We Just Need Her To Apologize

Charles Perry has long tried to coerce and force Cynthia to apologize against her will. She’s sorry he’s a cruel criminal asshole. That’s the only apology he will ever get. More below on his acts attempting to coerce. He’s been busy this month.

Here we go again 10/22/21 at 1am, with Perry going at Cynthia’s car.
Just recorded talking to a tow truck guy.

More from yesterday and again with the car. Out Judge asked “Do they not know they are already caught on the ringtone and the car? I’ve heard 50 of these conversations about her ringtone and 300 or so about taking her car, damaging her car, or ruining the engine. Are they not aware they’ve been caught on that already? What kind of people keep doing the same thing they’ve been caught on already?”

Perry people again heard calling around to find out who is investigating them. No bad guy likes being caught. They are relieving the suffering you cause and no good person wants to stop that.

Secondly, when Cynthia first got home, she called a few experts psychologists about evaluating her. One said “The fact that you told people beforehand that you were being threatened with false arrest indicates you are not delusional. Also I have to see the video to see if I see what you see. Delusion occurs when you see something the rest of us don’t.  If they didn’t preserve your evidence or destroyed it and I can’t see it, I cannot say you are delusional in fact because they destroyed it, it would support your claims the arrest was false and you are not delusional in any way at all. If it were an appropriate arrest why did they not preserve the video surveillance (of the night described in Cynthia’s police report).  So I have to have that in order to make that diagnosis and without it you aren’t particularly because you told everyone beforehand you were being threatened. I won’t put my license on the line making a diagnosis without reviewing evidence and I’m not sure why the Texas Tech doctors did. I wont.

Click here to hear Podcast on the police report

Click here to hear Part 2 of what happened with that police report.

Dr Russell saw Cynthia for a year and half twice a month for an hour or two. This is her assessment:


“She’s in fear her and her family and is trying to move forward. ” and “What you’ve got with Charles is sometimes he escalates more than you can ignore.”  And they all do. It’s not normal to want to harm people and Perry has no injuries. Cynthia has a shit ton. It’s not that hard to see who the aggressor is. Four times her car has been hit by someone else, either a brick being thrown at her or a person sometimes while she’s in the car and sometimes not. That’s too many times to be coincidence especially in light of the threats specifically involving the loss of her vehicle.  FOUR times just since the 2019 threat was made specifically to her car.

Auto Incident #1 was a brick was thrown at her on the freeway. It cracked her engine in 2. Could have been her head. This occurred after the August 2019 Facebook post about Perry being recorded telling all of Mannford “It’s not legit, but I will have her car towed and sold before she figures that out.” See link below for the screenshot of that post.

Auto Incident #2 was the vandalism reported to Mannford PD, taken by Officer Mike Nealey just 6 days before Chief Miller’s murder.

Auto Incident #3 A semi truck hit her on the freeway blowing out a tire. That also could have been much worse than it was. A report was filed with Oklahoma DPS.

Auto Incident #4 July 3, 2020, Perry didn’t want Cynthia going to Mannford to spend the 4th with her family. He had someone hit her car in the parking lot of a business while she was inside. The individual left and didn’t leave contact information.

Auto Incident #5 October 4, 2021 She was hit by a young girl, initially not suspected as being involved although she seemed overly excited at the prospect the tire might be bent in. Roberson was later recorded wanting Cynthia to contact the young lady’s mom before talking to insurance. Cynthia did not make that call but filed a claim. They want that money as well, they say, if it’s a total. “If that car is totaled, get the car and the money before she does. ” The intent duly noted for the record.

She’s also had a radiator hose punctured, a tail light taken out, oil drained out twice and they discussed a regulator recently. Domestic Violence involves economic abuse in attempt to “subjugate” the victim. It’s like they are trying as hard as they can to prove out a witness, Cynthia, Shrinks and others in law enforcement. They go at Cynthia’s car constantly. Insurance is getting concerned. Insurance claims are passed on to consumers to the tune of about $300 per year per person. That comes out of your pocket while Perry gets a thrill.


