everything fits together very well and you can see clearly she’s injured and injured badly by these men and yet when it comes to a court hearing where she can do that he’s not allowing her to do so and I for one have a big problem with that. I personally am very uncomfortable with what he’s done and continues to put her through and excluding her from court. That’s all messed up. We both know something is very illegal about that and morally wrong for sure. He wants to run for office and that is not his right. He’s no different than Bill Clinton or all these other guys who got themselves into trouble over a woman that was not their wife. We all know that she does have the right not to be put through a stalking ordeal and to make matters worse she’s extremely distraught over what happened to Chief Miller and Officer Nealey and again being kept out of a Court proceedings where her testimony likely would have changed the outcome. That’s 4 court proceedings where this occurred. You hear her talk in these podcasts, you can see why he has a problem with her talking in a Courtroom. She says the same thing, the very same thing in Court that she says in these podcasts, he’s through. You and I both know that’s what he’s doing. He is doing everything she said and how much does he have that isn’t legit, he manufactured something or came to have information illegally or came to have both information illegally and information that if she explains it, it makes sense but he twisted it. That’s my concern and her concerns about if he’s a threat to one he is to all are also my concerns. I am also concerned about the safety of other people he sees are in his way. You got her and Mike Nealey both with evidence of some sort of illegal substance being given to them, Perry’s connected to both, neither are tested. You see why that becomes a concern when both, look at what this Pinto guy said ‘You could ruin his career in politics’ to which she says all she wants is to be left alone. She’s now long gone from Texas. It’s of no consequence to her one way or the other. She’s in his way. Same with Mike. He just takes a report on vandalism and is tasked with the job of proving or disproving Perry may be the perpetrator and in a week he’s also, even by account of Escambia officials, given a substance which is illegal and is strong enough to knock him out? You see my problem here? Who is next? Who are we going to bury next because everyone looked the other way and went after her for talking about the need to worry about the potential for loss of life. I’m not on board with that. Okay? I don’t know how you or anyone else could be. Okay? I’m not on board with what I’m seeing here at all. That’s all I’m saying. “

Click here to hear “Pinto’s” conversation with Cynthia at her work. He was one of many of Perry’s proxy stalkers.

Click here to see Perry’s 2nd Attempt To Impede Court Proceedings, Cynthia’s ability to comply with Court requirements and To Use Her Family to Hurt Her

Perry’s Ultimatum “Go To Jail Or Be Forced To Lie For Me Against Your Will”

Reports are that Charles Perry forged a marriage license, forging Cynthia’s name, has for 6 years gone all over Oklahoma telling everyone she is his wife. She can’t stand him. He’s a stalker who has taken his stalking to deeply disturbing level.

Her conversation with “Pinto” a man unknown to her who went where she was at her workplace claiming her husband sent him, then when she argued with him about there not being any such thing, he solicited prostitution on behalf of Perry.

Pinto’s solicitation of prostitution for Perry referred to herein at link below:

Click here to see documents in support of claims herein

Click here to hear podcasts documenting Charles Perry’s threats of violent and economic subjugation. He’s attempting to coerce and intimidate a victim and witness of his alleged crimes and engorging himself in Racketeering. It is duly noted for the record.

Perry’s spoof of Lisa Nealeys FB account asking if Chief Miller talked to Cynthia at work. He was fishing to see what they talked about, like maybe a forged marriage license.

Pinto introduced himself by stating he came to talk to Cynthia for her husband. She thought he had her mixed up with someone else and said “I’m not married. What does the girl look like you are here to see. You have the wrong person. I’m not married. ” He pressed and they argued. Finally he said “The Texas Senator. ” She flipped on her recorder and that recording can be heard at the link above.

