Perry’s Alleged Crimes Heinous and Deeply Depraved

When a woman asks to be left alone, a gentleman respects her wishes and leaves her one the first time she asks. She won’t have to ask for seven years. Any man that does that is not someone Cynthia would give the time of day to and Defendant Perry has completely misrepresented who he is to her. He is nobody but a deeply depraved criminal she is assisting actively in a criminal investigation. His crimes are particularly heinous and depraved.

For the first time in his life his incriminating conversations have been recorded. This has never happened to him before and that includes his conversations planning her murder, and he’s been caught in the commission if a crime, that being discussions in a backroom with two Federal judges and one State Court Judge getting his prepaid Order. This has never in his life happened before. The officers on him have kept their investigation on need to know status so he does not bother them and impede their investigation the way he does everyone else and do to them what he alledgly did to Chief Miller and Officer Mike Nealey. “Take the bribe, do what we say, or we will do to you what we did to Cynthia Ortiz, Chief Lucky Miller and Officer Mike Nealey” is his manner of conducting witness tampering and he has been caught on that too for the first time in his life. It was not just some random cop who was murdered and the other framed. It was THE cop who just caught Cynthia’s corruption case and his supervisor this happened to just days later. She filed her report of vehicle Tampering, did not even name a suspect but stated “I have had a lot of threats to my vehicle from Defendants in my law suit in their attempt to impede civil proceedings so it’s likely they did this.” That was on Monday, November 4, 2019. Less than a week later, Sunday November 10, 2019, Chief Miller is supposedly beat to death in his hotel room in Pensacola by his best friend who is so drunk he has no memory of what occurred and found mumbling and incoherent which anyone who has seen someone that impaired knows it’s not possible to commit that crime in that state. It’s simply not doable and certainly not to a trained police officer who could have run for his life against someone that drunk and escaped harm. Miller was supposedly heard yelling “Stop it, Mike!” If that was even him, then if he is able to yell that he was able to put run a man that stumbling drunk. Both men are about the same size. There is simply no way Nealey could do what he is accused of and he had no motive, but Perry did and a big one. The threats are consistent with his prior conduct. Roberson introduced himself to Cynthia by stating he worked for Perry and “If you don’t recant your claims Perry is stalking you, I am gonna put you in the lake ” later his texts admit to arsenic poisoning and he tells her to “let your life fade away” states he is Perry “muse” and tells her he cannot promise the stalking and harassment will end without death and destruction. It’s Perry’s depravity that is under investigation and that he’s been caught in the commission of more than one crime for the first time in his life however due to his mental capacity not being normal he is not able to properly ascertain just how much trouble he is really in. You cannot make as many inquires as he has trying to find out who is investigating him and leaking and then keep committing crimes and anyone not question the mental capacity of an individual that does that. It’s not genius for sure.

Any law enforcement that can accomplish what these guys have accomplished right up under Perry’s nose for the first time in his pathetic life, are not guys you want to piss off and ALL continued contact with Cynthia pisses them off. It pisses them off because it pisses her off being it shows great disrespect for her rights and wishes. They see it as harassment of their material witness. She does too.

Perry continues to defy all logic and reason in his unlawful conduct, cause Cynthia loss in time with people she cares about where Perry threatened them away. Every day that goes by that he robs her of time with those people is a problem and the same with financial loss he causes. It is pissing off everyone and part of the reason he has leaks.

The only thing Perry has accomplished over the past seven years is pissing Cynthia off, turning her stomach and making her skin crawl and building quite the huge criminal case against himself. Delusion causes one not to be able to properly asses any given situation to be able to get desired results and he no question wanted different results than he has now. A $25 million uncovered up cover up was probably not what he had in mind but that’s what he got because delusion took him there.

He can keep doing the same things that got him in the jam up of his life and it will continue to jam him up more than he knows. Pissing off cops who keep getting incriminating information by harassing their witness has not proven to be a very good idea. Unwanted contact, peeping, and hacking is not a relationship. It is a crime.

