Judges Now On Radar

Email From Cynthia

“In October 2015, I sent this email to my ex husband regarding Charles Perry’s threats to arrange a false arrest. Subsequently, I sent texts to friends and to Dave Roberson arguing for my life and about this specific threat. The threats I said we’re being made were specific and not vague. They were threats to kill me and to arrange a false arrest. They were made by both Dave and Charles non stop every day from October until five minutes before police knocked at my front door to arrest me.

My arrest was over charges filed in Lubbock, not Oklahoma, for filing a false Police report in retaliation for doing his job as a public servant. The law in Oklahoma is that you must file a police report to get a Protective Order for stalking. I followed the law in the state where I live. I had not lived in Texas for two years. My first Protective Order was denied in part because I failed to follow this specific procedure. Charles knew that as it’s right on the Order of denial. The fact that he carried out these threats same as he had carried out threats to ruin my business in 2011, prompting me to leave town, is exactly the reason I need a Protective Order. There are no rants against his job as a public servant in a period of almost a decade. There are private Facebook messages telling people I grew up with who did not live in Texas that Charles Perry threatened to ruin my business when I rejected his romantic advances. In fact I said back then I just wanted for him to leave me alone.

Perry did have me false arrested, just as he threatened, for following the law in the state I live and he knew it was the law. He knew what I did was not a crime at all but a requirement of the law. He obstructed justice and destroyed forensic and video evidence. These are just material facts. He then tried to find a shrink to say I am delusional. No one can make that claim when threats are document and they are specific then carried out. I didn’t imagine it. He actually did have me arrsted and he tried to kill me and had me arrested so no one at TPD could test me to get the evidence of that too. I was arrested just a week after filing he report, no detective had been assigned and they called me back after I was already sitting in Lubbock jail unable to go to TPD to be tested for poisoning. Powell did not have me tested either for poisoning.

The threats to kill me and arrange a false arrest were made constantly non stop by Perry and Roberson. The specifics detailed in the attached email were provided by police investigating Perry for a murder and peeper site in which he sells “watch time” of women he has trolled and had cameras installed in their homes while they are away. Putting a lock smith on his payroll would not be hard for him to do. These women, and I am one, have not given consent for him to do any such thing. It’s sicko. Most have no idea they are being watched and there are minor children in the home of many. That is child porn. My son was a minor child in my home for many years while this went on. The US Marshals advised me they had a hard time serving summons because Charles Perry, they said is always on the road and travels without his wife alone with no alibi. He has all kinds of time to do all kinds of things. The officers on that gave me details relayed about Judge McNamara. He was calling judges to arrange a backroom deal even back then. And Perry did all this and actually thought nobody would suspect a thing. That is simply not the case. That is delusion.

The email was seen by Perry being he hacked me and has invaded my privacy in every possible way against my will, and this specific plan nixed, revised and carried out. The email and other communications telling people including Dave that Charles threatened to arrange a false arrest are on four dockets for anyone in law enforcement from anywhere to see now and forever. The specific info provided to me by law enforcement on the other matter. There has never been in any of my civil law suits evidentiary hearings to exclude anything I filed as far as evidence like this email yet it was ignored by these Judges. Why? Why would they ignore a key material fact like that? That is evidence my false arrest for which I am suing was first threatened. They committed the injury against me for which they are being sued on purpose and that email and the other texts sent before my false arrest that state the same filed in all courts are as well and they ignored it. There have been no hearings to exclude anything I filed. The officers providing it are extremely pissed off. They are now investigating that too. The head one said “If I get you information regarding a crime he is about to commit, I fully expect the judge to consider it and consider it carefully and not just blow it off like they have so we are expanding to include them too.”

Perry still truly believes nobody suspects a thing. He continues doing this same ole same ole crazy every single day all the time, like a rabid dog who can’t control himself . He still invades my privacy, still threatens, still harasses, still butts in where he is not wanted, still creeps, still causes loss and harm and actually thinks nobody suspects a thing and that, is deep deep depravity and delusion right there. In fact the officers told me more than once it gets easier by the day to get information that will put a stop to Perry’s reign of horror. People are horrified and outraged by what he has put me and my family through for almost a decade and I am not his only victim of crime. He keeps seeking how I know beforehand what he is trying to do cause more harm and loss next and can’t put it together in his head that he has cops in him and maybe committing a crime when you have that is not the brightest idea and normal people aren’t comfortable with what he is doing. It’s weirdo. It’s a crime and it’s a weirdo one.




























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