Perry Continues Unwanted Contact With Cynthia Taunting Her With His Civil Win

Perry has long said and it’s posted all over this blog he would take everything Cynthia has hoping to force her into some bazaar relationship with him she does not want to be in. If he wants to buy a girlfriend they have escorts and mail order bride for that. She wants nothing to do with him because he is corrupt and weirdo and cruel. Her email to his attorney regarding Perry’s unwanted contact and taunts of today. Because of his cruelty, he has leaks that inform to police investigating him on another matter. He knows this. He just does not care. She is preparing Motions to Vacate. The only thing undecided is to file before or after he is arrested.

Just remember we did say he threatened all this long ago and now has carried out yet another threat causing loss to another human being a d has no empathy, just wants a cover up. It’s to be part of a criminal psychologists testimony.

“For your records:

Charles continues to hack my phone and type “Check Dockets I win” in my phone right over my typing.
In response, please see attached. Have I not repeated you all verbatim enough times making incriminating statements or in talking with Judges in a backroom deal which you were told years ago some might be informants, that you don’t get it yet? So many abnormalities opened those types of investigations.
I’m preparing Motions To Vacate. I’m preparing Motions to Vacate. I’m preparing Motions to Vacate. I could have appealed. I chose instead to allow police to deal with the Judges involved and file Motions to Vacate. The intent of my litigation was and is in part to get a Court Order prevent Perry from contacting me because that is my wish. That was the whole point of changing careers and moving twice, and that would be to cut him out of my life. My intent in suing was in part to cut Charles Perry out of my life as much as changing careers and moving twice was.
I cannot continue to repeat myself. I have a life. I do a little more than sit around, watch other people live, sit around thinking up was to cause them devastation then demand a cover up like a criminal cover up is a civil right or something. I have a life. I don’t behave weirdo like that. I cannot continue to be bothered by Charles and repeat myself.
This is your written notification of all contained herein and a legal demand. I don’t want to hear from your client again in any form at all. His hacking a d contact is a crime, against my wishes, without my consent and it is monitored by the cops who record you all making back room deals with Judges and this one attached involving Judge McNamara when your client was trying to arrange my false arrest for which he has now been sued. It is part of the psychologists testimony that you all enjoy causing loss, hardship, and problems for others, have no empathy and simply want a cover up. That’s just going to be part of her testimony. She’s happy to add it.

Again I’m filing Motions to Vacate based on fraud. I’m filing Motions to Vacate based on fraud. I’m filing Motions to Vacate based on fraud. Is that repeated enough times? I’m not sure if it will be before or after your clients are arrested. That we have to decided yet.
I have not checked dockets because your client won. What is his problem that he can’t figure out he committed a crime and what is it at this point he wants me to see? Why is he still taunting me and contacting me after I asked him to quit hacking me, get out of my life and never contact me again, not for a week or a month, but seven years? His contact is not wanted. He testified in Court he was not making any. What is it on the docket he is so desperate for me to see? There would be no need for a Motion to Vacate if I did not have the information that he win and how he won, now would there be so what is his desperation all about?

Charles Perry is to CEASE and DESIST ALL contact with me in ALL forms and advise your client to go through his attorney. ”

What is the reason someone would do that but for some sicko problem? Perry has leaks because everyone wants this stopped. Tired of seeing what he is putting Cynthia through, they have stepped up to provide the police on the other matter with helpful information.

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” — Albert Einstein”

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