Ortiz Forced to Send Defendant Perry Yet Another “Cease and Desist” Legal Demand

Ortiz forced to send yet another legal demand requesting Defendant Perry cease and desist stalking, harassment, conversion, grand larceny, slander, defamation, and all illegal offensive conduct for which he has been in trouble for for a long time.
Mr Warman,
As I have told you repeatedly, your client has been under investigation for some time and the officers investigating him have told more than once of his intent to cause me some type of harm or loss, in addition to what he already has done. They told me he had my taillight taken out and to fix it so that I would not be pulled over. They told me he had my social security card taken and I looked and it was. You would have to be doing some weird crap to even know where I kept it in order to take it and that is not something you just pull out to use on a daily basis, therefore I wouldn’t think to look unless I was told to look to see that it was missing and that theft has been reported to the proper authorities.
Likewise, your client’s attempts to have my gum and cigarette butts taken from my work, to collect my DNA, his false reports to police that I have some prostitution business, some political vendetta, some biker boyfriend and so forth also has been reported to police and your client has more than one agency investigating him. More than one suspects the recent automobile issues I’ve had were not all just random as I thought some were, but that your client had something to do with not just one, but all. They also have commented, more than one law enforcement agency, that if I spent as much as $5,000 on no show fines at Lady Godiva’s because I was too scared to go to work due to your client’s workplace harassment, then I must have been pretty darn scared and it was even a little more than that that I paid in no show fines because I was too scared to go to work because of what your client did to me and continued to do to me.
Law enforcement advised me long long ago, years ago, that when your client threatens me, to make that threat known because it establishes for them and for me in civil court, intent and premeditation. I have said this over and over and over again. This is not new information.
Also, I have had more than one regular customer that spent quite a lot of money on me that once your client finds out about them, which he should not know anything about any of them, they all the sudden just stop talking to me, they stop coming in and so forth. That is not normal. That would be a count of conversion and grand larceny. I have had one that just after your client threatened onFebruary 26, 2019 to interfere with my income, did just that. He came in one last time, but then I told him of the threat, and spent 1/3 of his normal then I heard nothing from him at all. All the sudden, he did what several others have done, and just askedme if I was at work, but never came in again. He either starts being normal, or that is another count of conversion and grand larceny.
Now, in all my correspondence going back to 2011, there are no comments from me stating I didn’t want your client to get re-elected, but rather I continued to state that I wanted for him to leave me alone. There is no relationship. There never will be. Whatever he feels, I do not. His bazaar imaginary affair is not something I share. I’m not in that with him. He gives me the heebeejeebees. I kept my mouth shut for four years, which is a really really long time, about his stalker conduct while trying to reason with him to make him stop. I did that because I never wanted to be a scandal. I hoped he would behave a civilized, intelligent, normal human being and cut it out. When he would not, I moved twice to get away from him and avoid being a scandal and to avoid a conflict. Because he gets crazy, and dangerous, I had no choice but to then document his threats, harassment and stalking, as advised by law enforcement to establish intent and premeditation. When I ask someone to leave me alone, to get out of my life and to never contact me again, particularly someone who presents themselves as a Christian, someone who presents themselves as an intelligent responsible rational person, I expect them to respect my wishes the FIRST time I ask, not drag out nutbag criminal attacks for six years. I am not in love with your client. I do not like your client. I do not want any contact at all from your client. I want for his unwanted bazaar contact and attention to me and everyone I know to cease and desist right now as I’ve been saying for six years. I am never going to call him. I don’t want to speak to him. What I want is for him to go away. This is not rocket science,Mr Warman. Any normal intelligent person can figure out when they have been rejected and how to move on and go do something productive with their time that they don’t have to lie and cover up later.
Your client does not need my gum, my cigarette butts, my DNA, my social security card, to know where I live, to know where I work on any given night, to contact my customers to tell them not to do business with me, to vandalize my vehicle, to hack my computers and my phone, to have me followed or a GPS device on my vehicle or anything like that at all. He does not need peeper creeper cameras in my home. None of this is legitimate conduct and all is criminal conduct. He is to leave me alone. He is under investigation from more than one crime in more than one place. He can bribe or place undue influence on every judge he wishes to do that to, however again, that would be just one more crime to add to the very long list he already has.
