Perry’s Road Side Harassment Some Reported To Chief Lucky Miller

Like, one of 100 people that cut Cynthia off or pull right out in front of her despite plenty of room behind her with the combo CVV or CVW or CP in the plate and it is as weird as fuck. Cops don’t believe in coincidence. Someone that does stuff like this, which is harassment of a material witness and conduct which constitutes “stalking and harassment” is THAT creepy guy. No one that crosses normal healthy boundaries is even close to being in the same league as someone who Cynthia would like. Not even close. That is one creepy nasty mean weirdo thing to do and we have no idea why anyone would act like that. This guy is one of many over the past few years who jerked out in front of her, could have caused a car accident, with that combo in the plates. If it weren’t for the harassing dangerous manner these people drive she wouldn’t notice the plate, which we believe is the reason they drive like that, in order to force her attention. The manner of their driving is very very unsafe. We don’t speak fucktard so we aren’t sure what that would mean but typically because the incidents increase right before or after Perry gets a court order he likes we think he’s taunting with Civil Win or Civil Victory. Stalkers tend to do whatever weirdo thing no normal person could even think up. Again, the comments in Oklahoma, from those who know what Perry is doing, have been that he is an annoyance to everyone, he has no business being up here, his family, business and community are in Lubbock, not in Oklahoma, he is arrogant and treats people like shit, especially Cynthia, comes up here and makes trouble, and everyone is very very sick and tired of it. Respect for normal healthy boundaries is a very important characteristic and trait to posses and for sure when Perry ends up in prison he will find out very quickly how important that trait really is. Which brings us the repeat of previous posts “She must have something on these guys or they wouldn’t go at her like they do.” When you have a cover up, then you gotta buy a judge to cover that up, then you gotta buy a murder to cover that up, then you gotta buy another judge to cover that up and it just goes on and on and piles up higher and higher as time goes on when really had you gone out and just acted like normal dudes do and do something good with your time, that you don’t have to lie about and cover up later, then you don’t need to worry about all that. Common sense is what most people use to get very these concepts easily by age three. The Texas Plate is from today. The rest previous dates and there may be two with CV or CVV or CVW right together. What are the chances? Cynthia has no time to be bothered with getting them all so these are just a few that drove wrecklessly around her or cut in front her as if they wanted to make sure she saw the plate, could have caused a wreck or there were two or three with the same combination. They correspond with a Court denial and police have the tags on these photographed. Cynthia would have to have a GPS on her car for anyone to know where she is in order to do that. The written statement filed in Court depicts people pulling up to take photos of Cynthia. David Roberson had his employees from Dynamic Shot staying a few doors down, not coming in until AFTER she did and they stopped once this statement was filed in Court. She called Police Chief Lucky Miller three times to report what you see that vehicle by the fence doing. Sitting there taking photos of Cynthia. She said she’d lived there a long time and never seen anything like it. Lucky told her to get tag numbers. The vehicle Tampering the occurred, Nealey came to investigate and now Lucky is dead and Nealey tucked away in jail where he can’t investigate a thing, no sign of bearing anyone on his hands at all. If you don’t see the weirdo in this activity directed at Cynthia and the corrupt cover up, we have ocean front property for sale in Arizona for you.

Again these plate combinations with CV is not something we understand, as it’s weirdo and we don’t speak weirdo but it appears to be some type of taunting and harassment from Perry letting Cynthia know he had another victory in civil court, or bought one. Most of the time he does this before she has even seen an order. It’s weirdo. It’s stalking and harassment in Oklahoma which he has testified he is not doing. Anyone who reviews material facts and evidence can see that ain’t it. In fact prosecutors have reviewed court rulings and officers associated with his other investigation have now expanded their investigation to include judges because the orders have so far off from prior rulings and clearly indicate judicial impropriety. This taunting is just more bazaar from Charles Perry in fact officer Nealey made that very comment when looking at what Perry did to her car. He said “This is weirdo. ” Because it is. Anyone who does stuff like this is very very mentally unstable whether they do it for themselves or as a proxy. This ain’t normal and a great way to repulses and offend normal folk. Perry has no business contacting Cynthia in any form at all, she does not like it, has tried as hard as she can to get away from him and his inability to control his weirdo and respect her rights, wishes and boundaries is the reason for that. He’s not mentally stable or he would have left her alone like she asked him to six years ago. That is over half a decade of rejection after rejection after rejection and he still can’t figure out she does not want a thing to do with him now or ever. Where the hell is his wife while he sits around being weirdo all day? No excuse for this.


This is from January 27, 2020

On one trip January 28, 2020

CVJ 295 or 285. This photo is not as clear as other photos

1-29-20 Downtown while filing Court Docs another. This guy pulled right in front of Cynthia and darted into a parking garage before he could be photographed but Cynthia got the plate and forwarded it to Tulsa Police and her attorney.

Supposed to be some sorta mind fuck or what would be the purpose for anyone to do that? Prove they are weirdo? He made his point. We get it. He’s weirdo. This another tantrum?

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