“I Sure Wish We Could Prove Who The Poster Is On That Blog and Facebook Page”

There is a thin line between a vigorous defense and executing judicial duties and conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, perjury and fraud upon a court. That may also include “accessory after the fact” on attempted murder and murder in the first. ” It would be wise not to cross that line. Cynthia’s email in response the question as to who posts what documenting the crimes alleged against Cynthia and Perry et al’s other victims herein.

All communications, emails, texts and so forth of mine from 2011 to now are about stalking and have nothing to do with politics. I didn’t live in Perry’s district ever. I lived in Frullo’s. I left by the time Perry ran for Senate. He represents 3% of the population in the state of Texas and that voter demographic is 86% Republican. I grew up in the home of the Police Chief and an elected official and the power in the town of Roswell, NM where I lived. Perry was the new guy. He hadn’t even voted prior to running for office. I helped him win. I had connections long before he ran for office. I had no need for his help with anything. He needed my help meeting and forming relationships with people I knew years before he crawled out from under his rock to run for office. My government reform work was Federal not state or State Board of Education in Texas, which is an entirely different body from the legistature. 

All my clients were as conservative as he. Nobody will be elected in that district if they aren’t just like Perry on the issues and to spend resources and time trying to unseat him would be a waste because the 86% Republican voters in that district demand a conservative Republican representative. State efforts in NM for monitoring of “church camps” or religious based drug rehab facilities began in 2012, not in Texas, but New Mexico. Perry is not a public servant in New Mexico. There was no issue that I needed his help with that he refused and had there been somethingI would have gone to one of the hundreds of people that were established, had rapport built already, not the new guy. There are no emails, texts, rants on facebook or twitter about Perry’s politics. He doesn’t matter. He was never relevant to me at all. If he was called about anything, it was out of courtesy to him, not need.

I not only helped him get elected but put together a fundraiser for him and Frullo when working with Ben Campbell on a campaign for the Texas Chiropractic Association.All she did was put the event together. No calls were made after that event to any legislator in Texas asking them to support anything the Texas Chiropractic Association sought legislative changes on. It was just the event which was a fundraiser for Perry and Frullo.  

Pulling up behind my home to watch me in my backyard was not only creepy but out of line and not part of his legislative duties. Going to restaurants looking for me because he knew I left my home, due to his voyeurism problems and not knowing where I went, since I left my hacked phone he used to GPS me, also not what one needs to do to pass a law in Texas. I moved twice to get away from him and kept my mouth shut but to a few close friends, most of whom didn’t live in Lubbock, or even Texas, from 2011 to 2014 giving Perry plenty of time to comply with the law, comply with his stated moral values, and leave me the hell alone. I movedto avoid a conflict. I had to start my life all over again, uproot a child who had already been through profound loss because of Mr. Perry’s sadistic attackon my family, and start us all over to avoid all contact and a conflict.

He continued to stalk. I sought in 5/2015 a Protective Order. It was denied due to my failure to bring the police report. (Marler v Kloeher. )In August 2015 two police came to my work and told me Perry was just looking for a way to have me arrested. They said, “That’s not really why we signed up to be police. We said “no” to that, but that doesn’t mean he won’t find an asshole who will try to do that to you and you are asweetheart and I’m sorry he’s putting you through that. We can’t do anything more than this. He got to the boss.” I then sent a letter in that regard to the US Attorney in August, 2015 and that letter and proof of receipt is on all dockets in all lawsuits.

In October, 2015 David Roberson came to my work and threatened to put me in the lake if I didn’t recant my claims. I started getting ill afterdrinking drinks at work that were unattended briefly while I performed work duties. I bought Charcoal to curtail symptoms. All texts between Dave and I were about stalking and me arguing literally for my life. Again, nothing political is mentioned and by this time, I was long gone from Lubbock and nothing Perry did politically had or has now, a thing to do with me. I’ve not voted, registered to vote or worked on any campaigns or donated money toany campaigns since 2012. I had to drop out suddenly of all of that because of Perry’s stalking.

On January 16, 2016 the stalking and harassment escalated. There was video evidence of that escalation, which they destroyed and Powell made no effort to preserve as is required by law, statute, and rule. There was evidence in my blood and hair of poisoning. He also destroyed that evidence and Powell also made no effort to preserve it. That would have proved attempted murder. Had they not poisoned me, they would have made sure I was tested and had a press conference to wave around negative test results to prove their story. Insteadthey made sure there was no test, by physical force, perjury and deception on the court, prevented and delayed the reporting of the crime against them, held me illegally in Lubbockfor two months while that poison worked its way out of my system. I filed a police report on January 21, 2016 in compliance with OK law, being my Protective Order was denied dueto my failure to bring it with me to court in May, 2015. They filed charges of “filing a false police report in retaliation for a public servant doing his job as a public servant”, on January 29, 2016 and I was arrested on that day and taken out of Oklahoma, away from Oklahoma law enforcement where the crime occurred and was reported. Why Jim Hansen signed offon an arrest report without the proper evidence to support the crime alleged is in question currently. 

