False Statements Made Under Oath In Court Found In the Stalking Case Against Senator Charles Perry

During Ms Ortiz’s false arrest, that she is now suing for, the allegation was made in a court via sworn Affidavit presented to a Grand Jury to obtain an indictment intentionally concealing the fact that Ms Ortiz’s complaint had nothing to do with Senator Perry’s job, was no on account of or due to his status as a legislator or public servant. In fact the statement was made that her complaints have been about his stalking and harassment. This violates Title 18 USC, Section 1001 and 1512 when the intent is to obstruct justice. Also intentionally concealed is the fact that at no time has any of her complaints been investigated violating her 14th Amendment right to Equal Protection. Nobody investigated her complaints. There are no photos, there are no reports, there are no dispositions, there are no witness interviews for sure into the home invasions and car vandalism. There are no blood test which should have been obtained at least by the Lubbock DA. Ms Ortiz did attempt to be tested by Tulsa PD Forensic pathologists but justice was obstructed in that case. In other words, nobody investigated Senator Perry for stalking and harassment. The only thing investigated was Ms Ortiz’s phone and we still have no idea what tests were run on her phone and what tests should have been run but were not. What we do have is a written statement provided by a Supervisor with AT and T who witnessed hacking on her phone, told Ms Ortiz her phone was hacked and told Ms Ortiz, “This is what I do for a living. I work as a Supervisor for AT and T cell phone tech support. I diagnose phone problems for a living and you are hacked.” That witness was so sure of her comments she provided a written statement. However the actual complaint made by Ms Ortiz that has not been investigated nor have instances or acts constituting unwanted contact, harassment, stalking and intimidation have never been investigated by anyone. That fact was intentionally concealed from a Sworn Affidavit for her Arrest in order to obtain the outcome of an illegal indictment and in effort intending to obstruct justice.
The allegation was then made by Senator Perry, et al, that Ms Ortiz was just mentally ill. That is what stalkers say, “I’m not stalker her. She’s just crazy.” Then why no investigation into Senator Perry by anyone? Why avoid five opportunities to prove in court that he isn’t as Senator Perry has done. And if they really thought Ms Ortiz was just mental, again, this would not constitute “retaliation” on account of his job or in any way related particularly as nothing she has said points to a political vendetta but she has constantly said from 2011 to the present that she’s angry about the Senator’s stalking and harassment. So again if Senator Perry really thought she was mental then again that contradicts his previous statements that Ms Ortiz made the whole story up, changed careers, changed jobs, moved, only told a few close friend for four years over a political vendetta. Am I the only one that sees that the Senator’s claims are so outrageous and lack merit so badly that his actions alone infer guilt???
Senator Perry has continued to harass and stalk Ms Ortiz and threaten death or a second false arrest in order to intimidate her into a relationship with him she never wants to be in and to coerce a lie. Harassing or targeting Ms Ortiz is prohibited by law. USC 42, Section 14141. Selective Prosecution, harassing her until she finally gets besmirched enough or beaten down enough to where she’d agree to be a relationship with him is really just flat out illegal. Its as illegal as her first arrest. All she has asked is that Senator Perry get out of her life and leave her alone and never ever contact her again ever. She’s not sued anyone in her life despite having opportunity to but for senator perry and intially the first attempts requested no monetary compensation at all whatsoever. She just wanted a court to order senator perry to leave her alone and never contact her again as he seemed unwilling to do that on his own.
It appears Senator Perry and others named in her law suit colluded to besmirch Ms Ortiz and obstruct justice preventing an investigation of Senator Perry for stalking and harassment and maybe assault and battery. While stating Ms Ortiz wasn’t complaining about the Senator’s vote on abortion, she was complaining about his moral failure, his unwanted attention, stalking and harassment and some other pretty serious problems that are no part at all of the Senator’s job or related in any way to his public service, nor was that stated in any of her correspondence from 2011 to the present, still the statement is made that she was trying to harm him on account of or due to his job as a public servant.
Ms Ortiz was not aware of when Senator Perry’s election cycle was until this weekend while doing research for court. She doesn’t care. She just wanted him to leave her alone. She had no idea as to what committees he is on or any legislation he’s sponsored nor does she care. She just wants him to leave her alone. In her correspondence going back to 2011 what she says is, “I just want him to leave me alone.” again in her email to Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans she says, “I don’t want a scandal. I just want him to leave me alone.” She only told a few people of his stalking problem from 2011 until she went public towards the end of 2014 into 2015. She told nobody she filed the police report of 1/12/16 for which she was arrested because she allegedly wanted to harm him due to or on account of his public service. So, what kind of person would present information to a Grand Jury to get an indictment failing to disclose the fact or intentionally concealing the fact in a Sworn statement to a Grand Jury and Court that Ms Ortiz was sick and tired of Senator Perry’s moral failure, his unsolicited attacks on her life and well being, his unwanted contact, his stalking, his harassment, assault and battery from 2011 to the day she filed in in every bit of correspondence there is? What kind of person intentionally conceals the fact that nobody ever even investigated the Senator for stalking and harassment, assault and battery and maybe attempted murder, depriving Ms Ortiz of her Civil Rights and appearing to intend to obstruct justice? These are all objective facts not subjective data that are open to interpretation. The statement was intentionally false and material facts intentionally concealed in order to obtain an indictment. The Grand Jury simply did not have all the necessary facts needed to make the proper determination.
So in her research this weekend, in preparation for court, Ms Ortiz did find that while that all was being arranged, Perry did in fact have an election. That speaks to motive for him to arrange a false arrest in order to discredit and besmirch a women who has knowledge of his moral failure so as not to draw out an opponent that may in fact investigate her story. She also found that Senator Perry only represents 3% of the population of Texas. In the election of 2014 86% of the vote went to Republicans, split between four candidates. A democrat received 13% of the vote and a Libertarian candidate received 13.1% of the vote. What that means is, with only 3% of the population in his district, the Senator would not then have much power in the scope of things. The power goes to those with more highly populated voting districts. In other words, he’s low hanging fruit, just as has been said before. The second thing that means is in a district where 86% of the vote goes to conservative Republicans, he is an apple that would just be replaced with another apple. He’s not worth targeting politically for Ms Ortiz personally or even by any special interest groups. He is inconsequential to the legislative process. Anyone could do what Senator Perry does and in that district, everyone would have to vote the same on the issues as he votes or they would simply not be electable as we see with the 2014 election results.
Ms Ortiz told nobody for four years that Senator Perry was stalking her. She told a few close friends as is documented in September, 2011 facebook messages. She told nobody she filed that police report. So if you are trying to harm a political campaign, wouldn’t you want to tell people??? Would she not have been smarter to tweet that police report out to the world rather than telling nobody if her intent was to harm him??? Maybe its just me but logic would tell you she probably just wanted and still wants the Senator to leave her alone and maybe one day, just one day, someone somewhere will honor the Constitution and investigate Senator Perry for stalking and harassment so Ms Ortiz does not continue to be denied the 14th Amendment right to Equal Protection. It would seem logical at this point there is a need for that. But like we said…..maybe that’s just us. Its not Ms Ortiz’s problem that Charles Perry has a moral failure that might cause a problem in an election. She asked him to stop contacting her years ago. She’s lost everything. She’s moved and changed to get away from him. If you can’t at this point the moral failure is his choice and his alone and she wants nothing to do with him at all, you need help. He intent has been clear for a long time. She has run from him as hard as she can and done everything within her power to prevent his moral failure that might injure a campaign. She no further responsibility but for her own life, her own son, and rebuilding what the Senator has so heartlessly destroyed.

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