Judicial Malfeasance Not Tolerated By Police Investigating Charles Perry

Quote from the POLICE investigating Charles Perry that started with another very serious crime. These officers have uncovered more of Charles Perry’s criminal activity than anyone else in his life despite $25 million paid to cover it up.

“When get Cynthia information indicating her safety and well being is in danger and she puts that into evidence in her civil case and a judge ignores it, that pisses us off and we start looking into that judge and why he or she would commit such an Injustice. How was he or she paid off to ignore evidence we obtained and passed on to her? What’s the amount, when and how was it paid to get that. When there is no evidentiary hearing excluding it for very very valid reasons I expect it to be given very serious consideration. When it’s ignored I investigate that judge because we are not going to tolerate that kind of malfeasance and incompetence in our legal system. Perry can lie all he wants. We know he’s lying. We have evidence to prove it and whether he buys a judge or not, perjured himself in that court or not, he won’t be buying a judge in my case and he will be charged with bribing a judge before I’m through with him. He hurts our girl, he hurts us because we know what he’s done. We weren’t born yesterday like these other guys and we’ve done the work to prove our case. We don’t blow off attempted murder. We take that very very seriously. Any judge that blows off the life of someone we all care about and have worked very very hard to protect has a problem. They gotta deal with me. We don’t let bad guys like Perry go. We put the rabid dog down so he can’t hurt people. We take that “Protect and Serve ” thing very seriously and it’s a shame more don’t. It means something to us. It should all in law enforcement. ”

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