Perry Threatens to Disable Ortiz’s Vehicle and Local Police Asked to Charge Perry and Powell With Giving False Statements to Police If They Continue To Lie

More nefariousness intended from Perry camp. Perry wants Cynthia’s car disabled, specifically, “cut her fan belt, tell her its old and worn out, take her home and get her address”. That’s not uncommon for stalker to vandalize their victim’s vehicles. But he just gets caught and has for five years and just has a case building. He seems not to be able to grasp simple concepts as to what that really means thus his mental problems and creeper problems are more exposed right now than ever before in his life despite more money spent on a cover up than ever before in his life. Simple concepts seem to go right over his head. They have a case that is ongoing which THE reason he keeps getting caught and its separate and on top of and in addition to what Cynthia is doing in civil court. Criminals are stupid, thank God and Perry has such a tremendous problem with delusion he just is not getting it. Perry can deny all he wants. At the end of the day it is not gonna matter. He can bribe all he wants as well. At tge end of the day that is gonna work against him and his failure to learn from history has been of great benefit to the guys in law enforcement protecting Cynthia. Six years ago nobody knew he had a problem. Now everyone knows because he has no control over his impulses or what these guys do. They take away his control every time they catch him. Thus his criminal activity is now a matter of public record for anyone in law enforcement to see, any district attorney to see from anywhere, any reporter to see now and forever and Perry is so dumb he is not able to figure out that when you are being investigated by guy who can actually produce results and for five years the only result is he keeps getting caught, you better stop building a criminal case against yourself. This is not rocket science here. Cynthia said “No” over half a decade ago. What part of “No” is something he us unable to understand that even a dog can understand. She has no feelings for Perry, he gives her the heebeejeebees so continuing to force himself on her is a crime and every loss he causes in attempt to bully her into something is frankly just pissing people off so much the guys investigating Perry said it gets easier by the day to get information. He has imposed his drama and loony on other people and made a burden of himself so badly more and more are proving info that will put a stop to it once and for all. Figure it out or not but anyone who cant learn from history really is just not operating on a full load. These are not complicated concepts to grasp. These are very simple things most people can grasp immediately and here we are five years later and its still going right over his head.
Perry did get so frustrated several years ago with getting caught so much he was recorded telling his people “If she catches me and tells on me again, I want her arrested for harassment” and again, its not clicking for him, he is being investigated and planning harm to someone who has asked you for over half a decade never to contact them again is the crime, not catching someone planning a crime and her divulging of his intent does establish the difference between negligence and intent under the law. If he does not like getting caught, this is easy, no Einstein needed, stop planning harm by crime against another. Most people are law abiding citizens every day without any problem at all.
If Cynthia has law enforcement investigating Perry warning her of everything he tries to do to hurt her, then she clearly is not the criminal here. He is. He does not like being known as a stalker but he continues to behave just exactly like a sadistic stalker. That’s not very smart. In fact the officers protecting her told her “We got a guy over there who said ‘These two are like oil and water. She’s smart and sweet and he’s stupid and an asshole.'” They also provided information to her regarding a new proxy stalker prepped for stalking her at work tonight that was already asked “How do we know you aren’t gonna flip on us?” Again, simple concepts just go right over Perry’s head. A lot of people are pissed off at him for failing to keep his hands out of her wallet. Whatever he can do to cost her money, he does. Whatever he can do to interfere with her income, he does it. Not how you get a date. In fact there were comments recently along the lines of “He ruined her consulting business, so he cannot complain now about her dancing. He was involved with taking her son, from what we understand and he likes bribing judges so that seems plausible. She was told he did in March, 2014. He tried to kill her. He threw her in jail. He has not stopped trying to do it all over again since she got home, he has been at her non stop. That is not how I got my wife to love me. That is not what one does when they care and are trying to get a date. That is what a sadistic criminal does who gets off on hurting people just as their shrink said. He gets a thrill messing with other people, because nothing he has done thus far is what one does when they are trying to get a date with a girl. Its just non stop constant attack on her. When you put someone in jail just for kicks they are not gonna want anything to do with you after that and for him to expect her to speaks to his delusions.” The criminal psychiatrist did say “He is not in love with a person. People are objects. He is in love with hurting people. Whatever Cynthia does not like, he does it more. Whatever loss he can cause to get off, he does it more and the dangerous thing about Mr Perry is that over time, sadists increase the brutality of their attacks just as a drug addict has to increase drugs over time to get the same euphoria they got from the last high. Perry enjoyed watching Cynthia in captivity. That is extremely depraved and demented. He has been obsessed with doing that to her again because he got such a high from it. However, he will make it worse for her if he is able to hurt like that again because it will not give him the same high as it did the last time. He will have to make it worse for her if he does it again. “
There was further speculation that Ortiz had a nice home, was able to get her nails done, tan, keep her bills paid up, took care of her teenage son, but has not been able to since her return home. She had child support and does not any more but it such a small amount, it was a drop in the bucket and her son is grown now so she does not have that expense. Perry has interfered with her income so badly that it is substantially lower than it was prior to her false arrest. Again, the big frustration with other people, is that he can’t keep his hands off her wallet.
Perry also will have his proxy stalkers tell Cynthia “Perry wants you to quit smoking and dancing. He thinks you are beautiful and sexy.” She does not care about any of that. Just more crazed rantings of a delusional loony toon. She wants no contact at all with him, he creeps her out, his imaginary affair is disgusting and his opinions not relevant. She does not call him up and ask him what he thinks, wants or needs, she doesn’t think he’s hot or sexy or handsome or want anything to do with him so these comments would lead one to say “What in the flip planet do you even live on that you would think she give a crap what he thinks?” What a werido!!
