Habits And Dates Of Incidents Support Nealey Was Intended Victim

The questions coming from people in Escambia County who knew Dave Roberson s name is pronounced with a long “o”, not the “au” pronunciation the rest of us use same as The Beatles song “Mrs Roberson” meaning that indicates to any reasonable person a prior conversation had commenced in which he clarified how he pronounced his name and he does it in such a way that is off from normal, were “How is David Roberson linked to Charles Perry? Before Cynthia’s arrest Roberson approached her on stage, gave her her real name, as she does not give strange men she does not know her real name, not the other way around and said “You are going to recant your claims Charles Perry is stalking you or I am going to put you in the lake. Do you like boats?” He told her Perry was outside waiting in the parking lot and she should go see him with Dave and he would take her where her heart really wanted to go. She told him he was insane to think any such thing. She told him “I don’t like Charles and I want nothing to do with him. He’s weirdo. I want Fabian and you guys need to mind your own business and leave us alone. Dave and Cynthia then had a lengthy conversation about Fabian and Cynthia texted that to Fabian that night, not as an afterthought, but that night. Those texts have been entered into evidence with the Courts and to the officers investigating Perry and their prosecutors aggravation ignored by Judges despite no hearing to exclude them. During the months of October, 2015 to January 29, 2016, the date of her false arrest there were more texts between Roberson and Cynthia also admitted into evidence where Roberson states he is just Perry’s “muse”, she argues with him for her life, he admits to poisoning her with arsenic and phenobarbital, he admits to sexual battery and states he will not quit, and she tells him, in argueing for her life with this apparent “hit man” “Killing me or arranging a false arrest will not vindicate Perry of stalking problems in fact it would substantiate those claims.” These texts are all on court dockets. There are no conversations about Cynthia’s frustration with Perry’s politics or job as a public servant. It is all about her frustration with his unwanted contact, interference in her life and stalking conduct. None of that activity is required to pass a law in Texas. After her false arrest Roberson had several of his employees come to stay at a place in Mannford after she arrived, right where she was just a few doors down . Threats to her car were made over and over and over again with Defendants expressing intent to take her car to Impede civil proceedings. The owner of this place would tell her outcomes in Court Orders even before she knew. She then had vandalism to her car and called Mannford Police, and Officers Bret Gibson and Michael Nealey, now accused of suddenly snapping and beating his best friend and the Mannford Police Chief, Lucky Miller, to death. This happened just six days, less than a week, after she filed her report. While they were bringing Lucky’s body back to Stroud for burial, someone broke into her storage unit and only her’s and the guy right next to her which was probably a mistake in getting her unit mixed up with his. All of this occurred just days apart from her report. She told Nealey and Gibson when filing the report “I have a civil law suit and this is likely them. One has done stuff like this to me for almost ten years. They have threatened my car repeatedly and recently my old car was totaled because a truck just like that which is Robersons employee threw a brick on the highway, I believe. I saw him in front of me, unfortunately I didn’t actually see who threw the brick because I looked away, then looked back and saw the brick hit the highway, bounce around and hit my car so this is almost like they just want me to know they can get to this car too. ” Nealey said “This is weirdo” she said “Ya think? I’ve had to deal with this type of thing , him doing weirdo stuff like this to me for almost ten years.” An employee of the establishment provided additional information. The timing of all these events, Dave’s texts, when he had just met Cynthia and outside of being Perry’s paid hitman had no motive to want to kill her, the brick accident just after she documented her car had been threatened, he had his people all around her, and he is a Co Defendant in two law suits, would be the links. Additional discovery exists but oddly and out of line with case precedence, it’s not being ordered and evidence that exists ignored prompting investigators to expand their investigators to include judges. They just put themselves in that too as now there is probable cause to do so due to judicial misconduct in ignoring all of Cynthia’s evidence and playing “Bagdad Bob” so to speak. The public is not so happy about having their intelligence so insulted. Bagdad Bob was the Iraqi Minister of Information during the first Gulf War who got on national news and declared Americans lied. They are not bombing Iraq when we could see our planes right behind him bombing Iraq. Officers and their prosecutors are pretty pissed off by the blantant judicial misconduct on Cynthia’s civil cases and they are not going to let that go nor should they. That should answer the questions from people in Escambia County and in fact the comments were “It has been my experience that the first guy to call to say he didn’t do it is the very one that did it.” If you aren’t part of the corruption and in need of a cover up, none of this should piss you off at Cynthia or Officer Nealey who appears to be another Perry victim of a frame up. It should piss you off at those who are harming others and corrupt. It would any normal person. The facts around and timing of events around Chief Miller’s murder support more realistically the conclusion that Miller and Nealey were both intended victims of more corruption and cover up by men who had just gone to court in an ex parte hearing where Cynthia was not even there to hear them commit perjury or refute their claims with material fact and evidence who had just denied harmful contacts within the forum state against an Oklahoma citizen and that they are just these poor innocent guys who a woman is picking on, but then they keep demanding a cover up so they concern was perjury charges and Mannford PDs investigation or their willingness to cover up. Maybe they weren’t so willing. The report was made on a case with a long history of cover up, corruption, witness tampering, retaliation, victim tampering, evidence destruction and six days later the Chief is dead and his detective blamed for it. The motive for Nealey just isn’t there. It is more likely and probable for them to be victims of Perry’s cover up and now Dave’s too than he just snapped and killed his best friend and ruined his life. We don’t buy it for a minute. The fact Dave Roberson, long “o”, not the normal way the rest of us say that name, including the Beatles, jumped on the phone so fast to declare his innocence is bazaar to say the least but par for the course. It is these peoples normal habits and patterns, including this, that has, when considering material facts, evidence, dates and times of events, built the probability that it’s much more likely Miller and Nealey are victims too than Nealey snapped and killed his best friend because he has no history as Perry, Roberson, Burson, and Powell have of committing one corrupt act after another. Roberson admitted to giving Cynthia arsenic. They threatened her specifically with death and false arrest for months before carrying out the threats. That brick could have cracked her skull in two same as it did her engine and had she not jotted off the beaten path for just a second to avoid one of Perry’s guys sitting on the road waiting for her to pass, delaying her by just a few minutes, it may have. Cynthia said “I think these men are corrupt killers because they tried to kill me more than once. In fact Perry still claims he can kill me and blame it on my smoking. He still threatens me with death and false arrest. He threatened my car and more than once bazaar damaging event occurred just after same as my false arrest. I committed no crime. I followed Oklahoma law and he knew that. There was never a crime. He just carried out a threat I told everyone in writing he’d made for months. If he breaks one law, what’s one more? If he lies under oath, he will lie anywhere. So yeah I think he killed Chief Miller and I think Mike can’t remember what happened because they knocked him out. I think he may not have been anywhere near Miller when hotel staff entered that room and if he was on Miller it was to check on him not hurt him. He was disoriented and mumbling like one would be if someone just tried to beat the crap out of them. When you look at the facts in my case and evidence and the timing of Miller’s murder, the habit and pattern of Perry retaliating against witnesses, obstruction of justice, this is just more of those same habits and patterns, but it’s not Mike’s. I think the hotel guests interrupted the beatings and had they not, Nealey would be dead too and I think that was intended. Those are my Sherlock skills conclusions on this. Mike didn’t do it. That does not fit his habits and patterns. It fits Charles Perry’s and his co defendants perfectly. Now that Roberson couldn’t get on the phone fast enough to declare he didn’t do it, that makes me believe he absolutely do it or he wouldn’t make those inappropriate phone calls, not to Escambia SO but Nealeys camp. What in the hell is Roberson doing calling Nealeys camp at all? Was that a passive aggressive attempt to let Nealey know he had better not talk? Was that call from Roberson, with a long “o”, an incident of victim and witness tampering? Seems to us like that’s the one and only reason that bazaar call would be made to Nealeys camp. It is again part of the Perry normal to do something like that. There is normal for normal and normal for criminal and that call was inappropriate, bazaar and normal for criminal.

