Public Notice To Jacquelyn Perry

This shall serve as PUBLIC NOTICE being Perry blocked Cynthia’s email communications even to her own email address. He has hacked her and that evidence also collected by law enforcement. We FULLY expect and have the reasonable expectation that Mrs Perry and Perry’s attorneys will act as any reasonable prudent individual would in these circumstances, comply with the laws and act morally. All parties need to consider the fact that what has been made public in regards to Defendants incriminating conversations, including talking to Judges about denying Cynthia’s Motions, means that got to Cynthia through law enforcement investigating Perry and now Judges. Those conversations therefore would’ve something played in Court. That means family members will have to sit there and listen to Perry talk about killing Cynthia, then say bazaar things like he thinks they are engaged, if she lies he will give her whatever she wants, all the conversations about taking her car, conversations regarding the Miller murder and Nealeys case, and every weirdo thing these guys have said. If it’s here then Cynthia knows about it and she got that from police. That’s means it’s going to Court. If they wish to put their families through that, if course that is their choice. They can chose for themselves on that. The conversation regarding Judge McNamara being used to arrange Cynthia’s false arrest is the same. This occurred months before Perry carried out his threat to arrange a false arrest which is the subject of now three law suits or at least part of the factual background in showing his history of not a relationship but crime. If he thinks they have a relationship that is evidence of some serious delusion. No such thing exist to Cynthia at all and was observed by two individuals as posted herein. Perry’s kids are also now old enough to be liable for neglect of their dads inability to grasp reality and comply with the law when those laws are broken die to mental illness that has become a danger to others. Perry’s imposition resulting in loss to Cynthia and her family is something his family is responsible for and they are expected to act as any reasonable prudent individual would in this set of circumstances. Spending time with Perry so he has no time to bother others would be the very least they could do right now.

See photograph of Email regarding Perry’s communications about arranging Cynthia’s false arrest months before he carried out his threats.

“Does Mrs Perry know her husband comes up here and tells people he and I are engaged? Do you know how nutty that is?Same as he told this guy I never met before this conversation and haven’t seen since:

Click Here To Hear Pinto Tell Cynthia She Is In A Relationship With A Married Man She Can’t Stand And Then Offer $5000 For Sex With Him That Was Flatly Rejected