In the last day or two, questions were raised regarding Perry’s belief that stalking is part of how you pass laws in Texas. In review of her private facebook messages sent to a few close friends that don’t live in Texas, and did not then, describing Perry’s conduct that would legally constitute stalking and harassment in pulling up behind her home, sending his aid to sit right next to her when she met her friend Cheryl at Carino’s every week, then him showing up personally one night when she didn’t go to Carino’s but ran errands and forgot her phone, all documented and filed as evidence with the Courts. The comment was made, “Cynthia at that time had no idea she would be moving to Oklahoma and no knowledge of the law requiring the filing of a police report. She probably thought once she left Texas, he’d be smart enough to leave her alone. So way back then, in 2011, just after she’d helped him get elected, she starts emailing people, not everyone, just a few of her close friends who didn’t live in Texas telling them he threatened her, he threatened to ruin her business, he was pulling up behind her house, and sending his aids or going personally to where she was meeting with Cheryl Underwood. Cheryl sent her this email confirming she saw it too. You know how many times I have pulled up behind the home of a woman that is not my wife? Never. You know how many times I have sent my secretary to spy on a woman that is not my wife, or even my wife? Never. You know how many people I have texted “You Lose, You are Stuck. You have no control.” to even if they got themselves jammed up? None ever because its weirdo. And he did that to her. You can tell she was trying to cut off all communications and he didn’t like that. You know how many times I’ve texted someone “Let your life fade away”? never ever because its creepy. This Dave guy Charles hired texted that to her. So just how bad is this delusion problem Perry has? Did he perpetrated a fraud upon the Courts, or does he really think that’s what you have to do to pass a law in the state of Texas. His job is to pass laws in Texas. She was denied a protective order because she didn’t follow Oklahoma law and procedure and didn’t give the judge her police report, so he tries to kill her, or at the very least make her think he was, she goes back to try again, and he had her arrested? There was never any crime. He had her arrested for following Ok procedure is all she did. Yet you have these facebook messages before she even knew or Cheryl even knew she was gonna move to Oklahoma. At that time, she had no plans to do that. So he had her arrested for filing a police report, he says as retaliation for doing his job as a public servant. Does he really think pulling up behind her home and stalking her at restaurants is required to pass a law in Texas? Is that how bad his delusion is? He needs to be tested.” Simplifies the situation in the way this guy worded this. Ortiz actually had plans to move to Miami, Florida and even had a job lined up but had to nix it due to Perry’s interference and stalking. She had no plans to move to Oklahoma until the day she moved to Oklahoma and for sure had no idea Perry would stalk her there or of the law requiring the filing of a police report. So what she documented in 2011 was never anticipated to be used now to prove a long history of unlawful conduct by Perry.
Just looking back five years ago when nobody knew Perry had a mental problem or a stalker problem, to how things have evolved, any half way intelligent person could figure out that what you are doing is backfiring. It is not accomplishing your goal in any way at all. Criminals are stupid, thank God.
Ortiz has also asked local police to charge Perry and Powell with making false statements to police if they continue to lie. She requested if they have no evidence to support the claims they assert, regarding Perry’s imaginary affair with Ortiz, his imaginary political attack, his claims of being harrassed when he’s caught and she tells on him, basically establishing that she was threatened by Perry, when, how, what specifically she was threatened with, the exact same way she did prior to her false arrest when she emailed and texted people months before stating “Perry is trying to arrange a false arrest or kill me”, the imaginary prostitution business he alleges she has, and whatever smear campaign he has been able to concoct. She has never called 911 since arriving in Oklahoma. She called the non-emergency number to report signs of a break in when she moved to Sapulpa, and sent subsequent emails a time or two when subsequent signs of a break in were discovered at her home. She’s filed police reports in compliance with Oklahoma law, as a matter of procedure established in 22 OS §60. 2(A) (1), upheld in Marler v Kloehr 2012 Civ App 23, 274 P.3d 849, but has at no time made demands of local police. This is the first time she has ever asked they charge Perry and Powell. The first attempt by Ortiz to get a Protective Order was denied due to her failure to follow procedure in giving the judge her police report. She never had a choice and for that Perry had her arrested, dismissed the charges after smearing her mugshot everywhere, and is now being sued. She has requested “If they have no proof of the crap they assert, charge them with giving false statements to police, please.” It is the very first time in five years she has requested charges against them. She had to put her foot down as they have continued to besmirch her to local law enforcement.
Lastly, Ortiz was recently told of comments made in and around her community and in Lubbock regarding the civil suits in that people are noticing judicial rulings are not in line with similar cases. The comments were “Cynthia is up against five defendants who blatantly violated the law and all are wealthy and have attorneys. She is fighting those guys all by herself with no law degree and they still can’t do it right. They still have to stoop to buying a judge. ” We are glad people notice. Its about time.
Ortiz notifies her attorney, Mallory Miller, immediately any time Perry makes a specific threat to cause injury. It makes his threats that much harder to carry out. In fact a friend of her’s said, “They can’t say you are crazy when they keep doing exactly and specifically what you say they are going to do.” That would be the very reason, law enforcement instructed her to make his threats known to as many people as possible, exactly as she did months prior to her false arrest. That false arrest was threatened and Perry has not let one day go by that he does not threaten to kill her and arrange a false arrest again. Not one day goes by that she isn’t threatened with some harm.

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