Perry’s Bagdad Bob’s And Too Many Secret ExParte Hearings For Mr Accountability

“If you don’t know your facts and Cynthia feels like you don’t get it, she is not going to waste her time talking to you. She’s not going to explain anything, she will just flat walk off. She is not going to waste her time on people who don’t know their facts and who don’t get it. She’s got these other guys going her and she will not waste her time on you. You better know your shit. ”

The officers helping Cynthia who have been the first to uncover Perry’s criminal conduct over and over and over again despite his $25 million pay out attempting to buy his way out of consequences have her evidence plus their own. She says talking to them and talking to those on his payroll is like night and day. She said “It’s the difference between talking to a college student or a kindergartner.”

Perry continues to taunt her with his prepaid orders denying her civil claims obtained and procured through illegal means, in secret ex parte hearings where she was not allowed in to cross examine him, in her own law suits no less, not allowed to present evidence, not allowed to testify with evidence, not allowed to present witnesses and some orders don’t even give a reason. Courts are required as a matter of law to hold fair impartial hearings and orders without that where there is fraud can be vacated. There is no careful thought given to her evidence because no evidence was ever considered. Some was given to her by police protecting her or related to information and that pissed them off. An order should include the manner of which a Judge came to the conclusion after careful consideration of facts, evidence after a fair and impartial hearing where both sides present their case and arguments, it should include prior case law and yet there are many orders obtained only after secret ex parte hearings where no one even knows what Perry’s testimony was, without him being cross examined and no reason for the denial or dismissal is given at all. This occurred in all three and there was not a hearing to exclude any evidence she submitted. Perry thinks nobody will notice. He is so delusional he actually thinks no one will notice. What happened instead the officers prosecutor noticed as did the officers that keep catching him and they commented the orders were so “way off” from norm they opened investigations into all judges and obtained recordings of them talking with Defendants about how they wanted orders ruled on which Cynthia then told her attorney in Lubbock and the orders then were exactly as discussed. They were caught talking to Judges illegally and they did it anyways. Perry continues to taunt Cynthia with his belief he will never have consequences but barring bribery what reason would he have to think that? Why is he so assured nothing will happen when he breaks the law? He continues to look for the officers who keep catching him and leaks while beating his chest like some deranged ape tormenting Cynthia with “I win. I will never go to prison.” That does not even make sense. He did not win. He bought judges and now those judges are under investigation too and that does not exclude the three in the Tenth. If he’s not going to prison then why does he keep looking for the officers who catch him before he commits a crime or as in speaking to judges illegally, which is a crime in progress, and his leaks then why proclaim “,I will get away with this because I always have. I buy judges and cops. ” Again he thinks everyone is as stupid as he is and won’t notice the smoke and the fire? That is simply more deep delusion a d Cynthia does get up and walk off if she’s talking to someone who doesn’t know their facts and doesn’t get it. Frankly only Perry’s people act like that. Normal people don’t act like that. They actually get it pretty quickly. It’s not that hard. When someone can only get dismissals of claims in secret exparte hearings and no reasons are given by the judge it doesn’t take Einstein to see something is wrong about that. For someone who got Cynthia to use her connections to help him get elected because he claimed he was all for transparency, started the Tea Party group called “Americans For Integrity In Government” to hold secret ex parte hearing after secret exparte hearing regarding what he does on his person life and there are no open hearings where anyone knows what the hell he said on the stand under oath and no cross examination that’s a problem and a big one. That right there is a fraud upon the public. The only way he’s gotten claims against him dismissed is that way.

Cynthia has two options: 1) File Motions To Vacate now when Courts reopen after CoVid closings are over based on Fraud Upon A Court
2) Wait until he is arrested and then file Motions To Vacate for the same as fraud including the judge is extrinsic not intrinsic.

She’s talking with police and weighing her options. But for Perry to get pissed off at getting caught in criminal activity he’s engorged in all his life and covered up until these guys got him, then claim he actually thinks no one noticed the fire and the smoke and that he will get away with this while seeking information as to who these cops are and who leaks is nuttier than a fruitcake and only speaks to the deep level of delusion he can’t seem to get himself out of. It’s his Hotel California. Being delusional about one thing would indicate someone who is delusional about a lot of things. Those who act like they are drinking the Kool aid simply divulge their lack of knowledge of fact and their inability to get their as fast as these other guys got there. Sometimes we can’t tell if it’s stupidity or they were paid to act stupid thinking that would help cover up for Perry. It doesnt work that way. That’s when Cynthia stops the conversation, will not allow her time to be wasted, will not dignify you with an explaination and she’s done with you. Most people would because most don’t appreciate the insult to their intelligence.

