Tortious Interference, Grand Larceny, Conversion Being Checked Random and Unannounced

Most people, when rejected, accept that life has something better for them, and they move on. If they truly care about the other person, they accept that the feelings are not going both ways, and want happiness for the other even if its not with them. Most people don’t go where they aren’t wanted. And ONE time is all it takes to have that type of conversation where the rejector explains, “I don’t feel what you feel. I’m not connecting with you the way you seem to be connecting with me. I don’t feel you are the one for me, and you have things about you that don’t fit with what I’m looking for.” ONE time is all that should take. Heartbreak is a part of life. Not everyone is going to like us. Girls eat ice cream, call a friend and cry for a few hours, then go find another guy. Guys hit the strip club, get drunk, sleep it off, and go find another girl. Its called life. Its called living. We all go through it more than once for most of us. When one person shoves themselves down the throat of another, cannot accept rejection like the rest of us do, make up things in their head that are not real, take things the wrong way as a romantic gesture that are not meant as a romantic gesture that would be where the situation gets bazaar, sinister, and even dangerous. John Hinkley Jr. stalked Jodi Foster for some time before deciding to shoot President Reagan in some delusional attempt to get with a woman who couldn’t have cared less about him. He shot six people, was tackled, and complained that police hurt him giving no thought at all to the six people he just seriously injured. All that mattered to him, was him. He was the victim in his head. Aren’t they all one big drama queen Taylor Swift song?

In this day and age with the advancements of technology, the use of electronics to stalk is very very common. But hacking and peeper cameras do not a relationship make. What it makes is a creepy pervert. The peeper forms a relationship in their delusional head with the victim, who is being watched, against her will, against her wishes, and it is a one way street. Its a form of rape. The victim cannot see the peeper and probably has no desire to. The peeper though sees the victim, watches everything she does, and believes that is a connection. The connection though is only real to the peeper. There is nothing at all there for the victim who is being watched in the privacy of her home against her wishes. Who even does that? What kind of creepy does that? Most people will never do that or even think of doing that because its weirdo. Being caught being weirdo is embarrassing and yet Mr Perry, it is believed, is doing that and seems to have no idea he should be embarrassed too.

In the summer of last year, Ortiz got ready to pay her car insurance online, only to find her debit/credit card missing. It was in her wallet, just under a canceled card in the credit card slot meant for those. For someone to know which card she used to pay her bills as opposed to which card had been canceled they would have to be watching her online bill pay activity and where she put the card to know where to look to take it. Perry has threatened and threatened and threatened to ruin Ortiz’s car either by way of mechanical problems to having her pulled over and her car towed due to non payment of her car insurance. She can’t get to work or court without her car, so he has launched a full on assault in effort to take that from her, as if he’s not already taken enough. After that happened, she got more than once card, placed some in different receptacle, not the wallet, in with a few other items one would not want stolen, including her social security card. This summer, law enforcement investigating Perry told her, “He took your social security card. Look to see if its missing. He had that chick take that at your work.” Ortiz looked and sure enough it was gone. Social security cards are not something you pull out and use every day. In fact, we rarely pull that out. She filed a complaint with the IRS and the FTC. Again, this was something she’d moved from her wallet to this other receptacle in the privacy of her home. It is not possible someone would know where that was, taking nothing else there, without peeper cameras. You know as a woman how disgusting and nasty it is to have a man you don’t like watch everything you do in the privacy of your home? It is not sexy or hot or everyone would do it. Most people will never do that because its pervert weirdo. It is the biggest turn off ever. It is a crime in the state of Oklahoma under the Peeping Tom laws. Hacking and cameras does not equal relationship in any way at all. Hacking and cameras equals hacker/peeper creeper. It is more unwanted attention.


