Enabling A Serial Killer

“We will know who the stalker is when we pull him away from suspects. A stalker cannot stay away from the target of his obsession. He will have to follow, and then we know who it is.” — The Prodigal Son

“It doesn’t get any better than when the bad guy comes right to you.” — Anonymous Member of Law Enforcement

It was Charles Perry’s name in texts and emails Cynthia sent telling friends and family he came behind her home and sat and watched her in her back yard in 2011. It was Charles Perry’s name her friend Cheryl said came to a restaurant they frequented where he was not told or invited. It was Charles Perry’s name Cynthia talked about threatening her with death or false arrest in October 2015 through January 2016 who then carried out that threat having her arrested to obstruct justice and destroy evidence. She committed no crime at all. She reported his crime to Tulsa Police. She did so because it was required by law in Oklahoma to get a Protective Order. He knew this because her first attempt was denied in part because she did not provide a police report in Court and the Judge denied her and that reason is listed as reason number two for the denial right on the Order Defendant Perry had. He knew the law requires a police report be filed and had her arrested before she could provide a detailed statement and evidence could be collected by Tulsa Police because he wanted attempted murder covered up. She was false arrested as he had threatened just a week after filing the report and a two weeks before any TPD Detective contacted her to take possession of her evidence. It was destroyed as a result. All evidence of this has been posted on justice4cyn.com and filed in now FOUR Courts of law. Charges against her were dismissed in her favor. She committed no crime. The charges were filed in Lubbock, not Oklahoma where she has lived since Sept 2014. She has not lived in Lubbock since Nov. 2013. The false arrest occurred on Jan 29, 2016, three years after she left town, moved to Dallas, then again to Oklahoma. The arrest alleged a political vendetta when actually there is no evidence of that, no political rants directed at Charles Perry anywhere at all from Cynthia, she actually helped him get elected. He had not been in politics before that at all, had no history to attack, there is no mention of any issues she thought he should be replaced over, just rants and complaints about his stalking and unwanted romantic advances. She only told a few close friends, who did not live in Texas and we’re not people who would vote for or against him, for FOUR years. Her friend Cheryl knew of the problem because she was with her when Perry stalked her and on the occasion she describes, Perry went looking for Cynthia by going going where Cheryl was. Either he personally, his staffer or even his daughter were always around and that was Cynthia’s complaint going back to 2011, not any political issue. She continued from 2011 to discuss specific threats to cause tangible injury Perry or his staff made, to state she did not want to be a scandal, did not want to be on the news for the stalking and that she just wanted for him to leave her alone. Almost ten years her complaints were of his personal moral failure, not political issues. He had no history to attack. He had just gotten into politics when they met. She’d been in it for a decade. She a history to attack, not him. Her work was covered internationally, not his. He didn’t have any to cover. He went into a Court of law and bold faced lied. This would be one of many times he has done so and if you lie under penalty of perjury, you will lie anywhere. If he is lying about all this, what else is he lying about? For four years she said nothing at all while trying to reason with him to make him stop. She never wanted to be a scandal nor did she want to be on the news for something so nasty. Whatever media there was with her name on it, she wanted it to be about her work, with dignity, not some skanky scandal like this. Her attempts to reason with Perry’s crazy went on for four years, then she changed careers and moved twice to get away from him and to avoid a conflict and being a scandal. Perry is simply disturbed.

Part of the Quid Pro Quo documented in her Bond Conditions oddly, state Charles Perry is never to contact her again in any way shape or form again. It is his name in that Judicial Order. What that means is, the obsessed stalker cannot stay away from the object of their obsession and his “feelings” are not reciprocated at all. It does not go both ways nor will it ever go both ways. Cynthia and her family are sick and tired of being forced to deal with Perry’s mental illnesses. He has a wife, family, friends, a Pastor, and money to pay a doctor to get professional help there in Lubbock where he lives, owns a business, and represents his community, that all agreed and consented to deal with it. Cynthia has not and will not consent or agree to any such thing. The link below is an article regarding mental illness being a very big factor in someone who displays characteristics of an obsessed stalker. Perry came from a small town background, with not much interesting about him and not much exposure to people in power. Cynthia grew up in it, her family being the people in power where she grew up and having worked in Federal government reform and politics for sixteen years, ten when she met Perry had spent her life in and around people in power. Some was documented on her Facebook. She moved from Vegas to Lubbock. Perry had no such life and lived a rather small boring existence. With the people Cynthia was around all her life, she certainly had no reason to give someone like Charles Perry a second thought. Her background compared to his put her in a higher social status and because he just could not get where she was, he tore her down where he is thinking nobody else would want her and then they could be a couple. That is nuttier than a fruitcake. All that did is make her repulsed by him and create a criminal case so stacked its almost as long as the Equator. He can’t control his weird.


