Using Tax Payer Funds to Address Personal Law Suit Is Abuse of Power

Cynthia has filed her Appeal on Defendant Joshua Burson’s Dismissal in the State Court Case. Below is the appeal


Click here to Get to the Court’s Docket and enter Tulsa County, Case No. CJ-2018-02775

The officers investigating Defendant Perry on another crime told Cynthia they know Perry and Powell are watching her bank accounts, which there is no legitimate reason for them to do so, no crime has been committed by Cynthia and there is no legal basis for them to do so. In addition they have used tax payer funded resources to investigate and address their personal law suits, which constitutes abuse of power. It is basically stealing from the tax payers. Abuse of Power is also a crime in the state of Texas. There is no probable cause to justify anyone at all watching Cynthia’s bank accounts and the officers investigating Defendant Charles Perry on another matter know this.

Click here to see Texas Penal Code prohibiting Abuse of Power

The officers also are aware Defendant Charles Perry has a peeping tom problem, has cameras on Cynthia, and of course she has attempted to get rid of them or cover them up, they are aware he has hacked her phones and computers and in fact told her, “I’ve seen a lot of heinous shit in my life, but this guy getting into your computer, gave me access to his and what is in his made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. He is one sick m#$$ f#$#$#.” Cynthia has addressed this matter through Defendant Perry’s attorney and advised him Defendant Perry does not have her consent or permission to hack anything at all, to have any illegal surveillance on her of any kind, and is doing so against her will, against her wishes and it is an invasion of privacy and he will be sued again if he does not stop. Furthermore Defendant Perry has, on many issues, committed a crime and then attempted to claim Cynthia does or did what he does, and the officer know that is that is not the case at all and have evidence of him discussing ways, on many occasions, to arrange another false arrest or kill her, without it being linked to him. One thing Defendant Charles Perry has falsely accused Cynthia of is harassment. Cynthia changed careers and moved twice to get away from Defendant Perry. He has viciously and heinously stalked, harassed, and attacked her non stop every day for nearly a decade causing catastrophic loss after catastrophic loss not just to her but her son as well. No normal person so viciously attacks a woman and a child the way Defendant Perry and the other Defendants have as well and in fact the officers meet with a criminal psychologist weekly to asses where they are at who has called Defendant Perry dangerous, deeply depraved, demented, a sexual deviant, sadistic, one who enjoys and gets a thrill hurting people and thinks that means “relationship”, antisocial, psychotic and sociopathic and one who displays characteristics of a serial killer. Do remember he attempted to kill Cynthia AFTER she had just attempted to get a protective order. The matter was covered by national media. Had he been successful, he could have explained it away as all kinds of things other than poisoning. He could have explained it away as a work place hazard, drug abuse (Ortiz has never even tried drugs), or blamed customers. Instead, however, when she reported his attempted murder to local police, he immediately, using tax payer resources, did everything on earth a man does to cover up a crime and then some. He impeded the investigation by Tulsa Police. The crime occurred in Tulsa. Tulsa Police had jurisdiction to investigate. Cynthia wanted to speak to a Detective, show Defendant Roberson’s texted death threats and admission to arsenic poisoning, being he was the hired hit man, and have her blood tested. Instead Defendant Perry arranged for her to be charged over in Texas, using his BFF from Sunday School, the District Attorney in Lubbock, Matthew Powell, to get charges for filing a false police report against her, then impeded and obstructed the investigation. Once she was arrested, he made her sit in jail for two months while the substance worked its way out of her system. Had he not poisoned her, he would have demanded testing, taken it to the media to show she lied. Instead, he obstructed testing, interfered with a police investigation in another state regarding a crime HE committed, and destroyed evidence. Defendant Perry knowingly and willfully and maliciously did everything on earth a guy can do to cover up a crime and then some. That is harassment. Cynthia documenting publicly, something the officers instructed her to do to keep her safe, is not. Only a severely delusional corrupt individual would see it that way. When he stops committing crimes against her in Oklahoma where she moved to get away from him, there won’t be anything else to tell.

