It’s Pissed Off People Informing Law Enforcement Not Tinkerbell As Perry Thinks

You can tell by the way Perry acts that he does not think he is pissing people off with his corruption and sadistic attack on Cynthia and has no leaks and there is no law enforcement after him for some pretty heinous criminal activity. His incriminating conversations made their way for us to quote verbatim through Tinkerbell, he seems to think.

When you get caught as many times as Perry has as of late and you cannot stop yourself from going at it, you are not just one but many bricks shy of a load.

The public is sick and tired of the Texas corruption imposed on us on Oklahoma. Another jurisdiction or two having to investigate judges in Oklahoma and Texas to add to their cases because they aren’t going to have judicial misconduct as we have seen in Cynthia’s civil cases in their court room. When people are asked to hurt another person and do something they know is wrong and nobody puts a stop to it they go to the ones who will. Perry thought he found his leaks and piled gifts on those people which made that internal conflict worse not better. It’s severe psychological abuse to them and Cynthia when someone close to her is told “I’ll pay for your vacation if you help me hurt her. If you don’t I’ll do to you what I did to her.” That backfired in a big way. That is as mean and hateful as it gets.

The Miller/Nealey situation made the leaks much much worse. Everyone knows Nealey didn’t kill Chief Miller. When someone starts finding out what Perry and his Texas Billionaire Boys Club are doing, they try to kill them and if that doesn’t work, they find a way to arrange a false arrest. It’s their daily habit. Everyone is sick and tired of the corruption so when law enforcement that will put a stop to it come around to end it, they get information to end it fairly easily. Six years ago nobody knew Perry had nutbag weirdo problems with women. That is not the case now. His criminal activity he hid all his life is more uncovered than ever before in his pathetic reject life. $25 million paid out for a cover up that has drawn more attention to his secret life of crime than ever before in his life and drew it right to police. He still can’t stop. As nutty as that is to all normal folk he is not stopping. That did him a lotta good over the past five years to continue being a threat and source of loss, suffering and annoyance. That dude is not all there. It’s embarrassing. The public is not putting up with his corruption. That is why he is quoted verbatim time and time again right smack dab in the middle of incriminating conversations or as is the case with now three Judges, a crime in progress. It’s not Tinkerbell despite Perrys delusion land he seems perpetually stuck in.

In the photos posted here, going back to 2015, Cynthia told people over and over “Charles Perry is trying to kill me and arrange a false arrest”. He did try to kill her and when that didn’t work, he arranged a false arrest. Charges were dismissed in her favor and she sued. During the past three years during civil proceedings Perry has done nothing but continue his stalking and harassment. That’s a crime. When she says “He’s trying to take my car. He’s trying to get me fired. He’s buying judges.” And there is no hearing in which she is present to present evidence or testimony or cross examine him when he goes into Court and bold faced lied, and she’s not there to prove that or address it or question what he says under oath, and present evidence in dispute of his claims because he held ex parte hearing after exparte hearing, then Perry actually does what she says he is doing, does he really think nobody notices? Are we dealing with someone that mentally slow? Why would he think nobody notices? The rest of the world is quicker to get there in their heads than he and not a little, a lot quicker.

The email regarding Judge McNamara of October 2015 contains details provided by law enforcement, not Tinkerbell as Perry seems to believe. Officers obtained their information from pissed off people who are normal and want Perry’s criminal activity stopped as much as Cynthia does. He will be in prison before this year ends, we are told. Currently there are other people including but not limited to Judges being investigated. Sometimes you let the bad guy lead you to the other bad guys. Perry is so slow he will see this and still do and think nobody will notice. He’s done nothing but that.

Because Perry went into Court and bold faced lied after swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help him God, stating he had no relevant contacts in Oklahoma but in fact can’t seem to get his skank ass out of Oklahoma, has tried to kill Cynthia again, did total her car, did tamper with both her old and new car, she filed a complaint with Mannford Police where some of this occurred although never named a suspect, Perry shut that investigation quick. Six days later the responding officer, Mike Nealey is arrested for the murder of his supervisor and his best friend and Perry actually thinks nobody would suspect a thing. Nealey was found mumbling and incoherent and cants remember anything due to being drunk or impaired. Being that drunk or impaired having no motive at all he beat his best friend and boss to death six days after they caught this corruption case? Are you shitting me with this right now? It was not physically possible. It’s just the second time Perry tried to kill someone who caught him in criminal activity and when that didn’t work he arranged another false arrest and he does not get it that people don’t like his corruption and want him in prison? They do and they do. That is the source of his many many leaks not Tinkerbell. The Florida States attorney cannot conceal pertinent material facts from the deciding body, such as a Judge, Grand Jury or Jury. That is perjury. It’s also a Brady Violation in that it appears they failed to give a full panel tox to Nealey just after the murder to see why he was in the state he was in. Had they tested Nealey immediately and found more than just alcohol and something strong enough to kill a horse, as Cynthia put it, show there is for sure absolutely no way he could have beat someone at all much less to death, and his drink was spiked the same as Cynthia’s was with arsenic, Roberson admitted to in texts, they failed to preserve that evidence. He supposed to be dead same as Cynthia. When that didn’t work out, they framed him. It’s same thing over and over and over Perry has no control over his sicko.