Words do not mean a thing. What people do says who they really are. Our daily habits and patterns over time build up on us and tell the world who we are as individuals whether we like it or not. Perry’s actions depict a seriously deranged and disturbed criminal who deeply sadistic and delusional. If you think Cynthia is his only victim, you are dumb as a bag of bricks, and we have ocean front property in Arizona we’d like to sell you.

William George Jordan puts it best when he said, “Into the hands of every individual is given a marvelous power for good or evil—the silent, unconscious, unseen influence of his life. This is simply the constant radiation of what man really is, not what he pretends to be.”

The fact that Charles Perry made a very specific threat and carried it out, that threat specifically means he did it on purpose and is exactly the reason Cynthia needs a Protective Order against him. The fact that judges have failed to give careful consideration to material facts, spoilation of evidence, and her evidence has angered law enforcement investigating Charles Perry for a peeper site and a murder, so much so they have expanded their investigation to include those judges. There has never been an evidentiary hearing of any kind excluding any evidence at all. Some of that evidence includes the Defendant’s own acts showing consciousness of guilt. How much of that $15 million were they paid to do that? You cannot hide where you spent that much money. More than one jurisdiction is investigating that very thing.

On that same show “The Prodigal Son” quoted above in the same episode, the writers who Perry and his co conspirators believe to be part of “wicked” Hollywood, depict the wife of a serial killer expressing remorse for “enabling” her serial killer husband. It can be enabling or even aiding and abetting and/or “accessory after the fact” depending. Accessory after the fact certainly sounds much like what Defendants Powell and Burson did in their part to assist Perry in carrying out his threat to cause intentional injury to Cynthia, an Oklahoma resident. These people are Baptist Church deacons. It brings to mind that it was Ciaphas, the High Priest who paid 30 pieces of silver to kill the Son of God. If wicked Hollywood knows it’s wrong to “enable” then what in the hell is wrong with a bunch of church boys who don’t get it? This is why people no longer trust church folks.

By the way, Cynthia has never met Gloria Steinham nor is she a feminist, as we understand was inquired about this week. She quoted Ms Steinham once and that’s it. The quote was “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off ” and truer words have not been spoken. In fact that is a quote in part from the Bible these people enabling, aiding, abetting and being accessories after the fact beat everyone else over the head with. One set of rules for them and another for the rest of us appears to be their belief system. The officers investigating these men on the other matter, but now judges believe tough guys and men with dignity and honor and respect treat women and children with due care, dignity and respect and they protect them. They believe as Cynthia’s Police Chief Granddad did that law enforcement is called to relieve suffering caused by crime. They believe pansies, girly men, pathetic useless pieces of trash pick on women and children to over compensate for their lack of being men. That is hardly indicative of people with feministic beliefs in fact it is all about being chivalrous.

Clearly these officers have prosecutors reviewing her civil case and have her evidence, plus their own. Perry’s $15 million does not have appeared to accomplished what he intended and he cannot hide where he spent that much money. For the first time in his life his criminal conduct is chapter and versed on public record. He’s peeped, hacked, stalked, trolled around and killed all his life and just hid it, until now. Three years ago, Cynthia said “If he does not stop, things will get much worse for him. He is caught. Its not going to get better and his hidden criminal activity will not just be swept under the rug this time. It is getting to the point that no matter how much money he throws at his sick hidden problems no one can cover it up even if they wanted to. That has happened in fact the investigation just expanded. It did not stop, it has just expanded. He will go to prison. Its not a matter of “if”, it is just a matter of “when”. One astute member of law enforcement commented, “She probably messed up his normal business practice of killing people and killing them in such a way that it was hard to prove there even was a murder much less that he did it. She opened up all kinds of suspicion and speculation that now has shined a light on his activity. He can never again kill and nobody suspect him. That is over with and I’m sure he’s not happy about it. He probably wants to kill her thinking he can simply go back to business as usual in his killing. Serial killers have an addiction to murder. They cannot stop. They get a high from it and it becomes like a drug they can’t live without. Cynthia has interfered with his ability to do that and get away with it. I’m sure he wants to find a way to discredit her and even take her life thinking he can just go back at it and go back to the way things were where he could kill and nobody looked at him as the murderer. I think the opposite is true though. I think if he does anything else to her, it simply confirms Cynthia’s position that Charles Perry is exactly the deeply depraved serial killer she says he is.  Why do that to her unless he had motive and he for sure has motive to shut down this chick who has been a major part of uncovering his criminal activity? ” And it is at that point that $15 million didn’t cover up anything at all. 


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