Too Many Times A Fraud Is Perpetrated Upon A Court Of Law

No sign of beating someone to death on his hands, Nealey points out in his interview with police in Escambia County. A guy so stumbling drunk he was found mumbling incoherent and can’t remember a thing kills a trained police officer who knows how to deal with a physical attack unless he was over powered by a guy or two much bigger than he and Miller and Nealey were about the same size. Miller could have dodged and run from someone his size that drunk. Nealey could not have done this. Florida States Attorney has reasonable doubt and failure to disclose relevant material facts to the deciding body is actually perjury and the States Attorney has a legal obligation to put all relevant material facts in the hands of the Defendant and before the deciding body, being the Judge and/or Grand Jury. Acting under the color of law and as an officer of the Court failure to do so is perpetrating a fraud and knowingly perpetrating a fraud is perjury. We hope he does not do that.

Anyone who knows Cynthia at all should know when there is crime like this, she will analyze it backward, forward, inside and out and pick apart all the bullshit. It’s part of the reason Charles Perry’s criminal activity is for the first time in his life uncovered despite $25 million paid to cover it up. You can’t fuck with cop people and have any reasonable expectation that will end well.

When a police or prosecutor act under the color of law, knowingly perpetrate a fraud upon a court even by way of intentional concealment of a material fact that had the deciding body known may have come to a different conclusion, that deciding body being a jury or judge, it is perjury and fraud according to the law and that person then does not get Qualified Immunity if they are sued. Also gives reason for Brady Violation appeal.

Fraud Upon A Court Including But Not Limited To Concealment Of Relevant Material Fact Waives Qualified Immunity

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Nealey Points Out No Sign Of A Beating On His Hands

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