Perry also continues to ask who told on him. Couldn’t care less about the devastation he’s caused just who told. You can’t really go around telling everyone “I want to do X to hurt Cynthia and you are going to help. But you can’t tell anyone. ” And expect everyone to be okay with that and not talk to people who are putting a stop to conduct that makes everyone creeped out, wildly uncomfortable and frankly is disturbing. That’s not even remotely realistic to have that expectation and if you think someone is eating you out, stop. None of us act like you abd we don’t have to ask those kinds of questions. We don’t need a cover up.  What about the devastation you cause. That’s what matters, not “who told” asshole. Most people manage to go their entire lives without ever having to buy even one cop or one judge. How many have you had to buy? And Perry was recorded more than once stating he just needed Cynthia to apologize. The response to that was “For what? What have you lost? She moved twice to get away from you so what exactly is it she’s supposed apologize for. She said you are trying to coerce a lie. Looks to me like you are. You go where she is. She’s not going where you are. You go where she is so much your residency is in question. You don’t have people wrecking your car or trying to take it or trying to kill you and taking your money. What have you lost? She has the injury so what exactly is it she’s supposed to apologize for? Not liking a weirdo? Your cruelty? Come on with this! She’s not gonna apologize. You owe her and family an apology not the other way around. ” He does harass and threaten and coerce constantly. Everyone is sick and tired of it. It gets easier to get this stuff the more he does. We think he likes getting caught.

From earlier:

Update: Perry Recorded asking “Did she not pay Google yet?”

Podcast on that deal here


Podcast from 10/20/21 regarding Perry’s attempts to take her all month long and domestic violence indicators including psychological abuse and economic abuse. There is plenty of evidence of both.


Is there something due to Google, Mr. Perry? See our guys watch you get in her bank accounts and her phone and her computer and on her house. If they can get that from you to her, you can’t figure out yet you criminal conduct is going to be prosecuted? She said 5 years ago “You can buy every cop in Oklahoma. It won’t matter. You won’t get away with it this time. ” And you keep asking who told. You are getting quoted every day abd have since The McNamara email of 2015 which that in5el came from Lubbock. What kind of mental slow can’t get by now that you are in some trouble? They aren’t working this hard, Sir to just let you go. The kind of crime you guys commit are heinous and depraved and those cops aren’t gonna just let you get away with it. Not this time. When messed with Cynthia, life as you knew it ended. Your slowness is very very irritating. For Cynthia the goal is to fuck up your crime, not get a date with you. Why are you so slow that by now you can’t get that? Why are you so slow that by now you can’t figure out she’s got help and her help gets all the incriminating crap you say and it is to lock you up and stop your crime, not because they are just bored. Did she pay Google yet? What business is that of yours? You seem very confused about what the problem is here. ALL forms of ALL contact, invasion of privacy, loss, hardship, torment, torture and starvation, attempted murder, aggravated assault, RICO violations, voyeurism, hacking, stalking, interference with contracts and commerce, your creepy problems icked and slimed all over her, your delusions, your fraud, your perjury, and so on are pissing off all the wrong people.  She’s one of them.  Look back at how things have evolved since you met her. How many times were you caught before you met Cynthia? How many after? You too slow to add and subtract? She doesn’t like you.  Understand normal grown up words said to you.  A 5 year old can’t get that.  You changed the word “Prove” to “Price” ? Was that another bribe attempt because that has been asked and answered.  Get out of her life. 

One more late bill, one more late Homework assignment due to your acts, will be sought in restitution.  Her time is valuable.  You are taking up people’s time.  “It’s not been done before but we are talking about the department paying Cynthia abd Mike as soon as Perry et al are arrested then we will ask for out department to be reimbursed at restitution.  Both have suffered and sacrificed so much it doesn’t seem fair to make them wait.  “

Perry, voyeurism is creepy. It is a crime in all 50 states because that many people dint lie it when you do it.  It’s not a trophy.  It’s nothing to be proud of.  Are you such a mentally slow man that in 10 years of not getting a date, just caught in crime more than ever before, that by now you can’t figure out that peepers are a turn off? You are very very slow Sir.  It’s aggravating to have to deal with.  Please get someone to explain this stuff.  Most people already just know but you have to be told over and over and over things everyone else just knows.  It’s very irritating to have to deal with you and your mental impairment. 