We catch bad guys and we did not wake up to be Mediocre or corrupt. “As men and women in law enforcement, we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime ” — Former Roswell Police Chief L. M. Hall – Cynthia’s granddad. If you are a criminal involved in this corruption case please know we are here to fuck you up. That is the goal. Perry is more caught now than ever before in his life despite more money paid for a cover up. For him not to get that he is a rejected fail too stupid to figure out how be a man and move on, stop betraying his wife and kids, imposing his demented mind on other people, speaks to that depravity. We said just because he has always gotten away with does not mean he always will in fact he’s not. He is already caught more than ever before in his life and $25 million didn’t stop that at all. You are a criminal in this we are here to fuck you up.

This is not a relationship. Perry is delusional. No such thing exists. Those suffering from Erotomania display symptoms of that disorder one being the engorge in delusion and create an imaginary relationship with someone of higher social status than they that does not exist to anyone but them and the victim does not feel any romantic feelings towards them. Cynthia was raised in a small town where her family was the big fish in the small town where she was raised in Roswell, NM. She then had ten years in government reform where she worked with Federally elected officials. This was ten years before even meeting Perry. Three years in Texas before she met Perry she was very involved in the local politics. She moved from Vegas which is a very exciting and glamorous town where seeing famous people on a regular basis is common. Perry had none of that. Prior to running for office in 2010 when he met Cynthia, he had been a small town accountant not exposed to high power or famous people at all. She grew up in it. To him, she was of higher social status and seeing her photos on her Facebook page he became enamored. To her, compared to those she was around prior to meeting him, he was a nobody. There was nothing about him that stood out or still stands out other than that because of the ongoing criminal investigation she knows him to be a deeply depraved individual who poses a danger to others. To her, that’s all he is or will ever be. She wants another man and Perry keeps them apart with the same threats he has always made. That’s not love. That’s a crime.

The perjured statement that Perry actually made under oath were his statements that Cynthia filed a police report due to a political vendetta know no such thing exists. He had threatened for months to find a way to false arrest her. There are no tweets, or rants directed at his political career, she helped him get elected, all her correspondence going back to 2011 complains of his bazaar conduct that constitutes “stalking, harassment, and threats” and no mention is made in any of her correspondence or rants or tweets about his politics. In 2011 she could not have anticipated he would arrange her false arrest for going to police about his threats and stalking in order to have anticipated the need to document his conduct that was directed at her and bazaar. These were not after thoughts done to cover her ass. This happened years before. Her police report is required by law in Oklahoma and he knew that too as that requirement not being followed resulted in part in a denied Protective Order in May 2015 and was stated on the denial which he had a copy of. He concealed that material fact from the Court. She had the history in politics and he had none. There is nothing to attack. Her career, on the other hand was something he threatened in 2011 to ruin if she talked about his stalker problem. Her friend Cheryl Underwood saw him and documented his bazaar conduct as well in fact she saw Perry do things Cynthia did not see. The fact that Perry had been threatening to arrange a false arrest, Cynthia texted and emailed about his specific threat to kill her and arrange a false arrest months prior to him carrying out his threats shows his intent and premeditation in committing that specific crime. He did it to harm her. He did it on purpose and that right there is the reason she needs a Protective Order. He has simply bought judges to deny which we now have evidence of that as well. Cynthia speaks her mind and when she is upset everyone knows it and they know exactly what she is upset about. She’s very vocal. For there to be no political rants directed at Perry in a period of time of almost ten years speaks to Perry’s knowingly false statement before a Court of law. She did rant like crazy but all is over frustration over the personal moral failure of his stalking, harassment and threats, not political issues. He knowingly made a false statement on Court. He concealed that fact and the fact that he had made for months the specific threat against her to arrange a false Arrest and of the legal requirement that she file a police report to get a Protective Order. Threatening someone is grounds for a Protective Order also a material fact he concealed. He then went into Morrisays Court claiming to have no relevant contacts in Oklahoma. Her report to Mannford PD taken by Officer Nealey gave rise the perjury in his statements and it appears they were going to dig which Perry again obstructed in allegedly again arranging a false arrest of Nealey and murder. He did try to kill Cynthia, allegedly. Roberson, the hit man admitted in his texts to giving her arsenic. Arsenic will kill you dead. Perry’s false arrest obstructed TPD’s investigation into her attempted murder and interfered with the chain of custody of evidence in that it prevented and delayed her from reporting the crime Perry committed against her in Tulsa to TPD where their forensic pathologist could test her blood for arsenic. This is two police investigations obstructed where murder and false arrests occur all within a week of her reporting Perry and Robersons crimes to police. This is a pattern with them. It is their habit not Officer Nealeys. Prosecutorial Misconduct is also seeming to be at the heart of both or a component of both as Perry has no legal authority to carry out a threat to arrange a false arrest or frame someone for a crime they didn’t commit. Two people now have gone to jail for something Perry did. That is not okay. That is very very sick and twisted.

