Evidence In Support Of Cynthia’s Claims That Defendant Perry’s Claims of A Political Vendetta Are A Figment Of His Delusion

This supports Cynthia’s claim of being active in politics long before having met Perry, one guy cannot do anything at all legislatively as you’ll hear Me Moore state, Judges are careless with fact and people’s lives and futures and we do have reason to believe Defendant Perry negatively influenced these two judges. We have reason to believe Defendant Perry contacted these judges illegally and pressured them to take Cyndi’s son. Par for the course for Defendant Charles Perry’s sadistic criminal conduct in ruining Cyndi’s life due to her rejection of his unwanted romantic advances going back to 2011.

Link to new audio posted on our You Tube Page

Click Here To Hear Cyndi’s Interview With Jason Moore and Tim Lambert

Click Here To See KOAT Report on child abuse Investigation Referenced in interview with Jason Moore

Click Here To See Psychologist Reviewing Mental Disorders Associated With Stalking. When Perry met Cynthia he was not elected to anything, lived a boring life in a small town. she had just moved from more glamorous LV and had been around people in power on a Federal level for a decade

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