Additionally, when she sought the Order of Protection in May, 2015, the media covered the matter and one reporter contacted her and said, “They say you are crazy. They say you claimed there are cameras in your air vents.” Ortiz laughed and replied, “That’s funny you should say that. If I’ve said that anywhere, please forward that to me. What I actually said was I suspected he had cameras in my home. I never said where they were because I have no idea. Good to know they are in my air vents. I suspected cameras because Perry would say things to me about what I just did in the privacy of my home that he shouldn’t know anything about but for cameras in my house. Clearly that makes me uncomfortable as it would any woman, so if I knew they were in the air vents, don’t you think I’d get them out and have them checked, photographed and the photos sent to you? Nice of him to tell you where they were. I had no idea.” The reporter never provided any information at all, as requested, that Ortiz claimed there were cameras in her air vents. Again, a peeper hacker, does not a relationship make. What it makes is a pervert and that is all that makes. Ortiz’s close friend once told her, “Everyone has stuff. Its just different stuff for each of us and the ones that appear to be the most “goodie goodie” usually are the ones with the worst stuff of all. Perry is a church deacon, a married man, and his behavior is not only very creepy, but very offensive, embarrassing, bazaar, and illegal. Oklahoma law prohibits Peeping Tom’s. Federal stalking laws prohibit stalking across state lines which Perry is doing on a daily basis. Intelligent people can tell when a relationship has ended, and they can figure out how to move on. For Perry not to be able to put all that together in his head after six years of Ortiz’s blatant obvious rejections, has lead to much speculation that he suffers not only from mental illness, but from some form of mental retardation as well. Anyone can figure this out easily so for him not to be able to, brings into question, why that would be and the conclusion drawn, the inference drawn would be that there is something wrong with his intellect and ability to rationalize and reason as a normal intelligent human being can.

Because Perry is unable to put it together in his head 1) Ortiz rejected him because she does not feel love for him or even like; 2) She’s changed careers, moved twice, changed jobs, filed for Injunction after Injunction, Protective Order after Protective Order because she doesn’t like Perry. 3) Hacking and peeping would be one of many reasons she does not like him. His ruin of everything she worked her entire life to build would be another, constantly threatening her harm would be another, taking people away she cares about is another, the money he’s taken from her is another, butting in to her life, causing problems, putting her in jail to cover up attempted murder is another, we could go on and on. These things are things most people with average intelligence know are not things you do when trying to get a date. These are things one does when they suffer from sadism and can’t get off without hurting people. Buying a judge to deny Ortiz’s requests for Court protection does not change how she feels in fact it makes the need for one even greater. She wants nothing at all to do with Perry. The fact that he is unable to put it together in his head that his actions are repulsive, inappropriate, bazaar, a turn off, weirdo, which is why most people don’t do all that, and see Ortiz’s repeated attempts to get away from him and avoid him as what they are. This is not what a woman in love does. Ortiz is extremely head strong. If she wanted Perry, she’d be with Perry. Instead she has spent the past six years, over half a decade, doing everything a person can do to fight him off of her. She has faced unbelievable adversity caused by this guy intentionally trying to force himself on her, force her into something she does not want to be in ever, so it is clear she wants nothing at all to do with this guy. He has gone so far as to repeatedly tell her “I got to Fabian. Give up on that.” thinking that would make her want him, when the opposite is true. Its just more butting in where he is not wanted, more force, more making Ortiz feel raped, and more stalking. Even if Fabian did not exist, she doesn’t like Perry because of what Perry does to her. It is very very abusive. For Perry not to be able to put this stuff together in his head, and think of how his obsession with criminally attacking Ortiz, forcing himself on her must affect his family, is outrageous. This has called some to speculate that he may also suffer from mental retardation, not just delusion and sadism/antisocial disorder. If one cannot figure out by now there is no relationship, they are not wanted by the other person at all, their actions are a turn off, not a way to attract, that person does not have the ability to reason and rationalize in any intelligent way. That would cause the speculation as to Perry’s inability to reason out these things, like any normal rational intelligent person may be due to some form of mental retardation. Why would he not be able to easily figure this out by now if not for that?

