Recordings Are Obtained With Intent To Pursue Criminal Charges And Perry Seems Not To Understand That

Update 10/4/21:

Our Judge about 5 minutes ago.

“They want to know how to prove it’s Ms. Ortiz’s phone being used to report what they are doing that would constitute as a matter of law, criminal conduct and not preserve evidence that they appear to have attempted to murder her and Mr. Nealey? Is that what I’m to understand these individuals are doing today? “

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Email sent to attorneys.

“Keeping in mind there are recordings of all of this, which I’ve heard, and typed up excerpts, that starting with the McNamara Email of 2015, which came from someone in Lubbock, probably 30 about getting my ringtone, hundreds about getting my car, about the same number of Matt Powell calling law enforcement up here demanding to know my whereabouts and “get her served” although I’m not told with what. All kinds of second false arrest angles, “starve her then she will call and do what we tell her. If she wants to eat, she will call me and do what I say.” of Perry, and then of course the recordings about Mike Nealey being drugged, which I said in January, 2020 in emails, and that didn’t come out to the public until June, 2020, in depositions of first responders in taken in May, 2020, months later, the Fabian puzzle I got in jail, and so on, with all that in mind, my guy tells me he can charge them many ways, but at the very least as follows:

Harassment of my witness with intent to coerce a change in testimony. The acts of harassment are:

1) Perjury
2) Fraud upon a court
3) Intentional Concealment of pertinent material facts from the deciding body
4) Conversion of Funds with intent to coerce – can be included in the verbiage of the charge or the act
5) Grand Larceny with intent to coerce – can be included in the verbiage of the charge or the act
6) Interference With Contracts
7) Interference with Commerce – In State
8) Interference with Commerce – Interstate
9) Obstruction
10) Destruction or alteration of evidence
11) Voyeurism
12) Hacking
13) Invasion of privacy – financial
14) Interference with key relationships
15) stalking
16) Violation of Freedom of religion with intent to cause duress and coerce – they recorded them talking to witches yesterday requesting they help cast spells on me, odd and weirdo as that might sound and it is weird
17) Subornation of perjury – Mike’s trial
18) Witness Tampering in Mike’s case – Facebook messages spoofing Lisa’s Account
19) Breach of Contract – Intended deception on the Court when Perry agreed never to contact me again, but rather intended to commit the acts herein then claim he was being harrassed when he was caught or told on
20) Destruction of Property
21) Theft of personal documents – birth certificate and social security card
22) Theft of property – my storage unit in Mannford
23) Marriage fraud
24) Interference in key relationships due to the marriage fraud – one count for each relationship he interfered in with that document or information obtained and so forth

These are not going to be part of harassment, I’m told, but just the charges or number 20 is.
25) Human Rights Violations – torture, torment and starvation
26) Sexual Exploitation

There are more and more than one count for each of these, but this is how high that pile groweth daily. They will get a copy of this and do it anyway and we’ll get more. They always do.

This is nothing official, but the general idea of what my guys want to pursue as far as criminal charges and like I said, they will get a copy and do it anyways and give us more. They always do. We bet on it in Vegas. We always win. They will do similar for Mike Nealey. Judicial bribery will be addressed as well.

They are watching every little thing that would cause me duress. I already said that. I’ve said it more than once. “

Email Notice To Perry et al attorneys quoted below:

“I have heard quite a few recordings from police about you all wanting to get me served with something although they won’t give me details. They did say to make you aware of everything contained in that last email, and you are certainly welcome to proceed accordingly but you have been notified that any illegal conduct, in or out of court is about to lead to criminal charges. I have not seen any court proceedings that are new or filed by you, and only heard recordings of you all talking about serving me with something abd of course Perry discussing taking my money, coercing me to dance so that he could take my car and serve a restraining order so I couldn’t tell anyone. That is the sum total of my knowledge on this matter. With that in mind, proceed how you see fit. But, understand anything that has been done unlawfully will lead to criminal charges. There is a reason police obtain this information and what they consider important for me to know, I’m told and if they deem it inappropriate for me to know, they dont tell me. I’m not told who is on the recordings most of the time.

If there is something to serve, I’m not told what that is. I was ordered to advise you that any illegal conduct in or out of court will lead to criminal charges against you. They are getting these recordings to use for that purpose. It is a need to know. “

From yesterday

Our guy tells us “This whole ‘starve her  into a phone call or a date or a lie, seeking to subjugate her or coerce her’ could be, well they could be looking at not just conversion of funds and interfering with every contract she has, but interfering with commerce, in state and interstate. This could turn out to be quite a problem for them going at her like that and at this point Perry is getting pretty desperate. Nothing like confirmation. Of certain things by the acts of the guilty. “

You have to consider the fact that it’s not likely there has been a lawsuit previously filed alleging Bond Conditions are a contract a d so as you can see, while Cynthia is not an attorney between the way her mind works and this prosecutor, this speaks to the fact that Perry is in some trouble and her Podcasts have gained many many a comment similar to what was said to Perry. “Now we all know why you kept her out of the Courtroom on her own lawsuits and Mike’s trial which implicates you by the way. Didn’t know you had it in you to be that cruel.  Any idiot can see she’s telling the truth. ” Not genius, idiot. “When you hear her, you understand perfectly why he wouldn’t let her into a courtroom.” That is concealment same as it was in Mike’s trial.

