Intent To Impede Appeals

Click Here To Follow Us On Facebook“There can be no appeal. There can be no appeal. We cannot allow here to file this appeal.” Defendants have been recorded making this statement over and over and over, however Cynthia can file an appeal at any time when Defendants act to Impede her intentionally which they did attempt this past weekend, as they have so many times before but were caught. What are they worried about? There are acts showing consciousness of guilt for which the Courts, both Civil and Criminal, draw the proper inferences. Intent to purposefully impede an appeal thru out of court harassment constitutes a crime and Defendants are already stacking those up pretty high and that Court is they need to worry about, not Cynthia’s civil cases. They get caught every time in the planning stages by police investigating Perry and now the rest of them too, for the online peeper gig and murder and subsequent events to cover all that up. Cynthia has police protection because she needs it. All Perry had to do is leave her alone. That costs no money, no time and creates no incriminating evidence. Millions of people do it every day with no help needed at all, so what is their problem? This is not daycare. This is adulthood. It’s time they gave Cynthia in Court like men and cease and desist the out of court victim tampering and harassment of a material witness. There are nine or so seasoned attorneys against one girl with not a lick of law school and they still have to stoop to what prosecutors call racketeering activity. These men go to Sunday School at Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock or most do. What are they teaching in those classes? How to fuck people over and get away with it? This would be the reason nobody trusts church people. Bunch of crooks. The strip club is holier and the young girls working behave more civilized, mature, and with more respect and dignity than these little old men who go to Sunday School every time the doors are open.

Mr Head of the Peeper site and Investors, get him a new girl who doesn’t know a bunch of cops. We all need the peace. Please get Charles Perry off Cynthia’s back. She is not in love with him and he really just repulses her. He can chose to be a rejected failure or move on like a normal dude. Cynthia does not want him.


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