Court Proceedings Show Intentional Fraud and Misconduct By Officers Of The Court In Both Cases Where Charles Perry Is Connected

In an email from Cynthia sent today to her attorney, Mallory Miller and LPDO, she says as follows:

“Let me point out in Judge Cummings case, North District of Texas, case 5:18-cv-00137-C

Not one of his orders give any reason for denials at all. He gives not any reason for his “well thought out, careful consideration not based on a whim” decision and no case law at all is cited ever. I was not in any hearings in his Court ever. I have not a lick of law school. They are four Defendants, and some have two and three or more attorneys and yet not one time was I allowed into Court in my own law suit filed against Charles Perry, Matthew Powell, Dave Roberson, and Joshua Burson. In order to achieve “fair”, which by law I’m entitled to, there must be procedural accuracy and in order to achieve procedural accuracy all parties must participate. I was not in all their ex parte hearings to cross examine them, show evidence in refute of their fraudulent claims,  testify, testify with evidence, or put witnesses on the stand. 
In April, 2018 I reminded Mr Wischkaemper and Mr Miller of our conversations right after I got home that Perry intended to harass me, in doing things like vandalize my vehicle and run off my customers, then claim he was being harassed when he was caught. That email was sent April, 2018. In September, 2018, Charles Perry’s Attorney asked for emails documenting his client’s threats. These emails were no different than the McNamara email also describing Charles Perry’s threats to cause harm which he did carry out several months later giving rise to the law suit. I believed Sanford would act in good faith and restrain his client. He did not. This was like unclean hands doctrine only on the Defendants side. He instead did exactly what is described in the attached April 2018 email and claimed his client was being harassed when told on. Perry has had no vandalism to his car,. I one runs off his customers to starve him, no one has violated his privacy with out probable cause and a court order or just a flat out pissed off normal person who leaked. A lot of people have a big problem with what they are putting me through. I did change careers and I left. I moved twice to get away from Charles Perry’s drama and problems. I worked in politics all my life and before he ran in 2010, nobody knew what he was up to. I walked away from that, told only a few people what he was doing to me in facebook messages in 2011 but most didn’t live in Texas. He had four years to control himself without needing a lie. I left. I moved away to get away from him. A lot of folks have a big problem with what he’s putting me through. Now we have what appears to be murder of a cop trying to help me an attempted murder and frame up of his detective. You can’t beat someone to death and not have a mark on you and be found incapacitated to the point that you are treated with Narcan for drug overdose. Lucky Miller had just done a big drug bust. You’d think Perry would have been smart enough to have blamed one of those individuals involved in that, come out and said “We have looked at what Cynthia is alleging and she is right to be concerned for Officer Nealey, but we had nothing to do with that and would like this investigated and those responsible prosecuted because he clearly could not have done this. ” That’s not what they did. What they did was, on almost the day I was subpoena’d, ran so much of my business off my money dropped to $20 a night and I never in my life made $20 a night. They buried my testimony. Unless something changed it was no where on the docket. The subpoena was as was my name listed on the notification to the court that I would be deposed but there was no record of transcripts of my testimony. Judges Orders with no reason given after hearings I wasn’t even in and transcripts in the murder of a cop not on the docket, but just buried. This is three families hurting and hurting deep over Perry’s imposed delusion and corruption to cover it up and his crimes are more uncovered than ever. Nothing is covered up in fact he’s really really pissed everyone off and wants to know who told. Everyone. How about everyone. No normal person would be okay with this. This is serious depravity showing up in these heinous crimes. This is not stealing gum from the bodega. These are very serious crimes that have resulted in massive catastrophic loss for three families and all three are in the cop family and you have to know when a criminal goes after cop people they will have full on cops from all over the place very very pissed off and on them hard and heavy and it will never go away. They won’t get out from under that one ever. So, with that said, we again appeal. One day at a time, in all things give thanks, and we move forward to appeal.  