Do you know how very creepy that is to me? You buying judges never has and never will change my intent in getting a Protective Order so Weird Charles can never contact me again. Please advise Mrs Perry of her husband’s bazaar delusions and his unwanted contact and offensive conduct and the reasonable expectation she would get busy spending time with him so he has no time to bother me with his weirdo mental problems and his drama. I don’t like him and he is to get off me and stop the unlawful conduct. He can leave on his own with some dignity or in handcuffs, whichever comes first. It makes no difference to me at all but he will leave. I don’t want him. He needs to get that and quit being so mentally slow.This is a legal demand to Mrs Perry.Are you not as tired of getting legal demands as I am of sending them? If I’m still sending your client is still in violation of the law. His attention disgusts me. It does not make me like him, in seven years it’s never made me feel anything at all but like barfing all over him. Restrain your client, please and thank you. See attached letter and please get through to Mr and Mrs Perry that all contact with me or anyone I know MUST cease and desist and clarify what Antisocial Disorder is. Failure to respect the rights and wishes of other people is a serious disorder. It’s not normal. Also be advised if I quoted something you all said,.the cops have that ready for Mrs Perry to have to hear her husband say in that recording in their case in Court and contemplate whether or not he wants to put her through that. I want NO contact ever with Charles Perry or from him and I’m sick and tired of repeating myself because Charles Perry too mentally slow to get it. It’s enough. My family wants NO contact with or from any of you. Stop contacting us, get a life and get out of ours and there is to be no further claims of there being any kind of relationship between Charles Perry a s myself other than he is a criminal and I am the victim of his crimes and assisting law enforcement in their investigation so he is stopped and can no longer cause loss due to crime. That’s it. That’s the way it is and any other belief is some very demented delusion.The following was made public as always at the instructions of the law enforcement who began investigating Perry on something else.More coming in to law enforcement investigating Charles Perry. This conversation appears to be between people Perry dragged into his stalking gig that were not very happy about being misinformed. They are a few of many:Guy 1 “He comes up here telling everyone he and Cynthia are engaged and she’s just mad but he wants everyone to try to get her back. Then he goes at her like any common thug from the ghetto. He doesn’t call her and tell her he cares about her. He does not take her to dinner. He’s not in any kind of living supportive relationship with her. He goes at her constantly like you see thugs going at each other from the ghetto. He never did anything but that. Over in Lubbock he ruined her career. Man when you are in a romantic relationship you support the others career. He ruined hers. Used her to get elected then bad mouthed her right into the toilet. That is not what you do and I read those Facebook message where she’s telling people he’s creeping up behind her house and threatened to ruin her career. Then he’s goes at her car, gets her fired more than once, takes her social security card, vandalized her car, gets all her friends and family going at her trying get her talking so he can use what she tells them to hurt her, I mean all that is criminal. You go up to the bad parts of town that’s the kind of stuff they do to each other. That is not what upstanding citizens do. She moved twice to get away from him. She won’t tell anyone where she lives. What does that tell you? That sound to you like a romance? He’s tried at least twice to kill her. Man that’s gang type stuff. That’s all the stuff gang people do. I have a girlfriend. I don’t mess with her job or call her friends and family and tell them to give me information so I can take her car away or get her fired. If I talk to them I want to know what does she want for her birthday. I don’t ask how I can ruin her or rob her. That is not a relationship. That is a crime and she’s right that is sadist. For him to think that’s a relationship, man that’s nuts. “Guy 2 “It’s Sadism or he just lied to get everyone to fuck her over so he can force her to lie. I don’t know but you are right. My girlfriend and I talk, we text, we hang out, I don’t put cameras in her house and sell her online. I don’t even know what kind of wicked does that. I don’t attack her in public, I defend her. I tell the world how fantastic she is, not ruin her reputation. Her best interest is my best interest as far as I’m concerned. I think all that talk about him being mental, there is no way he’s not mental. She’s never going to have anything to do with him after all he’s done is terrorize her life for like a decade now. “Guy 1 “Well this isn’t just white collar crime. This is gang land man. I mean he messed with her kids. He threatened her parents and told them if they don’t come clean he’s gonna do all this stuff, and they don’t know anything. You don’t do stuff like that and claim you are engaged and in love. She’s right that he’s torturing people in asking them to hurt her because we don’t go around just hurting people. He may do that but we don’t do that so for him to make all of go at her and hurt her that is torture. That is mean. I call my girlfriend and make sure she has money to pay her bills and get her nails done and make sure she’s doing good on her job and if she needs any help. I dont get her fired. I call her and take her out to eat and we go on trips and if she wanted to on a trip with her girlfriends without me I’d pay for that too. I wouldn’t do what this guy, I mean if he’s tried to kill her then he’s not in love with her. This is criminal. All this that he’s done to her is criminal. In ten years it’s one crime after another some white collar and some gangster type thug ghetto stuff. No upstanding citizens does any of it. None of it. I don’t. That’s not how I treat my girl. They don’t talk. They don’t text. They don’t hang out. She’s moved twice to get away. He’s tried to kill her so him coming up here saying they are in a relationship, I mean come on Man. That is not what a relationship looks like. Definition wise it’s a crime and just a crime and I’m pissed off he came up here and lied to all of us about what was really going on. I think a lot of people are.”Guy 2 “Well for sure we can rule out Tinkerbell being the source of information. That dude has something wrong with him and it’s bad wrong and whoever these guys are I think at the end of