Recordings Are Obtained With Intent To Pursue Criminal Charges And Perry Seems Not To Understand That

Update 10/4/21:

Our Judge about 5 minutes ago.

“They want to know how to prove it’s Ms. Ortiz’s phone being used to report what they are doing that would constitute as a matter of law, criminal conduct and not preserve evidence that they appear to have attempted to murder her and Mr. Nealey? Is that what I’m to understand these individuals are doing today? “

Click here to hear Podcast on Roberson’s Recoded Attempt To Retaliate Against A Witness, Obstruct Justice and Admit to Bribery

Email sent to attorneys.

“Keeping in mind there are recordings of all of this, which I’ve heard, and typed up excerpts, that starting with the McNamara Email of 2015, which came from someone in Lubbock, probably 30 about getting my ringtone, hundreds about getting my car, about the same number of Matt Powell calling law enforcement up here demanding to know my whereabouts and “get her served” although I’m not told with what. All kinds of second false arrest angles, “starve her then she will call and do what we tell her. If she wants to eat, she will call me and do what I say.” of Perry, and then of course the recordings about Mike Nealey being drugged, which I said in January, 2020 in emails, and that didn’t come out to the public until June, 2020, in depositions of first responders in taken in May, 2020, months later, the Fabian puzzle I got in jail, and so on, with all that in mind, my guy tells me he can charge them many ways, but at the very least as follows:

Harassment of my witness with intent to coerce a change in testimony. The acts of harassment are:

1) Perjury
2) Fraud upon a court
3) Intentional Concealment of pertinent material facts from the deciding body
4) Conversion of Funds with intent to coerce – can be included in the verbiage of the charge or the act
5) Grand Larceny with intent to coerce – can be included in the verbiage of the charge or the act
6) Interference With Contracts
7) Interference with Commerce – In State
8) Interference with Commerce – Interstate
9) Obstruction
10) Destruction or alteration of evidence
11) Voyeurism
12) Hacking
13) Invasion of privacy – financial
14) Interference with key relationships
15) stalking
16) Violation of Freedom of religion with intent to cause duress and coerce – they recorded them talking to witches yesterday requesting they help cast spells on me, odd and weirdo as that might sound and it is weird
17) Subornation of perjury – Mike’s trial
18) Witness Tampering in Mike’s case – Facebook messages spoofing Lisa’s Account
19) Breach of Contract – Intended deception on the Court when Perry agreed never to contact me again, but rather intended to commit the acts herein then claim he was being harrassed when he was caught or told on
20) Destruction of Property
21) Theft of personal documents – birth certificate and social security card
22) Theft of property – my storage unit in Mannford
23) Marriage fraud
24) Interference in key relationships due to the marriage fraud – one count for each relationship he interfered in with that document or information obtained and so forth

These are not going to be part of harassment, I’m told, but just the charges or number 20 is.
25) Human Rights Violations – torture, torment and starvation
26) Sexual Exploitation

There are more and more than one count for each of these, but this is how high that pile groweth daily. They will get a copy of this and do it anyway and we’ll get more. They always do.

This is nothing official, but the general idea of what my guys want to pursue as far as criminal charges and like I said, they will get a copy and do it anyways and give us more. They always do. We bet on it in Vegas. We always win. They will do similar for Mike Nealey. Judicial bribery will be addressed as well.

They are watching every little thing that would cause me duress. I already said that. I’ve said it more than once. “

Email Notice To Perry et al attorneys quoted below:

“I have heard quite a few recordings from police about you all wanting to get me served with something although they won’t give me details. They did say to make you aware of everything contained in that last email, and you are certainly welcome to proceed accordingly but you have been notified that any illegal conduct, in or out of court is about to lead to criminal charges. I have not seen any court proceedings that are new or filed by you, and only heard recordings of you all talking about serving me with something abd of course Perry discussing taking my money, coercing me to dance so that he could take my car and serve a restraining order so I couldn’t tell anyone. That is the sum total of my knowledge on this matter. With that in mind, proceed how you see fit. But, understand anything that has been done unlawfully will lead to criminal charges. There is a reason police obtain this information and what they consider important for me to know, I’m told and if they deem it inappropriate for me to know, they dont tell me. I’m not told who is on the recordings most of the time.