Facebook messages referred to regarding the very strange bazaar creepy things Charles Perry started doing to me in 2011 are here

Click here to see Facebook messages from Cynthia to friends sent in 2011 describing Charles Perry’s menacing conduct that as a matter of law constitutes stalking and harassment

 My deposition for Officer Mike Nealey here

A qui tam has been initiated, that is sealed however I can confirm the filer seeks no monetary compensation but for the tax payers of Oklahoma and Florida due to wilfull, malicious fraud. Withholding or concealment of relevant material facts that could change the outcome of the decision of the fact finder is malicious intentional fraud. That has occurred in Mike’s case and now three of my civil suits. I was not in any of the hearings to disclose the material facts of my own law suits. They made sure I wasn’t there which were I stupid and if I had no legitimate claim they.wouldnt care if I was there and would have no problem with a fair impartial hearing where all parties participate. They are seasoned and I have not a lick of law school so they would not have a problem arguing against me were there no legitimate claims and were I too stupid to figure out how to chapter and verse the “here’s what happened” to the Judges. 

We will see what happens. Pray for us all if you will. When you have so much misconduct by Officers of the Court in now three states and the only common denominator is Charles Perry, Matthew Powell, Joshua Burson of Lubbock and David Roberson and Joe Chadwick, none having any injuries at all, common to all three, Mike and I and the Millers having all the injuries, you all are were not born yesterday. I’m sure you can see what that infers. They have leaks because people see what that infers. We are very thankful for those people. “

No reason given for denying Cynthia’s Motion. No case law to support his decision cited.
Again, the latest decision from Judge Cummings gives no well thought out reason and no case law cited to support his denial a little over a year later. Not one of his orders give a reason nor does he cute any case law at all to support his decisions.
McNamara email sent in 2015 regarding threats Charles Perry was making to arrange a false arrest of Cynthia and her son then to offer a bribe. He did carry out the threats three months later, had Cynthia charged in Lubbock with a crime when she did something required by law in Oklahoma. Charges were dismissed in her favor. Imagine how much more terrifying his threats were to her and her family when he carried out this catastrophic devastating threat. No crimes was committed by her at all, in fact what she did was legally required of her and he knew that. This email establishes Pre-meditation and Intent.

Click here to see documents regarding Perry’s act of retaliation by arranging a false arrest of Cynthia when she reported his stalking and death threats to police. There was never an investigation. He had her arrested in a week. Oklahoma law requires victims of stalking file a police report when seeking a Protective Order. Her first attempt was denied due to her failure to bring the report to Court so he knew of the requirement.

Email from April, 2018 regarding Perry’s intent to harass Cynthia by running off her customers, vandalizing her car and even threatening her life then claiming he was being harassed when she told on him.
Sanford’s email requesting Cynthia’s emails that were and are exactly the same as The McNamara email regarding his clients threats. He took those into Court, made sure she was not allowed in, claimed she was harrassing Perry, just as the email of 5 months later said he intended to do. He carried out another threat.
Subpoena to Cynthia for Officer Nealey dated October 7, 2020. Almost to the day her income dropped significantly and individuals were caught outside her workplace running customers off, some reporting they were told to buy from everyone but her.

Notice to the Court In Florida of Cynthia’s Deposition

Odd as this might sound, and it is bazaarly odd, Charles Perry continues to make unwanted contact with Cynthia, shows no remorse, shows no empathy, shows no intent to make the proper ends but wants to know who told on him. In six years she has never answered that question, has no motive to answer that question as clearly she wants for Charles Perry to be arrested and no longer a menace or danger or threat to her, and would not provide an assist to him with a gun to her head. The fact that he continues to ask speaks to his delusion. At this point he has no reasonable expectation of getting that information, so the fact that he continues to ask, is simply bazaar. He wants to know who told on him. That means there was something to tell. Mr Perry is not entitled to that information and giving it to him, even if she knew, which she is never ever told that being it’s confidential, it would endanger the lives of those leaking. He would do the same to them as he’s done to her, the Millers and the Nealeys. That would be the reason those individuals identities are confidential.

Click here to see Notice of Appeal to the Fifth Circuit for Judge Cummings Decisions.

See more documents regarding these cases where Charles Perry’s name continues to be up as suspect in crime here

As of January 17, 2021 Police tell us Charles Perry and Matt Powell continue efforts to arrange a second false arrest of the woman they have targeted for stalking and harrassment in the forum state of Oklahoma. Purposeful Availment has more than been met. She left. That should have been the end of it. It’s been 8 years. This is not just stalking and harassment at this point. It’s now moved into witness tampering and attempted coercion. Click link below for more info:

Click here to see post regarding Perry’s continued attempts to arrange a second false arrest of Cynthia Ortiz

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Use allegedly wherever it applies.

