TX Sen Perry’s Delusional Fantasy Political Attack

Perry has some fantasy idea that he is under political attack which was part of the illegal charges he had filed against Ortiz after threatening for months to arrange a false arrest or kill her. He did obstruct justice. That’s a fact. He did destroy evidence and interfered with the chain of custody of evidence. That’s also a fact. He did threaten her for months with death or false arrest in retaliation for her attempts to get a Protective Order and she has a letter to the US Attorney, emails and texts telling people months before her false arrest filed with the Courts. That is another fact. He falsely alleged to people in Oklahoma that the two were in a romantic relationship. Pinto, recorded in March 24, 2018 at her workplace insisted the two were in a relationship to which she argued she had consented to no such thing and mutual consent is required to form a relationship of any kind. She describes him as gross, not what a woman in love does. This is also a fact. Pinto then solicits prostitution on behalf of Perry offering Ortiz, in a recorded conversation filed as Plaintiff’s Exhibit “5” in three Federal Courts, the Northern Dist of OK, the Northern Dist of Texas and the Tenth Circuit. He offered her $5000 to sleep with him, which is not necessary for two people in love. It might be necessary when all you are is a rejected failure. (Also available for public view on justice4cyn.com. click the You Tube Link to hear as are over 300 plus documents, emails, texts and such telling people Perry threatened Ortiz with death and false arrest long before he carried out the threats giving rise to the current litigation against him. Also available is the Aug 15, 2015 letter to Powell and the US Attorney regarding the threats of false arrest Perry constantly made to Ortiz in retaliation for her seeking a protective order against him in May, 2015. He just was butt hurt over rejection and not mentally stable enough to simply move on like all normal people do. If he were mentally stable and a true gentleman, he’d respect her wishes and move on and not force himself on her for all these years.)

In order for someone to be worthy of a political attack, they have to be a threat to someone somewhere. They have to be effective and they have to matter. There has to be justification for resources for something like that. In a district that only represents 3% of Texas that consists of 86% far right wing conservative voters, it does not make any sense to spend resources on that district. Its too small and its not possible to flip a district that firmly far right wing conservative Republican. Voters will vote for the most conservative guy on the ballot no matter what. In a span of almost ten years, there are no political rants in tweets, private emails, texts, facebook posts or anywhere ranting about Perry’s politics. There are substantial tweets, emails, texts, facebook messages and posts expressing frustration with his unwanted bazaar contact to her. She describes his acts that, as a matter of law, constitute stalking and harassment and are criminal acts. Thats a fact. That’s the law. Its not a matter of opinion. There are filed with the Court as evidence in support of her claims, private facebook messages to three friends who don’t live in Texas, describing acts of Perry that by law constitute stalking and harassment. She expresses anger over Perry’s campaign manager threatening to ruin her campaign consulting business after she asked him to get Perry to stop making romantic advances in public. Over ten years, there would be something if there were any political vendetta at all. She never worked campaigns issues on a state legislative level in Texas, only New Mexico. She worked State Board Of Education issues in TX and has worked government reform, Federal, long enough to know, 15 years, that when one guy won’t support your issue, you call the next guy. A guy who only represents 3% of the entire state, a very small district, loss of his support is inconsequential so no need to throw a fit, just call another representative. Actually, you call them all to get as much support as you can from as many as you can because takes thousands of people to pass a law, not just one guy. Preferably you get someone with a bigger district who can use those votes statewide to use as leverage to pull other legislators and to sway the Gov. to support your issue. Not having support from one small town itty bitty rep, who only represents 3% of the entire state is not a big deal. You simply call more reps and get support from other people and some will support and some won’t. That’s the way it works. Perry himself has said “Lubbock struggles to have a voice in Austin.” Even he understands his position is not “political attack worthy”.

