Complaint Filed by Stalking Victim of Senator Perry for Obstruction of Justice and Victim Intimidation

In the Federal Law Suit filed against Charles Perry et al, by Cynthia Ortiz for Civil Rights Violations she outlines gross prosecutorial misconduct on the part of Matthew Powell, the Lubbock District attorney. As such, she has filed a complaint against his license with the Texas State Bar.


She also included as follows:

“In the complaint filed against your client with the TX State Bar, I hand wrote additional case law of US v Argus 427 US 97 (1976) speaking to the prosecutor knowingly allowing a perjured statement to be used in court to obtain the desired illegal outcome which resulted in the deprivation of my civil rights. Mr Powell, in providing oversight to everything in the office of the Lubbock DA and on this case concerning his close friend from Sunday School class, knowingly allowed Mr Burson to provide knowingly and false testimony before the court in that he intentionally concealed the fact that no police investigation where the crimes against occurred had been conducted and had the grand jury and the court known this, the outcome would have been different. As such, your client perpetrated a fraud upon the court which resulted in an illegal indictment and loss and deprivation of my civil rights. ”

The term “dark and twisty” is used on Grey’s Anatomy by Meredith Grey in describing how she feels after suffering loss. See transcripts:


TX Ranger Burson’s Perjured Sworn Affidavit is here. Notice its not notarized:

Also used are Ms Ortiz’s tweets about being frustrated with Mr Perry’s constant sting ops trying to bait her out on murder for hire. She states “I would never harm Mr Perry, do not have any intentions of harming Mr Perry, and that thought has never crossed my mind. My statements clearly use the word “not”. I was expressing the fact that I was tired of being asked about it and the never ending sting ops he had on me trying to get me to say something I was never and will never say because I have no intention or desire to hurt anyone. I will take the appropriate actions in court to make Mr Perry leave me alone and to cease and desist his constant stalking and harassment, however exercising legal options is hardly a threat to harm him.



To see the Amended Petition to her Federal Law Suit Click Here:



What occurred was Ms Ortiz was threatened by Mr Perry that he would kill her or arrange a second false arrest if she refused to recant her claims that he was stalking her. She texted and email and told friends and family of his texts long before he attempted to carry them out.


In October, 2015 a man named Dave Roberson came to her work, and how Mr Perry knew where she worked if he is not stalking her, we will never know, but Mr Roberson came to her work, told her he worked for Mr Perry and stated that if she did not recant her claims that Mr Perry is stalking her, he was going to “put her in the lake”. He continued to stalk, harass, threaten and intimidate Ms Ortiz throughout the following months. In his texts, he admits to poisoning her with arsenic, then tried to blame the bar at the club where she worked stating he always watched his drinks be made. Mr Roberson had all his drinks brought to him by the waitress. He never once stood at the bar to watch his drinks being made. He admits to sexually assaulting Ms Ortiz and says he will not stop and tries to coax her out to where he is and tells her to “let her life fade away.”

Ms Ortiz was very ill and the actions against her constitute aggravated assault and battery if not attempted murder. Her son confirms her symptoms of poisoning in his affidavit filed with the court.

Click here to read his Affidavit  AffidavitOfDennisOrtiz

Ms Ortiz also purchased Charcoal capsules during this time. See 12/27/15 Receipt from Whole Foods.  Charcoal is what is given to patients in the Emergency room to absorb drugs when someone comes in with drug overdoes. She was not, at the time, completely certain of what was being put in her drinks that made her sick but she bought Charcoal to take to work with her to address the tainted drinks as they occurred. She believes that is probably the only reason she is alive today.