Ortiz has been told there are interested individual in her case that are going to be, just random, popping into the clubs where she works, determining why business is down , if it is, and if so, if Perry is the cause, and to see the who, what , were and how customers are being told not to buy from her. The individuals expressed concern as to the reasons Perry has not been dealt with properly in Court, allowed to continue to harass Ortiz outside of court and as to why his attorney has not been sanctioned stating “If he did that here, he would have been sanctioned long ago, and Perry would have a Default judgement against him. So why are they allowing this out of Court harassment to go on and on and on in Oklahoma?” The gentleman stated “I’ve seen ugly chicks pull in $300 a night on a weekend so why in the hell is she coming home with $25. There is no excuse for that. We’ve seen her picture. She’s a cute chick. She should be pulling in $700 not $25, so lets go see who it is running off her business, and find out what exactly is going on there. She shouldn’t need a pauper’s motion at all. Any good club provides a variety of ladies to cauter to customer’s specific wants. There is no reason why this girl should come home with $25 so we are having some people pop in unannounced to find out what in the hell is going on that she’s not bringing in what she should be and this guy’s attorney needs to be sanctioned. This is textbook out of court harassment and its sanctionable and she’s emailed him and told him to get a handle on it. If he is not, Perry should have a default judgement immediately issued against him, and his attorney should be sanctioned and barring judicial impropriety that would be a given. You cannot harass the other party like that out of court. There should be no contact at all between parties out of court much less Perry taking her money away so she cannot address matters in Court. We need to go up there and just pop in to see who is doing this to her and how are they doing it. There could be a number of ways he’s doing that. He could have someone outside the club giving customers a little something as they come in not to buy from her, or it could be the guy at the door but we need to go up there and find out why that is happening to her. She has another cause of action against him for tortious interference and conversion maybe, but he cannot do this to her under the law. ” So Ortiz has had Perry interfere with her income for nearly a decade actually. He has told people he wants her broke and alone so she’ll be forced into doing what he tells her. He is not even wanted in her life at all, much less any consideration as to “what he tells her to do” about anything. He is out of line in making such statements. He’s told people he wants her to feel she has no choice, but to take his bribe. “If she is broke and desolate enough, she’ll call me, she’ll take my money and she’ll do what I tell her.” Perry has also told people, in order to get them to cooperate, “I’ll make it up to her later. Just get her broke so she’ll talk to me.” It goes against all humanity to hurt people on purpose. No normal person can bring themselves to do this. A sadist enjoys it, but most people are not sadistic. So in order to gain other people’s cooperation in behaving so heinously towards Ortiz, Perry tells people he will make it up to her when Ortiz does as she is told. This is just more con game here. Perry’s intentions are to force Ortiz to be in some bazaar relationship with him she never wants to be in either by arranging that constantly threatened false second false arrest, or by way of tortious interference so she has no money to create a situation where he is her only way out. Being the attempt to kill her failed the first time, his only goal is to coax and force her into being with him so he can get close enough to her to kill her himself. If he cared about her at all, he’d respect her wishes and her rights, and he’d want her to be happy even if not with him. Its not about that. Its about getting a thrill hurting people, and she knows too much about who Perry really is. He wants her out of the way, so he can continue on causing harm and being corrupt without so much attention brought to the matter. One of the first things Mr Roberson said to Ortiz is “Charles is very upset that you ruined his facade.” Ortiz kept her mouth shut for four years and only told a few close friends what Perry was doing to her. I’d say she went above and beyond in attempt to get Perry to behave like a normal rational person, simply leave her alone, without becoming a scandal herself. When it became a matter of life and death, she made the problem public for her protection and her safety and her son’s. As a parent, she has the right and the responsibility to put her safety and well being first, to take care of her kid. Perry never had the right to impeded that, to harm that, to destroy her life, her finances, her relationships the way he has so vigorously for nearly a decade. That is unwanted attention. It is by definition, “stalking and harassment” and it is a crime. When someone tells you “leave me alone”, “stop all contact with me in all forms.” I do not like you. I do not want you.” ONE time should be enough. One time is all that should take. For Perry to not to put that together in his head by now, does bring into question his mental stability and his intelligence. Any gentlemen respects the rights and wishes of another, and stops all contact. So why can’t he?


