Defendants Ask That Ortiz Be Pulled Over To Get More Private Information On Her Car With Intent To Impede Civil Proceedings

Again with the attack on Cynthia’s vehicle with intent to impede civil court proceedings. For a bunch of people who claim to be all about accountability and fiscally conservative they seem to have no problem with cover ups, using tax payer money of another state. That money belongs to the citizens of Oklahoma and is not available for public officials in another state to use to tamper with a victim of their crime, stalk, harass, attack, and deal with their personal litigation. They want Cynthia pulled over to determine whether or not her vehicle is a purchase or a lease and no doubt there will be people come to her work to get specifics so they can carry out their threats to take her vehicle with intent to impede civil proceedings. These guys have no control over their weird. This is criminal sick messed up conduct that has lead to leaks because it’s creating a tremendous amount of animosity towards them being they are bullying. Imposing your problems and drama on people who want not a damn thing to do with you is creating a sour taste in everyone’s mouth in Oklahoma. These guys have no life. Nothing better to do all day than pick on women a d children and attack that which they can never be and peep on and butt into those who have much more interesting lives. Pretty darn pathetic. No normal person could bring themselves to engorge in such disgusting conduct all day every day for a decade. Pretty embarrassing they have no power or control over their weird. It clearly controls all their time and all their money and the time and money of Oklahoma citizens too when they so decide they are entitled to take it.

As to the peeping and hacking, Defendant Charles Perry has been under investigation for over six years and the officers already knew of his peeping and hacking before they ever got in touch with her to notify her she was in some serious danger in March 2014. Because he has a history of threatening, harassing and bribing police, they have kept their investigation on a need to know status. They have rapport with Cynthia and she with them. For all Perry knows, while at an event, one or more could have stood behind him filming him hacking and peeping from his phone. Over six years is a long time to get much information on Perry’s criminal conduct.

Defendants continue to harass and cause malicious willful injury to Cynthis and whine and complain evertime they get caught. Law enforcement instructed her to make thir threats known to the public for her protection, her safety and her wellbeing. If they don’t like being caugh, then perhaps they should try coolying with the law and have the dignity and respect to leave her and he family alone. She changed careers and moved twice to get away from thes people. The purpose of civil procedings is to get a Court to remedy injuries due to their failure to just leav her alone and to restrain those wh have no power or control to restrain themselves. When you are bus all day trying to do good to people in your own state and community giving no time to crap on other people in another state who want nothing at all to do with you, then you don’t need to lie, cover up or worry about who tol on you and who all might find out about your criminal conduct. This is common sense and oddly millions of people are able to pull it off every day with no trouble at all.


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