If there is something to serve, I’m not told what that is. I was ordered to advise you that any illegal conduct in or out of court will lead to criminal charges against you. They are getting these recordings to use for that purpose. It is a need to know. “

From yesterday

Our guy tells us “This whole ‘starve her  into a phone call or a date or a lie, seeking to subjugate her or coerce her’ could be, well they could be looking at not just conversion of funds and interfering with every contract she has, but interfering with commerce, in state and interstate. This could turn out to be quite a problem for them going at her like that and at this point Perry is getting pretty desperate. Nothing like confirmation. Of certain things by the acts of the guilty. “

You have to consider the fact that it’s not likely there has been a lawsuit previously filed alleging Bond Conditions are a contract a d so as you can see, while Cynthia is not an attorney between the way her mind works and this prosecutor, this speaks to the fact that Perry is in some trouble and her Podcasts have gained many many a comment similar to what was said to Perry. “Now we all know why you kept her out of the Courtroom on her own lawsuits and Mike’s trial which implicates you by the way. Didn’t know you had it in you to be that cruel.  Any idiot can see she’s telling the truth. ” Not genius, idiot. “When you hear her, you understand perfectly why he wouldn’t let her into a courtroom.” That is concealment same as it was in Mike’s trial.

Starving her all these years never resulted in a phone call or “subjugation” you so desperately demand. What it results in is you all being caught like never before in your lives. Perry has a sadist problem that we know all about from 10 years of investigating and him broadcasting it all over the net all over the world. That’s his secret love life. He causes problems, gets women hysterical and our witness tells us “goes and rubs one out”. That’s part of a witness statement that has been repeated and repeated and repeated. Did you think we only have that one witness plus Cynthia? That is Perry’s love life. It’s what he does on fact he’s not able to control it. He’s been caught more than ever in his life every te he causes her loss, a problem, the longer he’s in her life and invading her privacy. Please write this down because we are all tired of feeling trapped in the Alzheimer’s Ward, “When Perry pesters her, causes drama, loss for her, contacts her in any form at all, threatens or harasses her, OR HER FAMILY, there is no phone call or date. There is more getting uncovered than ever before in your lives. Nothing else at all has ever come from it but that. Next time you ask who told, re read. Perry, she is never going to tell you. You have asked for 6 years. She never has and never will because we are all gagging on your ick and sick and tired of you. Once you are in prison, we get our lives abd privacy back so why would she help you?

One recordings an office vote was taken today and the Drumroll please, the top two winners are these:

“First you went into a Court and claimed she filed a false report but you never let it be investigated. You impeded the investigation so now we’ll never know whether it was true or false but being you impeded the investigation, its more likely true than false. Then you claimed there was a political vendetta, but you have no evidence of that. She never worked on Texas legislation and didn’t tell people you were stalking her for four years. She didn’t go to media until she’d been gone from Lubbock for a year. She had all this time in politics and you were the new guy. There aren’t any emails or texts anywhere over a political vendetta but a whole bunch over stalking going way back. Then you contradicted all of that when you admitted to stalking and agreed to stop which we can all see in these Bond Conditions of her’s that she then used to sue you for breach of contract.” And that case tossed out with a phone call before there was a ruling on whether or not her Bond Conditions constitute a contract.

Powell: “Can we just say she misunderstood Frank Morrison?” over the texts of December, 2011 from Cynthia to Perry angry over him spreading rumors of an affair
“You can but I don’t think it will work. He never asks her why she’s pissed off which means he already knew. He also never denies to spreading rumors of an affair. He denies having employees. Well, we all know he had employees. She names them.”

Click here to see multiple counts of perjury and fraud committed by Perry et al

Click here to see documents in support of allegations asserted herein

Establishing Mens Rea With Recordings of Perry et al

Oct 2 2021 Perry recorded discussing ways to prove Cynthia’s phone is used to post what he’s caught doing to her in Oklahoma and that she is the poster.

Other men in Cynthia’s life have power and the power to get what Perry just said intending harm to their girl and give it to her. Perry has no control over that at all. They do it while he sits alone perverting around playing with dolls. They don’t the girled up type that abuse women and kids to feel tough. They are Lawmen and they are good at what they do. No one Perry knows has done better.

Click Here to Hear Podcast “Harassment Email Supports Perjury Allegations”


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