I have texts and emails from October, 2015 to right up to the day of my false arrest telling anyone and everyone that Perry was threatening a false arrest. The US Attorneywas told this in August, 2015 after those two police officers warned me. While I was in jail, Powell and Perry got braggy, told everyone they intended to send me home, harass the hell out of me, then claim they were being harassed when I complained. All the other inmates heard about it, maybe from their own attorneys, got all pissed off about it and told me. They also said, “He’s hacked you they said, and he will tweet from your phone. Look into Flexispy or get rid of your phone.” My ex husband disconnected my phone immediately when he picked me up to take me home. The phone was in his name. Justice Scalia was the Judge on that Court who upheld First Amendment Rights more than the rest, he happened to be in West Texas while they were planning that and died. Immediately, Former DC Homicide Commander William O. Richie questioned why post mortem protocol was not followed by West Texas law enforcement as it would have been had he died in DC. We were allin West Texas all right then at the same time while they were planning to perpetrate another fraud on a court, this time, the highest court of the land. They did exactly that, harass the hell out of me and vandalized. They have many times and that just after Perry expressed intent to do so, there is a recording and arising email and post on facebook about that specific threat. Posting that is not a crime.

The vandalism was reported to Mannford PD on November 4, 2019 as “suspect unknown” but might be relatedto a stalker problem with whom I had an ongoing lawsuit against. 6 days later, November 10, 2019, Chief Miller is beat to death and the responding officer to my complaint accused of his murder, even though, we all know it is not humanly possible to beat a man to death while drugged and unconscious and end up with not a mark on you. I told the Florida States Attorney in January, 2020 and again in March, 2020 that Officer Nealey could not have killed Chief Miller because he’d been drugged and wasn’t tested before countermeasures were administered, first responders said in May, 2020 they gave him Narcan for drug overdose, not treat him for being knocked out in a fight, which changed the chemical make up in Nealey’s body causing him to “come to” rendering his blood evidence also altered. I was harassed and attacked even worse once I came to Officer Nealey’s side to support his innocence, which wouldn’t have concerned Perry et al, if they had nothing to do with that murder in fact if they had nothing to do with that murder, they toowould have come out and said, “This is a police officer and we support our police. Clearly someone did something to Cynthia’s car and it wasn’t us. We’d like to find outwho did this. Clearly Officer Nealey could not have committed this crime, and we’d like to use our power to find out who did this.” But that’s not what they did.

What they did is attack me and now, I’d like to hear one more time,”I wish we could prove who the poster is on this Facebook page.” referring to the Justice4Cyn site that chapters and verses stalking, harassment, RICO violations, and so forth, committed against Cynthia and Perry’s other victims none of which posting about these crimes does not qualify as criminal activity. Talking about crime is not a crime in any state at all. So, please do again ask that question. One more time ask who it is posting because we all know that’s the important thing, not repeat offending, not murder in the first degree, not violating women and children, not sexual exploitationof women and children and not some delusional old fart forcing his ick and slime and delusion all over a woman and her family who want not a damn thing to do with him. Please do ask thatquestion again. We dare you. “

Who is the criminal? OJ Simpson or people who tweeted about OJ Simpsons offenses? He was acquitted in the criminal case but found guilty in the civil wrongful death suit. Which jury is crazy? Which jury, in Matthew Powell’s medical professional opinion belongs in the nut house? Is practicing medicine without examination of a patient or the license to do so not a violation of the medical practices act in all 50 states? Which jury should go to jail for their carefully reasoned out determination ? These men have deflected by demanding people see them as victims when they get told on and telling about crime has never been a crime. This conduct has everyone highly upset and irritated but it’s typical of the monsters we are dealing. A society is defined by the way they deal with the monsters among them and this is not being tolerated. We understand they dint like that but they aren’t the crowd we seek to please. “As Lawmen (and women) we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime .” Former Roswell, NM Police Chief L.M. Hall, Cynthia’s Granddaddy. That’s the final word on that as far as we are concerned and anything less is simply not acceptable in the civilized society, under the statute, rule and laws of the United States or any state in this United States. It is simply corruption and we don’t tolerate corruption here. We also don’t tolerate mediocrity or gender bias. We don’t drive covered wagons any more. Misogyny is as bad as racism. Stalking is a crime in all 50 states as is voyeurism and hacking, RICO Violations and attempted murder and murder. These people reoffend. They can’t control themselves. That is evident in the facts of this case, supporting evidence and acts showing consciousness of guilt of these men. Who talks about the crime is not the issue or the crime. The individuals asking that question are irritating those who are not ignorant.

Click here to see evidence of all alleged herein.

Click here to see Cynthia’s Communications with friends going back to 2011 about Mr Perry’s stalking not political issues.

Click here to see the “Harassment Email” of April, 2018

Disclaimer: Use allegedly. Apply the “but for” and “reasonable prudent person” standard. We assert all Constitutional Rights.

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