Perry’s People Ask Ortiz of Specific Law Enforcement Agencies Investigating Him

Perry has had his people ask Ortiz if the following police departments are involved in investigating him:

Billings PD – Montana
El Paso PD
Tulia PD
Memphis PD
Arizona State Police

There are not organizations Ortiz has identified but rather police departments Perry himself has inquired about.

In 2010, for the first time in his life, Perry ran for office, and was elected with the assistance of Cynthia Ortiz. She’d been in politics, Federal government reform, most of her adult life long before she ever met Charles Perry. He soon began stalking her, she kept her mouth shut about it for four years, only telling a few close trusted friends. She has private facebook messages going back to 2011, describing conduct on the part of Charles Perry that constitute “stalking”. Perry began making romantic advances to Ortiz and throwing jealous fits when she talked to other men, in public. Ortiz had a political consulting business and in a small town like Lubbock where there is really nothing much to do but gossip, people do spread rumors very quickly. Not wanting rumors of an affair spread, she confront Perry actually through Ben Campbell, or made contact with Campbell asking what she should do to address the problem so that it would not affect her clients. Not once did she say in nearly ten years, she didn’t want Perry to be elected, but that she wanted him to leave her alone. She then was forced to end her political career. When that proved ineffective, she moved not once but twice. Perry wouldn’t stop. She then attempted to get a protective order in May, 2015. OK law requires the filing of a police report when seeking a protective order, which she filed but forgot to take to court therefore in part the result was a denied protective order.

In August, 2015, two policemen came to her work and told her, “We got a call from Charles Perry of Lubbock asking us to just find a way to arrest you. He’s pissed about the protective order. We told him that is not why we signed up to be policemen. Watch what you do. Be very careful, this guy wants you smeared. I hope you can get free of this bitch and I wish there was something we could do, but its above us.” Ortiz then wrote a letter to the US Attorney asking for their assistance. Perry then hired hitman Dave Roberson who immediately threatened her, the second he introduced himself with “If you don’t recant your story that Perry is stalking you, I am gonna put you in the lake.” Ortiz began getting oddly ill after about five different customers over several months, bought drinks appearing to be spiked. She confronted Dave and asked if he was poisoning her with arsenic. He replied “Yes”. A few more men then attempted to get her to drink what appeared to be a spiked drink and even told her “Arsenic will build up in your system over time and help you develop an immunity to it.” Ortiz spoke with a lab guy who told her, “If they said that, they wanted you dead. They were actually trying to mislead you into drinking the arsenic and wanted you to believe it was okay. Arsenic builds up in your liver and will kill you dead.”

Dave Roberson’s texts, now filed with three courts state he was Perry’s “muse”, he states he could not promise the stalking would end without death and destruction, tells her to “let your life fade away” and just are all around creepy. Ortiz again wanted to seek a protective order and she tweeted Tulsa Police some of the texts. Tulsa Police, where all this was going on, tweeted back advising she file a police report. She did. Before even getting a call back from a detective, Ortiz was charged in Lubbock with “filing a false police report in retaliation of a public servant, Charles Perry, doing his job.” The Tulsa Police investigation was obstructed, no blood test taken ever, and the evidence of poisoning destroyed while Ortiz sat illegally detained in Lubbock jail. The charges were later dismissed. Perry hoped to kill Ortiz, or so it appears, hoping to explain it away as a workplace hazard. Attempting to kill someone just months after that individual attemped to get a protective order, with tweets to police regarding being poisoned, the protective order attempts all over the news, was extremely bold and indicative of a man who has done it before and gotten away with it. When someone commits a crime and gets away with it, they are emboldened and clearly Perry was and is. However, one individual in law enforcement speculated recently, “I think Cynthia is on to something, this guy is serial, he’s been at this a long time and serial killers have an addiction to killing. She has made it where he can’t just go around killing as he has before. He is being watched now. He probably wants her gone so he can go back to business as usual killing. Now he’ll have to be more careful, he can’t just kill on impulse as he has before and I’m sure he doesn’t like that. Smearing her to injure her credibility as well, he thinks, takes investigators and speculation off him so he clearly needed to do that, however all he did was increase speculation because she lived. She didn’t die. He obstructed justice and destroyed evidence. You don’t do that unless you are guilty. ”

So, for Perry to ask about Billings PD, Tulia PD, Memphis PD, Arizona State Police, and El Paso PD, of course makes one wonder what did he do there? He does have an ongoing investigation and those officers have stepped up many many times to protect Ortiz from Perry’s intended harm. Victim has ties to a foreign diplomat and that family wants justice as much as Ortiz does and deserves it frankly. All his victims do. You cannot just let some guy go around killing people, ruining lives, peeping on women and to have allowed this for so long, certainly this was ongoing before Ortiz and Perry ever met, is outrageous! Ortiz’ granddad, Former Chief of Police, L.M. Hall believed, and we quote, “As lawmen, we are called to relieve suffering caused by crime.” Perry has intentionally caused, to get his thrills, untold grieving and suffering. He does not care. He truly just does not care. But other people do and are not allowing him to continue to mentally rape, rob, peep, murder, and Cynthia is alive today because these officers intervened, God intervened, and she now has sued Perry in three courts cases, making a public record for anyone in law enforcement to see from anywhere now and forever. When she attempted to serve Perry with Summons, the US Marshals told her they were having problems due to Perry being on the road all the time. That gives him a great deal of time to do all kinds of things, a lot of alone time, and time with no alibi. The Court cases are documented with evidence on

The funny thing is, in 2014, Ortiz again reached out to Ben Campbell and told him she’d sign a non discloure, nobody would ever know of Perry’s stalker problem, IF Perry never ever contacted her or anyone she knows again. Stalking preceeds murder most times, certainly premeditated. All he had to do though is leave her alone. He is unable to control himself or he would have. Now, he does have to be more careful, cannot just kill whenever he feels lie it and impulse hits him, because of the work these guys with Ortiz’s help have done, IF he is in fact doing what the evidence keeps pointing to. He impeded justice, she’s impeding alleged murder. He’s allegedly killing. She’s saving lives. That’s how you do that. You take your crappy cards someone dealt you, and you find a way to get something good done with it. There can be no reasonable expectation that a serial killer picking on cop people, and she was raised by four generations of cops, is going to end well. So far, its really not. He is not able to just go around killing, again that is where the evidence is pointing at this time, but please keep in mind, there have not yet been charges or court trials, but if he is, she messed up his ability to just kill without being caught. He can no longer do that. The officer was correct.

So, for him to continue having his people ask her if its these specific police departments, does beg the question as to what he did in those locations that he would be so worried about.


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