Proxy Stalkers and Backroom Deals With Judges Not Exactly In Line With Promised Accountability

From what we have obtained recently, Perry hired a bail bondsman and bail bondsman have bounty hunters, and they know which defense attorneys, judges, prosecutors and cops will take a bribe and which ones will not, to use their clients to harass Ortiz at work. It appears one of those individuals took her cigarette butts and gum to give to Perry so he could plant them at a crime scene for a frame up of some sort. She did file long ago, a text to her waitress telling her “Don’t dump the ashtrays. They want to collect my cigarette butts let them and lets see what they do with them.” This was filed as evidence in the state claim. Believe it or not, AFTER she filed it they still kept collecting. She said to friends and family in texts and emails that Perry was threatening her with death and false arrest. He then carried out that threat. She was simply following OK procedure, filing a police report, and he was trying to kill her and she needed TPD to run a blood test to take to court to get the PO. But before she could provide that evidence or even got a call back from TPD detectives, she was charged in Lubbock, not where she lives but where Perry lives, with filing a false police report in retaliation for his job. No evidence exists of any kind of political vendetta and in almost 8 years, not one political rant directed at Perry in private emails, texts, or anywhere. From 2011 to the present there are tons of rants about her frustration with his stalking which is not required to pass a law in Texas. He lied. He just walked into a Court of law, and under sworn testimony, flat out straight up bold faced lied. He knew of the requirement because she didn’t follow procedure in her attempt in May, 2015 in bringing the police report to the judge and the order was denied in part as a result. He blatantly violated her civil rights. He first threatened the false arrest, then carried it out after trying to kill her unsuccessfully. He obstructed justed, impeded a police investigation in another state and destroyed her blood evidence. This is not a gray area of the law. Its a blatant violation of the law.
While she was in jail, he agreed to cease and desist all contact, as evidenced in her bond conditions. He would first have to admit guilt to agree to stop and the agreement was made in exchange for her not going to media with details of her arrest. He failed to keep that agreement and began immediately threatening a second false arrest. He still threatens that daily. Looks like collecting her cigarette butts and gum was part of his attempt to carry out that second threat. He’s been recorded more than once discussing ways to kill her or arrange a second false arrest without it being linked to him.
Ortiz also filed with the state court, an email telling her attorneys Mr Powell continued to call police in Oklahoma demanding to know her whereabouts. Every time they would get caught planning some harm to her and she told people, they’d call up to OK and demand to know where she was. Months later, Mr Powell breached her protected address by mailing documents to an address that is legally protected under OK law.
They then wanted to contact her psychologist to ask if she would be willing to change her assessment but Ortiz has not seen her therapist since charges were dropped. The assessment came from a year and a half of therapy and they picked the therapist. The psychologist stated she believed the arrest was a stalking escalation and she believed that because it was first threatened. What else would it be? She advised Ortiz to ignore as much of Perry’s shinagans as she could then stated “What you’ve got with Charles, is sometimes he escalates more than you can ignore.” Its difficult to make the argument that Ortiz is crazy when they keep doing exactly what she says they are going to or trying to do to her intending to cause additional injury and loss. She further states in a letter, both the audio and the letter filed with the Courts, Ortiz was not harming Perry but had made every effort to get away from him. She’s changed careers, moved twice, changed plans from moving to Miami to moving instead to OK where family lives, to get away from Perry and to avoid conflict. What other conclusion could she come to? Ortiz has never threatened Perry but she has repeatedly rebuffed his unwanted romantic advances.