Fraud Prevalent Where Charles Perry is Concerned

Email from Cynthia regarding new documents that were filed in Civil Court posted and explaination included on some old ones in the caption. These prove Perry knowingly and maliciously committed fraud after fraud after fraud. He knowingly concealed material facts and knowingly mislead the court on key material facts. Procuring property through fraud is a crime and we all know he’s sought to do so with her car since August 2019. This was before final Court Orders were out and these would be orders he procured through fraud making sure she was not there to produce evidence filed, testify with evidence filed or cross examine Perry or his co defendants on the stand. She filed the suits and she had that right in fact procedural accuracy demands that in order to achieve non bias and fair both parties must participate. The first hearing she won against Perry and remember she’s not been to law school. Judge Jayne denied his Motion to Dismiss. In subsequent hearings the made sure she wasn’t there. This gave her credibility and legitimacy as if she had no claim and were too stupid to argue the law and facts, they wouldn’t care if she was there. Making sure she wasn’t legitimized both her claim and her intelligence. They didn’t want her to hear them lie because she would have shown their false statements to be just that: a bold faced lie.

Here is the email:

“New photos of documents filed with Courts were ignored by Judge Cummings, and I was not in exparte hearings where Perry made additional fraudulent claims of being harassed. He planned in my first false arrest to continue his stalking and harassment, and to go to court to claim he was being harrassed when he was caught and told on. Knowing he’d been caught planning that fraud, he did it anyways.  Documents showing he knew we knew what he was up to months before he did it, here: his attorney requested emails that are the very same thing as the McNamara email telling Mr Miller and LPDO of Perry’s specific threat of the day. I complied acting in good faith. They then held an exparte hearings where I was not allowed in to show this evidence, testify with it, cross examine and this would be the second intentional fraud Perry knowingly and maliciously committed. 

Click here to see evidence Perry knowingly and malicious committed fraud in his claims of being harassed everytime he’s caught stalking and is told on.

New documents with some explanation posted here showing there was never a political disagreement, just stalking back in  2011, long before I could have anticipated what would then happen in 2016. 

Click here to see Facebook Messages to friends outside Texas in 2011 regarding pressure from Perry to have an affair, his conduct that constitutes stalking and Cynthia’s expressions of wanting to leave town to get away from him. These were sent in 2011.

New documents with some explaination (see captions) showing Perry’s claims he barely knew me are false. 

Click here to see texts and emails to refute Perry’s false claims that he barely knew Cynthia.

These documents were sitting in front of a cop who said “I dont want to see these ” My thought was “It’s fine Barney Fife. I’m about to file a law suit where everyone else will see them. ” 
If a cop or judge can’t look this over and come to the same conclusion as the reasonable prudent public, they don’t qualify for that job. It’s been reviewed by police and prosecutors from somewhere else. It will be and can be reviewed by anyone in law enforcement from anywhere from now on. No cop ever deserves to be a cop if they refuse to review evidence. I say that coming from a whole family of police. I’m Chief Hall’s granddaughter. I heard what good cops do all my life. This was not that. This was just stupid!! It gets people killed having that lazy incompetence in a police department. 
They had less evidence against Al Franken. “

Click here to see documents associated with Cynthia’s false arrest. It was threatened first. There were emails about that specific threat being made months before he did it. He knew she had those but he did it anyways.

Click here to see evidence of Judicial Impropriety in all three law suits.

Click Here For Info On Perry’s Attempt To Witness Tamper By Way Of Solicitation.

Click here to see documents going back to August 2019 of Perry’s expression of intent to take Cynthia’s car by fraud.

It makes it very nearly impossible to believe a word they say at this point.

