Police Recordings Perry Blocked From Publishing Or In His Case He Just Obstructed Justice

If police want something out and a hacker blocks it from being published, that hacker would then need to worry about not just legal problems with hacking, but obstruction of justice as well. Perry cannot seem to just leave everyone alone and let his attorney handle his legal troubles.

Police Recording:

“So let me get this straight, she moves twice to come up here to get away from this prick. He comes up here, never sees her because she won’t see him. She rejected him. He puts cameras in her home and just goes around telling people they are either married or engaged, depending on who hes’ talking to? Did I understand that righ?” “Yep” “Loony toon as they get. She sued him 3 times.” “With all her time and money. Every ounce she has. All extra all of it if there is any and if there isn’t, she just don’t eat. ” Anonymous Witness

Rarely do I confirm or deny someone else’s comments or speculation but this one is correct and I will confirm it. Perry has created a tremendous amount of animosity against him up in Oklahoma. He’s very cruel. People have no idea just how cruel he really is but I’ll tell you this, there is a little girl who goes in her parents bedroom and sits on dad’s side so she can feel close to him because he’s gone with all kinds of things running through her little mind she wishes she could talk to him about and she can’t. He’s gone. And a young man who does the same thing, only his dad is alive but in prison falsely accused wondering where is God in all of this. You do the right thing and the wrong thing happens, where is God in that? Perry did that to those children and to mine. We will never be the same. He just wants to know who told. That’s his concern is who told.

He’s going to have to prove out his schedule and make the argument that he doesn’t live here whether he gets that or not, and I can tell you he’s not getting it. “

Cynthia Ortiz

Perry’s alleged crimes have been caught more than ever in his life since he targeted Cynthia. She is Chief Halls granddaughter and that means something even if Perry is too slow to get that. She’s put out quite a lot about what he was up to before he actually did the act. Talking about committing a crime isn’t a crime. However, once the act is committed, talking about it first to plan it constitutes malicious intent and Premeditation. The most significant of all she’s said beforehand are two things:

1) Mike Nealey was drugged. He slept through that fight. That explains why he was found unconscious, can’t recall anything, and has no injuries consistent with a man who just beat someone to death and why nobody heard him the first time hotel staff checked the room after a noise complaint was made. Lucky only opened the door wide enough to see his face and he had no need to conceal the other registered guest, Mike Nealey.

2) Mike wasn’t tested for drugs, like Opioid, prior to being given Narcan. He was tested after he was given Narcan.

3) She was emailing the Florida States Attorney before that information was obtained in depositions of first responders in May, 2020 and hadn’t been made public on the docket yet. She said it in January, 2020 in an email and again in March, 2020. It hit the docket for the public to see in June and July, 2020.

Perry is not understanding the significance of that.

Once Cynthia was deposed and once she filed any statement on the Court docket at all in her own civil litigation or Officer Nealey’s, any attempts to change her testimony by way of causing duress or offering enticements would also constitute retaliation and tampering with a witness and Perry’s attorneys are not effective in getting that across to their client but our prosecutor will be more than happy to make that clear. She wants no invasion of her privacy, no contact with or from Perry at all and his conduct is inappropriate, illegal, and far far outside all”rudimentary norms of social conduct” to the extent of being flat out bazaar.

If a criminal is recorded talking about robbing a certain bank on Monday at 4:30 PM, he’s told he’s caught planning that robbery and that police will be there waiting, and he does it anyways, what is wrong with someone like that? Perry’s done that very thing repeatedly.

Cynthia referenced a criminologists theory, John Wrights Biosocial Theory, which he used to explain high crime numbers amongst African Americans. She vehemently disagrees with the application of that theory for that sect of the population and it does seem ludicrous to apply that Theory to an entire ethnic group and borderline racist. However the theory itself for certain criminals would apply and this is that. He contends that some thrill seeking criminals show a deficit in executive functions and have a low IQ, and no self control. They are therefore fail to follow “rudimentary norms of social conduct” appropriate moral conduct”. The theory in general appears to apply here, and these Texas hillbillies are all white boys, by the way.

Click here to see more on Wrights crime theory.

See more information with evidence in support of claims asserted herein here:



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