Perry’s Actions And Behaviour Not That Of A Mentally Stable Man

Six years ago no one knew of Perry’s mental problems in fact Cynthia did her best to shield everyone from it by keeping her mouth shut about what he was doing while attempting to reason with him to get control over it. Only a few of her closest friends knew most of whom did not live in Texas. At the time she was concerned someone else would see him stalking her and start rumors that would ruin her career and hurt her kids. He still won’t stop to this day. When reasoning with him was ineffective she changed careers to avoid having to interact with him. When that didn’t work she moved not once but twice. These are major life altering changes. Her friend Cheryl did see Charles Perry stalking Cynthia and her emailed statement filed with the Courts.

There is simply no relationship at all much less a romance and never will be. Perry is all alone in whatever bazaar deal he entertains in his mind.

From the article in Medical News Today on Erotomania, (See link below) Perry meets the criteria in making constant unwanted contact with Cynthia. She’s done everything she can to get away from him and to avoid contact and attempted to do so in a way that would avoid conflict. He forces himself on her.

“Behavior linked to erotomania includes persistent efforts to make contact through stalking, written communication, and other harassing behaviors.”

“People with erotomania can pose a threat to their object of affection. This is often underestimated as a risk factor when assessing the condition.” Cynthia has police protection from Perry because she needs it. The officers who began investigating Perry on another matter have warned her repeatedly at times when they obtained a recording of him discussing killing her and arranging a second false arrest with the hopes he could force her to lie and get close enough to do it himself being his hitmen have failed. He is absolutely a danger to Cynthia. In October 2015 she was given information he intended to arrange a false arrest which he did and he is now being sued. He threatened her car and he did go at her car, the subject of the investigation Mike Nealey and Lucky Miller were investigating having caught her case just six days before Chief Miller’s murder. Perry has consistently carried out his threats so clearly he is a danger. Dr Russell, Cynthia’s psychologist states in a recorded conversation, that recording filed in the Courts, that Perry behaves as her mentally disabled patients and escalates by causing problems to get Cynthia’s attention because he can’t get it any other way. He is a danger to her. She has police protection because she needs it.

“An individual may believe that this person is communicating with them and affirming their love, using secret messages.This delusion develops and persists despite clear evidence to the contrary.” Cynthia changed careers, moved twice, and sued three times. Perry threatened false arrest and to kill her and did carry out his threat of false arrest. He also carried out a threat to ruin her car as stated previously. Her co workers told her he had been in her work when she was at Lady Godivas and told them they needed to convince her to want him and if they failed he would have her false arrested again. They told Cynthia “He is one of those nutty types that thinks if he can’t have you no one can. ” Perry told her co workers, they relayed to Cynthia that he had some fantasy that when he put her in jail she would see that as a romantic gesture and ask to see him where then the two would have a romantic reunion. It dies not get more bazaar than that in fact when Perry did have Cynthia false arrested the first time she did no such thing. Perry and Powell asked her to lie. She refused. They then demanded she not go to media with details of her false arrest to which she replied “One condition. Perry never contacts me again ever. I don’t want to hear even a peep out of that weirdo.” And in her Bond Conditions the first provision orders Perry not to contact her as was their agreement. She made her wishes known that she has no romantic interest in Charles Perry and he ought to be able to figure that out by now. He says he is not mentally ill so he either is or he isn’t. If he is not, then he leaves Cynthia alone. If he is his actions and behaviour show that he is not mentally stable and needs treatment. The article speaks to Perry’s unreasonable expectation that putting her in jail would be successful in coercing her to lie and there being a request to see him and a romantic reunion. There is no possibility of that at all. His expectations of that speaks to his mental disease and instability.

“Delusions must involve possible events, even if they are highly unlikely.”

Cynthia has made her wishes clear and Perry ignores her and forces his wishes on her a whole lot if other people. His kids do not want him in Cynthia’s life any more than she does so why force himself on her for so long? The officers consulted a criminal psychologist who believes Perry has Anti Social Disorder. He could not care less who he hurts or how badly he hurts them. That’s a very scary place for a person to be mentally. One can have empathy for mental disabilities and disease but not when it crosses over to criminal activity and causes loss and poses a danger and a threat to human life.
Stalking is a crime in all 50 states and a Federal crime when the stalker crosses state lines.

See links on stalking laws. Stalking is a domestic violence/abuse crime.

See link on Antisocial Disorder

“Erotomania is a type of delusional disorder. Other types include delusions of persecution, grandiosity, or jealousy.” Perry believes he is entitled to a lie and a cover up and that him being rejected makes him a victim. People are rejected all the time and simply move on to find a better fit. They have no time or energy for the drama queen act but simply move on to find a person that reciprocates so they can enjoy a normal healthy relationship. It is extremely bazaar to stalk and force something with a person who does not feel the same romantic feelings. Perry not only forces his wishes on others but he is doing so degrading the marriage he is already in. He is chasing a woman who can’t stand him while betraying the woman who does want him. It dies not get more antisocial than that. If he is not suffering from these mental illnesses he will have to prove that and so far he has not even tried leading the officer’s criminal psychologist to believe he cannot control his bazaar urges anymore than John Hinkley Jr did when he did the same to Jodi Foster. Perry has not lost a thing. He still has his home, his family, his friendships, his business. The losses suffered have been Cynthia’s. She is the injured party not Perry. He is no victim. His grandiose thinking does not entitle him to a damn thing. It’s simply more deep delusion that he appears to believe that. If everyone else gets over it and is on to the next thing, what is wrong with him that he is unable to do the same?