Starving her all these years never resulted in a phone call or “subjugation” you so desperately demand. What it results in is you all being caught like never before in your lives. Perry has a sadist problem that we know all about from 10 years of investigating and him broadcasting it all over the net all over the world. That’s his secret love life. He causes problems, gets women hysterical and our witness tells us “goes and rubs one out”. That’s part of a witness statement that has been repeated and repeated and repeated. Did you think we only have that one witness plus Cynthia? That is Perry’s love life. It’s what he does on fact he’s not able to control it. He’s been caught more than ever in his life every te he causes her loss, a problem, the longer he’s in her life and invading her privacy. Please write this down because we are all tired of feeling trapped in the Alzheimer’s Ward, “When Perry pesters her, causes drama, loss for her, contacts her in any form at all, threatens or harasses her, OR HER FAMILY, there is no phone call or date. There is more getting uncovered than ever before in your lives. Nothing else at all has ever come from it but that. Next time you ask who told, re read. Perry, she is never going to tell you. You have asked for 6 years. She never has and never will because we are all gagging on your ick and sick and tired of you. Once you are in prison, we get our lives abd privacy back so why would she help you?

One recordings an office vote was taken today and the Drumroll please, the top two winners are these:

“First you went into a Court and claimed she filed a false report but you never let it be investigated. You impeded the investigation so now we’ll never know whether it was true or false but being you impeded the investigation, its more likely true than false. Then you claimed there was a political vendetta, but you have no evidence of that. She never worked on Texas legislation and didn’t tell people you were stalking her for four years. She didn’t go to media until she’d been gone from Lubbock for a year. She had all this time in politics and you were the new guy. There aren’t any emails or texts anywhere over a political vendetta but a whole bunch over stalking going way back. Then you contradicted all of that when you admitted to stalking and agreed to stop which we can all see in these Bond Conditions of her’s that she then used to sue you for breach of contract.” And that case tossed out with a phone call before there was a ruling on whether or not her Bond Conditions constitute a contract.

Powell: “Can we just say she misunderstood Frank Morrison?” over the texts of December, 2011 from Cynthia to Perry angry over him spreading rumors of an affair
“You can but I don’t think it will work. He never asks her why she’s pissed off which means he already knew. He also never denies to spreading rumors of an affair. He denies having employees. Well, we all know he had employees. She names them.”

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Establishing Mens Rea With Recordings of Perry et al

Oct 2 2021 Perry recorded discussing ways to prove Cynthia’s phone is used to post what he’s caught doing to her in Oklahoma and that she is the poster.

Other men in Cynthia’s life have power and the power to get what Perry just said intending harm to their girl and give it to her. Perry has no control over that at all. They do it while he sits alone perverting around playing with dolls. They don’t the girled up type that abuse women and kids to feel tough. They are Lawmen and they are good at what they do. No one Perry knows has done better.

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What Is Wrong With People Who Have Been Caught And Caught More Than Once That They Keep Trying To Cause The Injury – Judge Asks

Cynthia’s email to attorneys regarding recordings of Charles Perry’s planned crime against her for the week of September 23, 2021 He was caught and still tried to carry out these intended harms abd this perplexed everyone including a Judge on the need to know. He’s in some trouble for the torture, torment, and starvation of women and children. This is part of that. He’s doing exactly that to Cynthia and has for a decade but this time, he messed with people in power abd since he went at her, he’s never been more caught in his life. He thinks that’s a date. See her email below:

“Because Charles won’t go away and mind his own business and caused more loss, we got the following recordings. I’m just doing topics. I am not allowed to give details as to what exactly was said in the recordings: 
1) Trying to push me towards a job where he can then find out where I am and my work schedule which is stalking.

2) He called Target abd Walmart and told them to refuse my online grocery orders and they both did and no one can explain why. 

3) He did put a hold on my credit card. There is no payment due. I just started using it. 

4) He claims he paid my rent. He wasn’t asked. He was told to get out of my wallet and let me make my own money and pay my own rent and that includes my inheritance money. 

5) Perry is a criminal not someone I want in my life and yet he’s making calls to my credit card bank, my regular bank and the grocery trying to interfere with purchases and carry out that threat to starve me into a phone call and a lie. I told ya so. The banks are in some trouble for violating privacy laws. There shouldn’t have been any phone calls at all but when there are no information should be given. 

6) He’s called people I have tried to get freelance work with and those calls were recorded. 

7) He wants to force me to move. He’s a criminal not someone I want in my life to even know about all that. He wasn’t asked what he thinks. He was asked to comply with the law and to cease and desist all forms of all contact. Where I live is none of his business. He’s a criminal. There is no relationship. He’s witness tampering and stalking. His attention isn’t wanted and we have all made that extremely clear for years. It’s not our fault that he’s mentally retarded. I can’t be forced to deal with a problem that should be kept within his own family abd not imposed on mine. I left. I moved twice to get away. Nobody picked a fight with him. He’s causing the problems. He’s doing it on purpose. 

8) He’s talked to my car guy frequently over the past several weeks. 

9) He’s tried as hard as he can to coax or force me back to dancing and they were recorded many times talking about “get her back on that pole and on a schedule. ” But they kept getting caught. Now they are looking for other work for me, and the one guy was revised telling Perry “If she works here, you aren’t going to use me to stalk her for you. We are busy. We don’t have time to deal with your drama and I can’t have her distracted having to deal with you. So if that comes with the package, we don’t want the package. ” And I couldn’t agree with him more. 

