Ortiz warned Perry and Powell Working on Second False Arrest And Want To Make Sure A Criminal Appeal Is Not Possible

It seems, or info we got earlier indicates Perry and Powell want out of their lawsuit so badly and wish to retaliate against Ortiz so much for reporting their criminal activity, being a witness and victim of their crimes they are again seeking a way to arrange that second false arrest in such a way that there could be no criminal appeal.

Intially Ortiz attempted to reason with Perry regarding his stalker problem and only told a few friends most of whom did not even live in Texas and other than a few friends she trusted, she kept her mouth shut for FOUR years. That is nearly half a decade she told only a few people what Perry was doing to her. What she said back in 2011 depicts conduct by Perry that constitutes the legal definition of “stalking”. This was nearly a decade ago when she did that long before she could have anticipated current events.

She then ended her political consulting career and has not even voted since 2012 so she would not have to interact with Perry. She didn’t cause a big scene or some big fuss. She ended a career she loved and was working hard to build to get away from him and avoid conflict. When that proved ineffective in Nov 2013, she moved to Dallas. She left. Again the goal was to get away from Perry’s unwanted attention without having to be a scandal or cause a fuss or have a conflict. He would not stop.

In September 2014 she moved again to Oklahoma after being warned by law enforcement that she was in danger. Again, the goal was to avoid a scandal, a fuss and conflict. Right before she moved she became a little more public on advice of law enforcement to protect her from danger. All believed being more public would persuade Perry to leave her alone and in a normal guy, that would be effective. Harm and threats are harder to carry out when the fact that a threat to harm or cause injury has been made is made public. It shows and establishes for the record, a threat was made, what the specific threat was, who made the threat, when they made it and if carried out establishes, as a matter of law, premeditation and willful malicious intent to cause the injury. This takes the injury from negligent cause to intentional and Courts see the difference in sentencing and rewards for injury. That is THE reason law enforcement told her to make Perrys threats public and to record each in emails and texts the exact same way she did prior to her false arrest of Jan 2016 for which she is suing Perry and Powell for malicious prosecution, Powell.did dismiss the false charges against her after a year and a half of trying to find criminal something against Ortiz, that he could use. She is not a criminal. He had her charged in Texas, not Oklahoma where she was and at the time and is now domiciled, and arrested for doing something required by law in Oklahoma. She never committed any crime at all but was acting in compliance with laws in the state where she lives. That’s like McDonalds trying to fire a Wendy’s employee for following a Wendy’s policy but that might be against the rules at McDonalds. That does not even make sense and in addition Powell was hoping to God Ortiz’s shrink would diagnose her with some mental illness but after a year and a half of seeing Ortiz regularly, she never did in fact she explained Perry had been rejected by Ortiz and not able to get her attention and behaved as her disabled patients do in causing such a huge problem for Ortiz because he simply cannot get her attention any other way. She stares he intended to harm Ortiz. It was his intent to hurt her by carrying out the threat of a false arrest and he has never stopped threatening a second and trying to find some way to arrange it same as before. You have to go by what the professionals say who actually examined for a year and a half, Ms Ortiz and the conclusion was Perry is a reject who cannot get attention without making problems. He escalates more than she can ignore. Powell’s assistance is required in carrying out retaliatory acts of Perry.

Now again it appears from the information we obtained, Perry and Powell again are sitting around trying to find some way to throw her back in jail to cover up their crimes and conduct that really is a crime. Stalking and harassment are crimes in every state as is obstruction of justice, perjury, witness tampering and intimidation, victim tampering and harassment, destruction of evidence, trespassing and invasion of privacy is a violation of her substantive rights. We have established substantive rights to maintain a civilized society and yet Ms Ortiz’s are violated by these two constantly as are her civil rights. They cannot seem to stop themselves. Its become quite embarrassing.

Ortiz has changed and moved and changed and moved to get away from Perry and for four years did not even tell very many people she was having such bad problems with him forcing himself on her and stalking. His conduct she described back in 2011 eight years ago by law constitutes stalking and harassment. That is the crime. She has not committed one. They have. Now they again have threatened to arrange a second false arrest for God only knows what this time, and try do make a criminal appeal impossible for her if they carry out this second threat. They have premeditated a second retaliatory act of victim tampering and intimidation same as before with the first false arrest. This, if they carry it out establishes willful malicious intent, she was threatened with injury and loss of freedom and rights, to be again unlawfully detained, who threatened her, what the specific intended injury is, when the threat was made, who made it and that it was and is intended to hurt her and cause injury and to deny her substantive and civil rights a second time. So if they carry it out, well, we told you they intended to and why they intended to.


