The Life of Senator Perry’s Stalking Victim Distinctly Different Since She Met Him: Stalkers Cause Devastation

This was the life of Ms Ortiz from the time she was 22 until she met Senator Perry and had the nerve to turn down his romantic advances. One of the many government reform projects she worked on tirelessly for many years with no compensation. The issue needed attention. Her efforts were in attempting to improve Medicare coverage for treatment of Lymphedema and Vascular Disease. The current coverage is very very behind today’s current technology that would cost much less. This was something she worked with many Federal legislators in New Mexico and Nevada with including, but not limited to, Senator Harry Reid, (NV), Senator John Ensign (NV), Congresswoman Heather Wilson (NM), Congresswoman Shelly Berkley (NV), and Congressman Jon Porter, (NV). Ultimately, Treatment Guidelines she and her colleagues developed for her clinic were sent to the CMS Panel and published on a Medicare Website. The peer review was such that there was not enough scientific data available, which also frustrated Ms Ortiz, but that Ms Ortiz’s evaluations made logical sense. Keep in mind Ms Ortiz was successful both in her medical business, for 20 years, and in her work in government reform, for 15 years in 3 states before she ever met Senator Perry. She walked away from all of this towards the end of 2012, first of 2013 to distance herself from the Senator after he failed to respond appropriately to reasonable conversations the two had about not having an affair. Nobody does that, unless there is some danger involved and they are trying to hide. She then moved and moved again and began working in strip clubs where she thought the Senator would never bother her, being that he is a Baptist Church Deacon. She was wrong. He clearly did. There is a massive difference in Ms Ortiz’s life since meeting Perry. Her life has suffered one profound loss after another. Who wouldn’t want to get as far away from that as possible???
Kevin Crawford is a Orthopedic Sports Surgeon for Texas Tech University Football Team and he has a private practice in Lubbock as well.
Despite the fact that Ms Ortiz was a Republican and Senator Harry Reid of Nevada a Democrat, she held Senator Reid in high esteem and found him to be more helpful, respectful and kind than many of the Republican elected officials she sought to sponsor a bill that would reduce Medicare spending. Ms Ortiz greatly admired and respected Senator Reid and his staff and enjoyed working with them probably more than any other office she worked with. Her issue was neither Republican or Democrat and frankly none were. She worked on this health care issue, and after learning of the abuse and neglect suffered by children in her parents care at their faith based teen rehab program, she worked with Senator Michael Padilla, (NM-D) to address licensing and oversight of faith based teen rehab programs in New Mexico as her parent’s organization was one of two that had students reporting incidents of abuse and neglect. This issue is also neither a Democrat or Republican issue. Ms Ortiz was very good and just focusing on addressing the issue and building relationships and not being side tracked with party politics. She was in it to help people and nothing else.
These are Affidavits From Former Staff and Students of the faith based program Ms Ortiz’s Parents Operated. These individuals provided Affidavits and others sent many emails and made phone calls to Ms Ortiz relaying incidents of abuse and neglect. She was upset to hear this obviously. She had no idea and spent lengthy amount of time working with NM CPS, Henry Varella, who was a Constituent Liaison for Governor Martinez and later the Constituent Liaison for NMCYFD or CPS. When discovered NM law prohibited CPS from becoming involved in child abuse at faith based teen rehab facilities, she reached out to Senator Michael Padilla, Democrat Senator in NM and he did introduce a bill. The bill needed changes however because of the difficulties Senator Perry has caused Ms Ortiz, she’s been unable to continue to help these kids, which is obviously unfortunate for more than just Ms Ortiz.
This was Ms Ortiz’s life from 1991 until she met Senator Perry in 2010. Then suddenly everything changed with no explanation at all whatsoever but that he, for some reason, fixated on her. He’s claimed its the other way around, but you see the people she’s been around all her adult life. Senator Perry was not an elected official when they met and even after he was elected and in her mind even now, he’s small potatoes. Mr Perry is a CPA, who has lived in a very small town most of his life, he’s the Deacon of his church and the state senator with a very small constituency and in her opinion, compared to living an entire life in bigger cities, like Las Vegas, NV, Dallas, TX, and Albuquerque, NM, and working with members of the US Congress and surgeons as well, what would set Senator Perry apart from all of that. Realistically, nothing. She didn’t find him particularly interesting and nothing about him really set him apart from other people she’s worked with and interacted with on a regular basis from 1991 to 2010 so what is there to fixate on? It does seem he is the one who fixated on her. Senator Perry hasn’t moved, changed jobs, lost clients, lost his business, lost his children, lost his home and for him nothing has changed at all and he’s lost nothing. Ms Ortiz, on the other hand, walked away from everything she’d done, everything she’d accomplished, and ducked out of sight or tried to to get away from him in 2012 and 2013. Linden Gross, in his book “Surviving a Stalker” talks about a Judge that was so tired of being stalked, he walked away from being a Judge, moved to a different state and started a small law practice. When you are being stalked, that person makes you so miserable, regardless of how hard you’ve worked to build a career, to get away from that person and the danger they bring, you’ll walk away. These are the actions taken people do who are running from a stalker and someone forcing themselves on them and someone continuing, day after day to engage in unwanted contact. Her life and her actions from 2011 up to the present day, is very much that of a stalking victim. It looks nothing at all like she’s chasing him. For her to have only told a few close friends, most of whom do not even live in Texas from 2011 to 2015, this is also not a person who had any kind of political vendetta, in fact, Ms Ortiz has identified ten people who she emailed or texted starting from 2011 telling them Perry had engaged in conversations directing her towards an affair she was not interested in having and that the response to her comments to him and his campaign staff in requesting he stop showing his “crush” on her in public, so as not to start rumors that would damage his career and her’s, was met with threats to ruin her business. There has never been a political vendetta. In fact, when Senator Perry threatened to arrange a false arrest , appears to have tried to kill her after being angry about her attempt at a Protective Order, and then carried out that threat, the charges he filed against her were, “Retaliating against a public servant for doing his job.” yet he never states any specific issue that would have caused her to make up a story so bazaar and weird, then only tell close friends from 2011 to 2015 who don’t even live in Texas and have no influence over votes for or against the Senator. There was no retaliation. That claim was completely false in fact, it appears his acts were to retaliate against her.
Ms Ortiz also has never sued anyone in her life despite many opportunities to do so. She’s been in business most of her adult life and any time you are in business there are instances of breach of contract and she experienced several. She was rear ended carelessly and did not sue the man and she could have. Most people would have. She has been sued and she countersued but she herself has never in her life initiated a law suit except against Senator Perry. The first several attempts at a Protective Order did not involve the request of any monetary compensation. All she was seeking, in her words is , “I just wanted the Court Ordered piece of paper that says ‘Senator Perry MUST leave me alone'”.  Because in following the law in Oklahoma requiring her to file a police report when seeking a Protective Order landed her in jail, not him, with no police investigation of any kind at all, charges now dropped, Ms Ortiz had no choice but to seek relief in Federal Court to stop the Senator from engaging in unwanted contact so she can get her life and freedom back. The Senator has caused profound loss after profound loss since the day she met him.
Another article of great concern regarding a person who would enjoy causing another person significant profound loss after significant profound loss. Ms Ortiz made one massive life change after another in attempts to get away from Senator Perry. There is a reason for that. She just wants him to leave her alone. Its only speculation, but clearly the similarities Ms Ortiz has experienced in her life that are outlined in this article greatly concern Ms Ortiz and her family.
When Ms Ortiz filed her initial request for a Protective Order, Sen Perry told media he barely knew her, that she was some sort of campaign groupie, and nothing could be further from the truth, emails below will show.  Initially she supported his campaign. She ran his friend Jack Galloway’s campaign. This email documents an outing after they had all gone to an event. In the eyes of Senator Perry, Ms Ortiz was a “quality individual” right up to the point when she said, “Yeah….no, I’m not going to be having an affair with you.” After that, she’s become all kinds of things that don’t equal, “quality individual” in Senator Perry’s mind and in his comments about her.
In fact, more than once, when people were trying to reach Senator Perry or had questions on his campaign, they called her to reach him.