The more Perry makes unwanted contact, causes loss, butts in where he is not wanted and has no business being, the worse things have gotten for him, the more jammed up he is, the more money he has to spend buying a cover up, which we understand is now at $25 million, and the more of his secret criminal activity gets uncovered. Six years ago nobody knew a thing was wrong and that is not the case now. That what his actions got for him and he cannot put that together in his head. When your actions accomplish nothing at all but to build a criminal case against you and bring out criminal activity he hid all his life, why do that more expecting to accomplish anything but bring out criminal activity he hid all his life? Perry seems caught up in a hamster wheel going no where of being rejected and caught rejected and caught rejected and caught rejected and caught day after day after day it the same ole same ole. Cynthia finds him disgusting and repulsive. She is not in love with a mental case like Perry nor will she ever be. There is nothing to want about a freaky Jason like him. He’s a delusional reject too stupid to get over it and move on. To her that is all he is or ever will be and a criminal she’s helped the police on the matter put behind bars where he can harm no more. There it is, the hamster wheel he is stuck on going no where. He is not getting what he wants. Nothing is covered up. She can’t stand him so why keep doing the same thing that got him those results? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Rather than going out doing impressive work in the community where he lives, has family, owns a business, he comes up to Oklahoma and does nothing but make trouble and cause hardship and he can’t figure out why he is a reject? Something very fucked and twisted about that kind of mind.

Click here to see evidence Perry suffers from deep delusion and Erotomania. Cynthia was of much higher social status when the two met before he ruined her life and what would her career and finances and relationships had looked like now had she had ten years to build it rather than spend every waking minute surviving Charles Perry’s constant criminal attacks which resulted in the loss of all?

Click here to see evidence filed in Courts referenced herein

More timeline of stalking events here

More info on the very questionable murder charges against the officer responding to a complaint of tampering with Cynthia’s vehicle, after months and blowing up the phone of a TPD Detective regarding threats and problems with Cynthia’s car specifically. Perry’s threats are specific and he carries them out and that constitutes a criminal act in Oklahoma, something he testified under oath he was not doing. That then becomes a perjury charge. He’s not impressing anyone with this. The officers assure Cynthia he will be in prison before this year ends and the investigate other people he involved.

The story was these two best friends took a trip to Pensacola six days, less than a week, after taking her report. They got drunk had a fight and Officer Nealey beat his best friend and Chief to death. Nealey found disoriented and mumbling on top of his boss. Miller yells out “Stop it Mike. Nealey so drunk he has no memory of what occurred, found mumbling and disoriented, very stumbling drunk, too drunk to hit anything at all much less beat a guy to death against a guy undrunk enough to yell out “Stop it Mike!” Who could have easily run from a guy that stumbling drunk. There was nothing on Nealeys hands to indicate he had just beat someone to death and again even if the claim was he used something to hit him with or kicked him, not possible when he is found to be so very drunk he is mumbling disoriented and can’t recall a thing against a man who appeared to be undrunk enough to have run away. These men were cops. They were trained what to do in case of an attack like that and but for being over powered by a third party, there is no way Miller, having that kind of training was beat to death by a man so stumbling drunk he can’t recall anything that happened that night, and was found mumbling and disoriented. Perry had motive to again obstruct justice and impede a police investigation into his criminal activity which is exactly what he did in Cynthia’s false arrest having her arrested for filing a legally required police report, under Ok law, before evidence could be turned over to Tulsa Police. This was second verse of the same song and right along the same MO. Two people illegally incarcerated to cover up a crime Perry committed.

Links below are regarding incidents of Perry’s stalking reported to Mannford PD, Officer Mike Nealey responded.

Perry’s threats to arrange a second false arrest of Cynthia to “calm her down” . Calm her down from what exactly? Being aggravated that he continues to threaten, stalk, harass, invade her privacy, butt into things that are none of his business, mess with her money, ruin her life, pose a danger to her? He wants for her to calm down from being pissed off about his criminal activity directed at her? She’s having a normal reaction to a very insane abnormal situation and he thinks she needs to just calm down? Her response “Fuck that!!! Perry needs to get mental health care no different than if he suffered symptoms of diabetes, heart disease or cancer and comply with the laws, cease all contact as he’s been asked to do for seven years, act like a grown man, instead of a spoiled rotten little brat who didn’t get his way drama queen teenage girl, and move on, then I will calm down. ”

More facts and Court documents on the case here

Click Here To See Information On The Twisted Mind of A Sexual Sadist Or One Who Derives Sick Sexual Gratification Causing Harm To Others

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