On the Nealey case, if you have ever seen a drunk or impaired individual try to hit someone you know they can’t. They swing, miss and often even fall down. Overpowering a trained police officer while being as impaired as Nealey was reported being is simply not possible, and the men being close in size and stature, Nealey being that impaired, he could not have done what he is accused of doing. Another individual or two had to have been in that room that night in order to incapacitate Nealey and kill Chief Miller. The problem with the Florida States Attorney in concealing pertinent material facts on these matters is that it constitutes perjury. When a pertinent material fact is intentionally concealed before the deciding body, whether the Judge, the Grand Jury or the Jury that is as a matter of law perjury and a reckless disregard for the truth, Malfeasance, and Prosecutorial misconduct. See Documents Photographed herein and link below:

Click Here To See laws Preventing Concealment Of Pertinent Material Facts

Concealing material facts regarding the case Nealey had just taken in and the history of the criminal activity of those individuals from the deciding body that may change the outcome is not showing prudence in seeking justice. It’s careless, reckless or even makes you wonder how much of that $25 million did he get to frame Officer Nealey. He has a fiduciary obligation to get all the facts and prosecute the individual (s) responsible , not frame a guy who was most likely an intended victim too, the intent to Impede, for the second time, a police investigation in Perry’s criminal activity directed specifically at Cynthia in Oklahoma. Other investigations involve other victims in other places but have also uncovered intended harm against Cynthia. The Florida States Attorney has been notified in writing should he conceal these pertinent material facts, he will have a complain filed against his license and could be included in any changes Perry faces. Corruption is not gonna work out. Not this time. It’s become a problem for too many other people and people that are not going to tolerate it. No one should but these individuals simply don’t. That is why Perry’s criminal activity is more covered up than ever before in his life. We didn’t wake up to be mediocre.

See link to evidence Perry suffers from very severe mental problems

Click Here To See Evidence Of Perry’s Mental Disorders

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This document can be found online and reviewed for case law establishing what acts of concealing pertinent information before a Court constitute perjury and there is no Qualified Immunity when a prosecutor or police officer while acting under the color of law, violate the law and rights in place at the time of the event.

Stalking by itself comes from a depraved mind. There is no honor forcing yourself on a woman that doesn’t like you. This has gone on for almost a decade. Perry betrays his wife and kids pursing a woman who has made massive life altering changes to get away from him and rejected his ridiculous sickening romantic advances. We all wonder why he is not embarrassed as his actions are so disgusting to any normal person that it is nothing but an embarrassment and highly offensive. Cynthia spoke to another mental health professional who supported what the psychologist who consulted with law enforcement agency investigating him said in his comments “Stalking is birthed from mental illness. Normal healthy minds seek a relationship that is mutual and healthy so stalking alone is a symptom of serious mental disease. They all end up arrested if they don’t stop because they commit crimes due to the stalking they end up in jail for which in turn lands them in a mental hospital in handcuffs. They can’t stop, that’s how things end. Unfortunately sometimes the crime they end up being arrested for is the murder of the stalking victim. ” Only a demented depraved mind would force themselves on a woman who rejects them every day for that long. Ten years is an insane amount of time to force himself on a woman who has done everything she can possibly do short of faking her own death, to get away from him. It’s bad that anyone would do that but being he married man makes it even worse because now he has harmed even more than just the victim and the victims family. Now he hurts his own and could not care less. If he cared, he would stop. He forces his will against the will of Cynthia, her family and his own. His family does not want him in Cynthia’s life any more than she does. Perry has demanded they talk and she frankly does not wish to hear his whining. She made her wishes clear and his failure to respect that makes him repulsive to her. No words can fix what he done. Compliance with the law is not that hard to do.

Perry continues to attempt to o strict justice, harass Cynthia, and attempts to bribe and threaten her to coerce a lie and suborn perjury. Her sworn testimony with the Courts will not change. His attention on contact is not only unwanted, it’s gross. He disgusts her. A week, or month is plenty of time for him to have taken rejection like a man and moved on, but seven years is obscene. She wants NO contact with him now or ever and this has been repeated at nausium. Any two year old could get it by now. It’s very embarrassing Perry is not able to.

In the link below Cynthia asks her psychologist what combination of words can she use to make Perry leave her alone. The Psychologist compares him to her mentally disabled patients and calls her false arrest a stalking escalation. Being he first threatened that specific harm, what other conclusion could even a lay person come to but that? She states she thinks the intent was harm to Cynthia. He did it because he gets a thrill hurting people which is sadistic.

Click Here To Hear Recording With Cynthia’s Psychologist

Click link below to see where others have asked the same question which would not need to be asked were the person not mentally ill.

Click Here To See People Seeking Relief From Unwanted Attention From The Mentally Ill

Click Link Below Too See Symptoms of Anti Social Disorder Are Imposing Their Will On Others And Ignoring The Rights And Wishes Of Other People.

Click Here To See Info On Antisocial Disorder

Click Link Below To See Symptoms Of Sexual Sadism

Click Here To See Info On Sexual Sadism

Perry still has his wife, kids, business, home and has not lost a thing over the years he has spent ruining Cynthia and engorged in getting a thrill from psychological abuse. She lost everything she has. However what he achieved in his actions, spending all day perverting around behind his wife’s back is making ALL Cynthia’s skin crawl ALL the time and building a very big criminal case against himself. His contact is not a relationship. It’s a crime and a Federal one.

Below is information on perjury and suborning perjury.

Click Here To See Info On Perjury

Click Here To See Info On Suborning Perjury

When a woman has made sworn statement after sworn statement in Court from 2015 to 2020 stating she wants a man to leave her alone and in all correspondence going back to 2011, that means she wants that man to leave her alone. Forcing her to lie by intimidation, coercion, threats or bribes is subornation of perjury. She said No. She said she wants no contact, not for a week or two, not for a month or two, but for seven years.

Likewise concealing these facts in what occurred in this case and in Mannford in the years, weeks and days leading up to Chief Miller’s death that are relevant facts and Exculpatory and may change the deciding body’s outcome, whether that be the Court, Grand Jury or Jury is the same. It is the law that material facts be disclosed to the decision making body. It’s not something a prosecutor can just show reckless disregard for the truth and blow off. Perry re-offends. He can’t control himself. Allowing him to continue in criminal activity and locking up an investigating police officer is how you do the justice system thing or protect and serve the public. In his criminal case a whole lot if evidence will go into that Court. They have Cynthia’s evidence plus their own and a lot of it. If it contradicts in Nealey’s, that would be very hard to explain.


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