Perry has threatened for years to have Cynthia false arrested again and tried different angles to make that work including what’s in the Harassment email and continued the effort of The McNamara email just varying it. This is not new news. It’s old news. We have aggravations with Perry’s inability to remember when illegal things he plans have already been obtained by police, its out everywhere and he acts like it’s not been said before. It has in fact one obtained by police was as follows:

“For 6 years Charles Perry has spent most of his time in Oklahoma, not in Lubbock, inserting himself into her life and making spousal decisions for Cynthia and he is not her spouse. He forged a marriage license. He’s been seen with her friends and family but people started think that was a little bit weird when he was seen with them but he’s always alone. He’s never actually with her and not only that, she’s sued him 3 times and in those law suits asked for some type of protective order against him. For 6 years he’s done that. Some of the businesses who have violated her privacy rights have done so illegally because my wife still has to sign off on business dealings. I can’t just do that without her knowledge or consent. We go to the bank for example, they won’t give me information on her accounts without her being there and she has to sign off on our mortgage. We can’t just assert someone else’s signature or rights or consent. Even if they were married he can’t do what he’s been doing. It’s illegal. “

“If that’s all you have to do these days to be married is watch somebody on TV and sign their name to a piece of paper, I’m married to Jennifer Aniston. You don’t actually have to be with them and they dont even have to actually like you or consent, I’m Jennifer Aniston’s husband. What a weirdo. “

Exactly. It’s illegal and weirdo and it makes Cynthia very very uncomfortable and everyone disturbed and sickened that Perry would do that abd threaten a false arrest to force to agree to such a thing. She won’t even take his phone calls much less do that. She lived twice to get away from and this kind of drama and to avoid a conflict. She sent his attorney a certified letter months ago asking for a copy of this forged document as she’s heard about it but she’s not seen it. She told Mr. Warman she wanted an immediate divorce if such a document was filed with any court. She didn’t sign it or consent to that and it is marriage fraud. Perry wanted her in a situation where she felt she had no choice. He’s that disturbing in that imaginary romance of his. He’s disturbing people with it. It’s not hard to get tips and information or investigatory orders as a result. No normal person does crap like that. Jail or jail is that kind of choice. Do you want one kind of jail or the other kind of jail would be her choice. Shitty or shittier both illegal. She’s committed no crime and didn’t the first time he did that to her in fact now there have been more and more questions around Judge Hansen signing off on an arrest warrant one week after a police report was filed, required by law in Oklahoma when you want a Protective Order against a stalker and Perry knew that. The charges in Lubbock, where she hadn’t lived for 2 years when he did that, 8 years now, were “Filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job as a Senator. ” She had not even talked to a TPD detective yet, they had collected no evidence yet and in fact they called her on February 15, 2016. The report was filed on 1/21/16. Her arrest was on 1/29/21. Her first attempt at a Protective Order in May 2015 was denied because she forgot the police report in part. He knew she had to file that. She told everyone and in the McNamara email and a text of 1/4/16 that Perry was threatening death and false arrest abd if you are being threatened you need a protective order. These were very specific threat. He carried them out and tried to the death threat months later. He went right back at it the second she returned home despite an admission of guilt and an agreement to stop evidenced in her Bond Conditions. The questions of Hansen were “Before causing someone that kind of duress, why did you not require evidence that there was 1) A false police report filed and 2) The report was filed over a political vendetta? There is no evidence the report is false when you just contributed to obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence and there is no evidence of a political vendetta because there wasn’t one and as such no texts, no emails, no tweets or anything like that over a political disagreement. She lived in Oklahoma. Perry doesn’t legislate in Oklahoma. She still lives in Oklahoma. Powell made no effort to preserve her Evidence or any evidence listed in the police report because he never intended to go to trial. Illegally detaining someone is a Fourth Amendment Right violation and in this case a RICO violation, specifically Title 18 USC 1512 and 1513. He wants to do all that again to force Cynthia against her will to lie and exchange vows. Her response to that is “Eeewwww.” She said No. That’s it, period. Move on like everyone else. Nobody owes you even a conversation much less a fraud marriage or a cover up. We don’t act like that in this County. It’s not Iraq.

Violent subjugation is a sick thing to do to someone. All he had to do is leave her alone. He needs the lie. She doesn’t.