10) They got recorded talking about getting my trash and my vacuum cleaner contents. 
It’s been another very busy week or couple of weeks. 
Charles is mentally retarded and not able to understand how sick and tired everyone is of being imposed on with his imaginary make believe world and his drama and problems. Everyone is tired of it. He gets off on doing all this so I’m sure he’s happy but no one else is. People on his payroll maybe but no one else. I’ve never in my life seen such a pathetic crowd that so enjoys drama like these people. No one else likes it. No one likes watching him cause me or anyone else suffering. He’s sadist. We get that. He’s made that point loud and clear but most people are the opposite. He can’t figure that out. “When you are an ass, nobody will like you” we all learned in Kindergarten. He still has no idea. He’s weirdo and not embarrassed. Our Shrink couldn’t be happier how flagrantly Charles proves her right. She’s not even evaluated him yet. She has a checklist to mark off all the things Charles does to substantiate her pre eval. She said “My Pre Eval Checklist is covered. I’m sorry for you and I’m glad this is about to be over but I’m frankly thrilled Mr. Perry has made it so easy to assess him and I’ve never been this dead on as I’ve been with this one. ” There is a lot more to it than that, but that’s the general thing she said that I’m allowed to repeat. 
  Another police recording: 

 “Look he waited too long to get her car but we had problems with people talking about him taking it soon as she got it. He never wanted her to have that car or get that apartment. He got caught talking about it then in November she leaves work abruptly and never goes back because he would not shut up about taking her car and getting her kicked out.
Thing is he’s not supposed to be concerned with any of it. Now we got more substantiation of stalking because he’s concerned himself with matters that are not his business and he would be concerned with if he’s not stalking so even if he’d taken it, then we are just doing what she says. The whole idea was supposed to be to make her look crazy and when she keeps finding out from Charles or anyone else running their mouths all the time cuz he’s mean to her and nobody likes that then she finds out abd then you do it she is not crazy. He just carried out another threat. He’s just stalking. So now we got all kinds of problems with all that. We can’t explain why he’s concerned himself with her groceries and her life and her income and her whereabouts and her home and car. He thought he’d pay her rent up until the end of the lease and that would get him out of allegations of coercion and interfering with her contracts and he could just go walking in whenever and she finds out and now it’s definitely not just coercion but money laundering to coerce or get him in her house and let’s say a church paid it well church dont have access to her home. He’s making a lot more of a mess than we’d counted on. ” 
More “The whole idea was to get her a job where we could get to her and now she knows that too. She’s not even gonna apply to a place where she knows we might find out abd she’s on a schedule. She’s gonna let these guys helping her get all hot under the collar because she’s broke and they know we wanted her to have a schedule and a consistent location to go where we could get to her. They are gonna just go at us because Charles can’t control himself. He’s pissing her off. That pisses them off. She finds out and won’t do what she knows we want her to do to hurt her and everyone knows Charles Perry’s yellow brick road is her death and nothing more. Everyone knows he’s gonna bait her out and kill her and that is why she won’t do it and she said that and she said it more than once. Okay so you guys aren’t thinking through that we are getting heard all the time by law enforcement somewhere and it is a tight lipped deal. She always finds out and nothing goes right and so what now? He’s bothering her and they go at him. He’s bothering her. He’s taking her money and they go at him and we sit down and come up with all these plans none of which get us anywhere at all. So you tell me. Now what? We keep doing the same thing until there is an arrest? Is that what we do? You gotta keep him off of her. He ain’t getting it. She’s sick of him. This is not a way you have a love affair. You got nothing but he’s doing what she said. He torments her constantly and starves her and those people go at us and then you tell me. What plan works? She finds out because he’s doing all that. ” 

He goes at her constantly which has served to piss her off, piss off police getting the evidence against him and we’re it not for the desire to not just get him but everyone helping him and pile the evidence so high against them all, no need for a deal for any, they’d already be arrested. No one has done what she does. Again he thinks that’s a date. We think he misunderstands what the word “date” means.

A few weeks ago Cynthia was brought into loop as to the extent of Perry’s Weirdo. She’s not always told everything until she can handle it because she rants. They didn’t want this out and her ranting and letting it slip so she knew her family was being contacted, threatened abd harassed by Perry and she sent multiple cease and desist letters to no avail asking Perry not to contact her family. It is actually much worse than that. The following describes how bad Perry’s delusion really is:

“Charles Perry has spent the past 6 years inserting himself into Cynthia’s life against her will. He’s been seen hanging out with her family, her friends, and her co workers. He’s apparently in Tulsa more than he’s in Lubbock. He’s pranced around with a forged marriage license and is making spousal decisions for her. People started asking questions when he’s been seen with people in her life but he’s always alone. He’s never seen in 6 years with her. In fact, she’s tried 11 times to get a Protective Order against him and he just buys his way out. In addition, even if they were married, the decisions he’s making for her are decisions she still has to sign off on. This woman is not an invalid. In fact she’s in her second year of college and on the Dean’s List. If my wife and I go get a bank loan she still has to sign it. So how he’s getting away with this I dont know but you got some business people in some trouble for violating privacy laws. He is not authorized to contact her or anyone on her behalf. We think he may believe she knows all about his criminal activity and thinks there would be some spousal privilege that would prevent her testimony and that is simply not the case. First of all there is no marriage. He forged her name so he’s not her spouse abd even if he were, she herself has to assert spousal privilege and based on what I’ve seen she is not about to do that even if they were married. This is just forgery abd marriage fraud. ”

“Huh, that’s weird. If that’s all it takes to be married these days, I’m married to Jennifer Aniston. If you never actually see the person or are with them, just go around saying that’s your spouse and sit around watching them on a TV screen, I’m married to Jennifer Aniston. What a loon! ”

He got caught. “People started asking questions when she’s suing to get him off of her and he’s always alone. It’s been 6 years of this. He’s indulging in an imaginary make believe pretend life up in Tulsa”, the man said.

Because Perry has a bad habit of trying to go ahead with criminal activity that he’s already been caught planning, sometimes more than once abd he knows he’s caught, more are perplexed.

“I think this Ringtone horse has been beat to death about enough, has it not? Do they not know they are caught on this already? The car, her driver’s license abd the ringtone horses have been beat abd beat so what is wrong with these people that they think they can still do this and certainly that Ms. Ortiz isn’t smart enough not to fall for their trickery on these things? ” A Judge granting investigatory orders tells police. Same is true now for Perry’s attempts to fund her a job he can control, where he can have access to her whereabouts, schedule and interactions with other people. He got caught a week ago and tried again even today.

