Nealeys Body Language Not Indicative Of Guilt

They say home is where your heart is and if all a guy does all day is invade privacy, lie, cheat, bribe and threaten a cover up, steal, kill and destroy that pretty much indicates their home is hell. You hurt people intentionally all damn day that’s not really indicative of someone whose heart is from a good safe place where God might be. This sense of entitlement where everyone owes them a lie or a cover up, nobody is entitled to anything at all but thinking that, how about go get on Welfare is you really think you are entitled . That’s not to criticize legitimate needs for Welfare and there are occasions for that, but odd as it might seem those people with a legit need have a hard time using the benefit and have no sense of entitlement at all. It’s always the ones who simply take because they feel owed something. Nobody owes defendants a damn thing. You chose to act in accordance with where your heart is. You heart is full of nasty and it’s repulsing EVERYONE. On a different note, on the Michael Nealey police interrogation in Pensacola, observe his body language and how his hands are palm up indicating openness and honesty. We are not very impressed with the Sherlock skills of Escambia SO.

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So far we are not impressed with Southcrest Baptist in Lubbock either. They teach their people how to lie cheat and steal and get away with it, obviously.

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Feel free to view previous posts for more background on the stalking case against Texas Senator Charles Perry and why Mannford Chief Lucky Miller and Officer Mike Nealey are believed to be more Perry victims. To repeat a quick summary, Miller and Nealey had just six days before caught another complaint that implicated Perry for another stalking incident. Not in Oklahoma where Oklahoma law enforcement would be all over this, but in another state Miller is murdered, less than a week after his officer, and best friend, Mike Nealey took the complaint. The Chief was beat to death and yet there is nothing on Nealeys hands indicating he was the culprit. He even comments on that in the interview. We believe he was also an intended target, but the murderer, another Perry hitman, was interrupted by complaining hotel guests. We believe Nealey can’t recall what happened because he was knocked out cold and that would also explain why he was found mumbling and disoriented. We are not sure he was actually found on top of Miller but if he was it was to check on him, not hurt him. He cannot beat someone to death if he’s knocked out and would have messed up hands if he did. This appears to be just a second attempt to cover up Perry’s criminal activity and impede yet another related police investigation in Oklahoma. Both times he does this stuff in another state making sure Nealey and Miller were in Florida and Cynthia was dragged back to Texas for committing am act required by law in Oklahoma. She was charged in Texas and charges were later dismissed. There was never a crime and they knew that. They simply obstructed justice, retaliated against her, attempted to coerce a lie, attempts to suborn of perjury, and destroyed her forensic evidence. Now oddly again they obstruct justice by getting the victims out of Oklahoma. Roberson oddly and bazaarly called Nealeys attorney to, what we aren’t sure, but to give some sort of passive aggressive warning that he not talk. Why else would a Defendant in Cynthia’s law suit, also accused of being a hit man call Officer Nealeys attorney? Strange to say the least. Photos below show no damage to Officer Nealeys hands which there would be had he beat Chief Miller to death. Cynthia never met Chief Miller and only met Officers Nealey and Gibson the one time when they her complaint.

Chief Miller was supposedly heard yelling “Stop it Mike!” If that is even true,which we don’t know that it is, it’s possible Miller was trying to diffuse the situation and Nealey escalated it. The two were best friends and we understand there was no sign of any contention between them. No one saw that coming. Perry has a history of approaching witnesses and telling them “Say what we want you to say and we will make it worth your while and of you don’t we will ruin your life like we did Cynthia’s. ” Cynthia was initially approached by Roberson in October 2015 and told immediately after he introduced himself as Perry’s hit man “Recant your claims that Charles is a stalker or I will put you in the lake.” He subsequently admitted in texts to poisoning her with arsenic. She filed a police report to get a protection order, which is required by law in Oklahoma and her prior attempt denied because she did not follow that procedure which was on the order Perry had so he knew this, he had her charged in Texas, not Oklahoma, with filing a false report due to his political job, less than a week later and before TPD had even assigned a detective costing her a blood test to prove or rule out arsenic poisoning. He jerked her out of state and obstructed justice and caused the loss of her blood evidence. She sat in Lubbock jail while he and Powell came up with every delay they could do whatever they gave her worked it’s way out of her system. Had they not poisoned her, they would have moved Heaven and Earth to test her to prove with forensic science that she lied. Instead they made sure she was never tested.

You have to look at habits and patterns of people over time. One time might be a fluke, twice is not. This is his MO and she was asked while in jail to “just fly under the radar and let them save face”. She refused but said she would go to the media with details of her arrest if Perry continued to make contact with her. He did and she contacted media. The emails went from Perry to Powell and Powell to her attorney with orders he shut her up. But that was the agreement evidenced in her Bond conditions that Perry admitted to making unwanted contact and agreed to stop. There is no other reason for a provision in Bond conditions that a Texas State Senator never again contact the Bondee but for his admission of guilt and agreement to stop. Cynthia told people in writing months before Perry threatened to kill her and arrange a false arrest. Being he carried out these threats, is proof and the reason she needs a Protective Order. But Perry never stops and that would be what prompted Mannford PD’s investigation into what Perry did to Cynthia in their jurisdiction. Again less than a week later, justice is obstruction and the Chief is murdered. In light of the history, it is so much more plausible and probable Perry and his co Defendants killed Chief Miller than Officer Nealey, his best friend, who had no evidence on his hands consistent with beating his boss until he died. Whether or not anyone yelled “Stop It Mike” which also could have been the murderer yelling that, not Miller, we aren’t sure even occurred. We also aren’t sure Nealey was anywhere near Miller when hotel staff walked in. What we are sure of is Escambia County SO has the wrong man and as previously stated, we are not at all impressed with their Sherlock skills. Officer Nealey is a police officer. Perry is a criminal currently already under investigation for many crimes and the that initiated that was murder. Be had the patterns and motive, not Police Officer Mike Nealey who caught this very very corrupt case. In other words the probability is much greater that Chief Miller’s death is the result of a criminal re-offending than a police officer who caught that specific criminal’s case snapped suddenly for no reason at all and killed his best friend and boss.

The public is not so stupid they cannot discern the truth from a lie. It is appalling this has happened and had the officers investigating Perry known they would have acted to protect these two men. The informant they have talked to said he didn’t think they would stupid enough to actually do it. As we have seen over and over, they were. Perry’s secret criminal activity is more exposed than ever before in his life.

We trust nothing bad happens to Gibson and if it does, Perry will be the first one everyone suspects of course. You pick on cop, you get all on you and Perry still cannot put that together in his head.#CharlesPerry
#Texas #corruption

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