Evidence Charles Perry Knowingly Committed Fraud Upon A Court

Defendant Charles Perry threatened Cynthia with false arrest for months before he carried out his threats on January 29, 2016. He had her charged in Lubbock for “Filing a false Police report in retaliation for his job as a public servant as a state senator”. He had no evidence of any kind of political vendetta because there is not one. Cynthia’s private messages to a few close friends from 2011 to the present were about frustration with his stalking, harassment and threats. She said back then, long before she could have anticipated current events that all she wanted was for him to leave her alone. She kept her mouth shut about his stalking but for a few close friends not wanting a conflict or to ruin her business or cause a scandal and harm her clients. Only after Perry became dangerous and after she left town did she make the matter public and it was to protect herself. It’s harder for him to harm her if people know he’s threatening to harm her.

When Cynthia is angry about something she rants and yet in a period of ten years there is not one rant directed at Charles Perry about anything at all but stalking which is not required to pass a law in Texas. It is criminal conduct. Cynthia had been working in government reform on a Federal level, DC politics for ten years before she ever met Perry. She worked in that business sixteen years total, three in Texas before she ever met Perry. He had been in it NONE when they met. She supported his campaign and in fact he did not win handily. He was part of a run off and may not have won had she not supported him. She was actually told by a former employee of Matt Powell who ran for judge that he was told to seek her support because he could not win without it. She did not support him but supported his opponent and he did not win. The candidate Cynthia supported won. Prior to meeting Perry, for three years while he was not active in politics at all she served as Campaign Activities Director for the women’s Republican Group. That means for that Lubbock Area Republican Women’s Club she organized campaign events for Republican candidates. She also was very active in making positive changes within Lubbock Independent Schools. When she moved to Lubbock, the school buildings were falling apart, there was no playground equipment, administration allowed teachers and principles to bully children and issues were not dealt with appropriately or timely. When she left, after several years of intense discussions with the local.school board, an entirely new administration came in, problems were resolved much more quickly and effectively, a bond issue was passed to pay for improvements to buildings, playground equipment installed and the schools were greatly improved when she left than they were when she arrived. She attributes the positive changes to her bringing attention to some problems and intense discussions with the school board and the desire on the part of Steve Massengale and Dan Pope to no longer tolerate status quo and bring the schools up to par to better the community. In this project she clearly became involved with leadership. Again during all this Charles Perry was involved NONE.

Cynthia further had no legislative work on a state level in Texas. She worked on state board of education campaigns which is an entirely different body. There was never a government reform issue in Texas that was on her books. As such she had no need to contact Perry about anything at all. She lived in State Assemblyman John Frullo’s district, never Perry’s and both were tea party conservative candidates. Once Perry ran for Senate, Cynthia had already left town. If Perry was contacted about anything at all, it was out of courtesy. She never lived in his district.

Now think this through, being they never did. One guy can do nothing legislatively alone. It takes thousands of people to pass a law. Cynthia had both Federal and state connections with influence already being she had been working on the business ten years before Perry got in and before they met, three years in Texas. He had none of that when they met and when he jumped in. If he pissed her off, there were many other much more powerful influential people she could call. She didn’t need him. She had the relationships, the clout, the gravitas, the powerful connections already established before they met and before he was even involved or elected to anything and had built that for ten years on a Federal level and three years in Texas. She had no need for Charles Perry. She had many many other resources to go to with people who also has been involved for many years before Perry jumped in had there been some issue she wanted addressed on a state level in Texas. There was never such an issue. She did nothing in government reform in Texas. Her work was Federal or in New Mexico. Perry did not serve the public or have anything at all to do with laws being passed in New Mexico and again, she grew up there and had long established relationships with law makers before he was elected to anything at all. In 2001 she in fact met with Governor Gary Johnson and Let Gov. Walter Bradley who was a close friend to her granddad. She had already met many times with other state law makers in New Mexico and Congresswoman Heather Wilson. Her granddad was also close friends with US Senator Pete Dominici. Why in the hell would she need anything at all from Charles Perry? To claim Cynthia needed his help with something that he did not do what she wanted and it pissed her off leading to her moving twice, changing careers and filing a false Police report over his non relevant job as a small town state senator, three years after she left the area is as nutbag as it gets.

Oklahoma law requires the filing of a Police report to obtain a Protective Order for stalking and he knew this. Her first attempt was denied because she did not follow that procedure. She was then threatened with exact that, she was to recant or they would kill her and or arrange a false arrest and the fact that Perry made those specific threats were documented in her emails and texts months before he carried them out. She does not state he made a vague threat to hurt her. She states he specifically threatened death and false arrest which he specifically carried out. She had no choice. She had been in Oklahoma since September 2014. She filed the report where the crime against her occurred which was not in Texas, in January 2016. She had established residency. He obstructed justice, retaliated against her, tampered with a victim/witness of his crime and caused the loss of evidence none of which is what you do to pass a law in Texas. None of that is part of his job as a public servant. All are crimes and Federal crimes. The charges against her were then dismissed however there has been no corrective media coverage on the facts and Police who have been investigating Perry on another matter, with Cynthia’s assistance have included in that investigation a judge. Prosecutors reviewing her case have indicated due to the rulings being way off from normal there is probable cause to investigate bribery. Perry clearly went into Court when seeking a way to arrange that false arrest and perjured himself. He knowingly perpetrated a fraud upon a court. There is no evidence of any kind of political vendetta because no such thing exists. It’s a figment of his delusion or just flat out bullshit. He either lives in some imaginary world in his head that has no basis in reality or he knowingly lied under oath to the Judge and grand jury. He didn’t bother to mention the first denied protective order being due to her failure to comply with Oklahoma law in filing a Police report or that he was obstructing justice, impeding a Police investigation in another state and prevent the proper collection of the evidence he knew existed because Texas Ranger Burson mentioned poisoning in his affidavit but interfered with TPD testing her blood and they didn’t test her blood and the evidence was destroyed. He did everything one does to cover up a crime and this one was attempted murder. Perry also failed to mention that he threatened her with false arrest for months before he carried out the specific threat. He failed to mention her background in politics was vastly more extensive than his and she had no need for his help in a damn thing. She had plenty of other people she could call to get around anything he was an obstacle to. As it turns out being she did no work at all legislatively in Texas he was never an obstacle to anything. Perry’s claims were a flat out bold faced lie or he truly does suffer from serious delusions. He may not even be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

For someone to make statements that are intended to discredit and smear a victim of crime frankly speaks to the fact he needs a cover up. You don’t need a cover up if you have nothing to cover up. He simply wants to silence her because she is catching a bad guy who kept his life of crime covered up until now. Not this time. He has gotten away with criminal conduct for decades, but not this time. No same person picks on cop people and actually has any reasonable expectation of that ending well. We still have no idea why he expected any kind of outcome as a result of his actions that would be any different than they have been. He’s in a serious jam, but all he had to do six years ago is leave her alone, cease and desist all contact with her in all forms the FIRST time she asked. Duh….

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