So forgive us when we don’t believe them when they claim they had nothing to.di with Chief Miller’s murder. Six days after an auto vandalism complaint was filed naming no suspect but Officer Mike Nealey, who took the report was told “I have a civil case against a man stalking me. It’s likely related but that is for you guys to determine. I just don’t know anyone else who would do this.ight not be, but there of course is a chance. He’s been after my car for awhile now. ” Six days later, Chief Miller is dead and Officer Nealey arrested. Officer Nealey accused of beating a man to death, but being the super Ninja that he is, has not a mark on him. He was though treated for drug overdose with Narcan because he was out cold. He somehow super Ninja’s Chief Miller to death, then just plum passed out cold while being overdosed with some drug thought to be an opiod. He is unresponsive, in respiratory distress, and mumbling. How you kill a guy in that condition and end up with not a mark on you is certainly a mystery to any reasonable prudent individual. Cynthia knew in March, 2020 he was drugged and told emailed Florida States Attorney. Nealey was also not given a forensic inspection of his blood to see exactly what he had in him that knocked him out. That’s Brady. Prosecutors have the legal obligation to protect and preserve all evidence particularly that which might be exculpatory and give it to defense. That blood test when put before a jury may lead them to come to the same conclusion we have. He couldn’t have done this. He wasn’t able to. She told attorneys on her deposition that even before they’d deposed first responders who revealed Nealey had been treated for drug overdose, she knew he was. They ask her if she’s a cop but there was not one follow up question as to how she knew Officer Nealey was drugged even before depos were taken.

Again, after fraud after fraud after fraud, it’s nearly impossible to believe these people and wonder what corruption or fraud they are perpetrating in Officer Nealey’s case. He should be home at this point. There is missing evidence no one collected that we know existed due to delivery of Narcan. We know his physical body did not look like he’d been in a fight at all. That’s a lot if reasonable doubt and if you dont have that, you dint have a case. If you dont have a case, your prosecution is just malicious. If you have a plausible alternative explanation, even moreso. So why is he still sitting in jail?? Again when Perry denies having anything to do with that, we don’t believe them. These documents posted on Facebook and linked here support the reason for that.

Click here to see more on Officer Nealeys Case

And more on his case here

Remember the immediate response from Officer Nealey before anyone had time to talk to him or tell him otherwise, was that he was shocked at what he was being told. He points out the fact that there was nothing on him indicating he was in any fight at all much less a deadly one. He does not say “I’m all beat up. Who did this to me? Where is Lucky? Is he okay?” He says ” I can’t believe you. Look at me. Nothing. ” That a paraphrase but he says “there is nothing me to indicate I was in a fight. ” If he was in a fight, even in self defense, he’d be beat up too. The first responder testified he would not put an IV in an injured hand. Nealey has an IV in his hand. This was before anyone had a chance to change stories. The interview is at the link below.

Click here to see Officer Nealeys Interview with Escambia County Sheriff’s Department

Click here to see all albums containing Court documents or other evidence of Charles Perry’s fraud, stalking and harassment. This has been ongoing for ten years now. That is one hell of a daydream.

Click here to see evidence Charles Perry suffers from a mental disease called Delusional Erotomania

As always, use “allegedly” wherever the hell you feel like it applies.

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Coercion Makes One Crime Two Crimes

When you tell someone “We need you to lie. We will make it worth your while. If you don’t, we will do to you what we did to Cynthia Ortiz. You will lose your job. You won’t find another. You will go broke. Your friends and family will have nothing to with you. You will be arrested and smeared and you won’t get out. We will ruin you. “

Like Charles Perry and his co-conspirators tried to do here:

Click Here To See Evidence Of Perry’s False Arrest Of A Woman Who Rejected Him. Intent was to retaliate and intimidate. It didn’t work out for him.

What you really just did is tell that person “I’m going to give you money to lie. I’m going to hand over my power to you because the truth is, you know what I did. You know it was a crime. You know it was wrong and you know I know it was wrong because I’m coercing a lie. You have power over me right now and I’m scared to death of you. ” Because that person will take the money but you have no control over what police from somewhere else they may tell. People follow the path of least resistance by nature and run from pain toward pleasure. That is human nature. You cause stress, anxiety, hardship, loss and problems, an undercover cop that says “I have already got more evidence to convict this bitch than you can imagine. Doesn’t matter what fantasy he’s created. I got more than he will ever overcome and more doesn’t hurt. Whatever you have to contribute will be used to put a stop to.tgreat to your safety and your well being. You won’t have to sleep with one eye opened anymore. ” They are going to do what relieves the stress. One told police “I could not handle watching what they did to Cyndi every day. I could not understand why. I could not live with the pressure. I needed to get this guy off my back so I will absolutely give you whatever you need.”