To just make sure you are clear on the purpose of this email, my intent is to notify you of your client’s ongoing illegal activity directed at me, in the forum state of Oklahoma, resulting in substantial loss for which I intend to continue to sue him until he stops. It further establishes for law enforcement intent and premeditation should your client continue and I have the reasonable expectation that when I notify you of your client’s unlawful conduct directed at me, that you would then act in good faith and make him stop. If you chose not to, that’s on you. I do not want any contact at all ever again with Charles Perry and I do want for him to cease and desist contactingme or anyone I know. That guy icks me out. I cannot say that enough. He completely is weird and icks me out. His conduct is criminal, its repulsive, and it frankly is embarrassing. Most people will never do what he does because they would be embarrassed to behave that way and your client acts like he has no idea he should be too. That is not normal. He needs to see a shrink to get a grip on reality, and to get a better handle on his imaginary world that consumes his day. There is no relationship. There will never be a relationship. He is delusional to think that, to ask me to call him and think for one minute I actually would and he has had his guys come to my work to ask and I’m sick and tired of it. I am never going to call him.
When I left Lubbock jail, we had an agreement that he would never ever contact me again. Mr Powell, took emails telling people your client was continuing to make unwanted contact with me, in Oklahoma, and threatening a second false arrest, death, kidnapping, income loss, job loss, and so forth and he was pissed off about it enough that he took my emails to my attorney. Why be pissed off if there was no agreement that I not tell what occurred in my false arrest in exchange for your client ceasing all contact? What the hell would he care?? He did care, because we did have an agreement and your client breached that agreement the second my feet hit Oklahoma dirt on April 6, 2016. He never stops. He says he refuses to stop. So, law enforcement will do it for him. He will be stopped. But he is going to get out of my life. He is not wanted here by me, my family, my friends and he is to leave me alone. Its the law. He is to cease and desist making slanderous and defamatory statements about me. I don’t have a prostitution business. I don’t have a biker boyfriend. I don’t have a mental illness. He does and he’s imposed and burdened me and my family with that long enough. I was seen by a psychologist for a year and a half. Her statements are on the Court records. Your client arranged a false arrest just as he’d threatened for months, and had me arrested for following Oklahoma procedure, not committing any crime at all, but following procedure required by statute that he knew was OK procedure because it was right on the denied protective order from May, 2015. That is a fact, Mr Warman. As such, my psychologist described that act as a stalking escalation because as a matter of fact, he threatened to arrange a false arrest and then carried it out giving rise to ongoing litigation. All he had to do, is leave me alone. That costs no money and no time from him at all.
Now, this again, is yet another legal demand, and yet another documentation for law enforcement to establish intent and premeditation to commit a crime against me, to cause injury and loss in the forum state of Oklahoma. You guys can place undue influence and bribe all the judges you wish to bribe or improperly influence and it just goes to the stack of conduct which is criminal. So, do what you do but please understand you will have to answer for that to the proper authorities. I don’t like your client. After all he has put me through, the substantial losses he intentionally causes and has for nearly a decade, why would I? He’s pretty sick if he thinks that’s a turn on. It really is not and its nutty that he would think that. In fact the criminal psychologist one of the organizations investigating your client said “Its not about getting a date. Its about getting off on hurting people because ruining Cynthia’s business, having her false arrested, continuing to attack her relationships and finances is not how you get a date. That is a very sick cruel thing to do and indicative of someone suffering from anti-social disorder and severe sadism. You don’t get a date hurting people. Its not about that. Its about getting off on hurting people. That is a severe mental disorder.”
I have the reasonable expectation that notifying you of your client’s continued unlawful conduct would result in you acting in good faith to put a stop to it and if you do not, then understand your client may face criminal charges and he will be sued again.
From the Desk of Cynthia Ortiz
“Corrections are corrections. Cops are Cops. Corrections are not cops. Cops are Cops and Detectives are BATMAN” — Cynthia Ortiz

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