It’s The Kids Who Suffer The Most

From Cynthia:We know Mike Nealey did not kill Chief Miller. Anyone can figure that out and who did. You don’t need any kind of special Sherlock skills to get this one.”In the situation with Charles Perry’s, his constant threats, harassment and the imposition and burden of everyone else being forced to deal with his delusion and imaginary soap opera and mental illness, and what has happened to Chief Miller and Michael Nealey, no one has considered what this has done to the kids involved. The Pope once said a soul is sacred ground and one does not get to separate a soul from God.I can speak from my own experience that my child from the age of ten suffered so much loss in being subjected to Charles Perry’s sadistic attacks day in and day out. He was with me enduring the heinous acts that man imposed on us so he could reach his sexual satisfaction in the thrill he gets from causing harm to others. Each time Perry caused financial loss, my son did without something he needed. Each time we had to make a major life change to get away and he had to say good bye to people he loved, each home we lost, each nefarious act that caused us loss he too hurt and we grieved it like a death. My son came to me in Dallas and begged “Get us out of here and do it now. Perry is hurting us. Get us out of this place now.” And he did this at age 14. In Sapulpa, he called his dad in October 2015 and said “Mom said Charles Perry is threatening to kill her and arrange a false arrest and she is very upset. Can you talk to her and calm her down.” And I was freaking out over being constantly under threat all day every day with Perry’s “recant your claims that I’m stalking you or I will kill you or find a way to throw you in jail until you do what I say.” Do what he says? Why? He is nothing to me at all and not wanted in my life. Do what he says? Where does he get off? He has a wife, kids, a home, a business, a community, friends and family in Lubbock so where does he get off coming to Oklahoma and threatening me if I don’t lie? I am single. I have no feelings of love for loony Charles Perry. He is and was then just a whackjob making me feel raped. I wanted another man who is also available, single, mentally stable, kind, interesting, successful in his career, who made me happy that I had to walk away from to get away from a married man forcing himself on me against my will. My son knew this for years. This was something we discussed because we had to. In the face of insane adversity Charles intentionally constantly caused, so much loss, so much heartache and grieving because that’s what he enjoys causing, we had no choice but to deal with it every day.We had home we loved right behind his school, just steps away from the tennis courts where he was Captain of his tennis team. We were blessed! We had our family close by. We were starting over far away from the man who was so very and deeply depraved. It was my son I called first and said “You know the threats Charles made?” “Yes.” He said. “He carried it out. I am in jail. Call Craig.” “Oh my God. Ok I will call him right now.” He replied.We lost our home that day. He had to explain why his mom was all over the news with a mugshot to his friends. He had to deal with the loss of what we gained in having left Texas. He knew I rejected the unwanted disgusting advances of a married man I did not love or want in my life and for that his mom was sitting in jail, publicly besmirched, smeared, ruined, and our home gone. After losing his friends, already moving twice, my political consulting career on hold, now down the tubes because of this false arrest, my son knew everything. He was with me so often at political events. He too met elected officials. He knew what my life looked like before Charles Perry so selfishly and cruelty ruined it. He knew what we had before. He was just a child being put through all this. He was also raised in a family of cops and knew this was wrong and Perry should have been in jail. He had to grow up quick because of this and he ached and he hurt but he decided on his own not to allow it to make him bitter. He chose to let it make him better.Now there is the Nealey kid going through the same. The Nealey family and the Miller family were best friends which means their kids were close. This young man now hurts like my son hurt. He lost his friends. He is the son of a cop and knows Charles Perry committed a crime and should be in jail before it smashed up his life and family. He too has to watch his dad be humiliated all over the news, deal with what cruel kids say, loss of his friends, his mother’s heart broken. And he knows his dad did not kill Chief Miller. He knows his dad. He knows the grieving and the loss the Miller are going through, how badly they hurt in that they will never see their dad again. They can never again pick up phone and call him, hug him, give advice, lovingly scold them, protect them, laugh with them and he knows his dad is being blamed. Can you even imagine the heavy weight that young man is carrying right now? This tremendous profound loss he feel? What is this were your child?Charles Perry has hidden depraved sick twisted criminal activity all his life until now. For the first time in his life, despite millions he paid out for a cover up, he did not get it nor should he. These men pretend to be Christians. In Chronicles it says God will not tolerate perverted justice or bribery in the Courts. “If you do this to