On September 28, 2021 Perry again goes at the ring tone.

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He got caught again. About 11:30 pm, just a few hours later police get this recording.

Police recording “I just think she screens her calls and if she doesn’t know who it is she doesn’t answer. ”

“I don’t know how can we prove that’s her phone. ”

“Could be a service. She’s had him going at her so much maybe she does use a service. Hard to tell. ”

“Well somehow we have to prove that’s her phone and she’s the poster. She hands her phone to someone else and it’s posted by someone else or Charles is posted something that still doesn’t prove anything. It’s content specific. So we have to prove all that. “

So Perry continues to bother and pester Cynthia, invade her privacy, act like that’s a trophy or something instead of being embarrassed by his peeping Tom crime like most guys would be who won’t stoop to that and can actually get a real date with a real person , cause loss and engorge in the torture, torment and starvation of women and children. These are Human Rights Violations. He cannot argue for discretion on these matters because he is broadcasting this alleged criminal activity all over the net all over the world, sells watch time and is taking it in whole he starves women and their children Cynthia included. He did this to her and her child for a decade. This time, he’s caught. He’s making a profit. Barring he has a signed contract and an agreed upon compensation he has no consent from these victims of sexual exploitation that he uses to make money. Cynthia has billed him $1,000 per day plus an additional $2,000 per day for doing this without her consent and he is to cease and desist immediately. He’s been sent legal demand after legal demand after legal demand and continues to ignore them. He is not wanted in her life. She wants for him to be in prison so he can’t bother her anymore. He bothers her constantly. All that does is piss her off abd we get more to convict and for whatever reason he’s not able to put that together in his head. Cause and effect are not that difficult to grasp. He’s not getting it. This would be motive to kill a Supreme Court Judge who wouldn’t rule in favor of a fraud about to be perpetrated upon the highest Court in the land that was intended to silence all victims. This would also be motive to kill a cop who was the kind who would go after sex perverts like Perry abd frame his detective perpetrating a fraud on that court as well.

Fraud, perjury, destruction of evidence or altering evidence, obstruction, forgery, and murder are something Perry has made his habit. Cynthia told him 5 years ago “You may have gotten away with this all your life, but not this time. Maybe you are used to dealing with weak people. This is not that. ” Nothing has proven out to be more true. She knew he was already under investigation for Human Rights Violations and for the Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children. It’s a need to know. There is much she’s not allowed to discuss. If it’s public, they want it public for a reason. We appreciate that Perry doesn’t like that. No bad guy likes it when they get caught but most are smart enough to stop at that point and Perry acts like he’s just not putting very easy concepts together like most can.

Click here to see evidence of Perry’s perjury, fraud, destruction of evidence, obstruction abd laundry list of Racketeering Violations

The more he bothers Cynthia abd causes problems and invades her privacy the easier it is to get evidence against him to convict and that again goes right over his head. Things don’t click for Perry the way they do everyone else. Our Shrink is concerned when the death penalty is sought, and it will be, he won’t qualify due to a low IQ. When most criminals start getting caught, they have the good sense to stop. Perry goes at it harder. He complains about being caught but isn’t getting it as to what he needs to do to not get caught and that would be to cease and desist unlawful conduct. He’s doing the same as robbing a donut shop full of cops. It is that stupid. He knows he’s being investigated and yet continues to act like he’s clueless then complains when he’s caught. Nothing he says or does even makes sense. It’s been so easy it’s not even fair.

A week ago an individual told Perry “I’ve seen her work. She’s good and we could sure use the help. I’m happy to give her a job but, let me make this clear. You will not use me to stalk her. You will not be a distraction. This is a business and she’s here to work and I need her focused on the job and not distracted with your drama. You will not get me to tell you anything she shares with me. You will not use me to get her car from her. We are very busy. This a business. We dont have time for the distractions of your drama. If that comes with the package, I’ll pass on the package. ” He tried again even this morning after this threat has been already duly noted for the record, not once but twice. What planet does someone like that live on?

Ten years into this and $25 million dollars plus later abd Perry has nothing to show for his time and money but rejection and his alleged criminal life is more discovered than ever. How is that a date? We think he thinks that word means something different than what that word actually means.

A witness tells us years ago “As long as I’ve known Charles, he trolls women. He finds women who are divorced with kids. He travels a lot and wont take his wife, Jackie, with him. He waits until they aren’t home. He then pays the landlord, maintenance or a lock smith to break in, he has hidden cameras installed then begins to sell ‘watch time’ of these women on the dark web. He gets them fired. He hacks and makes sure they can’t find work elsewhere. He interferes with family so when these women call family for help due to the income loss, the berate them. They won’t help. Then they lose their home, then he has the ex take the kids away. He is a sick man. He’s a sexually dysfunctional sadist. He enjoys getting women hysterical so he can go rub one out. I’m glad someone is finally putting a stop to it. I’m tired of sleeping with one eye opened. ”

Imagine how traumatizing that is for both women and kids to have to go through that. The torture, torment, and starvation of women and children broadcast all over the net all over the world caught the attention of people in power and now mire than ever in his life, Charles Perry et al and all his partners and investors are finally caught and being stopped. He messed with Cynthia, that’s the result.

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Charles Perry Continues To Pose A Threat To Citizens In Oklahoma

Another cease and desist email to Charles Perry et al attorneys. This email reviews all the Intel received over the past week from inside Perry’s camp of his intent to harass Cynthia, witness tamper, intimidate, retaliate, and coerce. All of these acts are as illegal and criminal and corrupt as it gets. He cannot get a grip on reality or control himself even after being caught in crime or planning crime more than ever for the first time in his pathetic bore of a life. Perry has been rejected by Cynthia for a decade now. She’s gone to great pains to get away from him a.d beat him off her with a legal stick and he has not the kind of power these guys getting this information from right up under his nose despite a whole lot of money he’s paid for a cover up he did not get have. They are on her side against him.