Because Perry is not significant enough to warrant attack, and not some big powerful influential guy that would bring on such an attack his claims are all fantasy. In addition, Ortiz kept her mouth shut for four years but for a few close friends hoping she could reason with Perry to get him to stop. For her children and for her clients, the last thing she wanted was to be associated with a political scandal. When that didn’t work, she abruptly quit consulting and stopped even voting. She has not voted since 2012. A check FEC records will show all her money went to Republican groups. What exactly does Perry think the disagreement politically was over that he uses to justify his claims that he has been the victim of a political attack? What is the supposed issue that pissed her off and where is the evidence of that? She’s vocal. She has no problem saying exactly what she thinks sometimes to a fault. So in a span of time over ten years, there would be some evidence in the way of a tweet, facebook message or something somewhere where she expresses aggravation directed at Perry over a political issue and certainly one predating her facebook messages complaining of his stalking dated Sept/Oct 2011.

When changing careers to avoid Perry did not work, she moved twice and regarding her career change, nobody walks away from the kind of life she had where she sat across the desk from US members of Congress and US Senators, being she really didn’t do much stateside but focused on Federal issues to go work in a strip club unless you are in fear for your life and on the run. You want to go where you think the stalker/danger will not go. He is a church deacon, married, and an elected official so she thought he would not be stupid enough to risk all that to chase her down in a strip club.

Stateside, as stated before, she never worked in Texas. She did meet with Governors, and members of the state assembly but nothing in Texas. She had a child abuse issue in NM after two faith based teen rehab facilities in NM, not Texas, reported child abuse but that was long after her 2011 facebook messages to close friends, who did not live in Texas discussing her frustration with Perry’s stalking. That issue, she began work on in 2013/2014. The abuse was reported in NM, not Texas. She put feelers out with both Frullo, her representative as she lived in his district and never Perry’s, and he never even responded. She then put out feelers to Perry, also who never responded. She’s never alleged Frullo stalked her because he hasn’t, Perry has. Many elected officials pissed her off but she’s only accused Perry of stalking because the only one stalking her is Perry. Perry claimed in 2015 to media that she accused others. What others? Who? Where is the evidence of that she accused others of stalking? There is none because she hasn’t. These are material facts.

In 2010, she was personally attacked, not her candidate, by Texas Freedom Network, a liberal education group. She quoted her candidate, as she was not present in proceedings referred to in the article, but she was attacked, not her candidate. That means she was effective and made some waves otherwise, there is no reason to attack people who don’t matter, are of no threat and are not influential. You only draw fire, when you are matter.

Perry also claimed Ortiz just made him the scape goat for her ruined life, but why is it ruined? In review of the evidence, anyone can see, he threatened her, and carried out the threat, he threatened her again, then carried out the threat. Threats she tells people he made are 1) specific 2) express intent to harm her 3) express intent to cause her some loss and injury and the act to cause the harm or injury a crime..he expressed intent to commit a crime against her. That’s a fact, not his fantasy story. The documentation of his threats go back as far as 2011 long before she could have anticipated events that occurred years later after she’d moved twice, giving rise to current ongoing litigation. The one person all of the injuries go back to, the common denominator is, Charles Perry.

Oddly, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, John Ensign, Bill O-Reilly, Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Mark Sanford on and on had personal moral failures and were effective and they were caught and exposed with a personal moral failure. Perry has substantial evidence against him regarding the law suits, the material facts and evidence filed in those law suits, of a very very severe personal moral failure, no evidence at all of a political vendetta, or even an issue he can claim is the point of contention, certainly predating Ortiz’s facebook messages dated Sept.Oct, 2011, and no media coverage of the allegations against him. That is not exactly what you see for a guy who matters or would be attack worthy. You only are a target if you matter, if you are influential, effective, and threat to the other side. He is not. There is no political attack. He is living in fantasy land on both being in a relationship with Ortiz, that led to Pinto’s comments, when clearly she’s done everything imaginable to get away from him, sought protective orders/orders of injunction from judges asking them to make him cease all contact, being he is unable to control himself to stop, against him, had to stoop to offering her money to sleep with him, and still was rejected, as well as there being some bazaar political attack. There is no evidence of that, because it simply does not exist. It is all in his wild imagination on both. This man has a grandiose idea of himself and clearly has some problem with deep delusion. If he were indeed effective, if he indeed mattered, if he indeed were influential, he would have news on this stalking situation, pundits picking apart the law suits, evidence, and judicial rulings and yet..you hear nothing so where is the political attack here? And again what would be the issue that led to it some crazed political attack and the evidence of it???

