Senator Perry Not Entitled to Deprive a Citizen of Civil Rights Because She Won’t Be His Girlfriend

MotionToAmendNov172017 (1)

Click on the Link above to see the Court Document Filed today

Ortiz filed Motion to Amend Judge’s Decision to Deny Protective Order for her against all four Defendants in her law suit in Federal Court. She establishes the fact that she’s been the victim of a crime, not once but twice, committed by the Defendants, Mr Perry, Mr Powell, Mr Burson and Mr Roberson, and that their acts showed consciousness of guilt and responsibility. She address the laws provision for her to obtain that protection from harassment and coercion committed against her by the Defendants under 18 US Code 1514. They really have never stopped with the intimidation tactics, the witness harassment and attempts at coercion. She’s made it clear to them in every possible way they are making her feel coerced and harassed. That is illegal.

Ms Ortiz has the right to protect her life and to defend her reputation. She’s established the fact that there were never any, nor have there been any political rants against Senator Perry. Her rants have been in frustration with his stalking. She was raised by police who told her if someone is threatening you, you need to tell everyone. She has done that and her tweets, for which she was arrested, never stated she wished to harm the Senator in fact they stated the opposite. She has no criminal intent at all. All a jury would ever find her guilty of, is wanting Sen Perry to leave her alone. That is it. He does not have the right to avoid public scrutiny for his unlawful acts anymore than Bill Clinton or Senator Franken does. He is as accountable to the public he serves as they are. He is not special, he is not entitled, there is not one set of rules for him and another set for everyone else. He is responsible for his actions, he is a public servant and he does have to be accountable to the public he serves no different that Hillary Clinton. He does not have the right to deprive any citizens of their Civil Rights and Liberties to cover up his scandal, or to lock up a woman who won’t be his girlfriend. Ms Ortiz rejected the Senator’s romantic advances and he’s been trying to ruin her ever since. He does not have the right to do that nor does he get to do that.

She establishes the fact that the Defendant’s do have and show by their acts criminal intent.


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