the least of these, you are doing this to ME.” You don’t get to mock God. We all reap what we sow and all religions have some form of karma. You hurt people intentionally thinking you can cover up your mental sick, your sexual depravity and dysfunction, so you can get off and feel some sick twisted form of false power, you will have the consequences that go with that more when you attack a child than any other time. The cruelty, the depraved mind that would put any child through this to feel some sort of sick sense of power, to force a woman into a delusion bazaar relationship she wants no part of ever, has worked as hard as one can work to get away, avoid conflict, and metaphorically kick the freak off, for not a day, not a week, not a month but seven years, is one of the most heinous crimes I have ever seen. I cannot imagine how depraved and twisted a mind must be to be able to do something like that and demand a lie and a cover up. The fact he would even ask is outrageous much less have expectation that he would get it. These are acts of hate, not love. It disgusts me as deeply as anything can disgust a person. If I think about it too much, what Charles Perry is and what he has done I will start weeping and throwing up and I am not sure I could stop. He has placed importance and entitlement on himself above innocent good people and their kids and I cannot even begin imagine what kind of sick would cause such a lack of empathy that perpetrating his fraud, his delusional affair that does not exist to me at all above a life, a soul, a child the way he has. I cannot fathom it and the officers who catch him over and over and over can’t either. We have rehashed and rehashed their psychologists evaluations and still cannot begin to imagine how one brings themselves to be this cruel and this selfish and this nasty and for so long. Most people , when they see someone hurting, want to do something to help. Not Charles Perry. All his comments, his thoughts are causing intentional harm and pain, demanding information as to who is leaking, who is investigating him, who caught him and a cover up and I will tell you what, he is entitled to nor will he get any such information ever and the fact he would even ask is pissing us off badly. The nerve of someone so wicked to even ask that of a victim of his crimes makes one be completely supportive of the death penalty. In my opinion God is too kind. They cannot make hell hot enough for someone as wicked and twisted and cruel as Charles Perry and frankly anyone who helps him. He is ugly to me because of who he is, his arrogance, his pride, the burden he imposed on others, the cruelty, and while one can be sympathetic to a point of those with mental illness, not so much when that mental illness is depraved it causes this much loss and heartache for others. Charles Perry has a wife who consented to deal with his problems and drama. No one in my family has, I have not, my son has not, citizens in Oklahoma have not, the Miller and the Nealey family have not, and we are sick and tired of the imposition and intrusion of Perry’s nutty burdening us so badly. He has the means to afford treatment. He has a church to pray for him but allowing a rabid dog with no control to run rampid to kill, to steal, to destroy is simply unacceptable in our civilized society and for those claiming they know God.These men committed more than one crime against me and serious crimes and they are not entitled to a lie or a cover up and the first question I’m asked constantly is “Why are they not in jail? If I did that, I would be, so why aren’t they? Who did they pay off”” and before another law enforcement agency does finally put the rabid dog down, all I can say is law enforcement that should have, had better do so and do it now. They don’t have a choice because it will reveal who covered this all up or tried to that had no place to do any such thing and their believe they had a choice was simply more figment of Perry’s delusion. They are getting people killed. They don’t get to do that. Kids are hurt and they don’t get to do that either. When you are called to serve and protect and you are an utter fail at that, God often brings in someone else to get the job done right and you miss out on that blessing and bring upon yourself all the shame that goes with your failure.From The Desk of Cynthia R Ortiz
(918) 401-0724″Fear the Lord and judge with integrity, for the Lord our God does not tolerate perverted justice, partiality, or the taking of bribes.” 2 Chronicles 19:7These men claim to be Christians while actively participating in criminal activity or the cover up thereof. We do not believe Matthew Powell, Joshua Burson or Joe Chadwick had anything at all to do with Chief Miller’s murder, who had Cynthia’s Police report sitting on his desk waiting for him to address upon his return. We do not believe they knew anything about it beforehand however the negligence of Powell and Bursons cover up, accessory after the fact, and aiding and abetting of the crimes Perry and Roberson committed against Cynthia and their active participation in harassing her in attempt to intimate her into dropping her lawsuits brings with it culpability as it does for anyone who should have put a stop to the crimes and just knowingly allowed them to continue. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution but you cannot be both.Click Here To See Evidence Of Perry’s Mental InstabilityClick Here To Follow Us On Facebook#MeToo