The material facts and evidence are, no such thing exists and he’s just living fantasy loopy fruitcake land. The material facts are, he did act in retaliation after Ortiz tried to get a protective order, made unwanted contact and threats against Ortiz in Oklahoma, not Texas. He then carried out the threats and did in fact arrange that false arrest she kept telling everyone he was threatening to do. He did, as a matter of fact and law, obstruct justice, impeded a police investigation in Tulsa, where the crime he committed occurred and were reported to TPD. He did, as a matter of fact and law, interfere with the chain of custody of evidence and intentionally caused the loss of a key piece of forensic evidence that would have confirmed or ruled out attempted murder. He did, as a matter of fact, send some guy into her work in Oklahoma, not Texas, who said his name was Pinto to offer Ortiz $5000 to sleep with the Senator and to attempt to coerce her into dropping her law suit and handle the matter through illegal means. These, as a matter of fact and law, are criminal acts. There is actually a long list of criminal acts.

As for Powell, did he conspire to aid and abet or is he an accessory after the fact? They both broke the law, criminal law, her clearly established civil rights and substantive rights were violated, and civil law…all of the above. That, as a matter of fact, the violations of criminal law makes them criminals and Ortiz the victim/material witness of their crimes. These…are not just the narrative or talking points. These are material facts which have been substantiated with hard cold evidence. People lie, evidence does not. All the evidence filed with now three different Federal Courts is available for public view on justice4cyn.com. What Perry and Powell did was a moral failure. They know their personal lives are under scrutiny no different than Clinton, Franken, Weiner, Gov Mark Sanford, John Ensign, and so many others. They are accountable to the public they serve. They know this. Perry and Powell are not entitled to a cover up any more than Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, or any other elected official who commits an egregious criminal act or moral failure is entitled to a cover up, a lie, or corruption. To claim Hilary Clinton is a criminal but they aren’t, is nothing more than delusion on their part. There can’t be one set of rules for them and another for her. Its either wrong for her and wrong for them or its not.

The one guy who handled his moral failure correctly, was Gov Sanford. He admitted fault, resigned, took time to properly address his family matters, and came back to run for Congress and he won. The ones who did the cover up thing are no longer electable for the most part. All grown ups have the same choices. And all grown ups live with the consequences of those choices. Nobody is so greatly special they are somehow entitled to a cover up or a lie. If Bill Clinton did not get one, nobody does and that statement is not made because we are any big fans of the Clintons in fact the opposite is true however, facts are facts. That statement is made because Clinton had a whole lot more money and power than an itty bitty rinky dink state senator from nowhere Texas. If even Clinton did not get a lie or a cover up on his Lewenski, Perry and Powell certainly are not entitled to one.

