Perry Buries Cynthia’s Testimony For Officer Nealey Raising Suspicion And People Complain He’s Taking Up Too Much Of Their Time With His Imaginary Affair

When Charles Perry and his creepster club says “Wait until the dust settles and then try again. ” We all laugh. How cute. They think we are all as stupid as they are. They say that every time they get caught planning more witness tampering, stalking, harassment, attempted coercion or whatever nefarious act they cooked up in the last Weirdo meeting. They think nobody will suspect a thing if they just wait a little while and try again. They think wrong but they aren’t the brightest bulbs. Nobody has caught Perry in crime more in his life than Cynthia Ortiz and some astute cops helping her. She can’t stand him. But then it doesn’t get any better than when the bad guy comes right to you and won’t leave if the goal is to catch the bad guy. He made everyone think he was Jesus and walked on water. These guys “appear” good and trustworthy until they don’t. He’s a decade past that.

Perry told as follows and we could not agree more:

Cynthia’s message to her attorneys regarding her police buddy’s phone call:

“So my guys tell me someone is complaining he’s taking up too much of other people’s time with his perceived love life. The guy was like, “You are taking up too much of other people’s time with your perceived love life and you don’t even have one. She changed careers, moved twice and sued you three times to get away from you. There are no dates, no phone calls, no loving messages to you, no dinners, no sex, nothing but her trying as hard as she can try to get you out of her life so you don’t have a love life. We all have families, businesses, or jobs and are trying to be productive and here you come trying to take up our time, trying to figure out a way to force Cynthia into something she doesn’t want to be in. You have to stop that. You are taking time away from our business, our productivity, our families to push yourself on a girl that wants nothing to do with you. There is no love life. You got something in your head that’s clearly not what is in her’s and you have got to stop all that and get busy in your own life. Stop taking up our time and asking us to drop everything we are doing to listen to you bitch and moan about getting dumped seven years ago. Go on with your life and get busy and quit sitting around thinking about it and stop wasting other people’s time on your personal problems. We are all sick and tired of hearing about it and I know good and well Cynthia is sick and tired of dealing with you. Cut it out already.”

YAY!!!!!! for that guy!!!!!! I’ve been saying that since forever.


Another police recording:

“I don’t guess Perry realized that once her statement was a matter of Court record and she’d filed for a protective Order so there was already an official Court Proceedings in which she claimed Perry was stalking and harassing her back in May if 2015. Any attempt at that point to intimidate her or force her to change her testimony in that Court proceedings is witness tampering and attempted coercion. Everything he has done ever since then to push her to say or do anything at all against her will is exactly what she says it is. Once there has been a Court Proceedings and statements are on the record you cannot do anything at all to intimate or force or bribe or anything at all to attempt to push that individual or coerce then or coax or lure them to change anything they said. These are not tweets or Facebook posts. These are Court proceedings and everything he did in threatening death or false arrest , or taking her money, calling her family and telling them they need to get her calmed down was witness tampering and attempted coercion. That’s a problem for him now at this point whether she’s ever called on Mike’s case or not and the fact that she’s not at this point is very suspicious to me. What kind of game are they running here on this deal. That girls testimony should get him home and they aren’t even going to use it. You know what that tells me? They did that murder and Perry is paying that guy’s attorney and that Florida States Attorney to bury her testimony. That’s very suspicious they haven’t filed a motion to dismiss and put her on the stand. Like not asking her how she knew Mike was drugged? Know what I mean? That’s very very suspicious. I’m thinking that needs looking into further. “

As to Officer Nealeys case :

Here is what we know from testimony on the docket and then Cynthia’s  testimony that has been buried. That’s suspicious.

1) Mike Nealey came to take my complaint of vandalism to my vehicle on November 4, 2019. I named no suspect at all.
I said, “Nobody saw who actually did this, however, I don’t know anyone that would do something like this, but for a man
who has been stalking me for a decade. He does crap like this no matter where I go. He’s recently made a lot of threats
to my vehicle. I did just have an incident where a brick was thrown at my car on the highway and it totaled my car.
This is a new car. Its like they just wanted me to know they could get into my new car too. We are currently in civil court over
stuff just like this. But, it may or may not be related. I’m saying it could be. That’s one place to look.” Officer Nealey
responded by stating “This is werido” I said, “Ya think? Imagine having to live like this for a decade.” I’m told
by Officer Bret Gibson, they will put together a report, have Chief Miller sign off on it and I can pick it up
in a few days.

2) Six days later on November 10, 2019, Officer Nealey and Chief Miller, who were known to be the best of friends
go to Pensacola. There were no arguments between them. There was no reason or motive for Officer Nealey to
want to murder his Chief and best friend.

3) At or around 7pm, Nealey calls the front desk looking for the remote. Staff goes to the room, shows him where it is, he’s happy
he’s not upset, and staff sees Miller resting on the bed by the window.

4) At or around 8 pm, a call is made to the front desk about loud noise. They go check and this time Miller opens the
door but not wide enough to see who else is in that room. He could have had a gun to the back of his head or have
been threatened in some way if he didn’t conceal who all was in that room. Officer Nealey was a registered guest, had
already been seen by staff so there was no need to conceal him. Also of note, nobody saw Officer Nealey to see
his status or condition at that time. He could have already been incapacitated. Had he been seen incapacitated, that
would add to the proof that he is not the murderer of Chief Miller. Nobody saw him after 7 pm until the 9pm call when he was
found incapacitated.