In the Gulf War with Iraq, Iraq had a Minister of Information who got in front of cameras and proclaimed “Americans are not bombing us. That’s a lie.” When we could all see American planes dropping bombs on Iraq right behind him. He became known as Bagdad Bob, Minister of Misinformation, or Delusion. The running joke on this case is that the Bagdad Bob’s in this deal are wearing everyone’s patience thin. You cannot claim you won when you hold secret exparte hearing after secret ex parte hearing and nobody knows what the hell you said on the stand and we’re not cross examined and Cynthia has days before orders were issued, details of recorded conversations obtained by those police out there everywhere. No order gives detailed reasons. There was no fair hearing. She never testified in any of them. Perry looks for who is bombing his criminal camp and who told where his criminal camp is while declaring he won and won’t have consequences for his fraud and criminal conduct and no one is bombing the ever living crap out of his criminal camp. As they say he Bagdad Bob must know the same Satan. Same lies, same delusion, same stupidity thinking no one noticed, same Satan. Where is that transparency in his person life and conduct he promised that she put her name on back in 2010? Nobody knew Perry back then. He had not been involved in politics and she had for ten years. She had three actively involved in Lubbock before she met Perry, before she supported him because he promised transparency and accountability, and before people knew who the hell he even was. She was asked over and over and over “This Perry guy, is he okay? You think he will do a good job? Should I vote for him?” And she helped Perry get elected using her connections she’d worked three years building when he didn’t have any. And yet here we are three suits, recorded calls to Judges some in the late night hours, illegal as it gets, she has no such access, outside of court, and all kinds of ex parte secret hearings where nobody knows what the hell Perry said under oath and he was not cross examined. That’s a denial if due process in not being able to cross examine in her own law suit. His claims are based on Orders he obtained through fraud. They can be vacated now or she can wait until Perry is arrested and get them Vacated then.

When she makes these decisions it’ll be a matter of public record for anyone from anywhere in law enforcement to see, to review with prosecutors and to evaluate as it always has been. Meantime Perry will continue looking for those planes he claims aren’t there. He’s given cops a hell of a lot of laughs when he does that. He’s been quite the point in many a joke between cops because he does that. It was the same police that provided Cynthia info detailed in the email she sent in 10/2015, 3 to 4 months beforehand, about Judge McNamara regarding Perry’s intent to arrange her false arrest of 1/29/16, which is part of the law suits, that gave her the same in Defendants illegal conversations with Judges in her civil suits. See all posted here.

Meantime, you talk to Cynthia about this, of you don’t know your shit, you don’t know facts, and you seem stupid like you don’t get it, she walks off and owes you no explaination at all. That’s how that is gonna be.

As to Perry’s delusional imaginary romance with Cynthia that only exists to him, creepy little criminal trolls do not turn her on. Her Chief of Police granddad taught her better than that.

In the above Cynthia documents that on March 3, 2020, at 10:41 pm, officers recorded Defendants talking to Judge Morrisay, District Court Judge in the County of Tulsa and told information they could only have obtained from hacking her, watching her legal research and from being able to see her calendar kept on her computer. The details they divulge to Judge Morrisay in that conversation could not have been obtained any other way. They were obtained illegally. She is told “Cynthia intends to file a 12-1031. That is a Motion to Vacate for fraud and 12-1031 is the Oklahoma Statute that gives the ability to Vacate Orders based on fraud within two years of the Order. The man states Cynthia had it marked to file that following Monday on her calendar which is in her computer and phone and she did. She has since changed that specifically because of being told of this conversation Defendants had that night with Judge Morrisay. She responds by stating the obvious “Well then I cannot just use ‘because its frowned upon’ as an excuse to deny. ” As she did in Cynthia’s Motion for Default Judgement against Lady Godivas, aka Bi Centennial Inc when they failed to file any response at all to the suit for over a year after having been properly served. In Oklahoma, you get 21 days. Judge Morrisay clearly understood the inappropriateness of that decision.(See Patel v OMH)

Cynthia can file a Rule 15 request Morrisay be removed. If Defendants are apprehended first that’s easier then, but not necessary for her to proceed.

This is one of many many many legal demands asking Charles Perry’s attorneys to restrain their client from ALL contact in All forms with Cynthia, her family and everyone she knows. He has no business contacting her or anyone at all in her life. He goes outside his attorney to do so, it’s outrageous and offensive and all it does is piss her off and the cops investigating him who continue to protect her. There is no excuse for this.

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