Perry Told “Let Her Go! It’s Not That Hard! You Are Making A Mess For Everyone Else.”

We understand Perry was told “You have a relationship with Cynthia but she does not have one with you. Let her go. It’s not that hard. We have all done it and all you e done is make a mess for everyone. She does not like you. Let her go and move on. You are making everyone mad. She’s not in it with you. She’s done everything she can to reject you, to get away from you and to get a Court order so you can’t contact her. Leave that girl alone and get on with your life. You are just making a mess for everyone else and that’s all you’ve done with this nonsense.”

Most people understand what “I don’t have feelings of love for you. Get out of my life and do not contact me again.” Means in 30 seconds and they are on to the next thing. In 7 years Charles Perry has yet to comprehend what that means and six years ago no one knew he had a problem with normal everyday concepts we all understand perfectly and quickly. It goes right over his head. He has done nothing but piss off Cynthia, make problems, engorge himself in an imaginary affair that is not real, betray his wife and kids, make an idiot if himself, become the butt of many a joke, stomp his feet and act like a spiled rotten brat teenage girl, build a nice hard criminal case against himself and his colleagues in crime, and allow his mental problems and social ineptness to be uncovered more than ever before in his life and that’s all he has accomplished. He’s accomplished nothing good, nothing impressive, he makes Cynthia’s skin crawl with his creepy, he makes her want to throw up, he pisses everyone off and turned people against him that are good people sick and tired of watching him make her suffer and force himself and his wants on her against her will. Had he acted like a man, had he acted like a normal dude, respectful, kind, respecting her wishes and his family’s none of this would be a problem now. He failed and it a very big problem now for a whole lot of folks and more than his mentally disabled mind is even able to comprehend. There are wires in ones mind that serve as filters that stop us from doing twisted weird cruel things which Perry clearly just does not have. Most people cannot even think up the twisted things he does and would not dare do things he does because it’s weirdo and they would be embarrassed. Perry acts like he has no clue he should be too. If he was, he’d stop. A man who chases a woman who does not want him for seven years is useless. When she said “NO!!!! ” we’re he the kind of person she would be attracted to, one time would have been enough. Instead he has imposed and forced what he wants on her and she does not want him. She does not want what he wants in fact she does not even care about what he wants, needs or what his bazaaro opinions are. She does not even want to hear it. The more he forces it on her the more she just wants to vomit. He has a wife. Where is she when her husband forces himself on a woman who can’t stand him? Where is she when he’s imposing himself on people of whom his life, his wants, his needs, his feelings are not relevant? Why is she not engaging her husband so he has no opportunity to crush, ruin, rob, peeper rape, destroy and devastate lives? She enabling, aiding and abetting? It is a Federal crime to stalk across state lines, in person or through proxy, to hack, to peep across state lines, and vandalize property, to commit grand larceny, to obstruct justice, to destroy evidence, to harass, threaten and tamper with victims and material witnesses, to intimidate and coerce whether it be in person or through proxy. Is she guilty of aiding and abetting in her husband’s crimes? Why is she not with him at all times to put a stop a stop to this tiraid of crazy and crime? It is a crime. It is not a relationship, it is a crime. Perry’s delusion does not change what it is because he is a reject. Cynthia does not want him or any contact with him at all of any kind ever. She changed careers and moved twice and sued to get free of him. Her wishes and her rights matter to law enforcement investigating Perry on another matter and it substantiates allegations that they matter to Perry. He is mentally and socially inept. For him not to comprehend her fierce rejection in 30 seconds like the rest of us do and move on like the rest of do, mind his own business like the rest of do for seven years supports the allegation that he is mentally and socially inept. People with antisocial Disorder ignore the rights and wishes of others, feeling no empathy for the suffering they cause imposing their’s on others and it is a disorder. Civilized societies don’t tolerate it. This is not a third world country and he is not the Taliban. He is in an imaginary relationship all by himself. She is not in it with him. Never will be. It’s a figment of a very sick man’s delusion and one that really should embarrass him enough to stop. It would normal folk. It is embarrassing that he has no idea he should be embarrassed enough to stop too. The man that he is should embarass the crap out of him and it should enough that he would stop. Most people would not stoop to the low levels he stoops to because it’s weirdo and they would be too embarrassed to act like that. There is a reason his acts are prohibited by law. And what kind of twisted sick mind even thinks up the stuff he does? Only a deeply depraved sadistic one could bring themselves to stoop to do what he’s done. He could prove all that wrong by his actions but in a decade he’s not even tried. The officer’s Shrink consult stated she believes he can’t. He can’t control his weird. She said she’s appalled that his friends and family continue to enable rather than taking the appropriate action to get Perry the medical treatment he clearly desperately needs. Crazy people don’t know they are crazy. It’s a disease no different than diabetes, heart disease, or cancer and we’re he having a heart attack they would rush him to the hospital so having a mental illness attack with the kind of destructive delusion Perry suffers from is no different. He is a threat to others. Being a mental health practitioner, the shrink is angry no one bothered to get Perry the clinical care he requires to end the great losses and suffering he causes other people.

The officers also advised that Perry cries. The head one said “You will not believe this but that pussy cries. You lost your career you were building, your son, your homes, you cars, more than one job, massive amounts of money, friendships he ruined telling your friends you have spent your life building a friendship with that either they were not allowed to talk to you or if they were they could only say what he wanted them to say, in essence hurting you for him, he smears you in the public, keeps you from the man you want and he has devastated your life and he has lost nothing and he cries. He is all girl and I’ve seen these types always blame everyone but themselves for the crap they pull. They are all victims. Not one takes responsibility for their own actions. This one is no different. He cries. What a pussy. Typical abusive man and those types will give you whatever you want but the you are the slave and they give you just enough to survive but never enough to leave once you decide you don’t want to be abused anymore. They are all the same. Not one bit of man in them because the way I was raised, you don’t hurt women and children. You protect them. They belong to God and you treat them like property of the Almighty and a gift. You don’t crap all over them. That’s little man syndrome. That’s why we do what we do. The justice system is to protect not hurt and that’s why we do the job we do. ”

Perry’s attention and contact is always unwanted and he’s done nothing but cause problems and he’s pissed everyone off so badly he has leaks so that his reign of terror will be stopped. Six years ago nobody knew he had these problems. Because of the work these guy have done more is uncovered now than ever before in Perry’s life.

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