Perry Changes Narrative On Chief Miller’s Murder

From Cynthia:

The story on the Nealey case continues to change in Oklahoma as to what occurred. 
First Nealey beat Miller, his boss and best friend, for no reason at all in some drunken brawl, was found disoriented and mumbling, has no memory of the event and nobody saw it coming. They had no disagreement that would have caused him to beat a man so badly he died. 
But then his interview was aired on the news where we could all see that could not be right because there was no sign of such a fight on his hands at all. His inability to remember what happened more likely due to him also being a victim of a crime and hit also explaining him being found disoriented and mumbling. If he was found on Miller, we understand he was not found beating him, he was found pulling at him trying to get him up. That is the information we obtained.
 So when there were problems with that story, we got information Perry wanted the narrative changed to say Nealey kicked Miller. That story didn’t work out because Nealey was stumbling drunk and could not have pulled off a targeted deadly kick like that while that drunk at all much less in the confined area Miller was found in. 
Now they changed the narrative to say Nealey grabbed something to hit him with it. This is after the other stories were debunked. 
Roberson called Nealeys attorney before I did which was extremely inappropriate. That was to slander and discredit me in knowing I was about to call to provide exculpatory information. Nealey and Miller just caught my case in which my vehicle was tampered with, after months of Perry and his co Defendants had specifically threatened my vehicle, had caused some damage, had expressed motive to take my car to “shit down these law suits” and Perry testified under oath that he had no relevant contacts in Oklahoma. This complaint supports a charge of perjury. There is the motive right there. Robersons call was not only am attempt to discredit, slander and defamed me to Nealeys attorney, buy it was a passive aggressive threat that he had better not talk. But gosh, what is there to talk about if these men are not corrupt criminals? That call was outrageous and inappropriate at best, and one count of witness tampering at worst. They are stalkers and documentation of Perry’s stalking goes way back to 2011. This is his daily habits and and so they illegally obtained information as to my phone call to Nealeys attorney. 
Any and all attempts to keep exculpatory material facts or evidence from Nealey is illegal and a Brady Rule Violation and grounds for an appeal. They were recorded stating they did not want this information getting to Nealey. These men have been under investigation on another crime, again being criminal activity is just their daily habits, not Nealeys daily habits, and cover ups, and perjury, and obstructing justice, and bribing cops and judges and killing to cover up the one they killed before that and it is just what they do all day so those officers know exactly what these men do all day. They are not choir boys for sure. 
Anytime a police officer with no motive and no history of having a daily habits of criminal activity who just caught a corruption case requiring he investigate people who do have that history is accused of a crime, that should be questioned and thoroughly investigated before that cop is harmed, besmirched, intimidated, coerced, harassed in attempt to cover up the corruption. 
In addition, as usual, we understand Perry again went into drama queen mode complaining this information is somehow harassment and he is the victim. That is the bazaar insane nut bag but typical Perry thing we have ever heard. Perry commits a crime or gets recorded premeditating one and if anyone tells on him suddenly he’s some poor victim. There are people who think OJ Simpson did kill his wife and they express that publicly. Those individuals were never accused of harassing Simpson. Perry again conducted himself in the same way he always does in it being his habit to cry foul every time he gets caught committing a crime or recorded planning to by the police on other criminal investigation which is on “need to know” status due to Perry’s habit of bothering everyone with his weirdo, obstructing justice and messing with cops. You have to put the proper weight into people’s daily habits and patterns and his are criminal. They have been for decades. He just hid it until he hurt someone who would not allow him to get away with it and these officers have uncovered more criminal activity than anyone in Perry’s life ever despite $15 million paid out to cover it up. When they get ready to move forward with an arrest, once they complete investigations of other people Perry sucked into this, many people will be wishing they had not done what he told them to do. It’s not that hard to look a loony in the face and say “No. Go fuck yourself.” I know I did it to both Perry and Roberson. Was not hard at all. You don’t stoop to their low level. It appears Miller and Nealey shared our convictions. The only regret is people who could have provided Intel of the threat did not because they believed because Perry and Roberson have been caught so many times and the timing of my report being made just six days before, less than a week, Perry and Roberson would not be stupid enough to actually do what they planned but apparently they were. Six years ago, nobody knew Perry had a creeper weirdo problem. They do now for the first time in his life because these officers have conducted their investigation very astutely and very professionally and kept information very much on a need to know basis and nothing gets out unless they want it out and if they want it out it is to achieve a law enforcement goal. It is methodical and strategic and intended to achieve a specific purpose to catch some bad guys. 

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