Girls Fight Back Against Stalkers Who Have No Control

Stalking is about control but for someone who can’t stop pursuing perpetual rejection they have no control or they’d be normal, move on to the next thing and not impose, not be nosey bodies, not butt in, not create problems, hardship and they would not burden others with their drama. Perry knows what he’s doing is weirdo because he lies about it and tries to cover it up and $25 million paid for a cover up of what is now more uncovered than ever before in his life, is indication he knows he has a problem, has no control to stop, can’t be normal and get busy doing things with his friends and family and didn’t want anyone to know. He knows it’s wrong.

In these texts between Perry and Cynthia from December 2011 her client, Frank Morrison said something to her indicating Perry was spreading rumors they were in some extra marital affair. She can’t even remember now exactly what he said but he said something to that affect and mentioned former Lubbock GOP Chairman Chris Winn who was close friends with the current Chairman at that time, Carl Tepper, whose wife worked for Perry then. She was single and not in any elected position but Perry was. Bill Clinton didn’t spread rumors about Monica, Monica came out with it. So why was Perry the one? He wanted an affair, Cynthia did not and made it clear to him at the time she did not wish to be his scandal or error in judgement. He was the one who would not accept rejection and proceeded to tell the world there was something there that wasn’t. Cynthia tried to address the matter discreetly in case Mrs Perry saw the texts so as not to alarm her over an affair that only existed in Perry’s delusion. Cynthia made it clear she was not going to be anyone’s “damn mistress” as she put it. That was repeated to Perry and his campaign people more than once.

A call was recorded of Perrys camp in their attempts to make Cynthia look crazy to discredit her “Can we get Frank Morrison to say she just misunderstood?” The reply “You can but I don’t think that will work. Perry never asks Cynthia in these texts what happened that upset her or why she’s upset which indicates he already knew. He just denied having employees. Everyone knew he had employees. He never denies the rumors or that he spread them. He denied having employees. He tells her not to be paranoid like he thinks the rumors are not a problem. I don’t think we could use that even if he said it. ” In other words Perry knew it was wrong and just lied to cover it up only he wasn’t even smart enough to lie about the right thing. He lies about a fact that everyone knew and knows is true. He had employees and everyone knew who his employees were. Why lie about that? Never asks her what happened that pissed her Orr or what she is pissed about because he knew. Never denies spreading rumors, just that he had employees. Perry wanted an affair and he wanted any other man that he thought, real or not, to know he was marking his territory cutting off Cynthia’s ability to date whoever she wanted. He still does. That is not his place nor was it ever his place. His place is busy doing things with his wife, his friends and his family, not coming up to Oklahoma, brining his drama and problems up here to bother people to whom he is not even relevant. He has been rejected for seven years. He can’t stop. He has no control.

That is not a man who has control over a darn thing. That is a man who knows he’s got problems and has no control to stop and wants those problems covered up. He lies but was not even smart enough to lie about the right thing. If Perry had control he wouldn’t continue to pursue rejection and a cover up that has uncovered more corruption and criminal activity than ever before in his life.

As to Cynthia’s background, history and mindset anyone astute at all but for sure in law enforcement is going to dig into the background of both parties before moving ahead with, say a false arrest as Joshua Burson did. Cynthia grew up with a Granddad who was the Police Chief in the small town of Roswell New Mexico. He later served as the Chavez County Republican Chairman, County Treasurer’s and City Councilman. Her Great Granddad was Captain of Detectives and her dad a Deputy who worked in forgery in the Chavez County Sheriff’s Dept. This girl was raised by police and her family was the big fish in that little pond and as such she has no problem related to people in positions of authority and power and community leaders. She grew up in it. She has no problem communicating with law enforcement. She grew up in it. She has, in fact high expectations of those in law enforcement being her family members were recognized nationally for solving a murder, her Granddad and Great Granddad not having technology available then that is available now. It was just pure gum shoe work back then. She then grows up and owned her own businesses and worked in government reform which means she interacted on a regular basis with elected officials and people who had power. She owned a medical business which means she was a leader. She owned the business which means she had to know business administration, employee management, marketing, and so on. She provided medical supplies ordered by surgeons and physicians which would be an educated group of folks. She had to communicate effectively with these professionals in order to be able to market to them and with nurses and patients as well and she did that for the most part in glamorous Las Vegas, NV. Someone who lived in that world is not going to be subjugated by the likes of a boring accountant, in a small town, had no such history or connections as Cynthia and no exciting life as Cynthia had and had not grown up in a family that had positions of power in the community as Cynthia did. She knew too many much more powerful people to be impressed or enamoured by a small town boring accountant with no life. She helped him get elected because he represented himself as a respectable person and co founded Americans For Integrity In Government which that philosophy was something she could her name on. All the ex parte hearings defy his claims that he stood for that. She’s not been in even one hearing where she could testify or cross examine h or submit evidence or testify with evidence or present witnesses. Perry claims victory and spends not one minute of any day making sure he shoves that down Cynthia’s throat. She is preparing Motions to Vacate based on his fraud and the Fraud Upon A Court that being he also got caught calling judges. There has not even been one legit hearing where she could testify or cross examine to get that victory Perry shoves in her face everyday. That is not what someone does who can control himself. It’s what someone does who can’t and wants it covered up because they know it’s wrong. Perry has a weirdo proem and has no control over it. Over the past six years he cannot control officers who have caught him over and over and over for the first time in his life despite $25 million paid for a cover up. Mostly Cynthia rejects Perry and he goes into drama queen cry baby mode which is what all stalkers do. Cynthia has been rejected a time or two in her life and she went right on to the next thing. That’s what normal healthy happy confident in control people do. Perry can’t stop because he has no control. He knows it’s weirdo or he wouldn’t need to make backroom deals with judges and have secret exparte hearing after secret exparte hearing for civil court where he can’t be cross examined.

Anyone who lies about something or holds private secret court hearings so no one knows what they said and won’t allow cross examination knows they have a weirdo problem they can’t control. Cover up indicates consciousness of guilt. This is common sense 101 and you don’t even need Sherlock skills to figure that out.

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Why would someone get off on tormenting other people all the time, but for being very depraved and sadistic? Why you do things people don’t like all day long? Like watching life pass you by while watching others have a life. It seems Perry has a weirdo problem a d he has no control over it and he knows it’s bad because he has put a great deal of time, effort and money trying to cover it up and that’s not working either. His drama queen problems a d criminal activity in fact is more uncovered than ever before in his life. Cynthia comes from cop. It is extremely unreasonable to mess with cop people and expect it to end well.

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