She then filed a police report where the crime against her occurred in Tulsa, with Tulsa Police. She only spoke to a desk clerk and was advised a Detective would be assigned and would call her back. While she was waiting for that call back, she was arrested illegally at her home in Oklahoma and extradicted to Lubbock. While in jail, the Detective from Tulsa Police Department made the initial phone call and asked to see the texts from Mr Roberson and any other evidence. What should have occurred is Mr Ortiz should have had hair and blood samples taken for forensic inspection and video evidence should have been reviewed with Detectives from Tulsa PD. However, because Ms Ortiz was arrested instead, being deprived of her Constitutional Right to Equal Protection and Due Process, she was, by physical force, prevented from giving testimony to law enforcement, she was retaliated against for filing attempting to provide a statement to law enforcement regarding the crime committed against her by Roberson and Perry and the forensic and video evidence lost. Mr Powell and Mr Burson make reference to the poisoning stating that her claims were false, however they had a duty to preserve the evidence which they did not do. These acts violate 18 USC 1512 and 1513 and Ms Ortiz’s rights to Due Process and Equal Protection.

Click here to see 18 USC 1512

Click here to see 18 USC 1513

Click here to see voice mail from Det. Liz Eagan of TPD dated February 15, 2016 Ms Ortiz had not even spoken to a Detective yet, when she was illegally arrested for filing a false police report.

Ms Ortiz was then told by her attorney, that Mr Powell realized he’d made a terrible mistake, wanted her to keep quiet about it, and not tell media what they done. Ms Ortiz agreed IF Charles Perry would never ever contact her again. There was a Quid Pro Quo. Mr Powell and Mr Perry began on February 15, 2016 to smear Mr Ortiz’s reputation in the news, villainize her, slander and besmirch her, let her sit in jail for two months after admitting to wrong doing, then filed a Motion to test her for Mental Competency in order to further smear her and villainize her. A Mental Competency test is only to determine whether or not she understood the court process. It is not meant to determine mental illness. Ms Ortiz and her court ordered pychologist discuss the fact that Mr Powell told Ms Ortiz’s attorney, Ted Hogan, he’d made a terrible mistake, that they then attempted to find a doctor to say that she was crazy, they continued to harass and intimidate her in effort to find a way to arrest her again, which is also victim tampering, and really have not stopped. Mr Powell also sent an email to Ms Ortiz’s attorney indicating he’d had improper communications with media in asking them not to speak with Mr Ortiz to get her side of the story and publish it. This was done with intent to poison the jury pool and villainize her. They further allowed the charges against her to remain in place for a year and a half after admitting they should never have been filed to begin with.

Pyschologist States Ortiz attorney stated he believed her charges were a mistake.

Click here to see You Tube Video/Audio of Ms Ortiz’s talks with her Psychologist, Dr Russell, Co worker talking about Dave’s stalking, Attempted Bait Out on Murder For Hire, and more

In the bond conditions which state Charles may never contact me again followed by or put together with Mr Powell providing Snyder’s email in and of itself does the following:

1) Confirms an admission of guilt on Powell’s part in that he admitted my arrest was illegal and inappropriate.

2) They engaged in a smear campaign in the media by making sure the media covered my arrest and placed my mugshot everywhere.

2) He wanted me to stay quiet about the fact that my arrest was illegal, which violates the First Amendment.

3) There was therefore a Quid Pro Quo in which I agreed not to say anything IF, Charles Perry never ever contacted me again.

4) Harassment and threats continued

5) I had information then go out to media about my illegal arrest as that ended my obligation to stay quiet about my illegal arrest.

6) Mr Powell then sends Snyder’s email to my attorney as if to intimidate me in some way from speaking to media about my side of the story. That appears to confirm there was a Quid Pro Quo which could not exist without an admission of guilt on his part. No mistake, no Quid Pro Quo needed. But he did make an admission of guilt and demanded I not talk about it, which I did not owe him that ever. I was willing to give him that IF Charles never contacted me again and stayed away from me. The email also confirms or tends to support the fact that there was an effort to suppress freedom of expression, speech, the true facts of the case, to poison the jury pool by smearing me and not allowing the public to know of the facts of the case and engaging in inappropriate communications with media in order to suppress freedom of the press.

7) The sending of that email to my defense attorney appears to constitute again witness tampering in that it appeared to be a message that I’d better shut up or else. It was sent to my defense attorney for that reason otherwise, there would be no purpose in providing that email to him. That is in and of itself and act of intimidation.