These guys have got to see the entire world is not stupid as they are and very very sick and tired of them going around making trouble, drama, and imposing their weirdo problems on everyone else. The insult to our intelligence makes you want to vomit. It is sickening. The loss and harm they cause constantly is not what normal people do all day with their time. I’m glad these men are investigation and that there are hidden criminal activities now uncovered. It’s about damn time. ” The public is able to discern the truth from a lie. The harm to others is being stopped. Nobody owes them a lie or a cover up nor are they entitled to one and how arrogant and delusion of them to think they are. One of the officers investigating Perry said “Man I got dumped and rejected all kinds of times and I moved on and found my wife. I didn’t have to throw her in jail, lie about her, hack her, peep on her, threaten or bribe to get her. Had I not moved on I would not have found her. I had no need to force her into anything and Perry just is nutty. I wonder how far up his pink lace panties he has his head shoved to not act like a normal dude and just move on. ” Truer words have not been spoken. The drama queen act that has gone so far as to resulted in the loss of life is outrageous! She almost lost her life too. It’s just enough already. Unless you are a part of the corruption and need the cover up too, none of this should piss you off.

Police Interrogation With Nealey

Do these look like hands that just beat a man to death? Officer Nealey questions that very thing. How is it possible there is nothing on his hands if he beat Chief Miller to death. He is accused of beating someone, not just in like a fight but bad enough to cause death and yet there no sign of that on his hands. He didn’t do it. He does not remember anything because he too was knocked out and we believe an intended victim. A stalking incident in which Cynthia stated “It’s likely related to my civil suit which is a stalking case.” Just six days before. Notice they were not attacked in Mannford where Oklahoma police could do something but they get these guys out of state. Officer Nealey was an intended victim too to shut those guys up and impede their investigation into Perry’s latest acts which constitute stalking. He lied to a judge under oath in court. This would be the second police investigation he has impeded in Oklahoma where a complaint was filed reporting something he did.




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