the day are the heroes and she’s had get fucked over by this guy so many times I don’t how long it’s gonna take that girl to trust people again. “Guy 1 “He used the people closest to her to ruin her so I would imagine she may never trust people completely. She may always have a guard up. I don’t know. I can’t imagine. How she’s had to live I can’t imagine. “That speaks for itself. Cynthia has moved twice to get away from Charles Perry. His contact is always always unwanted. There is no relationship. She has never consented to any such thing and never will. she considers Charles to be a very dangerous sadistic sick twisted monster because he has shown her with his behaviour and conduct that is all he can be. He cannot get off unless he’s hurting people. We’re it not for the Almighty and the police from somewhere else that started investigating on another crime protecting her she would be dead. Perry’s conduct in buying judges only added to their case against him and did not change Cynthia’s intent in filing the suits to be rid of Perry. She asked eleven times for a Protective Order or Injunction Order prohibiting all contact from Perry. That means SHE wants no contact with him or from him in any form ever. There is no engagement and frankly his assertions is just more nutty.Does Mrs Perry know her husband comes to Oklahoma and says he thinks he is engaged to Cynthia? His family is going to have to sit in court and listen to all the weirdo deeply disturbing things Perry has said over the years same as Cynthia has. Who is that cruel to put their own family through that?In March 2017 this Pinto guy came to Cynthia’s work, approached her and said he was there on behalf of her husband. Cynthia is single. She flipped on her recorder and you can hear the two argue about the nature of her relationship with Charles Perry being there is not one. He is delusional. It’s not real. Does Mrs Perry know her husband thinks it is? The guy then offers Cynthia $5,000 to sleep with him and even says “So spend a few hours being creeped out so you can be $5000 richer.” And she still rejected him. She moved twice to get away. She’s blown him off for years. He’s a rejected failure too stupid to figure that out and how to move on and nothing more. Cynthia is never going to be with a man who tried to kill her, had her thrown in jail, torments her friends and family by asking them to hurt her. He does not call wanting to know what she wants for her birthday and he has no business calling them at all. He is married. Cynthia rejects him. There is no relationship, just a crime. Barring they are in a courtroom with Deputies everywhere she is not going to be at any time ever in the same room with Charles Perry. He’s a criminal not a man she is in love with. He is delusional. His imaginary whatever it is that goes on in his head only exists to him. She made her wishes clear and he ignores that and forces his down everyone else’s throats until we are all gagging. He’s turned a whole lot of people against him. He embarrasses everyone with his weirdo and because easy concepts go right over his head and has no idea he should be embarrased too. He will leave in handcuffs or on his own, whichever comes first. That is his only choice. He can leave with a little dignity on his own and control that or not. He’s not wanted or loved. Cynthia is not dipshit as he. She’s not going to want anything to do with a guy who keeps trying to ruin her, tried to kill her twice, wants to find a way to force her to get close enough so he can kill her himself, threw her in jail and keeps trying to do it again, calls and tortures and torments her friends and family. That’s me ER gonna happen after he did all that. He lies. He can’t be trusted. Her bond conditions were the one time a Judge order him to stay away from her and that was done at her request because that is her wish. Perry ignores her wishes. He’s ignoring her wishes. That is antisocial disorder. It’s a disorder. It’s not normal. It’s sicko. It’s butterflynet territory. The only reason the judge signed off on her request is due to Perry’s promise to leave her alone in exchange for her silence on details of her arrest. The second she got home he went right back at her. He made a promise to his wife to be committed to her and he can’t keep his nose out if Cynthia’s life and be faithful to his kids mother. He can’t keep a promise to respect Cynthia’s rights and wishes and leave her alone so that man is not someone to trust. He lies. He betrays. He rapes with his sick little peeping Tom gig, he steals, he kills, he destroys. Not Prince Charming by anyone’s definition. He’s a kook. He embarrasses everyone and is stupid to be embarrassed himself.There is no relationship, just a crime. Cynthia wants and deserves much better than anything Perry has given her or ever will. She wants Fabian and Perry has kept them apart. She’s made her wishes clear and unless Perry wants to continue to give the shrink more testimony for him to be put in a mental hospital due to his antisocial disorder and sadism he stops ignoring Cynthia’s wishes and gets off her. He can control ONE thing right now and that is he leaves on his own with some dignity or he leaves in handcuffs, whichever comes first.

Your client needs to stop contacting me. It has never ever made me like him . All he accomplished with that is he makes my skin crawl and has built quite the criminal case and the case that he could use some time in a mental hospital. He has never once made me like him. I can’t stand him. It shouldn’t take seven years for him to figure that out. Just hypothetically, not meant as a threat at all but to provoke logic in treating other people like you want to be treated and the Karma, we’re he to get the crap beat out of him in prison and we’re he to beg “Please Stop!!!” And his wishes were ignored, if he wouldn’t like that then why is he ignoring my wishes? Seven years is not how long it takes to accept rejection and move on. It takes thirty seconds for everyone else so what’s the deal with his mentally slow mind? Mrs Perry is responsible for dealing with her husband drama. I want no contact and she is being notified of this, of her husband’s weirdo being a bother to others in another state and if our expectation that she take the reasonable and appropriate action that any reasonable prudent individual would in these circumstances.I cannot stand Charles Perry. He is just a monster and a criminal to me and nothing more and will never be what I want in my life. He is heinous ugly and grotesque to me and I’m sick of asking for him to be normal and him not being normal. He embarrasses me. I want no contact with him or from him ever. ”

Email screenshotted here

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