Her email below:

“This is your written notice that your client, Charles Perry, was again recorded discussing the following: 1) with potential clients in a new business venture I’ve been working on not to do business with me, which he could only know who those people are from hacking. 
2) Making sure I have no money to pursue appeals
3) Wanting me to be so broke I cannot even afford coffee so that I sleep enough for him to damage or harm my car. 
4) Discussing contacting OK State Police and Rogers County to have them pull me over and use the excuse that my headlight is out. My car was checked today by a mechanic to ensure all lights are working just fine and they are. We understand OK law enforcement is getting a little tired of being asked to stalk or harass me for you. That’s been an ongoing complaint for some time. Do remember one called my guys, who have been getting comments like this and recordings since the McNamara email of 2015 which was regarding the threat your client made to arrange a false arrest, which he then did. Oklahoma law enforcement works for Oklahoma tax payers, not creepy stalkers. The complaint specifically was, and this is now like the fifth time you’ve been notified in writing, “He called us and told us he wanted her arrested on harassment. They called us with all these accusations that we checked into and found to be baseless. There was nothing to it. No truth to it at all. What we did find is that Cyndi keeps to herself, doesn’t bother anyone and has tried very hard to get away from Perry and to get him to leave her alone. That’s all she does. It became then clear to us fairly quickly that the harassment was the other way around. We got so many calls from Mr. Perry, Mr. Powell, and Mr. Burson that it took time away from our work and investigating real crimes and it became very irritating. Cynthia had some things happen that we knew about because other people told us and she never called us. She never bothered us. She never reported any of it and she could have. What burned our phones up were those guys from Lubbock. It was very clear pretty fast the harassment was being done by them, not her. ” 
5) Your client was recorded discussing forcing me back to dancing, by calling potential customers on my new business venture to tell them not to do business with me, and then have the club raided. 
6) Your client was recorded many times talking to a gentleman that we know has a history with David Roberson in business, and telling him when he could give me money and when he could not. He gave me alone and after my Motion to Intervene for Officer Nealey was filed, he abruptly stopped. Just after and again there are recordings of conversations with him as well that I’ve heard. 
7) Your client has been recorded talking to my landlord. 
8) Your client has been recorded discussing other financial transactions that he only knows about who those were with through illegal means. 
9) My friends and family who have discussed frustration regarding your clients telling them when they can talk to me and what they can say have also begun to produce more evidence of illegal contact within the state of Oklahoma. I have been told my grandmother left me some money, my mom kept it but decided she wanted to go ahead and give it to me now, but your clients told her she could not. Not any of your business at all. 
These contacts are illegal and criminal and far outside social norms. Charles Perry has contacted me directly against my will, outside of counsel, and asked if Mike Nealey is one of his rats, if “Ron” is one of his rats, and some other people I dont’ know who they even are. Again, I’m not told who informants are. I have no idea who Ron is, who Ty is, and what even Mike Nealey would know to rat. I have no clue. That information is confidential and between the Officers taking the information and the person giving it. I have no idea. I’m not told and why he keeps asking me is bazaar. I don’t know. I wouldn’t tell him if I did. These officers have protected me for nearly a decade so I’m not going to walk into a death trap by blowing information as to who they are that would compromise their investigation. That doesn’t even make sense. 
I’m not going to lie for your client. If he were to try to force me to do some type of  press conference the first words out of my mouth would be, “I’m being forced against my will to lie. Charles Perry wants me to read a statement, none of which is true. I’m under duress. I’m being bullied and these are not my words.” I would not in a million years lie for him. He doesn’t mean anything to me at all, but for he’s the bad guy who will not just go away and leave everyone in Oklahoma alone. 
Cease and desist. You’ve been told and told and told and told and told that this information comes in by the droves daily. You do what you do, but please know, your conduct is very offensive, illegal, disgusting, and upsetting to everyone else. We realize you all think its cute, but everyone else is pretty sick and tired of it. 
This is a legal notice and demand. “

Who has the kind of power to get her this information establishing pre-meditation or The McNamara email or the Fabian puzzle or to know how many times Charles Perry has gone hunting with Judge Cummings? That power has done more to fight Charles Perrys crime than anyone he knows and that power is for her. They are on her side against what he’s putting her through. He’s not been able to stop them or get any information at all as to who it is or who they are working with to get this information.

The McNamara Email Established Pre-meditation On Perry’s Intent To Commit Fraud In Court To Arrange Cynthia’s False Arrest
The Fabian Puzzle This puzzle was a word search Cynthia ordered in jail when Perry had her false arrested as he threatened, months after the McNamara email was sent. She followed the law and he had her charged in Lubbock for doing what he knew was required by law in Oklahoma where she lives. He made her sit illegally detained for two months, the dismissed charges a year and a half later. He’s been sued 3 times but never allows discovery or any trial on the merits. He instead has ex parte hearings, won’t allow her in the Court to testify or review evidence she submitted like The McNamara email to the Court of cross examine him. He goes in making sure she’s not there and makes backroom deals to get her claims dismissed. Like we said, the cops getting all this to her know exactly how many times Charles Perry has gone hunting with Judge Sam Cummings. This puzzle perfectly depicts Perry as the temporary selfish butt in that he is. Fabian is the man she wants in her life. That’s not just some random e name intersecting with the word HOPE. It’s his name. “Boo” depicts a private joke Cynthia has had with these officers since long before she met Perry and the fear Perry causes everyone else. “Sad” depicts how sad his actions make everyone at what he puts her through. He’s a criminal. He’s cruel. He’s a sexual sadist. He gets enjoyment causing drama and problems and loss. He’s been caught though now more than ever in his life by the officers that got this puzzle to Cynthia in jail. It was not just some random time her life. It was then. These words are very specific to her. They aren’t just in the same book, this was a word search book of puzzles, or on the same page but they are arranged very specific to her. Who has that kind of power? Not Charles Perry.
Perry has been interfering with Cynthia income and threatening her car for now a decade. He again has been recorded asking someone to make sure she is so broke that she can’t even buy coffee to get her sleeping a lot so he can get to her car. He’s vandalized it, caused accidents and does what stalkers who have no life do. They impose. They make a burden of themselves. They are rejects who fail to just be normal and move on. No doubt Perry’s kids have been rejected a time or two. Police are rejected a time or two in fact divorce rate among police is very high so they don’t act like drama queens. They move on. There is no patience for what Charles Perry is doing to Cynthia and her family in his pathetic attempts to force himself on a woman who has gone to great lengths to get away from him. This is pissing people off and people with more power in their little pinky toe than Perry will ever have. He’s rejected. Everyone else just moves on then no need for a corrupt cover up. He fails every day at just doing the normal we all do without even trying.