Four years ago we said no amount of money will cover up Charles Perry’s alleged criminal activity and his alleged criminal activity is more uncovered that it has ever been in his entire life. As a grown man and an old man, he chose to become a parasite. He needs. He wants. He demands. He as a grown man pretends to be intelligent. Were he intelligent he would know that he chose the crime and when he chose the crime he chose the consequences. He owns that. He gave other people complete control over him when he said “I need you to lie about what I did. ” He gave away his power and all of his power and now his alleged crime is the most uncovered as it’s ever in his life been. When you understand “I chose and control my thoughts and my actions and the results, I control the consequences as well, good or bad. ” Because asking someone to lie about what you did now made one crime into two. You now have two sets of consequences, not just one.

A young man grew up in the ghetto, poor, he barely had food, he had holes in his clothes, he stole to survive, he did drugs to escape his misery, he came home to dad beating mom and was arrested for drug possession. You better than him? What gives you the right to think for a minute your perjury, your Voyeurism, you violating women, you harassing women and children , you invading their privacy, you obstructing justice, you destroying evidence, your theft, your making women feel raped by your unwanted romantic gestures and murder makes you better than that young man who did not stoop to asking for a lie? How are you better? You committed more crimes and worse crimes? What high horse are you on that you think you are better? That young man cleaned himself up, took responsibility for his choices, has a gorgeous wife who lights up when he walks in the room, holds him, laughs with him, cries with him, brags about him and he is now part of team catching you, Mr Perry.

“Your kindness will reward you, but your cruelty will destroy you. ” Proverbs 11:17













Charles Perry Caught Again Tampering With A Witness To His Crimes by Stealing Money

Perry caught again tampering with a witness to his crimes. If she didn’t know anything, or if she were wrong, he’d have no need. He’s implicating himself more by the day. That’s what stupid people do and criminals are stupid or they wouldn’t be criminals. In fact he is trying very hard to force Cynthia Ortiz back to Texas against her will. See link below.

Click here to see info on Perry’s efforts to force Cynthia Ortiz back to Texas against her will. Against her will being the key words in that.

And more nefarious plans by Perry to retaliate against Cynthia caught November 15, 2020

Click here for more info

Perry is told “You don’t have to kidnap her, tie her up, throw her in the back of a van, hold her at gun point and threaten her for it to be witness tampering. You steal her money or run off her money it’s the same thing as if you did that. You intend to influence her against her will. That is witness tampering and it is a crime and you’d better stop “

Perry is slow so don’t hold your breath. There is a reason he’s been caught now more than ever in his life because he’s done this all his life. Sometimes the grass over the sewer is the most perfect looking on the outside but you start digging a little and its nothing but a bunch of shit. He’s so full of it, he believes his own bullshit but he’s not fooling the McNamara cops. The McNamara email should have been enough to let Perry know he was under investigation. Most people have the good sense to stop when you have cops watching everything you do. Not Charles Perry though. Now there is more even today posted here.

This is regarding a customer Perry and Roberson sent in to Cynthia’s work when Chief Miller complained about them stealing her money in 2019, to impede civil court proceedings. When she wouldn’t back down they pulled him out. When she gave notice of intent to file Motions to Vacate after they were caught talking to Judges, they sent him back in. When she wouldn’t back down again, they pulled him back again. These comments are regarding intentions of law enforcement to charge these guys with grand larceny with coerce. The comments were “Had he sent these guys in weekly and had them spend the same thing every time, they wouldn’t have a case but the way he did this in sending them in and pulling them back on spending then pulling them out completely all based on her response, now they do. Had they just been consistent, no matter what she did it’s hard then to argue that Perry had expectations of Cynthia to lie or back off. ” That was in response to a quote of a prosecutor who told Cynthia “I cannot give you legal advice, but if Tulsa doesn’t we will charge him with grand larceny with intent to coerce. Research your civil options on that in Oklahoma. ” She did and found conversion and it was included in her Breach case. Imagine how pissed off that prosecutor was when they got that dismissed with no hearing at all. Not smart to piss off the prosecutor whose about to charge you with a crime. They do it all the time and they do it knowingly then whine and complain that they got caught yet again. Roberson has had someone ask Cynthia if it’s the FBI. She won’t answer those types of questions but for them to ask and yet continue in the criminal activity, get upset when they get caught, go right back at it, get caught, get upset again, is like they are stuck in some sort of pervert hamster wheel. Nobody understands why in the hell they do that and they have for years. We are.lookimg forward to their arrest so we don’t have to deal with it anymore.

Click here to see more evidence of Charles Perry stealing Cynthia’s money with intent to coerce her to lie. His intent is to force her against her will to lie, which means she’s telling the truth.

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