A few weeks ago, officers warned Ortiz “Perry had your tail light pulled out. You need to check it before you go to work. He wants you pulled over again. Check that tail light.” It was 1pm in the afternoon. She never just checks her tail lights in the middle of the afternoon. Sure enough, her tail light was out, she’d had just replaced it a few months before and was able to replace it before being pulled over. Why would he want her pulled over anyways? What exactly was the agenda with that one? Just to intimidate and harass her? What is the purpose of doing things like that?

Yesterday, the officers told her he had someone take her social security card. She doesn’t really use it on a regular basis and where she had it, would require some major nosing around in her purse. Its not readily available. Someone would have to know where she kept it and know that by illegal means. She looked and sure enough, it was gone. She reported it stolen and now has to go spend hour of her time going down to the social security office to get it replaced.

She was also told Perry wanted her vehicle disabled so she cannot file court documents. She did all the sudden have hole in hose and had to repair it. It remains to be seen if the hose just had normal wear and tear or he had someone poke a hole in it. The slit was about one centimeter and looked just like a slit one might make with a knife.

Cynthia has police protection. Mr Perry and Powell cannot seem to understand that. She has had these types of things occur repeatedly over the years where she is warned of their intent to injure her and if the officers warning her have that information to then give her or pass on a warning, then one would think it would occur to Perry and Powell, they are being investigated and the officers have that information. Yet, they have not the good sense to stop. Its embarrassing at this point. Ortiz has done absolutely everything within her power to get away from Perry and to avoid a fuss or a conflict. All she asked was to be left alone. All she has asked is that he comply with the law, cease and desist all contact and yet he seems unable to perform normal daily human functions we all do without thinking in that when someone asks us to leave them alone, we simply do respect their rights and wishes and leave them alone.

Substantive law is intended to maintain a civilized society and yet Mr Perry and Powell continue to violate Ms Ortiz’s substantive rights and civil rights and create a society of one big mess and commit more illegal acts to cover up the last, and another to cover up that one and another to cover up the last five. Had they simply left her alone, there would be nothing at all to cover up, now would there? She moved twice. She left. She changed careers to avoid a fuss, a scandal, a conflict and didn’t tell anyone what she was going through for four years but for her closest friends she trusted not to blab. She did that out of respect hoping Mr Perry could pull it together, and leave her and her family alone as any normal sane person can do without any trouble at all. He seems very much to just be an obsessed stalker in great need of psychiatric care and for her safety and well being, all the threats made to harm her are and will continue to be made public. They become very difficult to carry out if the fact that she was again threatened with some type of harm or injury, and a crime is intended to be committed against her, the officers want it made public for her safety and for her well being. Only depravity would operate any other way. The officer who watched people die and did nothing was charged with failure to fulfill his duties as an officer of the law, sworn to uphold the law and to serve and protect. Any officer protecting Ortiz from Perry is doing what all police should do. Its their job. They have a roof over their heads and food on their table in exchange for doing just that. If Perry and Powell continue to express and premeditate harm and injury to Ortiz, these officers have a legal obligation to protect her if they know about it and they do. There is nothing wrong with what they have done. They have been looking over her, watching over her, while watching what happens in civil court to make sure backroom deals are not successful in the end. In the meantime, if Perry and Powell have so much time to sit around all day planning and premeditating harm to Ortiz, or to others, they may end up having some legal consequences for that. Intimidating Ortiz, the victim of their crimes, is illegal. It is a crime. Nothing she is doing is a criminal act. She is doing as she is told for her own protection and safety. She has the legal right to protect herself from their intended harm. The fact that we have to repeat ourselves so much on what’s already been addressed but raised again by Perry and Powell has caused some to wonder if they don’t suffer from Alzheimer’s. Its very frustrating to have to constantly repeat the same points over and over. But, for Ortiz’s safety, we do. Perry did threaten Ms Ortiz with death and false arrest in the months prior to her false arrest and again remember, she committed no crime at all whatsoever. She filed a police report because she was threatened with death, it appeared a murder attempt was in progress, Perry did destroy all evidence she had of that, which he wouldn’t have done had he not been trying to kill her, and filing a police report was and is required by law in Oklahoma in order to get a Protective Order for stalking. She told people he threatened death and false arrest months before he carried out the threats, those emails and texts have been filed with the courts and Mr Perry and Powell have never stopped threatening to do the same again. That would be the other reason for the belief they suffer from Alzheimers as Ms Ortiz has made it clear for years, since before her first false arrest and since the day her feet hit Oklahoma dirt when she returned home from that, not a day goes by Perry has not threatened her with a second. Her attorney has thousands of emails from Ortiz telling him of Perry’s threats to arrange a second false arrest. He just kept changing the reason and when one angle didn’t work out, he’d try another. Nothing has changed. He continues to repeat, repeat and repeat, the same ole, same ole, same ole threats day after day after day that he always has. I think Mr Perry is failing to see, we get his point. He wants Ortiz thrown back in jail because he is angry that she rejects him. Everyone feels sorry for him. He got rejected as we all do at one point or another in our lives. We get it. His feelings are hurt and he’s angry and wants her punished with jail time, again.

