Perry Needs a Cover Up of the Cover Up

Defendant Charles Perry has been recorded more times than we can count premeditating, planning harm to Cynthia Ortiz in his attempt to kill her or arrange a second false arrest without it being linked to him. It’s always linked to him. He threatened it the first time, got caught lying and has not stopped trying again hoping that will cover up the first one. Cynthia being threatened with death and false arrest, emailing and texting people about those specific threats months before, acting in compliance with Oklahoma law in filing a police report because to get a protective order in Oklahoma you have no choice, Perry had her arrested for that, not any actual crime. He knew she had no choice. It was right on his copy of the denied Protective Order of May, 2015, denied in part because she failed to follow that procedure. He had her arrested after trying to kill her, obstructed justice, prevented and delayed her from giving evidence to Tulsa Police, Tulsa being the place where the crime she reported occurred, caused the destruction of her forensic evidence all in violation of the RICO Act. It’s racketeering crime. He then had her 42 USC 1983 civil suit, the law that protects citizens from that very crime he committed and civil right he so freely stomped all over, transferred to Texas where nothing happened but for perjured statements before a SEALED Grand Jury, completely out of line with case precedence established in EMC v Bartile Roofs decided by the Tenth Circuit. He then asked his attorney to request in writing emails Cynthia sent to her attorney, exact same kind she sent in October 2015 telling people Perry threatened her specifically with death and false arrest, that he then carried out and was being sued for, relaying more current specific ongoing threats Defendant Perry made. She complied with the reasonable expectation Me Sanford would act in good faith and restrain his client. He did not. He instead went to court in two ex parte hearings where Cynthia was not present in and claimed he was being harassed, got Cynthia’s claims for blatant civil rights violations dismissed as “frivolous”. This angered law enforcement so much so they increased and expanded their investigation. You poke the bear and act defiantly against the law, that tends to happen.

Perry has since been recorded again telling one of his people “She just needs to adjust her thinking. You let her sit in jail long enough, she will ask to speak to me and I will get her to do what I want. ” The man replied “You have peeped on this girl and watched everything she does for almost a decade and yet don’t know her at all, do you. She will fight you tooth and nail. All you are doing is carrying out another threat and you don’t know what those cops will do, when this blows up or how or where it will blow up. That girl fought for 15 years in DC politics against other issues and other special interest groups so her patients could get better care and she did it on her own time and her own dime. That takes a lot of tenacity, a lot of guys and courage and you think she will just let you put her through that again and not fight back? I would be surprised if she even signs this time. She will not even sign. You have no business even being in her life much less putting her through that again and for sure thinking she won’t fight you. She has done nothing but fight you. She wants you gone. That’s all she wants. Forcing her to sit there thinking she will call you if you make her sit there long enough when anything you do is just more of the same criminal attack on her, just another stalking escalation, just another intimidation tactic, just more victim tampering, just another attempt at coercion, just more retaliation because she wants nothing at all to do with you, and everyone knows it, is not even close to realistic. ”

But gosh with all the crimes, what’s one more? When a lady says she is not in love with you, does not want you in her life or to contact her, you leave the lady alone. You get a grip on reality and leave people who want nothing to do with you alone.

Perry’ most recent actions to take Cynthia’s vehicle and her money has even further angered law enforcement and they have PROMISED they will address it and Defendant Charles Perry acting in defiance so arrogantly of the law just brought on even more of the same. The officers told Ortiz (please remember these are men, not girly men, men, and they cuss and they don’t care who gets their panties in a wad over a few well deserved bad words, or who Charles Perry thinks he is. They care about his victims. They care about the women and children Charles Perry has crushed for decades and no one stopped him until now) “We have stood face to face with that little bitch and got all kinds of info out of him and he had no idea. We fuck up criminals and put a stop to crime. Nobody in that sicko’s life has fucked him and his crime up in his life than we have. After what he has done to you these past few weeks, he just brought it on like never before. We have some other people we are looking at. Until that is done, that little sick bitch just messed with our girl so he messed with us and that is not okay. He just brought this on hard core. ” He poked the bear. Not a good idea. All he had to do is leave people alone who do not like him or want him in their lives, mostly Cynthia Ortiz. He was rejected six years ago. Six years ago, nobody knew he had a psycho creepy problem. Cynthia changed careers and moved twice to get away from him, to have peace and to avoid a conflict. All he had to do is be a big boy and leave everyone else alone, move on, act with dignity and mind his own business and life. That’s it. Costs no money or time to do that. He acted in defiance of God Almighty and the law. Now he needs another cover up to cover up the first cover up and she is going to fight him off of her until he LEAVES or is apprehended, whichever comes first. Too much money, blood, sweat and tears have gone in to bringing the truth and justice for her not to. Success is in being a big boy when rejected and in moving on. That is where success lies, not in forcing someone into something they have run from since 2013 or victim tampering, perjury, racketeering, retaliation, or coercing a lie.

All supporting evidence of this is public record in three law suits filed by Cynthia against Charles Perry et Al and on