Documents in the false arrest are here:

Communications with friends going back to 2011, speaking to her mindset at the time and that her frustration was over stalking not Perry’s job as a senator are here:

More evidence of Perry’s fraud and perjury in Court are at links below. Seems to be his habit to go to Court making sure hearings are held without her being there to cross examine him or introduce evidence to dispute his claims and price her’s, and he bold faced lies or gives testimony based on delusion. We are still waiting for him to pick a reason.

Charles Perry Stalker Podcast 12/26/21

Is It A Court House Or A Strip Club
and the practice of violent and economic subjugation of women.  12/26/21

Use allegedly. Apply the “but for” and “reasonable person” standard. We assert all Constitutional Rights

Everyone in Oklahoma is sick and tired of having to deal with this. There is a bigger investigation going that has dragged this out but those officers are the police who gave Cynthia the information in The McNamara email, the Fabian puzzle and so much more. The Fabian puzzle she got in jail. Fabian is the person she wanted in her life that Perry threatened if he talks to her. “Boo” and “Sad” depict the fear and sadness Perry surround them with. “Me” represents his selfish butting in to things that don’t concern him. “Boo” is also a private joke between one of the officers and Cynthia so she’d know he did that. Hope and Fabian intersect. It’s not just any name, it’s his name. It didn’t happen random, it happened then and of course nobody but them and Cynthia know of any other messages in that book. 007 shit that she can’t talk about, everyone jokes.

All of this has been said over and over and Perry thinks if he “waits until the dust settles” he can try again and nobody will know and that is out there as everything else he’s said and done over the past decade. It is far far outside social norms. There is deviant behavior bit then when it causes injury, it most times is criminal deviant and this is that. Tax dollars and police resources are not to be used to engorge in domestic violence crimes. That’s not what that is for. It is for keeping guys like him from re-offending. She’s not the only victim. He’s asked about which of the other victims are talking.

Perry is the same as TikTok Stalker Neil and causes the same anger and fear as he did to TikTok Stalking Victim Loreboree. Stalking is a domestic violence crime in all 50 states. Violent subjugation of a woman who doesn’t like some weird dude. LEAVE HER ALONE! NO MEANS NO!!!

Click here to see the Tik Tok Stalker and how hideous it is to have to live with a man forcing himself on you everyday

The evidence has built up over time and is chapter and versed at links below. Perry wasn’t getting caught until he went at Cynthia. The second he went at her, we get all this, chapter and versed at links below.

And here:


“I Sure Wish We Could Prove Who The Poster Is On That Blog and Facebook Page”

There is a thin line between a vigorous defense and executing judicial duties and conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, perjury and fraud upon a court. That may also include “accessory after the fact” on attempted murder and murder in the first. ” It would be wise not to cross that line. Cynthia’s email in response the question as to who posts what documenting the crimes alleged against Cynthia and Perry et al’s other victims herein.

All communications, emails, texts and so forth of mine from 2011 to now are about stalking and have nothing to do with politics. I didn’t live in Perry’s district ever. I lived in Frullo’s. I left by the time Perry ran for Senate. He represents 3% of the population in the state of Texas and that voter demographic is 86% Republican. I grew up in the home of the Police Chief and an elected official and the power in the town of Roswell, NM where I lived. Perry was the new guy. He hadn’t even voted prior to running for office. I helped him win. I had connections long before he ran for office. I had no need for his help with anything. He needed my help meeting and forming relationships with people I knew years before he crawled out from under his rock to run for office. My government reform work was Federal not state or State Board of Education in Texas, which is an entirely different body from the legistature. 

All my clients were as conservative as he. Nobody will be elected in that district if they aren’t just like Perry on the issues and to spend resources and time trying to unseat him would be a waste because the 86% Republican voters in that district demand a conservative Republican representative. State efforts in NM for monitoring of “church camps” or religious based drug rehab facilities began in 2012, not in Texas, but New Mexico. Perry is not a public servant in New Mexico. There was no issue that I needed his help with that he refused and had there been somethingI would have gone to one of the hundreds of people that were established, had rapport built already, not the new guy. There are no emails, texts, rants on facebook or twitter about Perry’s politics. He doesn’t matter. He was never relevant to me at all. If he was called about anything, it was out of courtesy to him, not need.

