Perry’s Corruption Case Taking Shape

She said “No!” She said “STOP CONTACTING ME!!” and when someone has to repeat the same thing over and over that would indicate serious mental and intellect deficiencies like maybe Alzheimer’s. Perry is disgusting and hideous to her. She has said that over and over and over for nearly a decade and her actions in making many massive life altering changes indicate she wants nothing to do with Charles Perry. He continues to contact her, threaten, harass, impose his will over hers, force himself on her, then ask what he can do. That question has been asked and answered over and over. He simply ignores her will to force himself on her and that is by law what stalking and harassment are. Her response to his attorney:

“Charles keeps asking what he can do and he’s been told that repeatedly for years and years: give my money back, give my stuff back, get Fabian and Triston up here so we can talk, you stay out of it, fix my reputation, quit hacking and peeping and you get out of my life and NEVER contact me again ever. And that is all I have to say. As to that being something officers would use to give him some mercy, a deal but not a pass, just mercy, that’s over. He won’t get that now. That is what I want so he can give me what I want just because he decided to finally respect my wishes but he won’t get mercy out if that. There is no more deal. That’s gone. And I could not be more clear about wanting NO contact with Charles Perry or from him ever again. I want NOTHING to do with him.

From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724”

“For your records.

The police referred to are the ones who have protected me from your clients all these years.

Their investigation of Charles Perry, from what I was told in March 2014, started on a murder and someone involved in that had ties to a foreign country. That expanded to Perry’s peeper porn site and then into his Racketeering.

The email regarding Judge McNamara in October 2015 was in part why David Roberson asked if the FBI was involved. Even back then they knew something like that was ongoing. They knew and they did all this anyways.

Perry’s request for information and for what he can do has been asked and answered.
When I told him to cease all contact and he continues to ignore my request, he simply adds to his criminal charges and pisses me off because he’s ignoring my wishes. He has imposed his will over mine long enough. I want NO contact with him or from him. He’s no Prince Charming. Him ignoring my wishes for so long is evidence of that. His demands that law enforcement stop, believe me is met with hysterical laughter. Nothing is more insane than that request. That request alone speaks to his delusion.

Please cease and desist.

This is notification of additional information concerning my safety and well being coming to my attention and a legal demand that you restrain your client from all contact with me.

Attached text in response to Perry’s request for more information and what he can do, states as follows:”

She said she finds him hideous, to her Charles is just a criminal she is helping police investigators catch, and not someone she would ever want to even be friends with much less have a romance with. Anyone who would so hatefully ignore her rights and wishes and force his down her throat til she gags on it would not meet her definition of Prince Charming. Where is his wife while Charles Perry perverts around behind her back? Is she negligent? Why is she not keeping him busy with her so he has no time to burden Cynthia with his mental delusions and problems and corruption? His kids don’t want their dad imposing and ooozing his ick all over Cynthia anymore than she does so why is he ignoring Cynthia’s legal rights and wishes and his kids wishes to impose and force his own, not for a week or a month but almost a decade? Why the need for a constant repeat if the same rejections for that long if not Alzheimer’s? What is taking him so long to get a grip on reality and move on? If ever he tries to touch her, he will get his teeth kicked out. There is no romance. There is a crime in fact he will be in prison before this year ends and Defendants conduct during civil proceedings will simply do nothing but give rise to additional charges. They accomplished nothing but that. Cynthia was told long ago by these police who continue to obtain their very incriminating conversations to “get as many of these illegal denials as possible. We are going to use that in our criminal case and you can get all those order vacated then.” And she even told them that and they still called and made backroom deals for their prepaid Orders. These guys are THAT stupid and THAT delusional. Or these old farts all have Alzheimer’s or Senile Dementia. No normal dude acts like this. The need to repeat the same thing over and over, day after day, year after year and they still don’t get it can lead any prudent individual to no other conclusion. There is no relationship. Hacking and peeping, stalking and harassment and bribing judges to get out of a civil case is a crime not a relationship and Perry has bribes some cops which is why he seems confused as to where criminal charges may come from. He didn’t get to these guys nor can his power even begin to touch the power that initiated his criminal case. He can’t even control his weirdo much less anything else. Someone that stupid who is told he is under investigation, wants to know who keeps recording him in his criminal conversations but continues to engage and engorge himself in criminal activity would certainly not have the ability to out think these cops. They think circles around him and his co defendants in their sleep. They obtained three Judges, in Cynthia’s civil cases, two Federal and one Sta\nt\ne judge making a backroom deal with Perry and his co defendants. They are very very good at what they do. Perry was told straight up they were going to be recording any illegal conversations with Judges and he did it anyways. That is not what smart people do.