Compared to those in power Ortiz worked with all her life, she says, “On the scope of powerful people I worked with all my life, Perry is equal to a dog catcher from nowhere Alaska as far as I am concerned and nobody, I mean nobody, walks away from the kind of life I had and goes to work in a strip club unless you are terrified and want to go where you think your stalker will not go. Perry is married, a baptist deacon, and I thought for sure he would not bother me in a strip club and that he’d be too intelligent to risk his political career getting caught doing something that stupid. That is why I made the change I made…to get away from Charles Perry and avoid all unwanted contact from him and all conflict with him. To my dismay, he was not intelligent enough not to take that insane of a risk, he put my life in danger, and I had to go public so if he kills me, everyone knows he did it. If I turn up dead or missing, no matter what they make it look like, he did it. He killed me. He has mentally snapped once already and tried and there is law enforcement who warned me of two or three conversations he has had in attempt to find a way to do it again and get away with it. That is not political. That is a criminal matter. I ran from my job I loved and was working hard to build to get away from him. He has threatened to arrange a second daily false arrest since my return home from the first, he’s bribed me and I have no reason to believe he would do anything but use a bribe as a lure, to get close enough to me to kill me. I truly believe the man is nuttier than a fruitcake, very disturbed, based on his prior actions and habits, and that his ultimate goal is to kill me.” Another of Perry’s proxy stalkers, texts also filed with the Fed. Courts as evidence, did text Ortiz and say they were still contemplating whether or not it was worth the risk of suspicion on Perry to kill her. He flat texted that right to her.

Ortiz herself was attacked politically from the other side because she was effective by TFN, a liberal education group in Texas. She wasn’t even running for office. She was the behind the scenes campaign manager. All she did was quote her candidate. She was not a witness to the proceedings discussed. So, unless someone is a threat to the other side, effective, influential, they simply don’t warrant an attack and Perry’s pretty glaring egregious moral failure, which, as a matter of fact and law is a crime, you hear nothing about it. If its not of interest to anyone, he certainly is not political attack worthy. If he were, there would be evidence of that, and there isn’t because he isn’t. He’s not taken stacks of tweets, facebook posts or anything directed at him politically because they don’t exist. There are thousands of emails, facebook posts, texts and so forth going back to 2011 complaining of him committing the crime of stalking and harassment against her, threatening her with some harm or injury, all of which is a personal moral failure. Over a span of nearly a decade, were there a political attack, there would be something somewhere to substantiate that claim or …he is just in some delusional fantasy that he even matters enough for that. It costs time, money and resources for a political attack. It also costs time, money and resources to fight off a stalker. What the evidence shows is he is a stalker, not a victim of some unfair political attack nobody even knows what the heck its about.

This is the article Ortiz was personally politically attacked in..not her candidate, but her, the behind the scenes campaign manager. The link to the attack is below. In the world of politics, an attack such as this, is something to celebrate. It means you matter. It means you are effective, influential and a threat to the other side. This issue Ortiz was attacked over, is far far of less significance than a senator stalking a woman, trying to kill her, threatening to arrange a false arrest, carrying out that threat, and subsequently being sued for it. That speaks volumes for how significant Perry is that nobody cares of this issues surrounding an guy who claims he has been the victim of some non existent political attack. The lack of evidence more than anything supports the fact that he is delusional. The facts show and are that as a matter of law, Ortiz is the victim of a crime, a crime committed by Defendants, including Matthew Powell, in Oklahoma against her. Their continued threats to arrange a second false arrest again is a crime, legally, as a matter of fact and law, retaliating against her for the law suit, continuing out of court harassment, unwanted contact, threats, and so forth again evidence filed with the Federal Courts and available for public view, stamped by the court on justice4cyn.com. Audio filed with the Courts can be heard by clicking the You Tube page on that site. The timeline ..all on the site. Anyone can see it. Ortiz, put out evidence of her claims. Perry has not. As a matter of law, and fact, they indeed are criminals and she is the victim, as a matter of fact and law, of their crimes committed against her in Oklahoma. No wonder all the threats of retaliation to kill her, arrange a second false arrest, cause her job loss, income loss, property loss. Because of what they have done, disturbing personal moral failures for both, a lack of integrity and personal responsibility, in fact both stating they are not sorry for what they did to her, just that they didn’t plan it better because when someone is effective in say, fighting crime and exposing two very bad guys, they might become a true target of an attack from people who have a lot to cover up and the entitlement mentality thinking they are owed that cover up.

Click Here to See Timeline With Evidence Filed With Fed Courts

Click Here To See TFN Article Attacking Ortiz

Click Here to See Facebook Page


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