I not only helped him get elected but put together a fundraiser for him and Frullo when working with Ben Campbell on a campaign for the Texas Chiropractic Association.All she did was put the event together. No calls were made after that event to any legislator in Texas asking them to support anything the Texas Chiropractic Association sought legislative changes on. It was just the event which was a fundraiser for Perry and Frullo.  

Pulling up behind my home to watch me in my backyard was not only creepy but out of line and not part of his legislative duties. Going to restaurants looking for me because he knew I left my home, due to his voyeurism problems and not knowing where I went, since I left my hacked phone he used to GPS me, also not what one needs to do to pass a law in Texas. I moved twice to get away from him and kept my mouth shut but to a few close friends, most of whom didn’t live in Lubbock, or even Texas, from 2011 to 2014 giving Perry plenty of time to comply with the law, comply with his stated moral values, and leave me the hell alone. I movedto avoid a conflict. I had to start my life all over again, uproot a child who had already been through profound loss because of Mr. Perry’s sadistic attackon my family, and start us all over to avoid all contact and a conflict.

He continued to stalk. I sought in 5/2015 a Protective Order. It was denied due to my failure to bring the police report. (Marler v Kloeher. )In August 2015 two police came to my work and told me Perry was just looking for a way to have me arrested. They said, “That’s not really why we signed up to be police. We said “no” to that, but that doesn’t mean he won’t find an asshole who will try to do that to you and you are asweetheart and I’m sorry he’s putting you through that. We can’t do anything more than this. He got to the boss.” I then sent a letter in that regard to the US Attorney in August, 2015 and that letter and proof of receipt is on all dockets in all lawsuits.

In October, 2015 David Roberson came to my work and threatened to put me in the lake if I didn’t recant my claims. I started getting ill afterdrinking drinks at work that were unattended briefly while I performed work duties. I bought Charcoal to curtail symptoms. All texts between Dave and I were about stalking and me arguing literally for my life. Again, nothing political is mentioned and by this time, I was long gone from Lubbock and nothing Perry did politically had or has now, a thing to do with me. I’ve not voted, registered to vote or worked on any campaigns or donated money toany campaigns since 2012. I had to drop out suddenly of all of that because of Perry’s stalking.

On January 16, 2016 the stalking and harassment escalated. There was video evidence of that escalation, which they destroyed and Powell made no effort to preserve as is required by law, statute, and rule. There was evidence in my blood and hair of poisoning. He also destroyed that evidence and Powell also made no effort to preserve it. That would have proved attempted murder. Had they not poisoned me, they would have made sure I was tested and had a press conference to wave around negative test results to prove their story. Insteadthey made sure there was no test, by physical force, perjury and deception on the court, prevented and delayed the reporting of the crime against them, held me illegally in Lubbockfor two months while that poison worked its way out of my system. I filed a police report on January 21, 2016 in compliance with OK law, being my Protective Order was denied dueto my failure to bring it with me to court in May, 2015. They filed charges of “filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job as a public servant”, on January 29, 2016 and I was arrested on that day and taken out of Oklahoma, away from Oklahoma law enforcement where the crime occurred and was reported. Why Jim Hansen signed offon an arrest report without the proper evidence to support the crime alleged is in question currently. 

I have texts and emails from October, 2015 to right up to the day of my false arrest telling anyone and everyone that Perry was threatening a false arrest. The US Attorneywas told this in August, 2015 after those two police officers warned me. While I was in jail, Powell and Perry got braggy, told everyone they intended to send me home, harass the hell out of me, then claim they were being harassed when I complained. All the other inmates heard about it, maybe from their own attorneys, got all pissed off about it and told me. They also said, “He’s hacked you they said, and he will tweet from your phone. Look into Flexispy or get rid of your phone.” My ex husband disconnected my phone immediately when he picked me up to take me home. The phone was in his name. Justice Scalia was the Judge on that Court who upheld First Amendment Rights more than the rest, he happened to be in West Texas while they were planning that and died. Immediately, Former DC Homicide Commander William O. Richie questioned why post mortem protocol was not followed by West Texas law enforcement as it would have been had he died in DC. We were allin West Texas all right then at the same time while they were planning to perpetrate another fraud on a court, this time, the highest court of the land. They did exactly that, harass the hell out of me and vandalized. They have many times and that just after Perry expressed intent to do so, there is a recording and arising email and post on facebook about that specific threat. Posting that is not a crime.