Click Here to Hear Dr. Russell’s comments on Ortiz’s false arrest being a stalking escalation intended to cause her harm

Timeline with Evidence Filed in Oklahoma Law Suit In Ortiz v Perry et al

Ortiz has protection and Perry and Powell get caught each and every time they attempt to carry out an intended premeditated plan to harm her. She has asked local police to charge both with making a false statement to police if they continue to make false allegations with no evidence at all. These men pretend they are Christians and yet have ignored significant parts of the Bible, like not creeping around on women who don’t even like you in betrayal of your wives, not bearing false witness, not stealing and so forth. Both also seem to ignore their oath of office:

“IN THE NAME AND BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, I, , do solemnly swear (or affirm), that I will faithfully execute the duties of the office of of the State of Texas, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State, so help me God.”

Form 2204 – Oath of Office – Texas Secretary of State

In addition to the sworn Oath of Office above, Perry made a commitment to love and honor his wife and to leave Ortiz alone and has not kept either commitment.

Ortiz has been told more than once, of Perry’s attempts to plant evidence on a murder he intends to frame Ortiz for. This may be part of what Ortiz was told regarding his recorded conversations discussing how he might kill her and/or arrange that second false arrest and it not be linked to him. Each time in the past when he planned such a vicious attack, he would get caught, wait and try again. We have reason to believe he has just recently attempt the same again and wanted her palm print planted on a gun. Ortiz has never held a gun and never intends to, much less learn how to shoot one. If she were in a bank robbery next to a police officer or someone armed, if one were injured and she needed to utilize that person’s weapon to save everyone else, she may not even be able to get the safety off in order to do that. She has no idea how to use a gun. She never has. Again, if Perry and Powell do not have evidence, not plant evidence or create evidence, but have evidence that she has committed a crime, she has asked local police to charge them both with making a false statement to police. You cannot just waste taxpayer funded resources wasting the time of police by making a statement you know good and well is completely a false and either a figment of delusion or a flat out fraudulent lie. It is a crime. That is the crime not anything Ortiz has done.

In addition, just a day before an adverse Court Order comes out, there will be multiple vehicles around Ortiz with the letters CVV or CVW in the Plates. That is such a bazaar method of communicating and the timing extremely suspicious, and the vehicles drove in a harassing manner, that we began to wonder if Perry arranged for that to taunt her with “Civil Win” or “Civil Victory” in letting her know, before the order actually even came out, that he’d bought the order he wanted and won in the civil cases and he wanted her to know. The other other oddity is a plate with IWD in the plate, on the same silver vehicle that follows her everywhere she goes. Most of what Perry does, including stuff like this, is so dumb and bazaar she doesn’t dignify it with any response at all. If this vehicle has anything to do with Perry, and is yet another bazaar method of trying to communicate something, we have no idea what that would be. We don’t speak stupid so we’ve assigned our own meaning. See photos below. This method of communicating is at best extremely loony. There have been things we know Perry did that were so incredibly bazaar no normal person could even think something like that up, intending to make her look crazy if she talked about it. This may be that.

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Perry made a commitment to be faithful to his wife and to leave Ortiz and her family alone. He has not honored either one. When Ortiz told Perry over half a decade ago she wanted nothing to do with him and to stop all contact with her in all forms, he should have respected her requested. She should only have had to ask one time. This never should have been allowed to drag on and on and on, Perry making an imposition and burden of himself. His concern for what Cynthia’s son thinks of her job, as he continues to have his proxy stalkers ask her about, is not his business. What is his business is what her son thinks of Perry and Powell stalking them, causing him to lose his home, watching them lie in court and he knows they are, smear her mugshot everywhere when she went to police for help, him knowing what his family in law enforcement did as law men in protecting women from coward men like Perry and Powell, the continued substantial economic loss Perry and Powell continue to cause even still and of their refusal to respect the rights and wishes of others and criminal attack on women and children. That would be what those two should concern themselves with as to the opinions of Ortiz’s son. He doesn’t like having grown up being stalked. Perry’s only other concern is what his kids think of him stalking not what Ortiz’s son thinks of her job. That is outrageous!!! We wish Perry would simply honor his commitment to his wife, mind his own business and his promise to leave Ortiz and her family the heck alone.


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