If you want her to pay her bills, get your hands out of her wallet and stop taking her money so she can and what’s it to you? You claimed under oath that you are not a stalker so what’s your interest in her bank accounts that these guys cannot even pay her right now? What bills are due concerns you why? What is the legitimate reason her bills and bank accounts concern you Perry? Economic Abuse is part of the acts that constitute domestic violence Sir and reason for protective orders and see states now require electronic tracking of offenders. You want her out of Oklahoma? You want her to move to a state that does that? It’s being discussed but don’t think these guys that get what you just said are gonna just give you a pass.  They are working too hard for that.  Get a grip on reality.  You are very very slow.  It’s irritating everyone. 


Roberson recorded repeatedly discussing the intention causation of taking Cynthia’s money and car to force her against her will to leave Oklahoma. Repeatedly he’s had these conversations since February of this year. He thinks he can get rid of her and go back to his crime as usual because she’s fucked up his crime. No greater compliment can be given to Chief Hall’s granddaughter than that. But tho that she responded “I can’t do this alone. My guys have worked their asses off to fuck up your crime too. Did you really think they did all that to just let you go?”

She’s discussed in her podcasts the fact that Perry has her co workers taking her cigarettes and gum and other personal items to give to him. Why the hell does he need that? Also he had them watching her on her phone. To that an unidentified or one we wont identify observed “What he did is breach attorney client privilege. We know she texted her attorney photos of Perry’s guys sitting outside that club and photos of empty club on a Friday and Saturday night and there is no excuse for that so what they did is somehow found out that a local County Commissioner went in to ask Cynthia about why a business in his county was having that kind of problem. Because she did that and that got out, we know she was texting and emailing her attorneys from work as to what all they were doing to her. How much did they see?

Roberson sends in his migrant workers, most of whom are broke and grabby. She’s not against migrant workers. She again the broke and grabby. But they left when the Commissioner left so that was a show to make him think the place was busy. Cynthia stated ‘Its not about bodies in the room. It’s about revenue. We can all sue for tortuous interference and in fact that’s been discussed more than once. Again we have them interfering with contracts both in our performance with the club and ability to pay everyone all entertainers have signed a contract to pay. All of us, not just me.’

Cynthia actually put texts on the state court case docket in 2019 between her and the waitress about her cigarettes being taken by Perry people. That waitress had taken some.  Cynthia didn’t get confrontational with that waitress at that time. She did though document that Perry had people doing that and again what does he want with her cigarettes, gum and personal items? He did claim he’s not a stalker. So what does he want all that for?

So again, you think these guys did all the work they have done just to let you go? They get the Intel to her. You think they are getting that from Roberson, Perry, Powell, Burson, Chadwick, Calvin, and “et al” just to let them all go? Probably not. When you mess with her, they go at you harder. It’s been that way for years and it’s not that hard to predict outcomes based on past events. These people on Team Perry cannot do it to save their lives. Sloooow hillbilly group of folks.

From earlier:

Mr. Perry, Cynthia wants no contact at all. It pisses her off because for a decade she’s done all she can do to get away from you. The things you say are bazaar. She has been a major cog in the machine who has caught your crime more than anyone else in your life. You need to remember who it is you are talking to, Sir. Go be normal, go work and leave everyone alone today. Thank you thank you.

Perry asked Cynthia again who his leaks are. He asked if it’s Dom or Patrick. Those are her former managers. She doesn’t know. Did you tell those two something horrible, criminal, cruel you were gonna do to her and you think they leaked? She hasn’t talked to them in awhile. So you told them you were going to commit a crime against her and you think they leaked? Is that what we are to take from that question because she’s not told who informants are and we have said that, she’s said that over and over and over. You wake up in a new world every five minutes don’t you. She wants NO contact with you of any kind ever. You want to give her whatever she wants, get out of her life and cease and desist all forms of all contact because she’s made it clear for a very long time that’s what she wants.

More of the history of his vicious attacks on Cynthia and her family at link below. One fact derived recently was the fact that Matthew Powell failed to preserve evidence in Cynthia’s false arrest, held her for 2 months against her will, she and her minor child lost their home, and failed to preserve any evidence at all result in it’s destruction because he had no intention of going to trial. Why would that be? See link below for the answer to that question. 

