Dragon Slayers Relieve Suffering Caused By Crime – You Will Hurt No More

Cynthia’s Email Giving Her Motive And Intent and What Is In Her Heart and No Person But Her Speaks For Her

“All this case is about for me is my Granlaw’s legacy, relieve suffering caused by crime. In the face of such massive adversity and a crew of such wicked men I cannot even describe the level of the evil and the suffering they have caused, being under threat daily, I’ve not wavered. I’ve not even considered it. His legacy did not come easy. I’m not about to compromise that for these men who have no self control and who offend and think nothing of it. Lin, my dad, had he not had issues with substance abuse would have made a great cop. I used to watch in amazement at his ability to Sherlock anything, get people giving up pertinent  information without them realizing that’s what they just did. 

I’m in this for a reason. My background in politics and growing up in law enforcement and having the “F you” personality that I have. You push me all you do is piss me off. I don’t subjugate. It’s not in me. My brain is wired completely opposite of subjugation. You just piss me off and I fight harder to put a stop to that which devastates other people’s lives and mine. Who better to catch these particular bad guys than me and I have like no one else in their lives ever has. 

In coming to the assist of Mike Nealey who just took a complaint for car vandalism 6 days before he almost died and was accused of murder, as I looked over testimony and evidence what he was accused of was not just not plausible but not possible. If what he was accused of happened then he did something no man on earth has ever pulled off. He, while drugged and unconscious, beat a guy to death and ended up with not one injury anywhere on him.  Internal decapitation. Blunt force trauma to the head. Extensive damage over his head neck and face were Chief Miller’s injuries and the arrest report said the only injuries were a red swollen right hand. He had an IV in that hand. A needle from an IV might cause that. Even so you cannot beat a guy to death with only one hand. He had a busted lip unrelated to the deadly fight. Hotel staff pulled him off Chief Miller and threw him face first into the floor. I told the Florida States Attorney in March 2020 in an email “Officer Nealey was drugged and not given a full tox before counter measures. Depositions confirming that were not taken until May, 2020 and not on the docket for the public to see until June. I was supposed to testify. Perry et al went at me. Why do that if you had not a thing to do with that murder? They weren’t named as suspects in the vandalism report. Officer Nealey was told “No one saw who did this. I’m suing 5 men who have stalked me and threatened my car specifically. This might be their way of letting me know they can get in my car, but we don’t know that for sure. ” 6 days later the fatal event occurs. I went a week with no electricity. I took cold showers. I had very little food. I was deposed but not called to testify and my testimony was favorable to the accused. It is the alternative theory and the more likely one. I filed 2 Third Party Motions to Intervene. There should have been hearings on those and in part a decision made as to whether or not I had standing to file them. There was nothing. He’s found guilty. His life is ruined. Suffering caused by crime. Had someone told me “If you step up here and help Officer Nealey, you will suffer bad. ” I’d do it again. Nothing has changed. Perry goes at me everyday all the time, still going at my money and my car abd my privacy, still trying to find a way to do a second false arrest. Witness and victim tampering. Coercion. Subjugation. I provided an assist to an Officer down and I’ve not given up despite the attack. Had not they not done that murder there would be no attack. They wouldn’t care. 

I’m in Criminal Justice class in college. I have a 3.89 GPA while I’m going through all this. My Granlaw’s legacy means something to me that we have power. My family was the power in Roswell where I grew up but he taught us that power is in service not being Hitler. Relieve suffering caused by crime. Look the victim in the eye and let them know “We got the monster hurting you and you will hurt no more. ” That’s what this is about for me. Former Roswell PD Police Chief L.M. Hall, Captain of Detectives, L.G. Hall, my Great Granddad got it done and they got it done right. If everyone else screws it up and bad mouths me out of jealousy or they are in it to, fine. So be it. I’m getting it right because I’m Chief Hall’s Granddaughter and that’s how he lived. His legacy means something to me because it didn’t come easy. What legacy do you leave for your family? Will they be proud of you like I am my family? No hero can come from things just being easy. Only in a fight for justice and peace and freedom and the kind where you have to use everything in you, dig deep, to pull out every ounce of strength you have, all the love for people and their well being you have, every ounce of hate and distain for that which threatens all things good in this world to be able to do this.

So, for all that, we go forward. We believe God is who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do and know His plans for us are good. He equipped me for such a time as this. They have harmed more than is tolerated in this civilized society because the monsters among us tell us who we are not just who they are. How we deal with them defines who we are as a society. So deal with them in a way that brings joy to the suffering. Get it right or go home. Slay the dragon and slay it like a boss. It’s your legacy. Here Am I. Send Me.

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” — Anthony Robbins”

“Chief Miller didn’t die in a drunken brawl. He gave his life for mine. He died in the line of duty and his family deserves to have that legacy. ” – – Cynthia Ortiz

Click here to see the pain of the community of Mannford Charles Perry so selfishly Alledgedly caused trying to get out of a stalking law suit and cover up alleged crime. He killed a cop, allegedly.

See more information with evidence in support of claims asserted herein here:



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