“Pinto” One of many of Perry’s proxy Stalkers Solicits Prostitution Recorded

Charles Perry hired a man to attempt to coerce her into.prostitution. He offered $5,000 for one night, encourages her to “spend a few hours being creeped out by the guy and be $5,000 richer”, the man said. She flatly refused. He goes on to tell her she is “missing the big picture” whatever the hell that even means and tells Cynthia she could ruin Perry politically. What would ruin him is pulling bazaar stunts like this and this was done to Cynthia after many cease and desist demands but does support the belief that Perry maintains a delusional belief that there would be any chance at all of a romance with Cynthia Ortiz. Most would be too embarrassed to stoop to something like this and yet Perry seems to have not a clue he should be embarrassed too. Cynthia is regularly subjected to bazaar conversations with a delusional nutbag and his proxies. It’s very uncomfortable for her and actually constitutes a domestic violence criminal act. Click below to hear the recorded conversation. The man initially stated he was sent by her husband. Alarmed, she stated “Well, you have me mixed up with someone else because I’m not married. The two argued and it became apparent Perry sent him. She pulled her recorder and began recording the strange conversation that is one of many Perry attempts to have with her, against her will, after repeated requests that he cease and desist , and repeated requests to his attorneys that they restrain their clients that have gone ignored. They ignore the rights and wishes of others and the law. The recorded conversation linked below


Transcripts are here: