Perry’s Intent To Suborn Perjury- She Apologizes We Will Work Something Out

He wants to force her to apologize for wanting him to leave her alone

The crime is stalking and harassment and a whole host of others related. Police find out what Perry is trying to do TO Cynthia in Oklahoma that is criminal. They tell her. She asks them to stop via email to their attorneys. They call that a crime.

The officers investigating Perry told her of Perry’s intent to use Judge Mc Namara on her first false arrest, Perry having hacked her saw her email, realized he was caught, and still carried out his threats but changed details and this crazy song and dance never changes. He still does the exact same thing every day now. It’s his habit and pattern. The same was true then. Ok law requires filing a police report when seeking a Protective Order. The first one was denied because she did not bring it to Court. That requirement is right on the order. The continued harassing and threatening her with death and false arrest giving her the need to try again. She filed the report and a week later he had her false arrested. No investigation had been done or even started and TPD was never able to get her blood tested for the poison Roberson admitted they were giving her in his texts. They obstructed justice then dropped all charges.

Recorded yet again

“More recorded of Perry just a minute ago “You our her in jail and you tell her she could have had her record exponged. Civil cases have met finality. If she apologized we can work something out with her but she has to apologize. ” “She is not going to do that and you keep giving her new causes of action. You do something to cause her loss or start trying to and they record you. She has every right to advise you law enforcement has told her she needs to watch out, she may be in danger and to ask you to stop. You have lost nothing. She has lost everything and she has the right to notify you that you could be facing a civil suit for new injuries. Her telling you to stop causing her loss is not a crime. You have a build up over a long period of time that you caused her loss a d you did it on purpose. ” “She has to prove it ” “She doesn’t. They do. She is the victim of a crime. You harass her and that’s witness tampering and you are absolutely trying to suborn perjury and you don’t know what day it will be when they show up at your front door to take you in. I don’t think you need to continue down this road. There is finality however she has notified you and the public of her intent to seek relief under an alternative rule to appeal. With that, you are still impeding civil court processes illegally. It’s not final. She just changed her strategy and chose to exercise a different option. She’s right about all those orders being vacated now or later as long as she does it withing the time she is supposed to once the fraud is discovered and after you are taken in that may start that clock all over again depending. You keep going at her you give her new causes of action. She is not gonna lie nor is asking you to stop all this when police tell her they have information indicating you are putting her in danger a crime. She is not the criminal. Asking you to stop doing what you always do that is in violation of the law thinking you can get her to lie is not a crime. ”

click here to see Info On Suborning Perjury


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