Use allegedly where it applies.

Click here to see documents in support of claims Herein.

We cannot stress enough that all this crap Perry does to Cynthia is intended to intimidate force and coerce a lie. Click this link for more info

Click here to see audio and video evidence Cynthia was never allowed into any of the three courtrooms to show in her own law suits.

Click here to see Perry’s acts showing consciousness of guilt on potentially two counts of attempted murder.

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Charles Perry Recorded Discussing Forcing Her Entire Family To Sue Her In Another Effort To Force Her To Do And Say What He Demands Against Her Will, Intent To Tamper and Coerce Through Fraud and Litigation Harassment

Several updates are posted below

March 23, 2021 -Perry again interferes with Cynthia ability to appeal. He has been interfering in all civil proceedings from day one, illegally, so this is just more to add to what we already have. This blog alone covers 4 to 5 years of events, dates and times of Charles Perry’s criminal activity. He’s told on because he so badly disturbs people with what he is putting Cynthia and her family through. Never been more told on in his life. Click links below

Update March 19, 2021. Perry got caught on trying to isolate Cynthia from her family and now again today trying to again arrange a second false arrest and violate her rights and was wanting to know if she’s read her college Criminal Justice textbook covering prisoner rights. Recorded again.

“It’s public that he was trying again to arrange a second false arrest since the first one didn’t work out and violate my rights while I was there hoping I wouldnt know the difference. He got caught planning a crime against me again.” We’re he not hacking he wouldn’t know what class she was taking or what was in her text book in order to ask these questions. The more he invades her privacy, contacts her, causes duress, stress, problems, drama and loss the easier it is to get this information on his intent to cause harm to prove pre-meditation to cause malicious harm. He intends to coerce. That is his goal. He’s demanded she lie. She’s refused despite having suffered and suffered and suffered loss after after loss because she won’t. See more at the link below:

Cop in Oklahoma tells cops from somewhere else that have been protecting Cynthia that he is hearing people are tired of Perrys drama and want him gone. He gives warning for Cynthia safety. See link below

Basically Charles Perry has attempted to entrap Cynthia and that was addressed by a Judge. See link below:

From the same police investigating Charles Perry on many other criminal matters, who provided all this here, he is recorded again today.

My cop friend said “We got a recording of Charles telling individuals I’ll not disclose at this time who.they are but I’m sure you can guess that he wanted your entire family to sue you, to isolate you, to alienate you thinking that would force you into his bribe and lie. He’s running some pretty suck fantasies through his mind and discussing them with other people and trying to force your family to help him force this in you. They have been threatened and harassed to death same as you have. He’s really gone monster on this this one and it is fraud and we will put him in prison for this in addition to everything else when we complete this investigation into his entire criminal organization. He is to leave you and your family alone. This will just be another charge. It is intimidation, coercion, tampering and fraud and he will be charged. “

If they move forward with what they discussed in this recording my cop friends just got about an hour ago, it will be another criminal charges. They are to cease and desist all contact with me and everyone I know immediately or they will be charged.
What they still are not getting us that leaks come from angry people at watching what they are putting me through and my family. The more Perry contacts me, invades my privacy, butts into things he shouldnt even know about and causes loss the quicker and easier we get information like this. I can’t keep having to repeat myself.

It’s filed under “Let’s See If He Does It” and tagged “fraud” . It’s another threat and duly noted for the record. “

Emailed and documented Perry’s next cruelty.

Tends to support the evaluations of mental health experts who call Perry a sadist, erotomatic delusional stalker, antisocial, sociopath.

For his efforts for the past ten years what Perry ends up with are these recordings of him planning some hideous crime against his target, no chance of a date with her and told on more than ever in his life because what he’s doing is bothering and disturbing people so they leak and it goes to police and ends up here and some other places too within law enforcement. He has no idea who leaks or to who in law enforcement they leak.