Then, in June, 2011, Senator Perry had become to open in public with his feelings for her so she spoke to Ben Campbell about the matter. Campbell then threatened to ruin her business. She was confused. She was trying to prevent a catastrophe for his client and he responded by threatened to ruin her business?? She immediately told three close friends, two living in other states that she grew up with in NM, that would result in no lost votes for Senator Perry and the third, close friend Lori Daniel in Lubbock. The two were together all the time. Altogether, she told three people in Lubbock until right before she moved mostly because they saw Senator Perry do something that was off and she had to explain the situation or she needed their services to deal with getting him to leave her alone. There was no media blitz, there was nothing said publicly at all until the end of 2014 first of 2015. She addresses the matter with Jordan Berry in a facebook message dated September 20, 2011. Later, her friend Lori, having watched Perry carry out the threat to ruin her business expressing fear of him ruining her’s should she provide testimony.


You can see the vast difference in Ms Ortiz’s life since she met Senator Perry and its sad. The devastation he has intentionally planned and executed and caused for her is very very sad. Hopefully, she’ll receive the court remedy she needs this time around and will no longer have to deal with this man forcing himself into her life and on her. She wants very very much to live her life without Senator Perry in it. She never wants to hear from him again ever. After an entire life of success and a history and building relationships, business and a reputation, Senator Perry had no right to rob her of that and you can see exactly when he began his unsolicited attack on her life. There is a marked difference in the events that occurred and her reaction to those events beginning in 2011. She left Lubbock, she left her career, she left Texas to get away from him, not fight, but to get as far away from him as she could. She’s done all she can do and now its up to the courts to provide some much needed relief, finally, for her and her family. She’s had almost every civil right afforded her under the US Constitution completely obliterated in her life by the Senator. She has the right to her privacy and to live her life without him in it if she so desires and I think she’s made it more than clear, that IS what she desires.


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