Now Perry has hired a bail bondsman to use his clients to harass her at work and drive in a menacing manner around where she lives. If he is not a stalker, how does he know where to send these people. Some attempt to take photos of her. Neighbors became so disturbed, more than one call was put into police, not by Ortiz, but by the neighbors. They are unnerved too. Ortiz reported nothing. The neighbors reported the menacing drive by’s. This is now a public nuisance. Its also intentional infliction of emotional distress, something she is suing for past events. Now its a new cause of action. The definition of harassment in Curry v. Streater, 2009 OK 5 (Okla. 2009) “Harassment is defined as “a knowing and willful course or pattern of conduct by a family or household member or an individual who is or has been involved in a dating relationship with the person, directed at a specific person which seriously alarms or annoys the person, and which serves no legitimate purpose.” Id. § 60.1(3). Not only does Ortiz have a claim against Mr Perry, but the neighbors do as well. Again, Ortiz put in NO phone call to police. The neighbors did and more than one. If Perry isn’t stalking, how would he know where she works or lives in order to send these people to harass her. This is called stalking by proxy. It is also known as weirdo. Just as the individual stated “pulling up behind a woman’s home that is not my wife house is something I’ve done never nor is it part of what is required to pass a law in Texas, neither is this.
We also understand people over in Texas are expressing frustration that Perry will not stop all this. The officers investigating him had a source provide the following:
“Another one: “He promised us accountability and transparency in government and all he’s done on this deal is duck and dodge and lie and we’ve not gotten what we voted for. He told us to hold him accountable. He sits on the accountability committee and he himself doesn’t want accountability and that’s not what we voted for. We voted for someone who promised integrity. All he does is lie. I am very upset about what he’s doing to that girl. She came over here and she was nice to people. She got in there and worked hard for the party and she even stood up for him and this is how he repays her? Lying about her? Bad mouthing her? Sounds to me like she tried to do the right thing and he just will not let it go. Why? She’s been gone from here for a long time so why is this matter still coming up all the time? Why are we still hearing about it constantly? If he didn’t have something to hide, there wouldn’t be any need for a backroom deal with a judge. Why is he doing that? What’s he trying to prove anyways with all this. He didn’t do it? We all know he did. So what he’s trying to prove dragging her through the mud still?”
Perry was the co-founder of Lubbock’s Tea Party “Americans For Integrity In Government” so why is he making backroom deals with judges? That’s not exactly what people of integrity do and any time he gets a dismissal, he does it in a hearing where Ortiz is not. Perry holds an ex parte hearing where Ortiz is not there to refute his claims or make legal arguments. The one hearing she was in, the Magistrate DENIED his Motion to Dismiss. That pretty compelling right there. He does not want her in that Courtroom when he goes in there to bold face lie or intentionally conceal material facts from the Court needed to get that dismissal. We will advise readers though, he thinks he is winning so don’t tell him that’s not exactly what winning looks like.
And…that’s the big question everyone seems to be asking. She’s not interested in Perry, has no attraction to Perry, and has made her wishes clear. She wants NO contact at all direct or indirect. He seems unable to understand what a burden and imposition his selfish and frankly bazaar actions are to others and he seems not to even care. That is not normal and one of many reasons Ortiz wants nothing to do with him.
When these guys do exactly what she says they are going to do, it it serves to substantiate her case. Sometimes they nix their plans which has acted to protect her against additional injury which is the reason officers told her to make his threats public. It makes them that much harder to carry out. When he does carry out his threats just as he did with her false arrest, it establishes intent and premeditation. As a matter of law, there is a difference between acts of intent and acts of negligence. Public notice Mr Perry has intentions of harm and injury either acts as a deterrent or establishes the fact that he took the action or committed the act with intent to cause loss or injury. His claims that he is being harassed are frankly more crazy. He is in now way a victim. If he does not like being caught planning intended harm, committing intended harm, discussing intended harm or committing acts causing injury, all he has to do is stop. Any person with average intellect could put that together in their head. Why he seems unable to, gave rise to the speculation he may have more than just mental illness. The most recent threat was of today in again discussions regarding yet another backroom deal with a judge in that they’d asked the judge to “fine tune” an Order so that Ortiz cannot appeal it knowing in advance it would be adverse to Ortiz because that was the backroom deal, the Order supposedly will be issued Tuesday. We see if they carry out this threat intending to cause injury to Ortiz by way of another illegal act or nix it.

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