5) At or around 9pm, a second call is made to the room due to loud noise and in fact this time guests actually
went down to the front desk and asked for a room change. Staff went to the room and found Chief Miller deceased,
his eye swollen, and Officer Nealey incapacitated. He was incoherent, unable to move, mumbling, and in respiratory 
distress. First responders testified that he was treated with Narcan, which is used for drug overdose of opiods. First Responders
further testify that they don’t put IV’s in injured hands. Officer Nealey has an IV in his hand in the video of his police interview.
His hands have no injuries like you’d see in a beat down.

6) There are no cameras in the hallway but only in the lobby. No one saw who else may have gone in that room.

7) Testimony was on the docket indicating no murder weapon was found. I emailed again the Florida States Attorney
and asked “Where is the murder weapon? Mike was knocked out. It didn’t get up and walk out of the room by itself. Where
is the weapon that matches up to Chief Miller’s fatal wounds or any wound at all? Whoever killed Chief Miller would have had
to take it with them, if they don’t have injuries indicating they were in a fight with Miller.” The next day when I went back to
get that testimony to download it, it was gone. The testimony of the officer who stated “No murder weapon was found” disappeared after
I questioned “Where the hell is the murder weapon? If no evidence is on Officer Nealey indicating he was in any fight at all, where
is the weapon. Escambia says there was no murder weapon. It didn’t get up and walk out of that room by itself so the killer
took it with him.” Now that testimony disappeared and my testimony buried. What does that tell you?

8) Officer Nealey is interviewed, says he has no memory of what occurred, which is indicative of someone drugged and
incapacitated. His first response before anyone had a chance to tell him otherwise was not “I’m all beat up. Who did this
to me? Where is Lucky? Is he okay?” He instead is very very confused as to what is being told to him and his reaction instead is
“I can’t believe you. Look at me. Not a mark on me. It doesn’t look like I was even in any fight at all, much less one that
indicates, (based on evidence) that I beat down my best friend.” that is paraphrased but basically what he said. Anyone
in any fight will have defensive wounds or beat down wounds and he has nothing. How do you beat someone to death while
incapacitated and end up with not a mark on you??? It’s not possible. There would be some mark on him indicating he
was in a fight.

9) I testify that I knew and brought to the attention of the Florida State’s Attorney that Officer Nealey could not have
committed that murder because he was drugged and incapacitated. That was in March. First Responders were not
deposed until May. Not one attorney asks me how I knew that but the Florida State’s Attorney did ask if I was a cop.
I was smart enough to record my testimony, but its buried. Why is that? I further point out that Officer Nealey was denied
the rights afforded him under Brady v Maryland and not tested for drugging. That is currently being ignored. That is
similar to what occurred in my case when I was drugged, false arrested, charged in Texas where I don’t live, for doing
what is required by law in the state where I do live and Perry and Powell knew that. My first Protective Order was denied
because I didn’t follow that specific requirement. This is same song second verse, both obstructing justice. There was no
police investigation on either one and Charles Perry is the link on both. I lived my entire life in politics, had established
relationships and didn’t need him. He was the new guy. There is no evidence of a political vendetta because there is no
political vendetta. That would be just more fraud in Court. Its a pattern and habit when it comes to Charles Perry that he
consistently goes into Court and bold face lies. Burying my testimony to cover up a murder isn’t far fetched being that’s
pretty much just what he does all day with his time.

Cynthia’s  testimony here:

This is Officer Nealey’s interview here as shown on News On6

 Click Here To See Officer Nealeys Interview With Escambia SO

What you are left with is Charles Perry has no love life, no cover up, and a pile of evidence of a tremendous amount of crime. All that money he paid for a cover up and he’s left with the most uncovered up cover up in the history of cover ups. That’s all he has to show for the way he’s spent his time for the past decade.

Updates December 31, 2020

Motion to Vacate en route to Court Clerk and Qui Tam intiated for Officer Michael Nealey. The incidents in his case go far beyond Brady Violations and constitute, as a matter of law, straight up fraud. When you consider those involved, are you surprised? It’s their habit.

Lot of complaints from people very very aggravated at Charles Perry’s imposition and waste of their time and money for a delusion and the betrayal of his marriage vows so he can violate Cynthia Ortiz.

Perry Intends Send False Arrest By Way Of Fraud To Attempt To Silence Witness Against Him

Perry and Powell attempt again, by fraud to silence Cynthia Ortiz, a witness against them. See email below

What has happened is they plan things like this, get caught, think they can “wait until the dust settles and try again”. They go right back at it later. They get caught again. Now we have quite the pile of evidence of seriously deranged criminal activity. Sex Trafficking is a serious crime and it’s no wonder they keep trying to cover it up. That’s what guilty people do. What that does though, is create more evidence and not only that, cover ups shows consciousness of guilt. They know it’s wrong, they do it anyways, then try to cover it up, harass and threaten witnesses, destroy evidence, obstruct justice, and all the things one does when they think they are going to cover up crime.


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