The vandalism was reported to Mannford PD on November 4, 2019 as “suspect unknown” but might be relatedto a stalker problem with whom I had an ongoing lawsuit against. 6 days later, November 10, 2019, Chief Miller is beat to death and the responding officer to my complaint accused of his murder, even though, we all know it is not humanly possible to beat a man to death while drugged and unconscious and end up with not a mark on you. I told the Florida States Attorney in January, 2020 and again in March, 2020 that Officer Nealey could not have killed Chief Miller because he’d been drugged and wasn’t tested before countermeasures were administered, first responders said in May, 2020 they gave him Narcan for drug overdose, not treat him for being knocked out in a fight, which changed the chemical make up in Nealey’s body causing him to “come to” rendering his blood evidence also altered. I was harassed and attacked even worse once I came to Officer Nealey’s side to support his innocence, which wouldn’t have concerned Perry et al, if they had nothing to do with that murder in fact if they had nothing to do with that murder, they toowould have come out and said, “This is a police officer and we support our police. Clearly someone did something to Cynthia’s car and it wasn’t us. We’d like to find outwho did this. Clearly Officer Nealey could not have committed this crime, and we’d like to use our power to find out who did this.” But that’s not what they did.

What they did is attack me and now, I’d like to hear one more time,”I wish we could prove who the poster is on this Facebook page.” referring to the Justice4Cyn site that chapters and verses stalking, harassment, RICO violations, and so forth, committed against Cynthia and Perry’s other victims none of which posting about these crimes does not qualify as criminal activity. Talking about crime is not a crime in any state at all. So, please do again ask that question. One more time ask who it is posting because we all know that’s the important thing, not repeat offending, not murder in the first degree, not violating women and children, not sexual exploitationof women and children and not some delusional old fart forcing his ick and slime and delusion all over a woman and her family who want not a damn thing to do with him. Please do ask thatquestion again. We dare you. “

Who is the criminal? OJ Simpson or people who tweeted about OJ Simpsons offenses? He was acquitted in the criminal case but found guilty in the civil wrongful death suit. Which jury is crazy? Which jury, in Matthew Powell’s medical professional opinion belongs in the nut house? Is practicing medicine without examination of a patient or the license to do so not a violation of the medical practices act in all 50 states? Which jury should go to jail for their carefully reasoned out determination ? These men have deflected by demanding people see them as victims when they get told on and telling about crime has never been a crime. This conduct has everyone highly upset and irritated but it’s typical of the monsters we are dealing. A society is defined by the way they deal with the monsters among them and this is not being tolerated. We understand they dint like that but they aren’t the crowd we seek to please. “As Lawmen (and women) we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime .” Former Roswell, NM Police Chief L.M. Hall, Cynthia’s Granddaddy. That’s the final word on that as far as we are concerned and anything less is simply not acceptable in the civilized society, under the statute, rule and laws of the United States or any state in this United States. It is simply corruption and we don’t tolerate corruption here. We also don’t tolerate mediocrity or gender bias. We don’t drive covered wagons any more. Misogyny is as bad as racism. Stalking is a crime in all 50 states as is voyeurism and hacking, RICO Violations and attempted murder and murder. These people reoffend. They can’t control themselves. That is evident in the facts of this case, supporting evidence and acts showing consciousness of guilt of these men. Who talks about the crime is not the issue or the crime. The individuals asking that question are irritating those who are not ignorant.

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Disclaimer: Use allegedly. Apply the “but for” and “reasonable prudent person” standard. We assert all Constitutional Rights.