See one shrink’s comments at link below:

The cop tells us “They were recorded and we just got it, discussing the intent to overwhelm you with so many Plaintiffs you won’t have money to fight it. They want your entire family as Plaintiffs to make you feel overwhelmed enough to feel coerced, forced and in duress enough to lie. Perry is intent on forcing you to lie. That’s a crime. If he does this, he will be charged with a crime as will his attorneys and co conspirators. He pissed everyone off again with this vicious attack on you and we got the recording of him planning it, thankfully. They discussed complete diversity, amount in controversy and this is a strategy to coerce and intimidate you.” The police tell Cynthia Ortiz.
You dont do stuff like this if the witness is wrong. You only intimidate witnesses who have something of value. She’s right about Lucky’s murder. They implicate themselves the more they try to do to intimidate witnesses, coerce lies, and cover up their crimes and they do that constantly. “

Quote from Cynthia’s email:

The judge granting investigatory orders said “Why has Mrs Perry not gotten her husband into a by now? She has the legal authority to have him admitted. He’s clearly a danger to himself and others.” The Shrink said “She may be a victim of his abuse too.” He said “At this point there is, in my opinion no excuse for that because once she has him admitted the abuse against her is over. I want her charged too when you guys are done with your investigation and ready to file charges. As far as I’m concerned her failure to act in the best interest of even her own family is aiding and abetting. She needs to be charged as well and her attorney can explain to the Courts why their client let this go on so long in her own house and she did not take the appropriate actions to deal with it as a reasonable prudent individual and you and I both know Perry needs to thank his lucky stars Cynthia rejected him because had she not we all know she would have. We have heard locals in Oklahoma speak to that as well so it appears to me to be common knowledge that were Cynthia in that position she would have had Mr Perry admitted and probably many years ago. ” 
So Jackie is in some trouble too. “

More from her email here:

For some time the police on the need to know, referred to as McNamara Cops” sometimes, have obtained recordings of Charles Perry first discussing “There won’t be a new home for her or a new car. Make sure she can’t get that.” Remember this is the individual who claims he’s not a stalker. He claimed Oklahoma Courts have no jurisdiction. Only after a very big fight was I able to move forward. Then the comments on recordings were “See she can’t complain now. She got what she wanted. ” The response “Did you not see how hard she had to fight just to get a little bitty place to live and a little bitty car. Whatever she has, she has to fight with him to get it and then once she gets it, she has to fight like hell to keep it. This is a grown woman in a free country fight a guy she wants nothing to do with just to have the little bit she has then to keep it. He is not supposed to be in her life at all much less trying to make decisions as to what she can and cannot have. That’s just wrong. ” 
Later Perry was recorded stating “I should never have let her sign a lease. Get her kicked out. Get her out of Oklahoma. ” He wanted a family member to try to talk me into leaving the state. There were discussion.s about where he’d make me move to, and realtors consulted on housing. He told his guys “Get her car away from her and get her kicked out. Get her a bus pass and then she will call me and do what I tell her. They discussed forcing me to move to New Mexico, back to Vegas, Miami, but he wants me out if Oklahoma. Again this is a stalker, not someone I want in my life at all much less making decisions like this. Why would he care where I live? What’s it to him? He’s got an agenda. It’s not good. It’s cruel. Again he’s already testified he has no contacts giving Oklahoma Courts jurisdiction over him. This is an injury. Nothing in my life is any of his business. It’s the same thing as if Boy George fell in love with you, put cameras in your house, had you followed, started trying to get you fired or kicked out of your home, take your car, had meetings with your friends and family and asked them to help hurt you. Imagine what would you do if some person you didn’t like put you through all that because they decided they could and that’s how it was going to be and did it against your will. What would you do? Thank God I have help. That’s all I can say. I’ve done all one can do to try to get away from this whackjob. 
The next thing I knew is the landlord did do a few things Perry was recorded talking about having them do. Now because my family is here, Perry’s conversations over this weekend we’re since asking them to talk me into leaving the state either was nixed for some reason or they refused he discussed a major law suit in which he wanted them all added as Plaintiffs. They discussed whether or not to file the suit in Texas, NM, or Oklahoma. They discussed the amount in controversy being over $75000. They discussed the fact that they wanted the lawsuit to bury me in so many Plaintiffs and hurt me so deeply that I couldn’t fight back and would finally lie for him. He said in the recording “I want her buried so deep in Plaintiffs so that she has no money to fight them all and it cuts her off from her family so she will do what I tell her. ” Again not a person I want in my life at all much less making these kinds of decisions. He’s way overstepping his bounds and this is not only “just wrong” as the guy put it, it’s flat out bazaar. This is abuse. It is domestic violence. It is intended to cause emotional and financial distress. The fact that he does such hideous things to me on an ongoing basis is the reason people tell on him. 
Our shrink spoke to this weeks ago. “When you care about any person at all just as a person and you are asked to do something to hurt another human being and something you know is wrong, that request in and of itself is psychological torture. It causes one to feel stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, they are uncomfortable, they feel creeped out, and disgusted and scared. If they weren’t scared they wouldn’t do it. He’s threatening to ruin businesses and have people false arrested the same as he did to Cynthia. He’s intimidating people, and that is a crime, or there is no way they’d help him at all much less cause such hurtful devastation . He’s a sadist. This a sexual enjoyment for him. Again he couldn’t do it if it wasn’t. He sees it as a relationship because he and only he gets a sexual gratification from doing things to other people that you and I consider heinous and unthinkable. For some when they have seen no way out of what they view is a hard and horrible situation they don’t wish to be in, if we are able to reach out to those individuals without being detected, we have no problem getting full cooperation. We relieve their suffering they feel by being asked to cause someone else suffering. This is for all normal human beings so imagine how much worse it is for Cynthias family and her friends are as tired of watching Perry cause suffering and want for her happiness same as anyone does for their friends and family. It is Psychological torture for both Cynthia and whoever is asked to cause her harm. ” 
One of my friends at work who was asked to harm me told me of what she was asked to do and said “You know it goes against who I am to hurt another person.  I can’t do it. I can’t imagine why he’d want to do somethimg like this to you. I dont understand. I think you are dealing with someone who is wired so fucked up that one strand breaks and he would flip out and do something like shoot up school. I feel like he’s that miswired. Like it scares me. I feel like Mr Perry is that miswired and one wrong move he snaps and you got dead people everywhere but at the same time I cannot hurt you like he asked. I don’t know what to do. You tell me. ” I said “Tell him someone.else intervened and you weren’t able to. ” Whether she did or not I dint know. Next thing I knew, she quit and went to work somewhere else. She just left. That is how deep the disgust goes here with this creep and his delusions imposed on am entire community of good normal people who are sickened by what he’s doing and I have also asked my police friends to include an arrest warrant for Jackie when they.are ready to move forward. There are other people involved in his “business”. They dont want to have any need to plea bargain to get information on other people. They already want all the names and already have a case built against each one so high there is no possibility of a not guilty verdict or them re-entering society ever. That takes longer. Unfortunately it takes longer but at the end of the day the results will be freedom. People who Charles would have robbed of a future will have their future bright and cheery before them with out him in the way. 
He’s told on because his conduct so deeply disturbs that those who tell are sick and disgusted and not tolerant of how hideous he is to me and other people. Never in his life has he had this kind of investigatory body up his ass at all times. He’s not getting it even yet. As many times as I’ve quoted him verbatim while he’s in some meeting asking someone to commit a serious crime and injury to me, it’s still not clicking for him. Nobody understands that. We had five doctors review his case and all five not only believe he’s mentally ill but severely  clinically mentally retarded not to be able to put that together in his head by now. “If you hurt people, you will be told on. You have have no idea who tells or who in law enforcement they tell but you will be told on and you will go to jail. ” That does not click for him at all. Something is clearly wrong with the intellect, logic, and reasoning part of his brain. They want a brain scan. “If you hurt people, they wont like you. ” Also not clicking. “If you invade privacy, you will be known as a sex pervert and not liked. If are mean, nobody will help you be mean. ” Things like that we all learned and understood about social norms and acceptable civilized conduct are not clicking for Charles. Even when I’ve said “You have no chance ever at a date with me. You call any of my ex’s and they will tell you how they treated me to win my heart. Not peeling, not butting in where you dint belong, not crossing boundaries, not taking my family away, not putting me in jail, not taking my car. They did none of what you obsess about doing that I find repulsive. ” This is basic normal knowledge that no one should have to explain to a man of his age at all much less repeatedly and he still can’t grasp that concept. He still doesn’t get it. Goes right over his head thus, the medical preliminary evaluation. Criminologists, criminal psychologist, neurologists and so on can act as consultants for police and gear the very same recordings I’ve heard and make an evaluation. Perry truly believes his own bullshit. He thinks by forcing me against my will to leave my family after he’s threatened and harassed them to death and do things not even normal humans do, I would then call him and do what he wants. Why would he think that? Has he met me? You do that, you will piss me off and I’ll find a legal to fuck you up so bad you won’t recover. That’s me. I don’t bend over for sickos or corrupt like Perry. I don’t do it. I never have. I will get in his face and make him cry for him mamma. Nobody has done more to fight his crime than my team and I. He’s been caught in alleged crime more than ever before in his life since he met me. What does that tell you about how I handle low lifes like him? He’s not the first I’ve handled and he won’t be the last. You fight crime and you relieve suffering or like cancer it will cause death of some sort. I am my Granddad’s Granddaughter (former Police Chief in Roswell NM where I grew up) to my core. I could have taken the bribe long ago. So could my cop friends. They have stood face to face with Perry getting him to divulge all kinds of information and he had no idea. He thought they were voters. Had they wanted a bribe, they would have said something then. 
So all this Perry has tried to do comes down to attempts to coerce. It’s not just creepy stalking of a delusional erotomaniac. It is tampering and attempts to coerce. Why coerce someone who doesn’t know where the bodies are? Why coerce someone who is wrong about Chief Millers murder? What does a reject care about where I live? What I drive? He testified he has no connections to this state giving this state’s courts jurisdiction. Perry is dying for me check dockets. There is not a day that he isn’t pushing that, so why? What corrupt thing did he do that he wants me to see that badly? I will look when I’m told by police to look, not when Perry pushes. Where I live and what I drive and my job is none of his business and doest concern him or he needs to hold a press conference to notify the public that he intentionally lied under oath in a Court of Law about his true activities in the forum state of Oklahoma. Meantime there are 35 guys investigating him that got me all this information that know exactly what Perry is doing in the forum state of Oklahoma and Florida. 
This email is to document the information contained herein to establish intent and pre-meditation to commit come against me, Cynthia Ortiz, in the forum state of Oklahoma where I live by my own choice and free will. “