Perry up to 25 counts of harassment of their material witness just today. He was told repeatedly over and over and over to STOP ALL CONTACT WITH CYNTHIA ORTIZ AND HER FAMILY, FRIENDS, CO WORKERS, FABIAN AND EVERYONE SHE KNOWS. Each time he ignores her wishes and the law a charge is added to the stack he already has coming by the police who continue to obtain recorded conversations Perry has that unlawful. These cops have stood right in front of him face to face at various events over the years and gotten him to give them all kinds of actionable Intel. He’s not that smart so it’s not been that hard. We’re he smart he would start making his bad situation better by complying with the law and ceasing all contact with and to Cynthia in all forms as he has been asked to do for nearly a decade repeatedly day after day after day, year after year. He has no control over his weirdo problems. How embarassing for him. How deeply embarrassing for him. To chase a woman who thinks you are hideous only to be rejected for nearly half a decade and despite being caught over and over by police about to commit a crime, planning to commit a crime, or as in the case with his conversations with Judges, in the commission of a crime and all for the first time in his life, and not able to grasp reality after all that and control himself to stop made it easy for law enforcement to build a case against him. They said they haven’t had one this easy or this weird in awhile. They are investigating other people he involved including three Judges before completing their investigation and depending on Perry to lead to all the places they need to look as he always has.

“It doesn’t get any better than when the bad guy comes right to you. ”

Officers Obtain Recordings Of Defendants making backroom deals with Judges to get their prepaid orders:

Perry tells people if Cynthia apologizes he will work something out and asks what she needs. Her response again rejection, hysterical laughter, and reminding his attorney of reality.

Perry’s requests to talk to Cynthia have been asked and answered. She said “NO! STOP CONTACTING ME!!! I DONT LIKE IT AND I DONT LIKE YOU!! BE A NORMAL DUDE AND GO AWAY!” He will be charged with one count of harassing a material witness fir each attempt to contact her no matter the form and the police investigating him know more about that than even she does. He is simply making an annoyance, burden and threat of himself. He is too delusional to get that but that is how Cynthia and police see him, a threat and annoyance.

Perry’s inquiries as to who is investigating him and who his leaks are has been asked and answered. He is simply harrassing everyone at this point and becoming a threat and annoyance. He is too delusional to get that but that’s how the police see him.

His inquiries have been asked and answered and the fact that he is even making them speak to his guilt and delusion. You don’t need to know who told on you if there is nothing to tell. You have no need to worry about rats if there is nothing to rat. His inquires have been asked and answered. The fact he would even ask to talk to Cynthia or make these inquires speaks to his deep delusions. She does not like his contact or him and everything she says and does is to be rid of him and no intelligent person takes this long to get that and move on. His IQ must be that of a bag of hammers. How does he even tie his show without help. Cynthia has been rejected and she moved right on to the next thing. We all have so his inability to get it and go away shows his intellect to be that of a severely depraved and mentally disabled individual. He embarrasses Cynthia with his weirdo problems. She wouldn’t walk in a room with that on her arm for millions or a gun to her head. He will never touch her and if he tries all his teeth will be kicked out of his mouth. How many different ways can one say “You gross me out and make ALL my skin crawl.” Before the other person gets that they are rejected and feelings and wants don’t go both ways? He expressed want for her, but ignores the fact that she does not want him. She has made her wishes clear. He simply forces himself on her like some crazed rapist. This is not a relationship. This is simply a very bad deranged depraved demented crime. Antisocial Disorder is proven in that he refuses to respect her legal rights and wishes and to leave her alone.

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Dr Russell compared Charles Perry to her mentally disabled patients because it takes normal people 30 seconds to understand when they are rejected and they simply move on. Perry still can’t get it after almost a decade.

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As to the crime reported to Mannford Police just six days before Chief Miller’s murder, we all know, including police investigating Perry on another matter, Officer Mike Nealey did not do that. We all know that. He was an intended victim. Perry tries to cover up his crimes and he continues to get caught by police who actually know what they are doing and don’t put up with little girls pretending they are men who pick on women, kids, and cops. These guys can out think Perry and his co defendants, and those involved in his corruption, in their sleep. More than ever before in his whiny little drama queen girl life, he’s been caught over and over and over again. There is no patience for Fife’s here with these guys. In fact, it has circulated just about Cynthia alone, “If a cop talks to Cynthia, he or she had better have done their homework first and if she feels like you don’t get it, she is not going to let you waste her time. She will flat out get up and leave and walk off. She can out sting op pretty much everyone we have sent in so she is not going to waste her time with your stupid. You get it or you don’t talk to her. It’s that simple. ” She has help from of a team of guys just exactly like that. Perry has been deeply entrenched in some wicked weird criminal activity all his life but just now since these guys got involved has he been caught and caught over and over again. That is a success and a big one. His civil wins will probably only lead to more criminal charges because they were obtained illegally. Cynthia was already way out lawyered and out finances and they had to stoop to making backroom deals. Their conduct will only lead to more charges. They have covered up nothing. And for Perry, after being caught contacting three Judges illegally to get a prepaid order to turn around and say “If she apologizes we will work something out with her” led both Cynthia and police to respond with “He just got caught bribing three Judges. Are you shitting me with this right now?” Perry then asked Cynthia if he could do something for her. He can give back what he took, respect her wishes and legal rights and never contact her again. He can do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do and stop forcing himself on a woman who is icked out by him. Where is his wife while he perverts around behind her back all day? Why is she not keeping her husband busy with her?

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