Perry’s Acts Showing Consciousness Of Guilt

“We think Cynthia may be a part of an elite covert team of investigators who have been tried and tested not to take a bribe or sucomb to threats. ”

Cynthia cannot and will not confirm or deny either way. What she will say is Charles Perry has been under investigation for some time and because of her efforts in part, his lifetime of sicko criminal activity that he hid is more dug up and established in public record more than ever before in his life for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever and that sicko will be in prison with anyone who wishes to join him before this year ends. Cynthia’s personality has been all her life not one to pick a fight or cause drama. If you pick one with her the first time or two she’ll not dignify your stupidity with a response. You keep picking a fight with her she is gonna fuck you up and you won’t recover and that is the case here. She changed careers, moved twice, kept her mouth shut for FOUR years about Perry’s creepy problem but to a few close friends, some of whom she only told because they were with her when he got creepy and began to ask questions. Most didn’t even live in Texas. All he had to do is get a grip on reality and leave her alone. Her connections are by far much more powerful than Perry’s Powell’s and Robersons put together and if that were not true they would be going at her all the time hoping to force her to lie. They wouldn’t be trying to take her car, trying to get her fired, trying to mess with her money, trying to kill her or do another false arrest or bribing judges. There would be no need. Guilty people tend to do things that shows consciousness of guilt. If they destroyed her video and forensic blood evidence it is their habit and they would do the same to Mike Nealey. It’s just who they are. They can’t control their compulsions and the more they do ,the more evidence they give us on their criminal case. This is not rocket science here.

One thing is for sure and that’s that whatever goes on in relation to criminal activity is not directed at small time pidley stuff. It’s directed at putting a Peeping Tom serial killer behind bars so he can’t keep killing. Cynthia has covered some asses as much as she can but she can only do so much. Some mercy has been shown when she’s aware and the officers are aware of threats made against witnesses and victims. Perry’s habit is to approach people with the ultimatum, “Do what we say and we will make it worth your while. You don’t we will ruin your life like we did her’s.” The reality is however, while he did ruin her life he in turn expanded the criminal investigation and built a nice beautiful criminal case against himself complete with a gorgeous red bow on top and has accomplished not one other thing over the past six years but that.

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