One minute Perry tells Ortiz “You will never get justice!”, and the next minute, he demands to know who his leaks, rats, and deep throats are and who is investigating him. More signs of someone not operating with a full load. She will get justice, although it may or may not be from what you’d expect, but there will be normal regular justice in criminal matters. A delusional man, who is not able to simply put things together in his head like any normal intelligent person. His taunting, in all these years, has never affected her one way or the other, largely due to the support she has from the law enforcement agency who warns her when he’s done something or is about to do something to cause a problem for her. She doesn’t have to defend herself to them. They already have the information, and are passing it on to her. They already know. His claims that she won’t get justice are simply figments of his delusion. You cannot be operating with a full load, intelligent, rational or normal and sane and one minute demand to know who is investigating you, who the rat squad is, who the “deep throat” is, and the next stomp your feet like some spoiled little brat 2 year old, who didn’t get his way, claiming there won’t be justice. There already has been in more ways than he is even aware of just yet. Next time Perry sweeps his office for bugs, and does not find anything, we hope he remembers he said that. The concerns regarding the fact that he seems a little mentally and intellectually slow are not to make fun of anyone and are not to be mean. These were brought to Ortiz’s attention out of legitimate concern as to why Perry may be doing what he is doing. Most people can put it together in their heads when their attention is not wanted, when they are rejected and the romantic feelings don’t go both ways, and they can figure out how to move on. The fact that he is simply not able to after over half a decade of Ortiz doing everything within her power to avoid him, to get away from him, to get a Court to restrain his unwanted contact, figure out she does not want anything to do with him and does not share his feelings, and why that would be, and figure out how to move on and spend his time and money being productive rather than sitting around all day creeping on her and trying to ruin her, caused the man concern as to Perry’s intellect, not just mental illness or mental instability. The gentleman said, “I’m concerned her with what he’s putting you through, that you don’t get a date putting a girl in jail after you tried to kill her and then trying to do all of that again, I mean you just don’t do that and have any expectation that girl would ever have anything to do with you again, so the fact that he is unable to get it, seems like he’s a little mentally slow. I am concerned he suffers from both mental illness and some form of mental retardation in that he acts, literally, like a two year old acts and some people just don’t have normal brain functions. He clearly does not or he’d quit messing with you all the time especially the way he keeps getting caught. That is not normal is all I’m saying.”


The very reason Ortiz had difficulty this weekend with her income in that she came home on Friday with $25 and Saturday $30, was Defendants knew she had to serve notice within three days of her Motion to Reconsider/ Motion for Default Judgements against Burson and BiCentennial, Inc. She’s tracked her income and there is distinct pattern in that her income dips way down below normal just before something for Court is due or she would need to spend money serving Defendants. She all the sudden won’t hear from VIP customers who otherwise come in regularly, they don’t come in, they don’t return texts and its a distinct pattern, leading these men to decide to investigate for themselves further and state, “This is textbook out of court harassment. His attorney should be sanctioned and Perry should have an immediate default judgement issued against him. If he were here, they would be so we need to go up there where she’s working and find out the who, what, when and how he’s doing that, because he’s most definitely doing something to her money. I’ve seen ugly chicks make $300 a night on the weekends and she’s not ugly. I’ve seen her picture. He’s got to be doing something whether it be having some guy out in the parking lot to get to customers where she can’t see or the door guy or some way he’s telling people not to buy from her to run off her business. We are heading that way to show up random and find out how he’s doing that. Its illegal. That gives her another cause of action.

The following was filed today, just after the Motion to reconsider/Motion for Default Judgements, after Defendants were served with such which she was only able to afford by selling personal items. She shouldn’t have to. Whatever Perry can do to burden Ortiz, place hardship on her, ruin her, destroy, make her life a living hell, he does it. He sits around all day doing nothing but that. She kept her mouth shut for four years as she also had a consulting business to consider and her customers, while trying to reason with him to get him to behave like a normal civilized person. He refused. She gave up her career in consulting then, so as not to have to interact with Perry then a year later when that didn’t work, she moved. That didn’t work so she moved again. Also, trying to reason with him she said, was like trying to talk to a six year old. Nothing he says or does makes any sense. Ortiz likes men who are kind, supportive, respectful, loving, intelligent, fun, not this. This is extremely undesirable. She says “It feels like getting raped every day.” Any good man would respect her rights and wishes. Any smart man would see that is what attracts good women, not bullies, not arrogance, not mean, not sadistic, not intrusive, not asshole, not perverts and not loons, not men who are drama queens, not men who force themselves on people, burden others, are selfish, cruel and need to be in a mental hospital. Another friend of her’s stated “She has put up a valiant fight and I mean valiant fight against these guys and they are pathetic. She shouldn’t have to. Nobody should. She ought to just be able to live her life without this guy going at her and going at her and going at her constantly.” Its embarrassing, frankly.





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