Newsflash for the mentally slow: People notice. They are pissed off. They are not putting up with the corruption. They have leaks and come hell or high water Perry will be in prison before this year ends and he won’t be the only one. Aiding and abetting is a crime as well. It’s enough. They have shoved their drama and problems a d desperate need for a cover up down everyone else’s throats to the extent they have turned a whole lot of normal folks against them. This stuff they do is sick, twisted, cruel and not wanted up here.

The police report filed by Cynthia regarding tampering with her vehicle was made to Mannford PD on November 4, 2019 and she named no suspect but said “I have blown up a Tulsa Police Detectives phone over threats to my car with intent to Impede civil proceedings and I have had one problem after another including a brick thrown on the highway that totaled my last vehicle. It’s likely related to my civil suit. One Defendant has employees right there next to me.” It was then the responsibility of Mannford PD to determine if the tampering was related but again for the second time justice was obstructed due to Chief Miller’s murder and the investigating officers false arrest. Again, it appears necessary blood tests were not obtained for forensic inspection and that evidence, most likely exculpatory, forever gone. This would be the second occurrence same as they did to Cynthia. They arranged a false arrest that had been threatened for months to destroy forensic evidence that would prove Perry did try to kill her with what Roberson admitted to in texts as arsenic. Nealey was found mumbling and incoherent and has no memory of what occurred so why was he in that condition? Blood tests for a full panel tox should have been taken at that moment when he was taken to the hospital and the Florida States attorney has the legal responsibility to preserve all evidence, collect it and put it before the deciding body because this set of material facts may change the outcome. He caught a corruption case and one that may have proven perjury of Perry and his co defendants and again in just a week, on November 10, 2019, six days after the report was filed, catastrophic loss occurs to obstruct an Oklahoma police investigation into what Perry is doing to a citizen of Oklahoma and a woman who is not his wife and one who thinks he is hideous. Nealey appears to have been much more than just drunk. He could not have physically beat anyone at all much less to death in the condition he was found in and a tox panel probably would have proven that even more than the obvious. He was an intended victim. When he didn’t die, they did the same exact thing to him that they did to Cynthia and simply arranged another false arrest.

Too many other people have gone to jail for a crime Charles Perry and his buddies committed. He is no different than Bill Clinton by the way I’m that he had a moral failure and lied about it under oath. He’s weirder than Anthony Weiner and Clinton was at least smart enough to get a little something out of what he did. Perry is not even smart enough to get that.

In both there is a failure to due diligence, a reckless disregard for the truth, and no due process. It was not just any cop this happened to. It was THE cop who caught Cynthia’s corruption case and Charles Perry is not smart enough to put it together in his head that people are angry at him for his sick twisted crimes and corruption and they did notice what he did and tried to cover up. He didn’t win in civil court. He bought a judge. Those Judges are now under investigation too. The Nealey case is directly tied into this as well. People notice. Just because Charles Perry is too stupid to think past tying his shoe does not mean the rest of us are. He can’t even figure out he’s a reject and his contact to Cynthia is a crime not a relationship much less anything else. When he assumes everyone is as dumb as he is and too dumb to notice his corruption that is just part for the course for Charles Perry. We don’t know if he even can tie his shoe without help. Most of us don’t need the puppets and crayons version to get easy concepts as Perry seems to. Trust that people show you who they are the first time. Perry showed who he is when he tried to kill Cynthia and when that failed, he carried out threats he’d been making for months to arrange a false arrest and he did so with intent to obstruct justice and destroy evidence of attempted murder and this case with Chief Miller and his investigator, Officer Nealey is same song second verse. It’s his MO. We hope that in the midst of being traumatized as Nealey has been that he remembers he is a police officer and is able to block out some of the stress and remember he is a police officer and he needs to think like one so he gets through this smear campaign and attempt on his life and future like a boss.

Fool me once, shame on you Fool me twice I had it coming

The texts of Roberson admitting to arsenic poisoning of Cynthia and evidence filed with Courts and given to Mannford PD is posted at the two links below:

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