More here: “

From what I’ve been told, and these are the same police that gave me The McNamara email and everything since, their prosecutor is so disgusted by the fact that I’ve not been heard in any hearing and at the Orders with no explaination, just a signature. I said “A five year old can sign their name on a piece of paper” He said “or a monkey. Where is the evaluation of your evidence, facts, and standard applied with case precedence in any of these orders at all. In my case we aren’t giving him a plea deal option. We will go straight to trial because I’m going to make sure you are heard. This is bullshit. ” 
So you do what you do. Know what the consequences are when you do it.”

More from her email: “I’m not commenting on smoking, but to say my house has always smelled wonderful no matter where I live and I’m always complimented on that. Since he is peeping he can tell everyone whether or not I smoke inside my home. He can explain that one. I won’t comment in it one way or the other.
That is a sick crime, by the way to peep on women.  Since he’s a peeping tom, he can tell everyone whether I smoke inside and explain why my home smells like it smells and how the hell he would know any of that. “

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More on Charles Perrys threats and acts attempting coercion here

Perry has, over the past few days, harassed Cynthia and harrassed and harrassed her about checking the Dockets. Is he expecting her to be happy about whatever corrupt thing he did that will show up there? Is he that delusional? Why do something like that? Why in the hell would anyone do something like that?

More Perry Uncovered Up Cover Up Here

Click here to see Perry’s constant threat to Cynthias car

Click here to see Motion To Intervene Filed On Behalf Of Officer Nealey Which Is The Reason Perry Has Engaged In Coercion And Tampering