The fact that Ms Ortiz’s bond conditions state that Perry may never contact her prove there was a conversation in which he admits he was engaging in unwanted contact and agreed to stop. The email from Robert Snyder of KFYO to Charles Perry and Matt Powell prove or tend to prove, one can infer, that they asked media not to talk to Ms Ortiz. Why is the Lubbock DA asking the media not to speak to Ms Ortiz? This indicates he intended to poison the jury pool by making sure he shed her in a bad light, villainized her and then advise media not to speak to her which is in violation of the First Amendment prohibiting actions preventing freedom of the press. Perry then told Ms Ortiz he would find a way to have her arrested again and told her “You won’t get out this time unless you are with me. Give up.” and he changed the reasons he’d have her arrested again about fifty times between April, 2016 and now including telling her if she went public with her side of the story, he’d have her arrested for cyberbullying. This seems to me to be a concerted effort to keep her quiet about SenPerry’s stalking problem, his attempt on her life followed by the illegal arrest he arranged to cover it up, and his continued acts of victim/witness tampering, intimidation, stalking and harassment. These are not the normal actions of a man who has nothing to hide, the actions of a Church Deacon nor are the proper acts of someone who should be paying attention to his own wife and family and not harassing a woman not interesting in him and not his wife. Ms Ortiz moved twice in attempt to get as far away from Mr Perry as she could get. He has relentlessly pursued her and attempted to bully her and force her into a relationship with him she never wants to be in. She and her son have suffered profound loss as a direct result of Mr Perry’s actions. She likened it to being like one of the Las Vegas shooting victims. Ms. Ortiz said, “Its like the second I met Charles, he got up in a window and began shooting up my life. One thing I loved died, then another, then another being careers, jobs, relationships with people I cared about and so one. Each loss was like a death. It was the death of part of my life that I loved. He has shot up my life and left me with nothing and I feel the same terror you hear in the voices of the LV shooting victims, not just one time and then its over and I can heal. For me its there every single day. My son and I wake up every day wondering what profound catastrophic loss will Mr Perry cause for us next.”

Mr Perry has, interestingly enough after doing all this to her, where there is enough evidence available to provide probable cause for an investigation into his actions which have been illegal, claimed he is some type of danger from Ms Ortiz. She has addressed that directly with him and told him if he truly believes that, he is completely detached from all reality. In fact, Ms Ortiz’s court appointed psychologist states the opposite. She states in this audio that Ms Ortiz’s illegal arrest was a stalking escalation and intended harm to Ms Ortiz. It is the only way Mr Perry can get her attention. Ms Ortiz wants nothing at all to do with Mr Perry and harming her in such a way that forces her to have deal with the problems he causes is the only way he would get a second thought at all. Dr Russell’s letter to her attorney states she sees no desire on the part of Ms Ortiz to harm Mr Perry at all. Again, if he really thinks that, it simply speaks to how completely delusional he is and how detached from all reality he is. Ms Ortiz has never expressed or threatened any harm at all to Senator Perry. She has attempted to reason with him to get him to stop with the unwanted contact, stop pursuing her, stop bothering her, stop harassing and attempting to bully or intimidate her into some affair she never wants to be in, and expressed intent to exercise every legal option available to her to end Senator Perry’s unwanted contact and attention as is her right under the law. She is the injured party. Her life looks like its been shot up. His does not in any way look like he has suffered any harm at all. This stalking and unwanted attention dates back to 2011 when she told friends in 2011 of instances and actions on the part of Mr Perry that constitute stalking and harassment. The acts he committed meet the legal definition of stalking and harassment, she was threatened, she told people she wanted him to leave her alone and any threats she made were made regarding legal action she would take if necessary not harm. He twisted her intent in effort to slander, defame and besmirch her. Ms Ortiz, in none of her correspondence, expresses frustration with Senator Perry’s legislative duties. The entire conversations were all about frustration with him pressuring her to have an affair. She did not make threats to harm him. She made threats to address the matter in court, nothing else. His public statements that he is in some sort of danger, as stated before, are nothing but an attempt to besmirch her, cover up his stalking, and if there is any part of him that believes that, he really is detached from all reality.




Click here to listen to Audio of psychologist Dr Russell describe Ortiz’s illegal arrest as stalking escalation


Click here to see more at

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