Locally, people have complained that “If I did that, I’d be in jail, so why aren’t they?” People are very very frustrated that this criminal conduct has continued to be allowed to persist in Oklahoma, it continues to pose a threat and cause hardship for other people and that criminals are still being allowed to cause injury and loss in the state of Oklahoma. Defendants Perry, Powell, and Roberson do not have the right to bully, intimidate, harass, injure and impose their problems and drama on other people. They must stop or be stopped. Being there is another investigation ongoing, the true life scenario depicted in Netflix’s “Unbelievable”, may very well end up playing out here in this very situation. Furthermore, we are either subjects or citizens. We have the government we ask for and unless we speak up about injustices, and injustices are not okay in any state at all, and allow corruption, we are making ourselves subjects. Cynthia having the balls to go head to head with corruption because the corruption is affecting her personally, is not something that should be limited to just her. Cancer kills. Failure to address the cancer allows it to fester and grow and kill. It must be eradicated. Allowing a criminal to just go rampant, is no different. Have the balls to deal with it appropriately, or don’t be in law enforcement. For a woman who gave it no thought at all in ripping a United States Senator to assist her patients in getting the care they needed to keep their legs, she is very confused as to why on earth anyone at all would be too afraid to put a criminal behind bars, regardless of his or her title, but for sure when that title is a rinky dink position that is not relevant to anyone in Oklahoma at all. Nobody cares about Defendant Perry’s very very small senate district in another state or Defendant Powell’s very very small town DA position. What everyone cares about is peace, justice, the truth, living without hardship and intimidation tactics being imposed and two nutty men who are not wanted in Oklahoma, forcing and burdening everyone else with their problems, drama and mistakes. Continuing to cover up is backfiring and backfiring in a very very big way. The boldness Defendant Perry showed in attempting to murder Cynthia just months after she attempted to get a protective order, and it was all over the news, is bold and indicates he has done this before many many times and gotten away with it. So, if it were your family member gone because this guy has been allowed to behave like an out of control rabid dog for decades, what would you want law enforcement to do? Cover it up? How depraved to show such reckless disregard for the lives of his victims and Cynthia and her family!!! How completely disturbed and depraved not to have empathy for each and every one of his victims!!! What is wrong with anyone at all who would do that??? Local people in Oklahoma are sick and tired of it and want this rabid dog stopped and stopped right now today!! Telling Cynthia of the whose who that may be corrupt and keeping a criminal on the lose to continue to cause harm to others, day after day after day is in part what they’ve done to take the appropriate action and send a message that this conduct is not okay with anyone here. It is not wanted and will not be tolerated here. And again, the general consensus is, “If I did that, I would be in jail so why aren’t they? What kind of disturbed depraved people would cover up for a men who clearly, blatantly obstructed justice, destroyed evidence, and cannot stop themselves from ongoing harassment and causing loss after loss after hardship after hardship on other people whose lives have ZERO relevance to them? Its not okay with anyone at all, but if Texas wishes to be so careless with human life, that is their business. Its not okay in Oklahoma. Its not okay where the officers are who have stepped in, intervened, and protected Cynthia from Defendants intended harm over and over and over and over again over the years. If someone lacks the balls to put the bad guy away, its going to be done by people who have the balls and by the way, anyone who does not….pathetic. How embarrassing for you!! Again, if your family were the victim of Defendant Charles Perry’s crimes, would you want cover ups about it, or would you want people in authority to behave like normal human beings, show some empathy, and put a stop to it?? Treat other people like you want to be treated, because God never promised to fix it when you don’t. He promised we all reap what we sow. He promised Karma. Cover ups and corruption and using tax payer funded resources to do that, and to address Defendants personal law suits, allowing a criminal to just run around rampant and harass, threaten, intimidate, cause problem after problem, hardship after hardship, loss after loss, kill, steal, and destroy citizens of Oklahoma, Man, that is sick, depraved, disturbed and it is not okay in Oklahoma. This guy, this depraved, disturbed criminal will be stopped because people in Oklahoma are citizens, not subjects.

Lastly, Defendants and those involved in helping his corrupt cover up had better not even one more time contact anyone at all to ask if they told or who they told. That is witness tampering and unless you want to sit right next to Charles Perry in prison, you might not want to help him obstruct justice, witness and victim tamper, coerce, intimidate, harass, or with perpetrating any crime at all. If you are not committing a crime or harming someone intentionally, then you have no need to worry about who told or who they told it to. Cynthia said”I wonder what it feels like to be on Team Weirdo, Rejected Failure, Peeping Tom, hacker. He is the Champion, right? Not loved or wanted, just reduced himself to a Rejected Failure, peeping tom, hacker pervert deviant fruitcake but don’t forget, he is the Champion in this deal. He always wins on whatever bazaaro planet it is he lives on. ” Clearly she does not see Defendant Charles Perry as a champion but rather a depraved delusional criminal that the officers investigating him on another matter have done more to stop than any other law enforcement agency has in his life. Perry often taunts her, illegally contacting her against her wishes, restating his comments in his texts of January, 2013 when she attempted to end all forms of any kind of relationship, “I win. You lose.” As you might imagine, that comment is creepy, and the taunting simply proves he is disturbed, sadistic and strange.

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