Perry the starvation and torment and torture and exploitation of women and children is not how you get women to like you. That is how you get deviant men to like you and nobody has done more to put a stop to that heinous and depraved crime than Cynthia. Remember who it is you are talking to when you start making threats and offering bribes to coerce. She has proven she knows how to slay a dragon like a boss and like no one else you know ever has. You wanna keep poking that bear? Do what you do. You are the gift that keeps on giving. Notice Fabian is the only person she knows that in all these years didn’t hurt her for you or try to coax her into something nefarious for you or try to get information out of her for you? Not once in all these years has he done that. She got the puzzle with his name on it intersecting with the word hope, depicting you as exactly what you are. The source of fear and sadness and wannabe butt in. Best you have ever done or will ever do is that.


The question currently is where is Perry’s legal residence. Is it 90 days to establish? We hear he’s in Tulsa all the time, not in Lubbock. So where is Charles Perry’s legal residence? He will have to answer questions in our court as to where he’s been and how he spends his time because this Judge isn’t on his payroll and will not allow himself to be treated like a short order cook and his court a diner nor will he be ignorant of facts. He grants every investigatory order requested on the “need to know” that is the machine going at Perry because he goes at Cynthia and her family and her friends.

Perry, Cynthia Ortiz is not going to call you or take your calls and she’s said that very adamantly for now almost a decade. She wants NO contact from you or with you of any kind at all. If you want to give her whatever she wants, stop all forms of all contact because that is what she wants. Moving twice and being sued 3 times and 11 requests for a Protective or Injunctive order wasn’t a little clue for you? Keep up with everyone else. The need for repeat is making everyone aggravated with you. One time is all that should be required. We say it one time and everyone gets it.

She did go to Sapulpa last night despite Perry’s attempts to get her there. Why in the hell would you want Cynthia in Sapulpa?

This recording came in on the Sunday deal with TPD. “Perry watches her in her house and knew she was out of cigarettes. They wanted her car information, her driver’s license information and her bank card information so they had patrol where they she is going. She was told beforehand and it was already out abd they still did it. She had to tell them “First you have to get information through legal means. Second use unmarked. ” Can you believe she had to tell them that? She did say it could have been a coincidence but based on the phone call she got from these other guys she didn’t think so. Then she said the one guy said he should have parked in the back. She said she had no intention of going there so he didn’t fuck anything up. She was checking out the information she got is all she did. What in the hell is wrong with TPD that they would do that to her abd you can tell she’s angry at them for not prosecuting the obstruction and they should have and if they had Chief Miller would be alive and they didn’t step up for Mike Nealey like she did. She’s upset with them over that. I would be too. I would be too. Dereliction of duty in my opinion is what that is. You can’t ignore the crime abd let people die then go at her like that. She’s the victim here abd they need to stop putting her through more trauma. I can imagine her granddad being who he was she has a more positive view of police and that shook her to her core on her admiration for police. I’m sorry she’s going through this. I’m anxious to see what these other cops do to bring justice here. I’m glad she has them. She clearly needs it. She clearly needs them. She’d be dead. No question Perry would have killed her if they weren’t there. This deal with him trying some sort of medical emergency where she helps the individual in need of medical care and they tell her she has to take a shot to keep from getting a disease only it was intended to kill her and they’d make it look like an unfortunate allergic reaction was obtained by them same way as she was told about this Sunday deal and I’d say we’re it not for those cops there would be even more loss, including the loss of life, were these boys not on top of this all the time. I’m impressed. I’m very impressed with that organization, whoever they are. Hope to meet them at some point. “

The more harm Perry causes the easier it’s been to get information on whatever he’s trying to do to hurt Cynthia. Everyone is sick and tired of him. The murder for hire he got caught on happened in April 2020 just after she notified the Florida States Attorney that Mike Nealey was drugged and not able to kill anyone. First responders confirmed that in May, 2020 depositions and Cynthia kept from testifying and Perry et al have not stopped bothering her, harassing her since. They get caught all the time and he cannot seem to get that when he messes with her, he doesn’t get a date. He gets caught.


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